MT Chapter 441


Chapter 441: Searching for star ore again

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun excitedly handled their spoils of victory to Chu Tian.  There was a large bag of source stones and counting them over, there was a total of three thousand and five hundred low grade source stones.

There was such a large amount!

Although the conscription had drawn a lot of experts, to have this kind of yield surpassed Chu Tian’s expectations.

Recently, Meng Qingwu had made a rough estimation of Miracle Commerce’s property values.  The entire fortune Miracle Commerce had converted into source stones would be around two hundred thousand low grade source stones.  The current fluid assets Miracle Commerce had in their stores was only around thirty-forty thousand low grade source stones.


Miracle Commerce had only been founded for a year.

This was their entire profit!

Although Meng Qingwu and Chu Tian were a bit dissatisfied with this, this was not a small number for any power or family.  Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu had started from scratch and they had started in a small kingdom, so being able to have this kind of results in just one year was already something they could be proud of.

But looking at it now, it was indeed a bit small.

Several people made a small Trial Field which actually made a tenth of Miracle Commerce’s wealth in a single day.  This just demonstrated the enormous business prospect of the spiritual technology, which was a good thing that could make money quickly.

Meng Yingying said in an emotional voice, “You wouldn’t know if you were there, those locals are all crazy.  They are so poor normally, but now it’s like we’re just picking up money. The people in line and the people not in line almost began fighting each other.  I wonder, is that thing really that fun?”

“The Forest of Chaos is rich in resources, so the locals do not lack in cultivation resources.  This environment is very closed and there aren’t any outside products, so they don’t have many places to spend money on.  They don’t attach a great importance to source stones like people on the outside.” Chu Tian thought about it and said, “Of course, the main reason is because of this empty, boring life.  This rare to obtain chance for entertainment had appeared, so although they know that it is very hard to obtain any benefits from the Trial Field, they still cannot resist the urge to try it.”

“Who cares!”  Nangong Yun excitedly said, “Other than the cost to run the spiritual space and the prizes we give, we can earn at least three thousand a day and thirty thousand in ten days!  We’ll first butcher up this group of people and talk after we solve Miracle City’s financial problem!”

Chu Tian shook his head, “This Trial Space is too crude, I think it’ll be boring after ten days and the income will fall.  If we really want to butcher up these fellows, we need to make something that has better attraction!”

Meng Yingying asked, “What do you want to do?”

“It’s very simple.”  Chu Tian laughed, “Let us make a larger, more fun, and more interesting Trial Field!”

In the next few days.

The popularity of the Trial Field did not decrease.

There were even some Shaman and Green Religion Priests that came to line up.

These people had discussed with each other and even came up with methods do defeat one’s mirror image.  However, the majority of the complaints was that the Trial Field was too small and they had to line up for so long without being able to play.

While people were struggling in the lines.

“Hey, don’t you guys know?  I obtained a new small piece of information!”

“The City Lord is bringing people to create a new Trial Field and the contents here will be shifted over.  At that time, over a thousand people can go in at the same time!”


Arnold and the others revealed looks of joy.  If there was a Trial Field that could hold a thousand people, would they need to line up here?

“I’ve also heard!”

“The new Trial Field will be different.  Not only will there be solo challenges, there will also be new team challenges.  We can go in with our clansmen and the prizes will be even better!”

Everyone trembled.


“There was actually something like this!”

The solo challenges were already very interesting, could they also be starting new team challenges?  Everyone began to discuss this matter. Like it was confirming everyone’s guesses, there was a giant Miracle Commerce airship that flew overhead that day.

“Do you want to challenge a Hell Demon Dragon?”

“Do you want to challenge a Mountain Giant?”

“Miracle Commerce’s Trial Field will allow you to challenge your dreams and allow you experience the thrill of life and death fights.”

While the voice was coming from the speaker, the large screen was displaying various images.  There was a volcano releasing lava and floating out of the giant lava lake was a giant figure which was a large dragon.  Its body opened wide and flames came from it as it bathed in the death flames. There was an arrogant, angry roar that came from its mouth.

The image suddenly moved far back.

There were large amounts of strange demon beasts on the volcano like this was the territory of a demon.

At this time, a group of heroic warriors came from the sky.  There were ogres, barbarians, and minotaurs, all of them were forest tribes and they were covered in light.  They fell among the monsters and easily destroyed a large group of time, finally causing the demon dragon in the lake of lava to be surprised.


The volcano erupted!

The demon dragon flew into the air!

The various warriors also lifted their weapons.

When the final decisive battle was about to occur, the entire picture stopped.

Everyone was stunned.  This promotional video had stirred everyone’s blood, which brave warrior didn’t want to challenge a powerful being?  Who didn’t want to try a challenge that tested their limits?

Only one had only one life in this world, no one wanted to die doing something stupid.  Moreover, even if one wanted to fight a dragon, the dragon might not even care about you.

These locals all let out excited roars.

They wished they could immediately enter the Trial Field!

They would give it a try no matter how much source stones it cost.  How many opportunities like this would they get in their life? Not to mention that according to price the airship broadcast, it would only require five low grade source stones each time.

Everyone instantly went wild.

Five source stones to fight an evil dragon?

Was there anything more satisfying in this world!

Their only regret now was that the new Trial Field was not finished yet, so before the Trial Field was open, they could only kill time in the small Trial Field.  Once this virtual spiritual technology was researched, it immediately obtained large success, or at least it obtained the favour of the forest warriors. Large amounts of source stones were destined to flow into their bags.

Chu Tian was planning to construct a Spiritual Library to attract the forest scholars.  Time passed much slower in the spiritual space, so a month of studying in the Spiritual Library was equal to studying for a year in the real world.  Not only would it make the gnome scholars crazy, it would make the forest scholars all rush to join them.

Miracle Commerce was destined to have more and more people!

This was the beginning, they would take first before giving.  Miracle Commerce would gather more people first and after they matured, they would start developing.  The spiritual technology will mature at that time and they could create a spiritual energy network. They could build a Spiritual Library, a Trial Field, and Virtual Arena in each city, connecting the entire Forest of Chaos.  The spiritual technology in Miracle City would give people entertainment, allow them to live their lives, and learn many things!

“The new Trial Field will be finished in a few days.”  Chu Tian looked at the castle being rebuilt in front of him, “This place no longer needs our help, so we can handle other things now.  Nangong, help me gather some experts, they need to at least be in the 3rd True Spirit Layer.”

“Why do you need all those experts?”

“What are you asking for?  Of course there is a use!”

“But boss, you’ve already said that they are experts, do you think they will come as you wish?”

“Idiot!  Just tell them that the people who help the City Lord will be able to play ten times for free when the new Trial Space is open, don’t you know that?”

Nangong Yun quickly went to gather people and in just a bit, she gathered thirty-forty forest experts.  If these people weren’t tribe chiefs, they were famous experts of the area. Normally they would be filled with arrogance, but they now came immediately with a call from Chu Tian.

“I want to ask everyone for help, I wonder…..”

“The City Lord does not need to say anything.”  An orc jumped out, “The City Lord’s matters are our matters!”

“That’s right!”

“The City Lord has helped us this much, so what if we help the City Lord with a small matter?”

Chu Tian did not say anything else and looked for Clark’s group of gnomes before setting out.  He led these people to the elevator to the underground world. That’s right, Chu Tian found all these experts for no other reason than to collect Eyes of the Star!

The Eye of the Star was the core of the Transport Towers.

The Eye of the Star fragments were the main materials for the Transport Scrolls.

The Eye of the Star could also help Chu Tian cultivate his Starlight Immortal Body!

Whether it was for developing the city or for increasing his own strength, Chu Tian needed to hunt the Star Elementals and obtain a large amount of Eyes of the Star.  But the Star Elementals were too dangerous and after the lesson from last time, Chu Tian did not dare rush, using several days to prepare.

The Star Elementals were very strong, but they didn’t have any intelligence.

No matter how strong these fellows were, they couldn’t baffle Chu Tian.

Chu Tian made a talisman that guarded and weakened elemental senses.  Each person had one and they could activate it when they needed it to disturb the Star Elemental senses.  Other than that, Chu Tian had prepared bait for the Star Elementals and an array to inhibit star energy.

With these three forms of preparation.

As well as the several dozen recruited experts.

What would the Star Elementals count for?

After Chu Tian swept through the Star Elementals, not only would he collect many Eyes of the Star, he could also start mining the star ores.  Having the meteor grass and the Starlight Stones, Chu Tian could train many strong warriors in the future!

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