MT Chapter 303


Chapter 303: Northern attack plan

“Elder sister!”  Meng Yingying came in the door while being filled with joy.  Those two slender and delicate legs quickly walked over, “The ten video disk players were all sold and each one sold for over a million gold coins.  Do you know how much the most expensive one sold for?”

Meng Qingwu was a bit stunned and thought about it for a bit.  Meng Yingying was now a person that had experienced the world, so she wouldn’t freak out over nothing.  If it was a trivial million to ten million, she would just be a bit surprised and wouldn’t be this excited.

“Could it be over a hundred million?”

“Wa, elder sister really dared to guess, but you guessed right!”  Meng Yingying’s little face revealed a look of shock and disbelief, “I simply cannot believe that a person would spend over a hundred million to buy a video disk player.  After they go on sale, each one would only be worth several hundred to up to a thousand gold coins! This is someone who truly has too much money!”


“It can’t be, it really is over a hundred million?”  Meng Qingwu was first surprised and then realized this matter was not simple, “Did you investigate the other side’s identity!”

“I did, but we couldn’t find anything.  He came from abroad and used source stones to pay.  It seems like he has already left Imperial City.”

Meng Qingwu slightly knit her brows as she pondered this, “Miracle Commerce’s influence is beginning to seep into other countries, I wonder if this is a good or bad thing.  I hope it doesn’t bring us any troubles.”

Miracle Commerce had already established itself in the Southern Summer Country.

Although it wasn’t the richest or the largest company, it was the one with the most potential.  With the current developmental trend, it was a sure thing that they would become the number one company eventually.

The Southern Summer Country was just a small kingdom.

Miracle Commerce’s growth in a small kingdom will reach a limit.  Although Meng Qingwu had already made plans to expand into other countries, it was still too early for that.  If they were targeted by a giant monster, the Southern Summer Country would not have the power to protect them!

However, since this was inevitable, instead of worrying about the future, they should increase their speed of development.  It seemed like all factors needed to be increased, especially the rate of obtaining materials. Only when everyone was stronger would they be able to create a base on the continent!

“Where is Chu Tian?”

“He just left.”  How could Meng Qingwu not understand her little sister’s thoughts.  She had accidentally obtained these large spoils, the first thing she thought of was bragging to Chu Tian, “The great scholar came to find him.  A situation occurred at the weapon factory and he wanted him to go solve it.”

Meng Yingying revealed a disappointed look.

Meng Qingwu gave a few laughs, “What are you anxious for?  There is a royal banquet in the palace tonight and all the nobles will be invited.  Several of us were also invited. You are already a star, so you better prepare yourself and not let Miracle Commerce lose any face.”

There was a royal banquet to attend?

Meng Yingying naturally did not dare be negligent, “Alright, I’ll go prepare!”

Chu Tian arrived at the Imperial City weapon factory which was in a position the Calm Martial Ruler personally picked.  It was twenty kilometers away from Imperial City and placed deep in the mountain. The surrounding forest was patrolled by the experts of the Dongfang Family and not even a single bird could fly in.

“This Calm Martial Ruler is too cautious.  This is just an ordinary Source Energy Weapon factory, there is no need to waste all this effort.”

Gu Qianqiu followed Chu Tian without saying a word.

This brat said it very casually, but doesn’t he understand what this Source Energy Weapon Factory meant for the Southern Summer Country?

The Southern Summer Country had been suppressed by the War Hounds Tribes for many years, these Source Energy Weapons could be their only opportunity to make a comeback!  The Southern Summer King was this courteous to Chu Tian now, most of it was because Chu Tian had the Source Energy Weapon technology schematics!

Chu Tian first confirmed his identity and then walked into the facility.  He passed through a cave in the mountain and finally arrived inside the factory.  There were around five-six hundred mechanical presses and several dozen three dimensional printing machines that were currently rumbling away as they turned.  Each person that was working inside were all wearing the same uniform with the Dongfang Family’s symbol on it.

Of course, the defenses of this factory was very strict.  There were many Dongfang Family’s Blood Clothed Generals patrolling around, leading giant demon beast dogs around with them.

“The factory has already reached this degree?”

Chu Tian wasn’t surprised for no reason.  The Imperial City Weapon Factory had been established one-two months after the Central State factory.  He never thought that it had already reached this stage, it had already caught up to Central State.

It had already started working, producing parts one after the other, sending them into a secret assembling room.  There should have been several hundred array masters that were engraving runes.

Miracle Commerce also had half the stock of this weapon factory.

The bigger the Dongfang Family made it, the more profit Miracle Commerce obtained!

“Great scholar Gu, scholar Chu!”  A sophisticated Dongfang Family high position elder greeted the two of them with eyes that were filled with respect, “Many thanks for coming to our Imperial City factory.  The ruler has waited for a long time, please come with me.”

The Calm Martial Ruler wasn’t wearing armour and was just wearing a simple robe.  However, like an unsheathed sword or an eagle looking down from atop its mountain, people could not ignore the Calm Martial Ruler’s existence.

The Calm Martial Ruler simply explained everything.

Chu Tian instantly understood what was going on.

In the end, when the Source Energy Weapon’s blueprints were given to the Dongfang Family, the Calm Martial Ruler and the Southern Summer King had their entire family’s research department to begin research.  In the end, the Calm Martial Ruler realized Chu Tian’s trap.

The blueprint did not include the energy magazine blueprint.

Southern Summer’s only source of energy magazines was from Central State.

In other words, even if Imperial City makes Source Energy Weapons, if they didn’t buy energy magazines from Miracle Commerce, they could not form a force.  The Southern Summer King was enraged when he learned of this and even wanted to forcefully take the energy magazine blueprint from Chu Tian.

But he was stopped by the Calm Martial Ruler because the Calm Martial Ruler had already dealt with Chu Tian before and he knew how hard to deal with Chu Tian was.  Now that Chu Tian had a lot of influence, he was not easy to move again. The most important thing was that the Calm Martial Ruler already knew that the main material for the energy magazines was crystal oil.  Most of the crystal oil in the Southern Summer Country was in Central State.

When Miracle Commerce was just established, they had already began to create the battery factory.  Their production line had been completed and they had controlled most of the crystal oil reserves.

If they wanted to make the energy magazines they needed the blueprint, the blueprint for the Source Energy Batteries, and they needed to take back control of Miracle Commerce’s crystal oil mines.

This was Chu Tian life blood.

All the products of Miracle Commerce depended on this energy.

Not to mention that different weapons had different magazines.  Imperial City did not have the ability to produce them, so if they offended Chu Tian, they would receive a slap in the face.

“After two months of research, our Dongfang Family laboratories have found a method to offset the lack of energy magazines.”  The Calm Martial Ruler put a very complex source energy array in front of Chu Tian, “When the energy magazine is exhausted, the user can instill their spirit energy into the gun, replacing the energy magazine.  They can use their spirit energy to continue firing!”

Gu Qianqiu was shocked, “You completed this design in secret?”

He was a Dongfang Family minister, so Gu Qianqiu was very clear on just how strong the Dongfang Family was.

However, the Dongfang Family developing such a large design behind Miracle Commerce and Gu Qianqiu’s backs, this was a very incredible matter.

“If you completed it, you wouldn’t need to find me!”  Chu Tian rolled his eyes, “Throwing that much manpower and finances into this project, and reaching a dead end.  You have no choice but to ask for my help!”

The Calm Martial Ruler felt a bit awkward.

The Dongfang Family wished that they could own a weapon that was more complete than the one from Miracle Commerce.  They did not know that this tiny matter was something Chu Tian could make in a few minutes and it was much better than their design!

Gu Qianqiu looked at the blueprint, “This design has a lot of worked placed into it and all the links seem very perfect.  This old man cannot find a single flaw with this.”

“It’s actually very simple.”  Chu Tian looked over it, “They used the wrong key runes, causing that array to be unable to function.  This modification makes the weapon very unstable and each shot will cause the barrel to explode.” Saying this, he took a pen and changed several places, “It should be fine now, take it and test it out.”

That simple?

The Dongfang Family researchers looked on with wide eyes.

The Calm Martial Ruler personally tested the modified Source Energy Weapon and after shooting a bullet, it did not explode this time.  Like this, the Source Energy Weapon had been further improved. Even if there were no energy magazines, they could still be shot with a soldier’s spirit energy.

Of course, in this situation, the power of the bullet depended on the strength of the gun wielder.

The Calm Martial Ruler was very depressed.  The Dongfang Family had invited a famous array master for this.

This was a talent that was invited from another country for a large amount of money, but in the end, he had been confused by this problem for several days which was solved by Chu Tian in the blink of an eye.  Were the difference between the two of them that big?

If they wanted to improve the Source Energy Weapon, they couldn’t exclude Chu Tian!

“There are already five hundred Source Energy Pistols and our production speed has been increased, making two-three hundred per day.”  The Calm Martial Ruler explained the situation of the factory to Chu Tian, “But we have only begun making the Source Energy Submachine Guns.”

“It’s actually this fast!”

“It’s not fast enough!”  The Calm Martial Ruler’s eyes began to burn, “When the daily production of the Source Energy Pistols reach over a thousand and the Source Energy Submachine Guns reach over three hundred, then the conditions will be met.  This ruler will personally lead an army to march into the north!”


The Calm Martial Ruler was prepared to go against the War Hound Plains?

This was an explosive piece of news!

“The War Hounds Tribe is filled with internal strife, letting the Southern Summer Country gather our forces for over twenty years and now we have an army of over a million people.  With the Source Energy Weapons, do we need to worry about losing to the War Hounds Tribe?” The Calm Martial Ruler said this and suddenly looked at Chu Tian, “This is a good opportunity to earn merits, are you interested?”

“What are you asking me for?  I will not lead the troops!”

“This ruler will promote you to vice director and you won’t need to do anything.  After this fight is over, based on your merit of manufacturing and designing these Source Energy Weapons, you will have enough merit to become a marquis when we return to Imperial City!”  The Calm Martial Ruler then said to Chu Tian, “You are still young, so it isn’t impossible for you to become a ruler in the future. This is a very good chance for you!”

Chu Tian gave a laugh, “Forget it, I’m not interested in the battle and even less interested in titles.”

This was a good chance that fell from the skies.

Chu Tian did not need to do anything and as long as he followed the Calm Martial Ruler to the frontlines, he would be able to obtain a marquis title.  If Chu Tian was a Southern Summer Marquis, naturally he would have a state assigned to him. Was there an even more stable position?

The War Hounds Tribe were vulnerable and could not stop the humans.  If the Southern Summer Country launched a sneak attack and destroyed several tribes in one fell swoop, they would have a large chance of winning this war.

Chu Tian did not want this easy job, it was unknown what he was truly thinking.

The Calm Martial Ruler said with deep eyes, “You better carefully consider the pros and cons of this chance, this is not something that comes easily.  Being given a marquis title is like reaching the sky. The Southern Summer King will have to give you some face and Miracle Commerce’s backing will become even stronger!”

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