MT Chapter 408


Chapter 408: Green City

Chu Tian had made a few mistakes.

It couldn’t be considered mistakes though, there was no problem with the plan.  First he would make them lose their source of food and when they were praying for a miracle, the fox clan would timely spread the news of the mysterious human merchant.  When these locals heard that the Minotaurs of Minotaur Valley could actually eat well in this time of famine because they traded with this human merchant, they would investigate the fragrant smell coming from the Minotaur Valley.

Who didn’t know that the Minotaurs were the dumbest and would be the group that would starve to death first?

Now that they had plenty of food, how could the other tribes not be jealous?


The human merchant had large resources, being able to supply as much food as they needed.  On one hand, he provided top quality food and on the other hand, he stopped the other food sources, so the locals would finally be trapped by Chu Tian and Chu Tian’s goal would be met.

Now a problem had occurred.  Chu Tian had just accomplished the first step of the plan, but before the second step could occur, Delores ran in quickly with an important piece of news.  Several tribes had joined together and were prepared to attack Green City.

“This situation is bad.”  Delores said with a worried expression, “It seems like we’ve dropped a stone on our foot.”

“No, this is too wrong!”  Chu Tian knit his brows and considered it for a few minutes, “This definitely is not right.  These tribes do not usually come in contact with each other, so how could they form an alliance in a few days in this situation?  This doesn’t match common sense.”

Delores had also discovered this questionable point already, “The Green City gnomes are already very weak, but normal tribes would not dare challenge them.  I am also in doubt that there is a secret manipulator behind this.”

Chu Tian nodded.  There was no need to guess, this was certain.

Chu Tian had arrived in the fox clan for a week now and he already understood Green City’s situation.  The manager and the founder of the city was the gnome race. The gnomes did not have the strength of the elves, but the gnomes could be considered one of the race with the most profound knowledge in the forest.

The gnomes did not have no desires like the elves.  The gnomes were rigorous by nature and had a strong desire for knowledge, therefore the gnomes were outstanding in source energy arrays and were highly skilled in pills and talismans.  Green City being able to develop to this rich and populated state was mainly because of the rich gnome production forces in the city.

The equipment of the gnomes can be considered very elite and adding in the various talismans and traps from the gnome research facilities, as well as the various defensive facilities, Green City was a very hard city to capture.

“If my guess aren’t wrong, the person playing tricks is most likely in Green City.  The local tribes do not have the ability to capture Green City by themselves, so it must be someone working from the inside.”  Chu Tian asked Delores, “Depending on your intuition, who do you think is the most suspicious?”

Delores did not even think as she said, “The Shaman Religion or the Undead Religion!”

Chu Tian said with a slight nod, “Then we must head to Green City.”

“What are we going to Green City for?”

“Of course it’s to see the acting City Lord.”

Chu Tian was an outsider and it was very hard for an outsider to enter Green City, so he needed the fox clan’s help.  Delores shared mutual benefits with Chu Tian, so she agreed without even considering it.

The Demonic God Religions had some influence in Green City.  Although the fox clan was very small, their brains were good, so they had a few shops inside the city mainly taking care of certain materials.  Chu Tian pretended to be one of them and being led by Delores, it was much easier to enter Green City.

Green City had already been established for five hundred years.

This wasn’t considered too old in the Forest of Chaos.  The city had always been controlled by the Green Religion and the Green Religion was a religion spread from the elves, mainly believing in the Forest God.  The gnomes in their peak had over a million people and absolutely couldn’t be considered a small force.

In the few recent years, the Green Religion had rapidly declined, allowing the new Druid Warriors, the Necromancers, and the Shaman Sorcerers run amuck in Green City, already becoming a serious threat to the gnomes.  The Gnomes were the city’s rulers by name, but it had already been divided with everything being meddled with by the three religions. After several decades of disasters, the Green Religion’s influence quickly fell.

Chu Tian stood in front of Green City, “This is Green City?  It really is different from what I imagined!”

A city in the Forest of Chaos, it was not something the Southern Summer Country could compare to in term of beauty.

Even the Southern Summer Imperial City couldn’t even match a tenth of it!

When Chu Tian saw Green City, his first feeling was that this place was very magnificent and it was one with natural, creating a beautiful picturesque scene.

Most of the cities in the Forest of Chaos did not have walls because walls did not have much defensive significance in this place.  Although this Green City did not have city walls, because it was established among the vast hills, the surrounding mountains were a natural city wall.  If he didn’t personally see it, it would be hard to imagine that within these rugged mountains, there would actually be a towering city like this.

There weren’t many people in Green City, but the area was still several times larger compared to the Southern Summer Imperial City.

The entire city was among the hills, so its distribution was very interesting.  If one looked at it from a broad view, it was in the shape of a trapezoid. There were many scattered buildings, some at the foot, some inside the mountain, and some at the top.  There were times between two buildings, there was only a suspension bridge between them in that several hundred meters of mountain.

There were countless open areas in the mountain where there were large amounts of growing and breeding areas.

There was a main peak at the center of the mountain.  It had been a mountain peak, but the entire area had been developed and now there was a giant white castle built there.

Half mountain and half city, sitting at the peak of the mountain, being surrounded by the clouds.  It was like a city in the sky.

This was a very special place, the gnome city was different from that of the humans.  In the large cities the humans lived in, the streets and tall buildings were all nicely ordered, being tightly clustered and being surrounded by a city wall.

Green City was completely different.  There over a hundred castles all over the city and each one could be considered a small town.  The castles were stacked over the hills and formed a trapezoid shape. The distribution seemed very loose, but it was actually very systematic.

If human cities were built on a plane.

Then this city was a three dimensional structure.

The entire Green City was perfectly integrated into nature.  This city seemed like it was built out of thin air on these chiseled mountains and looked very disorderly, but each building in Green City was actually unique.

There was abundant spiritual energy here and countless spirit veins gathered.  There were countless heaven and earth treasured, but there were no fierce beasts which was rarely seen in the Forest of Chaos.

In this endless mountain range, there were countless precious mineral veins and was very suited for long term development.

“Ha, ha, ha!”  Chu Tian gave a few loud laughs, “A city in the mountain and mountains in the city.  The forest surrounding the river, the river surrounding the mountain, and the mountain surrounding the city.  My city really looks pretty good! But I can see that the city development is less than 10% and the mountain development is less than 2%.  I am going to connect them all and create a super city nation that can hold several tens of millions of people, letting this become the largest city in the Forest of Chaos.  What do you think?”

“Sir City Lord, your happiness seem too early.”  Delores rolled her eyes, dismissing Chu Tian’s grand ambitions, “Don’t forget, your city is about to be captured by a group of people.  In a few days, it might become a pile of ashes.”

Those local tribes?  Wo pei!

When did master Chu Tian place them in his eyes!

But speaking of this, the city was much better than he had imagined.  The city the gnomes had spent five hundred years to develop had been given for free to Chu Tian.  Not only was this area’s spiritual energy very abundant, it was located in the center of the Forest of Chaos, most suited to becoming Miracle Commerce’s main headquarters.

If Chu Tian could create a foothold here, with it as the center, Miracle Commerce could spread without fear all around them.  At that time, what would the Dragon’s Ridge, the Titan Mountain Range, the Savage Highlands, and the Eternal Forest count for.  Even the far Western Sea and the underground Dark World, couldn’t Chu Tian deal with them as well?

The Forest of Chaos area had the qualification to become an empire!

Of course, the premise was to unify this area which was not an easy matter.

“We’re entering the city!”

Green City was not only surrounded by natural mountains, there were also many natural channels which could be used to enter Green City from every direction.  Delores brought Chu Tian through a white Moonlight Stone tunnel and on both sides was not only grass and plants, there were also many high trees.

What made Chu Tian especially surprised was that there was a large tree that was shaped like a human.  It had sturdy arms and there was a giant spear in its hands. It was like a large ten meter tall guard that was motionlessly protecting the tunnel.

“What is this?”

Chu Tian was a bit surprised.  This thing seemed like a Treant, but it definitely was not a Treant because Chu Tian could feel that this thing didn’t have a will and was just a giant puppet.

“This is the Green Protector!”  Delores explained, “The Green Religion diligently studied ancient war trees’ remains and finally made this powerful life form.  A hundred years ago, there were these powerful soldiers everywhere in Green City. Only, after being losing them one by one in attacks and in the most recent decades, after meeting several disasters, they had died in large numbers, so there weren’t many of them left.”

Chu Tian continued forward with Delores.

There were at least three different kinds of barriers protecting the valley.

There really was a reason why Green City could stand in this location.

These Green Protectors and the defenses in the tunnels, Green City could stop a large scale forest invasion.  As long as it wasn’t a giant like the Eternal Forest, Green City had the ability to keep themselves safe. Of course, that was the previous Green City.  The current Green City was very weakened and the situation with internal conflict and outward invasion was already very bad.

If it wasn’t like this, would the gnomes have surrendered the city to the Eternal Forest?  The Elven Council were all blockheads. There was such a good place being delivered to them and they didn’t want it, in the end it was given to Chu Tian as a great bargain!

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