MT Chapter 433


Chapter 433: Bone Dragon

The Lich was floating above the spiral altar.

This altar was continuously sending out energy, sending them to the surrounding towers and using those towers to form an array that allowed the energy to be transported and gathered in the sky.  Finally it was placed in the sky, forming a shockingly large array.

The undead army had already been routed.

Chu Tian led Yoda, Clark, Arnold, Delores, and the others, as well as several thousand forest elites to circle the altar.


“Stop!”  Clark shouted at the Lich floating like a ghost in the air, “You have already lost!”

“Lost?  It’s too early to say who wins or loses.”

The Lich looked over everyone as it floated in the air, with its cloak flowing in the wind.  A cold look appeared in his eyes filled with fiery blue flames. Although the Lich did not have any eyes, Chu Tian could feel him looking at him, “I have never seen a human like you before.”

“Overpraise, overpraise.  I also have never seen a Lich like you before.”  Chu Tian revealed a grin, “Although you have caused a lot of trouble, this City Lord can still give you a chance.  As long as you stop this undead ceremony now and surrender to me, I can not destroy you.”

The Lich did not have emotions.

Even if Chu Tian was directly insulted, he would never feel angry, so Chu Tian acted like he didn’t care at all, “If your performance is good, I can make a body for you to be reincarnated in the future.”

“Reincarnated?”  The Lich softly said, “I’m not interested.”

If it was a normal Lich, this would be a hard to resist enticement because after turning into a Lich, their personality would fade until they lost all their emotions.  A Lich that hadn’t gone numb yet would use any kind of method to retrieve this. Being able to return to a living being was best, but this was an almost impossible matter to accomplish.

A living being turning into an undead was not easy to accomplish.

An undead turning back to a living being was as hard as ascending to heaven.

The Lich did not believe Chu Tian, or even anyone in this world could do it.  Not to mention that he was already two thousand year old and his personality had already been completely frozen, not producing any fluctuations.  So he didn’t care about life or death, he was not afraid of not being able to return to being a living being.

This was the reason why Chu Tian hated Liches.

Everyone thought that turning into a Lich meant never dying.

Actually, after reaching this state, what was different from being dead?

Eternal life?  How could eternal life be that easy in this world!

“What use is it to say all that to him?”  Clark saw the energy becoming strong and he was visibly becoming anxious, “If you delay and allow this Lich to complete the ceremony, the consequences can’t be undone.”

A Lich that had lived for two thousand years.

This was a living fossil and a person that could become a Lich was not a normal person.

If he could pull this person to his side, it would be quite a bit of help.

It’s a pity.  Looking at the current situation, perhaps there is no time to negotiate!

This Lich’s brain did not have any emotions, so it had no hopes or and fears.  It was like an ice cold machine, forever implementing the orders it received before it lost its emotions.  The only memory left was to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

The Lich did not believe Chu Tian and was not interested in reincarnation.

He would rather turn Green City into a city of undead, which was more advantageous to him.

“It’s been too long since I fought anyone.”  The Lich’s words did not have any fluctuations, “Now let me see what kind of strength you all have.”

When the Lich said this, his two skinny arms slowly lifted as the surrounding towers all erupted with energy.  A mass of black corroded the surroundings, turning the world into darkness.

The earth began to tremble.

Skeletons crawled out one by one.

The valley was filled with skeleton warriors.  Each skeleton had bones that seemed to be carved from black jade and there was a strong spirit flame burning in their bones, currently following the Lich’s summon as they began to move.  There were just too many skeletons and Chu Tian’s group was covered in a sea of bones. They did not have the advantage in terms of numbers at all.

These skeletons were not simple skeletons.

The Lich had used large amounts of death energy to awaken them, so they had a shocking strength for a short period of time.  Because of their large numbers, they could pile up and kill someone.

The little fox revealed a grin.

Without Chu Tian’s order, it moved out on its own.  It passed through the sea of bones and a blue spirit flame ocean was pulled out wherever it went.  Large amounts of star like soul flames came out of the skeletons and finally gathered at the little fox’s mouth as a delicacy for it.

Chu Tian said with a smile, “With just your bit of skill, I urge you to surrender as soon as possible.”

This large amount of skeleton soldiers, if they were placed on a battlefield, they could sweep through everything.  They didn’t fear anything, including death and they had decent strength, so they were natural soldiers. They had to run into the little fox who was the undead’s natural enemy.  It didn’t matter how many of them there were, they couldn’t approach it at all.

Clark loudly ordered, “Destroy everything here!”

Everyone began to attack in all directions, trying to destroy the towers.  They quickly found a problem, which was that each tower was protected by a powerful energy, so it was not easy to attack them.

At this time, the Lich began to coldly chant.  The towers released black lightning which began to attack people at quick speeds.  When the lightning condensed of death energy hit living beings, they would turn into undead monsters, so this attack was more terrifying than normal energy attacks.

The little fox went all out to kill the skeletons.

It found a problem, it seemed like there was no end.  As soon as it killed a group of skeletons, when it turned around again, the skeletons were standing again.  There was a large amount of death energy in the valley, which continued to summon skeletons, keeping the little fox very busy.

Chu Tian slightly narrowed his eyes.

The energy in the valley was controlled by the Lich, becoming an almost invincible entity.  He could use the towers to attack and summons skeletons without end. If they didn’t have a way to break the array, everyone would be swallowed in the end.

The Lich did not stop attacking.  He slowly raised his arms and the several dozen towers around him all sent black lightning at the lich.  Countless bolts of lightning condensed in the Lich’s hands, condensing an incomparably large ball of lightning in the blink of an eye.

His hands slightly moved up.

The energy ball slowly rose and it was still wildly gathering energy from around it.  The colour became darker, finally becoming as dark as iron. It was also expanding at an incredible rate and in just ten seconds, it became as big as a small hill.

Everyone’s expressions changed.

Although they knew that the Lich was not weak, it wouldn’t be unstoppable like this.  At least the Druid’s Prophet would be able to fight him. But when the Lich used the power of the array, his strength increased by more than ten times and no one could be a match for him.

Once the ball of energy fell, the consequences would be hard to imagine.

Yoda held his staff and gave a few light coughs.  There was an energy that was released from him and he was shrouded in green light.  At this time, only he could go against him.

“Prophet, please wait.”  Chu Tian calmly walked out, “Let me deal with this fellow!”


Everyone was shocked.

There was no doubt of Prophet Yoda’s strength.  After Yoda transformed into a dragon, he could even fight a Spirit Transformation Cultivator.  Chu Tian was only a trivial Earth Spirit Cultivator and he was in the 1st True Spirit Layer. The fox was still busy, what would he use to resist it.

Chu Tian did not explain as he jumped out, flying at the towers like an arrow.

He wanted to smash the tower and make the energy ball lose balance?


These towers were protected by powerful energy, it was not something Chu Tian’s power could break.  While everyone thought Chu Tian’s actions were useless, Chu Tian suddenly released a kind of energy.  A terrifying source spirit’s aura entered the sky as Chu Tian’s eyes turned a deathly grey colour.

The Lich muttered when he saw this, “Death energy?  He actually has death energy!”

A layer of grey mist appeared around Chu Tian.  When the grey mist fill the air, it was attracted by the tower.  Chu Tian gave a low roar, “Break!”

Several explosive sounds came from the tower.

Large cracks appeared on the tower.  More and more cracks appeared and they appeared faster and faster, before it covered the entire tower.  It finally exploded with a large sound.

Delores was shocked, “What did he do?”

“The towers were established to suck in death energy and out resourceful City Lord could also use death energy.”  Yoda said with a smile, “The towers will repel all energy approaching it, but it will not repel death energy. He used death energy to cause an imbalance with the tower, thus being able to destroy the tower.”

A distortion formed in the energy ball in the sky that had almost finished condensing, before a bulge formed.  It was clear that it was losing balance.

“Be careful, prepare the defenses!”

Everyone quickly released their protective spirit energy.  The ball of energy in the sky exploded, but the explosion did not release any light or heat.  Instead a cold current filled the valley and the entire world was instantly covered in darkness.

Although they were far enough, the energy ball didn’t completely form, and they had protective spirit energy, there were some weaker people who were seriously injured.  It could be seen just how strong this attack was.

Suddenly, the endless darkness seemed to be swept away by a current of air.  It was pulled away before it completely entered the little fox’s belly.

Chu Tian looked at the Lich over the altar, “What other skills do you have?”

The Lich did not speak, but he had to admit that this human was indeed hard to deal with.  Since this was the case, he could only use his final move!

The earth began to tremble.

Everyone could clearly feel a strong resentment being released from the ground.  There were large amounts of grey fog being released from the cracks on the surface and the earth kept splitting apart as if something was breaking out.  First a pair of incomparably large grey wings came out, followed by an incomparably large body and claws.

“Bone Dragon?!”  Chu Tian was shocked, “There is a dragon cemetery beneath this place?”

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