MT Chapter 435


Chapter 435: Miracle City

The undead attribute was a rare attribute and cultivators with this attribute were rare on the continent.  The peak scholars of this domain were very rare and the Lich could be considered a sage in terms of the undead attribute.

The current array was dug out of the ruins by the Lich and he had used a long time to study it before he finally learned to control it.  It was because he had been too confident that the Lich left the altar to stop Chu Tian from destroying the towers. Who would have thought that he would outsmart himself and give control of the altar to Chu Tian.

Even if he combined with the Bone Dragon now, the Lich did not have any advantages.

The Lich knew that the altar controlled all the towers in the valley and now all the energy was in Chu Tian’s hands.  Chu Tian could be considered a bottomless existence with all of this power. The Lich Dragon could only hope that since Chu Tian had just gained control, he would not be able to properly control it.  If the Lich Dragon could fight him back, there would still be a chance.


The Lich Dragon condensed a large amount of blue and green flames, which instantly turned into a terrifying wave of heat that flew at the altra.  This altar was guarded by a large amount of death energy and even the Lich Dragon’s strength could not break through.

Chu Tian controlled the array as he shouted, “Could it be you don’t know how much energy this altar controls?  You’ve already lost, just surrender!”

The Lich Dragon did not give up.  It released a blue flame that was suddenly released from its skeleton, looking like a firework exploding.  These dense amounts of blue tentacles of light fell onto the surrounding towers and directly connected these towers.

Chu Tian was a bit stunned.

This fellow did have some skills!

He would connect his own body to the towers, eliminating the control of the altar, allowing the Lich Dragon to directly absorb energy from the towers.  After all, the towers were personally built by the Lich and he was very familiar with their composition.

In just a few short seconds.

The fire within the Lich became over ten times stronger and the blue flames surrounded his body like crystal, actually forming a solid cover around his body.  It made this fierce looking Bone Dragon turn into a giant dragon that seemed to be carved out of crystal in a short amount of time.

Everyone’s expressions changed.

The Lich Dragon could still do this?

Like this, Chu Tian might not be able to defeat the Lich Dragon even with control of the altar.  The Lich Dragon could actually gather energy from that many towers, so it was hard to imagine how strong it was.  Chu Tian himself was weak and he could not defeat the Lich Dragon.


The flames around the Lich Dragon condensed and it changed into a dark blue colour before gradually turning into an ash grey colour.  This was an unprecedented undead monster that had never appeared in history before. With a roar from the Lich Dragon, the skeletons trembled before falling down like harvested wheat.  Their soul flames turned to powder as they were instantly killed by this aura.

But at this time.

The death energy gathered in the sky by the Lich over a long time suddenly gathered together bit by bit.  Like a giant bolt of lightning, it fell down on the altar that Chu Tian was standing on.

The sky was falling!

The sky had collapsed!

This scene resembled a large hole in the sky as a large amount of grey and black energy wildly poured down.  The destructive energy the Lich had prepared to attack Green City with was currently being called back in one breath.  It completely enveloped the altar and turned into a vast mass of darkness.

“Quickly run!”

When people saw the black waves wildly pouring out, they all called out in surprise.  They couldn’t do anything right now and if they were enveloped in the sea of death, they would instantly turn into undead monsters, so everyone quickly escaped.

When they turned back.

The entire valley seemed to be filled with a black liquid and everything had already been flooded.  No one knew just what was happening inside of there.

At this time, there was a wild roar that came from the sea and an undead dragon that seemed to be made of grey black crystal came out.  It flapped its wings as it entered the sky and it was surrounded by the aura of countless ghosts. It opened its incomparably large mouth and gathered all the surrounding energy, instantly forming a large black ball of energy that was ten-thirteen meters wide.

The black energy ball was wildly inflating as countless bolts of lightning gathered around it.

This attack was not as strong as the one the Lich made with the towers before.

Clark’s face sunk, “This monster’s strength, even a Spirit Transformation Cultivator would find hard to deal with.  I think the City Lord is in danger!”

Chu Tian had already released all the energy used to deal with Green City, so Green City was already safe, but with this terrifying undead dragon here, would Green City be truly safe?  After the first few generations of gnomes, there hadn’t been another Spirit Transformation Cultivator guardian, so they would suffer heavy losses if they had to fight one!

Now there was only Chu Tian who could deal with these undead monsters.

If Chu Tian was killed here, Green City would not be lucky enough to escape.

Clark and the other gnomes realized that they had to admit one fact.  The human they always looked down on and who they weren’t too willing to accept had actually become a key part of Green City’s survival.

The Lich Dragon flapped its wings.

The black energy ball was released towards the center of the valley.  Wherever it went, the space trembled and the sound shook the word, making it very shocking.

But when this attack hit its target.

A giant black sword soared into the sky and chopped the ball of energy in half.  The vast sea of darkness quickly gathered in the center and finally formed an incomparably large figure.  It looked like a ten eyed demon god that dominated the world, but nine eyes were closed and only an ash grey eye was open.

He was huge and had wings on his back.  He disdained all living beings and holding his sword, he looked like a respected war god from hell.

“What is this?”

When the situation developed to this stage, everything had surpassed their imaginations.

The Lich Dragon could feel that this powerful demon god was actually formed by Chu Tian with the death energy from the array.  As for how this was accomplished, the Lich Dragon did not know. Even with his two thousand years of wisdom, he had never heard of such a terrifyingly strong cultivation technique in this world.

Not to mention him.

Even the most intelligent people in the world would not know that this cultivation technique was called the «Demon God Nine Changes»!

The demon god let out a low roar of anger and slowly raised the giant sword.  The remaining black energy around was all gathered around the sword like a giant dragon, finally soaring into the sky as flames.

Chu Tian could not maintain this form for long.

Therefore he had to concentrate everything into a final strike!

The Lich Dragon that seemed to be made of crystals was incite again and was surrounded by flames.  It became twice as large, making it seem like a black phoenix that came from hell.

Both sides attacked at the same time.

The black phoenix directly charged out with its burning body.

The demon god’s raised giant sword fell down on the black phoenix.  A wave of energy was sent out that created a giant storm in the area of several miles around them.


The destructive might of the Demon God’s Sword and the endless death energy, with the combination of the two, it instantly released an astonishing power.  It entered through the black phoenix’s head and when it reached its tail, the Demon God’s Sword shattered as it reached its limit.

Chu Tian was slammed into the ground and his body was covered in wounds on the inside and the outside.  His spirit and power were both heavily injured and he wouldn’t be able to wake up without recovering for ten-fifteen days.

The Lich Dragon was cut in half and the final bit of energy dissipated.  That dragon skeleton gathered together by the Necromancer Secret Technique was scattered and they fragmented into different places several miles away.

The death energy in the death valley had already completely disappeared.

Everything returned to normal after a while.

It’s over?  Everything was over?

This shocking battle made those that had witnessed it take a long time to recover.  The little fox wildly swallowing the death energy in the valley was responsible for cleaning up.  After around two hours, the Green City army caught up and were shocked to see the scene of the valley.

This was a large fight that had changed the landscape!

This kind of fight couldn’t even be achieved by top level Spirit Transformation Cultivators!

Finally Chu Tian who couldn’t move was dug out.  Although the side effects were strong, Chu Tian’s consciousness was still clear.  He did not waste words and gave orders to Clark, “Immediately send people to seal this valley, do not let anyone enter.”

Clark did not dare show any contempt to Chu Tian, “Understood, sir City Lord!”

Chu Tian had not been sent back to Green City for long before his heroics were known by all the people of Green City.

Chu Tian alone had saved the entirety of Green City, which created a large echo throughout Green City.  This time there was no objections whatsoever.

The third day.

The Green Religion gnome elders gathered the entire city to make an announcement.  From this day forth, the acting City Lord Chu Tian would officially become the only City Lord of Green City.  The entirety of Green City had to obey Chu Tian’s commands.

Chu Tian got his wish to sit on the City Lord Throne and his first matter was to change the name of the city!

Green City would welcome a completely new start.

This new start would begin from the changing of the name!

Chu Tian sent out a City Lord order.  Green City would no longer be called Green City from this day forth, its new name would be Miracle City!

A city of miracles!

This was a city in the center of the Forest of Chaos, placed in a remarkable position.  This city that had always been common would now be recorded in history from the moment of this new start.

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