MT Chapter 43


Chapter 43: The Mayor’s Shock

Blue topaz sand, crystal dust, moonlight grass powder, and red coral juice.

Four materials in 3:1:1:1 proportions. Adding the appropriate amount of the strong dissolving agent, let it dissolve in the dish by stirring for around 10 minutes or to produce 100ml of a blue saturated solution. The solution was then to precipitated and filtered so that a pure solution could be extracted.

Nangong Yi was astonished.

Chu Tian’s movements were skilled, without the slightest signs of being like a novice. The process seemed not only incongruous but also suspicious. The materials did not even seem like dry materials anymore. How could they have mixed together?  How was this possible?


Chu Tian stored the solution in a refining bottle and slightly heated it.

A refining bottle is a special bottle made for refining medicine.

Was it possible to use it for alchemy?

It was impossible!

Chu Tian calmly picked up a red crystal pen, composed himself and immediately started to write.

The moment thin pen tip gently touched the stage, it suddenly coming to life, as a mysterious rune was inscribed with mechanical precision. Gradually, an art like perfect pattern was inscribed.

Nangong Yi’s mind went blank and he could not help but admire it.

Such perfect writing technique!

Such perfect technique!

If this Energy Source Array inscribed by Chu Tian was seen by the top masters in the Imperial City, they would have to commit suicide just to escape their shame.

Chu Tian calmly put the pen down.

A perfect triangular array design was presented.

The Energy Source Array was the foundation of the production profession, whether it be talisman creation, alchemy, or weapon refining.

The rank of Energy Source Array a person could draw had a direct relation with their mental strength. The stronger their mental strength, the higher the level of the Energy Source Array.

Currently, Chu Tian’s cultivation was too low so he could only inscribe a level 1 Energy Source Array.

When he gave the level 2 detoxification alchemy array away, he had given the design, but could not personally draw the source energy array, so he let the Awakened Soul Realm Zhang Li Qing inscribe it himself.

However, the refining crude oil refinement was not complicated.

A level 1 array was sufficient.

Chu Tian completed his preparations and opened the bottle of crystal oil. Carefully lifting the bottle, he made to pour out the crystal oil.

Nangong Yi eyes popped out.


This fellow was insane!

He really wanted to experiment with the crystal oil!

Nangong Yi’s face immediately soured, but he did not dare snatch the bottle of oil away but immediately warned, “You can’t mess with that! Crystal oil is extremely unstable, even a little bit can cause a terrifying explosion. The house could be blown away and we may both die.”

For thousands of years.

Countless times people had attempted to control this incredible energy

Frightening accidents were the only thing they had to show for it. Again and again, bloody and painful lessons continue to emerge, as if announcing to the people that the crystal oil was uncontrollable.

Once the crystal oil overheated, the substance churned and it was extremely likely for there to be an explosion.

Its power could easily blow a hole in the Mayor’s palace.

Actually, it did not matter if the Mayor’s palace exploded, but if this fellow died, then where would Nangong Yi learn to refine his Spiritual Sense?

Who would have thought that the brat would ignore his kindness and reply arrogantly.

“Mayor, don’t worry. I already know this.”

You know, my ass!

He did not know that his life was already hanging by a thread!

“Quickly stop!”

The Mayor almost knelt down in front of Chu Tian.

However, this reckless fellow poured the crystal oil inside the refining bottle. The crystal oil and the blue crystal sand solution blended in an instant. The temperature inside the bottle rapidly rose and a large amount of bubbles continuously spilled over.  The entire refining bottle trembled, it was filled with brewing destructive energy.

Nangong Yi’s soul was about to fly out of his body!

“Run!  It’s about to explode!”

Even if one was an Awakened Soul cultivator, being this close to a crystal oil explosion would still cause great harm.

Chu Tian ignored him and pretended he was not there. Places both hands on the refining platform, the Energy Source Array began to glow and energy spilled out, invisible energy building up in the bottle.

This was simply suicide!

Was the crystal oil mixture not enough?

Chu Tian actually regarded the famously volatile material as simple medicine and tried to refine it with an Energy Source Array. You would not find anyone else on the continent willing to try this kind of crazy procedure out.

Even if Nangong Yi wanted to prevent it, there was no more time do so.

Because of the out-of-control crystal oil’s deadly flash, he was only able to see the refining bottle explode, emitting a strong reaction that blossomed out incomparable dazzling rays, similar to a small sun.

Not good!

Nangong Yi gathered his energy around him to create a red protective bubble around him, preparing to meet the explosion.

One second!

Two seconds.

Ah? How come nothing has happened yet?

Nangong Yi broke out in a cold sweat, eyes open wide as he stared.

The bright light that had been building up in the bottle dissipated and in its place was a blue light, no longer as dazzling as the one before.

Both of Nangong Yi’s eyes bulged out, similar to a dead fish’s eyes, and for a while he was rendered speechless.

The crystal oil had not gone out of control and exploded?

This was an illusion!

It was actually controlled?

But that was impossible!

Nangong Yi’s brain could not comprehend what just happened.

Chu Tian pulled out five cylindrical tubes and poured a little bit of the thick blue and white liquid in each tube, sealing the tubes with a copper cover.

Five cylindrical tubes, put away in order.

Each tube was filled with the blue and white liquid, the short rods had congealed with blue and white radiance.

Slowly and with great difficulty, Nangong Yi asked in a shaky voice, “How did you manage to control the crystal oil?”

Chu Tian lightly smiled, “How do you think?”

Nangong Yi felt that his world had been turned upside down. “It’s impossible!  This is definitely impossible!”

Chu Tian acted like it was nothing more than a small matter. “In this world, nothing is impossible. We simply have not found the correct method yet. Do you know how crystal oil is formed?”

“How can I not know? The people of the continent already found that mystical microorganisms survive in the crystal ore by feeding off them. When they die, the body decomposes and transforms into the unusual high energy material. How does that relate to controlling the crystal oil?”

“Why not think a little and find the way to control it from the source?”

“Don’t tease this Mayor. Are the two really related?”


Simply too stupid!

Chu Tian shook his head and sighed, “After eating the crystal ore, why doesn’t the pressurized energy explode inside the microorganisms? Why does the crystal oil they leave behind become unstable after they die?”

How could Nangong Yi know this?

Chu Tian immediately replied, “The microorganisms secrete a mysterious substance. This substance is called ‘Inert Substance’ by scholars. It’s effects are to suppress the active energy. Just like how boiling water can freeze into ice, the primary composition does not change, only losing its active nature.”

Nangong Yi seemed like he was thinking of something, “You mean…”

“Right, as long as we can figure out the composition of the inert material, we can simulate it.” Chu Tian picked up the refining bottle, “I didn’t control the crystal oil. I merely sealed it, that’s all. It has become a safe compound, even if stored in large quantities, there won’t be a problem.”

To prove his point, Chu Tian poured the excess onto the stove.

When the blue-white liquid came into contact with the flame, not even a small reaction occurred, almost as if it was completely different substance.

While everyone was thinking about how to use the energy in the crystal oil, Chu Tian did the opposite and suppressed the energy inside.

The crystal oil poured onto the stove had not evaporated nor exploded. It was simply unbelievable!

Nangong Yi still did not fully understand. “After sealing it, the inert crystal oil does not burn or explode, how will you extract and use the energy inside?

Chu Tian smiled, “I still need to research that. Perhaps in a few days, I’ll figure it out, but I can’t be sure.”

The answer to the question was actually very simple.

However Chu Tian would not reveal it for the time being.

Once the continent mastered this technology, civilization would advance a thousand miles a day.

Chu Tian showed him this much and that he was without any special goal so the Mayor was relieved.

With Chu Tian’s techniques, this type of dangerous substance could be extracted, refined, and safely stored in the Miracle Commerce warehouse without worry for public safety.

Nangong Yi wiped his sweat away.

Being with Chu Tian for a long period of time, it was impossible not to have a heart attack!

Chu Tian’s method to control and stabilize the crystal oil would definitely cause a huge stir. Nangong Yi finally understood why he wanted the oil mine.

Suddenly Nangong Yi had a thought.

Did this fellow invent the crystal oil refining method by accident?

Would this not raise the price of crystal oil exponentially?

Damn! If he had known he would not have given the oil mine away so easily.

In the Mayor’s mind, he was already considering secretly taking out funds from his personal treasury to buy oil mines and try his luck. Perhaps in several years, he would come by easy money.

It was a crazy thought to invest in oil mines.

Ordinary people would not have come up with it.

Ten minutes ago, the Mayor also thought that oil mines were wasteful resources that no one wanted.

In such a short time, he had experienced such a large change in his views and everything is because of this young man. Come to think of it, this young man was someone who had repeatedly created miracles over and over again.

Nangong Yi ruefully said, “Your knowledge truly puts this Mayor to shame!”

Did he even need to say this?

In Chu Tian’s eyes there was not even a difference between him and primitive man.

Perhaps even a three year old child from his time was already be far beyond the Mayor.

Chu Tian carefully wrapped the five crystal tubes. “Mayor, I need to go back and do some simple tests, so I shall take my leave.”

Nangong Yi regarded the enigmatic Chu Tian, as there is no way for the Mayor to be contrary, he only said, “I will have a group of bodyguards escort you.”

“Many thanks to the Mayor!” Chu Tian walked two steps. He suddenly remembered something and turned around to say, “In two days, the first hotel of the Miracle Commerce’s Food Department will have its grand opening. I hope that the Mayor will attend to support us, since it does involve your daughter’s investment as well.”

He wanted the Mayor’s support  for a restaurant?

This request seemed a little excessive.

However, Nangong Yi reluctantly agreed.

Even if he did not consider creating relations with Chu Tian, based on his daughter’s personality, he would not dare refuse or else the Mayor’s palace would really be destroyed!

Nangong Yi personally saw Chu Tian off and arranged for an escort of one hundred elites to escort him back.

Today, Nangong Yi personally met Chu Tian. Not only to speak of the several natural resource fields, it was primarily to test Chu Tian, and he also wanted to discuss the matters regarding investing in Miracle Commerce.

Chu Tian’s performance was beyond the anything Nangong Yi could imagine!

This made Nangong Yi more resolute in his thoughts.

Although there was a price for offending the Ye family, to win over Chu Tian, any price is worth it.

Nangong Yi did not raise the matter of buying stocks. Since it would have been impossible for Chu Tian to agree why hurt their relations by asking?

Besides Nangong Yun had already joined Miracle Commerce as one of the executives.

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