MT Chapter 406


Chapter 406: Bought

Chu Tian and Arnold reached an agreement for the cooperation.

The main thing was the quantity of food.  The Minotaurs still had to return what they borrowed and there was the interest to consider.  The Minotaurs in the Minotaur Valley were all grateful towards Chu Tian, this human was simply a savior who fell out of the sky.

The most important thing was.

This human’s food was just too good!


Just like Chu Tian had said, once they ate Miracle Commerce’s food, the Minotaurs wouldn’t be able to eat anything else.

Chu Tian announced that the fox clan would be the Miracle Commerce’s local agents.  For example, sending food to the Minotaur’s Valley would all be taken care of the by the fox clan and Chu Tian would not easily act again.

“The Minotaurs’ battle strength does not lose to the ogres, to obtain the support and soldiers from the Minotaurs, it will truly be advantageous to your City Lord’s position.”  Delores’ eyes flashed with a sense of awe and a emotional sigh, while also feeling a bit satisfied. The fox clan had endured these stupid cows for a long time and now that the stupid cows had to give the foxes face, it really made her feel satisfied, “But the Minotaurs in the Minotaur Valley are only working with you because of the threat of the famine, this does not mean they are willing to die for you.  Once the famine problem is solved, I can see that the stability of your forces will quickly degrade.”

Delores then said, “You’re currently undergoing a risky business.  Who knows when the Minotaurs will be able to repay you. Other than you sitting in the City Lord position and making this debt firm, you will be wasting our investment.”

Chu Tian nodded, “Then what do you think I should do?”

“We secretly poach the Minotaur Valley or use sir Demonic God’s power to take away the demon beasts, letting the Minotaurs have less and less prey.  That way, they will be more dependent on Miracle Commerce. But…..” Delores’ charmving voice turned, “Doing this will cost a lot of energy and being found out is a matter of time, it will mean playing ourselves.  Moreover, there is only one Minotaur Tribe, so it won’t be much help for you.”

This beautiful fox could already consider the problem from Chu Tian’s angle.

Chu Tian looked very satisfied.  It was clear the foxes have already associated their benefits with Miracle Commerce.

“Just a group of Minotaurs is far from enough, so I need to obtain the support of more tribes.”  Chu Tian calmly said, “If I had ten or twenty tribes supporting me, then wouldn’t it be much easier to sit on the City Lord’s seat?”

Delores revealed a surprised look, “If you can obtain the support of all those tribes, then naturally it will be a cinch.  The problem is, how will you do that? This definitely is not an easy to accomplish matter!”

“Very simple, a good move can be used twice.”

Chu Tian had received inspiration from the Minotaur tribe.

Survival was the number one rule in the forest.  Green Forest was in a large scale famine now and many tribes were in a difficult situation like the Minotaurs.  Even if some tribes were better off, they were still in a difficult situation.

In this time, the locals could be controlled using food.

Chu Tian was not talking about dangerous business.  As long as he obtained the support of the locals, even if it was temporary, it could allow him to sit in the City Lord’s seat.  At that time, the locals had to submit and they would have to keep to the debt.

“I need your help for this matter.”

“As for depending on us, the City Lord’s matters are our matters.  To make a contribution to the sir City Lord is naturally our honour.”  Delores’ smile was like a flower blooming. When her rich body trembled, Delores did not mind letting Chu Tian take an extra look.  She threw a coquettish look and said, “Only, our Demonic God Religion is very small and our lives all depend on this result. Sir City Lord, don’t you think…..”

That voice was like flowing water.

The beauties of the fox clan were like a hundred barrels of honey poured into a pool which could melt a human man.

This was seeking more benefits!

The fox clan naturally desired victory, so they would not work for free.

“What are you anxious for?  Since I said I would become rich with you all, naturally I will not go back on my word.  Go ahead and ask around, when have I, Chu Tian ever allowed any of my people suffer a loss?”  Chu Tian heroically patted the fox clan girl’s shoulder, “You just need to be assured that you will be able to obtain a large profit from the forest in these days, I will give a tenth of it to your Demonic God Religion!  Including the Minotaurs’ debt, when the debt is solidified, you will have a portion!”

“A tenth?  So stingy!”

Delores’ smoky and watery eyes flashed a look of joy.

Under Chu Tian’s extortion, these tribes would basically be dug out.  The fox clan being able to obtain a tenth this time was already a considerable amount.  The fox clan would not do much and would only purely act as transport and a representative, this was equivalent to earning something for free.

Especially the debt, this was not only a debt, but a high interest loan.  The longer the famine lasted, the more the locals would owe for the debt. From now on, the fox clan could lie down and still earn money.

Delores’ manner towards Chu Tian had clearly improved, “Sir City Lord, then what can I help you do?”

“I need complete information.  The locals of Green City that can be pulled over, I need complete information on them and also the hunting spot of the local powers.”  Chu Tian was covered in goosebumps from this fox girl’s bone melting voice, “Also, I want all your priests to manufacture something for me.”

The hunting areas, those were the locals’ resource production fields.

The tribes of the forest were all mainly hunters and would not engage in any agriculture, so hunting was their only method of gathering resources.  A large scale tribe’s hunting grounds were around two hundred miles.

Chu Tian wanted to thoroughly shut down the local tribes’ food supplies!

With the fox clan’s information and Chu Tian’s method, this matter was absolutely capable of being achieved.

In the future, when soldiers and mercenaries camped out, they would use a beast driving source energy array to defend against threats of demon beasts.  This kind of beast driving source energy array was like the beast attracting source energy arry. The beast driving array used scent, pheromones, sound, and smell to drive away beasts and kept most demon beasts away.

Chu Tian had Delores find several fox clan priests to come help.

The fox clan’s battle strength was not high, but they were still True Spirit Cultivators.  Moreover, the fox clan had researched source spirit arrays before, so they used only two days to make over two hundred level three Earth Dragon Beast Driving Talismans.

The Earth Dragon Beast Driving Talismans would replicate the aura of Earth Dragons.

Earth Dragons were a very strong demon beast that not demon beast below level three could fight and it was also unparalleled at its own level.

These talismans were ordinary and normal people could not notice them.  However, demon beasts could feel a faint aura coming from these talismans.  When the beast driving talisman was placed in the local tribes’ hunting grounds, each talisman could cover a range of ten miles.  All the demon beasts feeling the Earth Dragon’s aura will run away and there will never linger no matter what.

Chu Tian guessed that in three-five days, the locals would be filled with chaos!

The famine would become stronger and it would cause chaos even if there wasn’t a famine.

At this time, Chu Tian had the fox clan send out news through the forest saying that there is a human merchant in the forest that people could buy food from at a low price. The reactions of the locals did not even need to be guessed.

After Chu Tian finished his trick, he would use food to control them,

Chu Tian was a single person and the fox clan was only a representative, so the locals couldn’t help being convinced.  Once Chu Tian stopped supplying food, they did not have a way of surviving. Therefore, in order to survive, they had to give in to his conditions.

The plan was very simple, but one cannot deny that it was a very solid plan!

The effects of the beast driving talismans and the spatial transport ability, Chu Tian could completely control the lives of these local tribes!

In the end, not only will they be eaten by Chu Tian, they would also own a large debt and would have to be grateful to him.  This was just too cruel!

Delores was filled with admiration for Chu Tian!

This mysterious man was very attractive.  He seemed like he could do all kinds of impossible things by taking out a random item, like the ordinary beast driving talismans.  Even among the locals, this would be a very profitable thing! This little talisman, how much demon beast harassment could it save a tribe?

Not to mention the Space Warehouse wrapped in a shroud of mystery!

“We have sent the talismans to the hunting grounds and they are displaying their effect, causing chaos among the tribes.”  Delores seemed a bit tired after rushing around for several days, but she still seemed to be in high spirits. Her eyes were filled with anticipation, but she was also slightly worried, “We targeted nine tribes at the same time this time, that is a total of over a million people, is there no problem with your side?”

Delores was very clear.

If Chu Tian messed everything up and left.

These hungry tribes would have no path left, either falling apart or causing the tribes to disintegrate, filling the forest with robbers.  They would either wildly plunder for resources or they would occupy a tribe. The fox clan being left alone in this area would find it hard to survive.

The resources needed to feed a million people.

This was not an easy matter!

It was normal for Delores to be worried.

This was a bit hard for Chu Tian.  Although he had the full support of the Southern Summer Country, the food for normal people was not suited for the strong forest locals.  Therefore, Chu Tian needed to prepare source energy canned food and most of it had to be level two source energy canned food. Even if Miracle Commerce’s production line was taking shape, it was still a large burden for them.

But the young miss had already prepared, so she had prepared a large stockpile of food and it was no problem for it to last a while.  Chu Tian confidently said to Delores, “You can be assured. Doing business with me, the fox clan’s day to become rich is right in front of you.”

Delores was a bit excited as she charmingly cupped her hand, “Many thanks sir City Lord!”

The fox clan was the easiest to buy.

As long as there was profit, the fox clan would stubbornly follow you.

Chu Tian was very clear on this, so he sincerely said to this beautiful fox woman, “To be honest, I’m lacking a person like you by my side.”

“Although we don’t normally contact humans, aren’t we still clear on what kind of personalities humans have?”  Delores had a charming look in her eyes, “If sir City Lord requires it, the young girls of our fox tribe are very enthusiastic.”

Humans drooled over the charming fox clan women, but Chu Tian did not mean this.  Delores also knew that he didn’t mean this, but she had to misinterpret him like this, speaking in an ambiguous tone.  If it was a normal man, he would be stunned by this teasing.

This fox seductress!

Chu Tian smiled like a fool, “The fox clan are very smart and very capable, they have a keen smell for opportunities, so they are natural merchants with a bit of training.  We will do large business in the forest and the things you will have from this day forth will definitely surpass your imagination!”

Miracle Commerce was becoming bigger and bigger and even if the young miss was skilled, it was hard for her to manage everything.  Miracle Commerce especially needed smart people they could rely on to help and the fox clan was very suited to making up for Miracle Commerce’s shortcomings.

But because the fox clan loved benefits, if he could buy them over, others could do the same.

This clan was not a clan one could be assured in.

But the coincidence was that this tribe of foxes were different.  They believed in the Demonic God Religion and the little fox was their highest spiritual leader.  Even if the fox was disobedient, it was still connected to Chu Tian by contract and it wouldn’t exist if Chu Tian didn’t exist.

They wouldn’t betray him unless they broke their faith.

Their faith was connected to their mind and as well as their cultivation.  If they betrayed the Demonic God Religion, they would lose all their cultivation.  The fox people are very smart, they should understand the benefits and losses. When Miracle Commerce had this group of smart and capable foxes join them, whether it was research or business, they would provide a big help to both.

Now all the arrangements had been made.

Now to see what kind of reaction the forest had!

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