MT Chapter 440


Chapter 440: The second stage

This virtual Trial Field was Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun’s idea.  They were inspired by the Central State’s Trial Tower, but the difference with the Trial Tower was that although the Trial Tower was not too dangerous, there was still the chance of death and injury.

This was a hard to avoid matter because no matter how complete the preventative measure was, it was impossible to completely avoid being injured in a real fight.

Miracle City’s virtual Trial Field was different, it was a pure spiritual world, so it was completely harmless.  Not to mention the fact it was expensive to make, Miracle Commerce used a large amount of technology to create it, making it a challenging and fun stage clearing game, allowing the Trial Field to become the recreation of experts.  This was where its charm existed.

The Trial Field was currently made like this and like the advertisement said, as long as the correct method was used, a 1st True Spirit Layer Cultivator could clear all the stages.  The problem was, would the stages Chu Tian made be easy to pass?


There was a total of ten stages.

There were several dozen random scenarios in the first stage.

The challengers each day would trigger one of the stages.  The one chief Arnold was in was the challenge he had the experience of failing several times in.  The environment inside was different, if one challenged it the next day, it would change.

Arnold knew the rules of the game, so he was even more anxious to pass the first stage, therefore he borrowed several source stones from his clansmen to attempt the challenge several times.  After failing it so many times, Arnold finally found the only correct method.

Arnold entered the Trial Field.

He used the experience from failing several times to correctly break the statues in the right order one by one before finally taking care of the large amount of ghosts.

This time didn’t surpass his expectations.

The ghosts did not recover again.

The first stage had finally been completed.


“I succeeded!”

Arnold roared in wild joy as he looked at the gate of light that appeared in the large hall.  He knew that this was the passage to the second stage.

Arnold calmed his mind before entering the second stage.

This was a strange environment, with the surroundings being completely empty, like it was a pure void.  His feet were standing on a black mirror and although it reflected light, he could not see a single thing.

What kind of challenge would it be this time?

Arnold looked around in a puzzled manner.  The mirror ground in front of him had white ripples appear, like a stone falling into water, immediately filling the ground with light waves that progressively moved out.  Arnold did not know what was happening, but he smelled a different scent and instinctively moved back a bit.

From the center of the ripples, there was a black crystal sculpture that appeared.  This sculpture first changed into liquid before condensing itself again. First the edges formed before it too a figure.  When Arnold saw the appearance of the other side, he couldn’t help being shocked.


Isn’t this himself?

This was a figure that looked exactly like Arnold.

But Arnold was very clear that this was definitely not a normal reflection because in the eyes of the other side, he could only see coldness.  This was a calm expression that did not have any emotions.

Arnold instantly understood that the second stage was to defeat himself.

This was a bit interesting!

Arnold had fought with countless experts from the forest, but he had never fought himself before.  He never thought that he would be able to experience fighting himself in a place like this. He released a vigorous energy with a low roar and instantly charged out with a shockwave.

The Minotaur’s most common attack was their charge!

The Minotaurs relied on their powerful bodies and strong spirit energy to destroy the enemy’s defenses.  Although this straight charge was not a flashy attack, there was no doubt of its destructive might.

The mirror image seemed to expect this attack and immediately dodged the attack before sending Arnold flying with an axe glow attack.

Arnold was shocked to find a terrifying problem.

This mirror image was not just like him, it also understood him very deeply.  Whether it was his strength, his cultivation technique, or his skills, both sides were exactly the same.  However, even if they could understand each other, the mirror image was the opposite of Arnold. It could remain calm, so it could find Arnold’s flaw and use the most effective attack.

Too powerful!

Arnold realized the profound meaning of this Trial Field.

The goal of the second stage was to defeat oneself in oneself’s strongest state!

This meant that unless one could make a breakthrough in the fight, it would be impossible to win against oneself’s strongest state.  Only if one could break their limit would they be able to defeat the mirror image. This would stimulate one’s limits and was a golden opportunity to learn of oneself!


Very good!

Arnold excitedly roared out as his fighting spirit burned stronger, “Father doesn’t believe that I can’t defeat myself.”

Finally, Arnold and the mirror image had fought four-five times before the mirror image found a flaw.  The large axe cut Arnold in half and made Arnold fail the second stage.

Arnold had no choice but to believe it.

That mirror image knew all of Arnold’s weaknesses and it was very calm.  When Arnold was unable to overcome these flaws, they became fatal.

No matter what.

Arnold had cleared one stage.

The other immediately asked Arnold about the second stage.

When they learned that the second stage was going against oneself, every person had a shocked expression on their face.

“Congratulations to chief Arnold.”  Meng Yingying was worried that no one being able to pass the stage would affect people’s confidence.  Now that chief Arnold has passed the stage, she could let out a soft sigh of relief, “You have passed the first stage and have a chance to draw for a prize.  Please participate in this prize drawing!”

Nangong Yun brought over a large prize wheel.

The others came over to spectate out of curiosity.

Because they realized vaguely that although the Trial Field was interesting, it was much harder than they imagined.  Would all the ten stages be as hard as this? Perhaps the ten thousand source stones would not be easy to obtain, but seeing the prize wheel, their minds were shaken again.

There were several sections of the prize wheel.  There was a section for source stone prizes, ranging from ten to fifty to one hundred.  There were also many other prizes, but naturally these prizes were mainly things the locals hadn’t seen before.

Arnold instilled his spirit energy into the prize wheel.

The large wheel’s pointer began to turn.

Arnold’s large bull eyes were opened wide while he kept chanting, “One hundred source stones, one hundred source stones, one hundred source stones!”  If he could obtain the hundred source stones, this challenge would not be a loss and he would even earn half of it as profit.

The locals of the Forest of Chaos, although they were very strong, because of their primitive cultures, they did not have a mature market.  Therefore, the forest locals were very poor. Even in a small kingdom like the Southern Summer Kingdom, the three Great Clans could all take out a hundred source stones worth of gold coins without much effort.  But for the tribes in the depth of the Forest of Chaos, even Arnold as the Minotaur chief only had several dozen source stones. His worth as the chief was only this much.

Therefore one hundred source stones was not considered a small amount for chief Arnold.

The indicator reached the one hundred source stones area and it looked like was about to stop, but it suddenly moved forward a bit and landed in the next section.

Everyone gave a sigh.

Arnold roared in rage.

“You have drawn one Miracle Commerce’s Source Energy Cannon.”  Meng Yingying shouted in surprise, “I really have to congratulate chief Arnold!”

Arnold was a bit stunned, “Ha?  Cannon? What cannon?”

Miracle Commerce all gave high level technology as prizes.  The Source Energy Cannon had a terrifying might and if it was sold to a rich kingdom or empire, a single Source Energy Cannon could be sold for several dozen source stones.

Not to mention Miracle Commerce was limited by their materials and forging technology.

Now the Source Energy Cannon’s production was not high and they have never sold this weapon before, so it was a very precious thing.  This Source Energy Cannon in the Forest of Chaos would have its price increased by several times!

“Chief Arnold’s luck really isn’t bad!”  Meng Yingying took this chance to introduce Miracle Commerce’s weapon, “The Source Energy Cannon is a Source Energy Weapon invented by Miracle Commerce.  It has a very large range and a strong might. A single shot would decimate a small mountain and even an Earth Spirit Cultivator would be blown apart by a shot!”

“It’s really that powerful?”

“Of course, currently only we at Miracle Commerce have this Source Energy Weapon technology.”  Meng Yingying said to Arnold, “The Source Energy Cannon is an item not for sale right now. Chief Arnold can hold an auction for it, I’m sure many people would be interested in this weapon.

Nangong Yun had already lifted the Source Energy Cannon.  This cannon was much more refined compared to before and it was a bit smaller, but its might was much stronger.  Each person could feel the energy fluctuations coming from it and the incomparably complex source energy array made people dizzy from looking at it.

As for the ammo.

Of course it would be sold separately.

Miracle Commerce would also seize the opportunity to sell munition.

This trade of arms would be one of Miracle City’s most important source of income!

“Good thing!”

“Arnold, I’ll give fifty stones!”

“Sell to us, I’ll give seventy stones!”

Arnold did not want to sell at first.  He saw that this thing had a shocking might and if he had one in the Minotaur Valley, it would greatly strengthen Minotaur Valley’s defensive abilities.

But the bids kept growing higher and higher.

Finally Arnold’s heart was moved and he sold it to a merchant who joined in the fun for one hundred and twenty source stones.  Arnold never would have thought that not only did he not suffer a loss, he would actually make such a gain and even double his source stones.

This was not just an issue of rewards, but also one of honour and face.

Arnold was the only challenger that had passed a stage.

“This Trial Field is too fun, interesting, interesting!”  Arnold put away his source stones and said with a laugh, “But I’m tired from playing today.  I’ll come back again after I rest up!”

Because of the reduced time in the Trial Field, it was easy for the spiritual world to tire people out.  Arnold had only played for an hour on the surface, but actually his mind had been fighting for over twenty hours now.  The constant mental fatigue overlapped each other and even a Minotaur like Arnold would feel a bit tired.

Arnold had picked up a bargain.

The other people couldn’t sit still any longer.

When they learned of the second stage, everyone’s heart began to feel excited.

The Trial Field business was very good the entire time.  After an entire day, more and more people lined up and the Trial Field was not idle for a single moment.  Nangong Yun and Meng Yingying were quickly taking in money.

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