MT Chapter 442


Chapter 442: Hunting Star Elementals


Chu Tian threw a small bottle into the center of the source energy array, immediately causing smoke to slowly float out.  It wasn’t concentrated and it didn’t scatter, just floating in the air. At this time, the star elemental life forms wandering around were all attracted over.

The elemental walked into the source energy array to absorb the energy.

The entire source energy array suddenly opened and an energy field covered the Star Elementals, causing their formless bodies to tremble, like they had received a very intense disturbance.  The air was filled with sparkling light as large amounts of elemental sealing runes formed. They were pulled in by the Star Elemental’s bodies like magnets to iron sheets, falling all over the Star Elemental’s body.


That pure energy bodies of the Star Elementals instantly began to come together as liquid as their strength was quickly sealed.  It was like they were being frozen into jello and their flowing body became hard to move.

Although they didn’t have any intelligence, their instincts told them it was bad.

The Star Elementals struggled to leave this place.

Chu Tian saw the opportunity was right and he immediately gave a hand signal, causing several dozen experts to attack.  With strong explosion sounds, there were several large holes in the ground as the Star Elementals were taken care of. With their bodies being broken into pieces, it was like fireworks exploding, causing countless high purity Star Crystals to scatter and there was a glowing Eye of the Star among them.

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun began to collect the high purity Star Crystals, causing their storage sacks to fill up.  They had defeated a total of twenty eight Star Elementals, allowing Chu Tian to collect twenty eight Eyes of the Star and countless high purity Star Crystals.

The process was even smoother than imagined as most of the Star Elementals here were killed by Chu Tian.

The biggest regret now was that there wasn’t enough Star Elementals!

Each Eye of the Star was a precious thing, representing one Transport Tower and large amounts Transport Scrolls, but also representing Perfect Realm Starlight Immortal Bodies.  Once these twenty eight piece were consumed, at most they could only make a few Transport Towers.

Of course.

Chu Tian should also be satisfied.

Eyes of the Star were level four materials.

This was not just a level four material, it was a very rare level four material.  Being able to find this much in a hole in the ground was already bullshit luck.

“Now there is only one left.”  Chu Tian’s fell onto the core region of the star ore mine, “Everyone put in a bit more effort, we can leave once we beat it.”

This was the final and strongest Star Elemental.

Chu Tian did not alarm it, but the aura it released was enough to fill Chu Tian with dread.  Therefore, when he was killing the other Star Elementals, Chu Tian avoided this area, temporarily not attracting its attention.

Chu Tian found appropriate places to place the array flags.

This was a source energy array for suppressing Star Elementals.  Everyone recognized it strength and the array was the main reason they could kill the over twenty Star Elementals without any injuries.  Once those dangerous Star Elementals entered the array, they would be suppressed, unable to fight back at all like fish on a cutting board.

Everyone spread out  and activated the elemental life form camouflage talisman.  Now it was already very hard for the Star Elemental to detect them.

“Everyone get ready!”


Chu Tian threw a small bottle into the center of the array and the small bottle released smoke once again, which was detected by the sleeping Star Elemental.  A strong energy came from the slits in the ground as large amounts of starlight began to gather together, quickly forming a several feet tall Star Elemental giant around an Eye of the Star Core.

This fellow was so big!

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun weren’t strong enough, so they didn’t participate in the battle and watched from afar.  This Star Elemental was more than double the size of the previous ones and the energy and aura surrounding it was several times stronger than the ones from before.

This was simply the Star Elemental King!

The Star Elemental King was awakened and immediately moved towards the source energy array.

Although the Star Elemental King was very strong, this elemental life did not have any form of intelligence, it could only be attracted to things through instinct.  It did not have any way of making a distinction of the obvious trap, as it moved towards the center of the source energy array without even thinking about it.

“Activate the array!”

Eight gnomes with deep cultivations heard Chu Tian’s order and activated the array.  The Star Elemental’s body was covered with a strong energy field and it vibrated several times before countless runes were drawn to it like magnets, attaching themselves to the Star Elemental’s body.  It made it release a faint light in all directions as it became hard for it to move.

It was sealed.

Everyone had hunted over twenty Star Elementals, so they could tell that this giant Star Elemental had been sealed and it was the best chance to attack it!

Everyone didn’t even think as they released their attacks.

At this time, the Star Elemental King sensed danger and released a wave from its body, which had a mixed of angry spiritual energy to it.  The body that had solidified suddenly released an intense light and the runes sealing it were all destroyed.

Chu Tian’s expression slightly changed, “Be careful!”

The Star Elemental King was stronger than he imagined and it was different from the other Star Elementals.  This fellow already had a bit of a consciousness and although it didn’t have any intelligence, it had a higher level of instinct activity than the other Star Elementals!

After the Star Elemental King released a bit of the seal and its sealed power was released again.  Its body released explosive sounds and countless pieces of starlight, which covered its body as protection, forming a dense cover around it.  

The forest experts slammed their attacks onto the protective cover.

In the end, the protective cover shattered.  The countless points of starlight intertwined with each other and released a strong electromagnetic attack.  The attackers were all sent flying back by this energy and they flew out like kites without strings for several dozen meters.  Each one of them had suffered heavy injuries.

Such a strong fellow!

Chu Tian found the forest experts!

Several forest experts attacked together and there weren’t many people in Miracle City could block that without any injuries.  Not to mention that it had its strength sealed, but it had reflected all the attacks to injure its attackers.

The forest locals were shocked.  Although they knew that Star Elementals were not weak, only now did they realize that the fellows they easily slaughtered was that strong.  If Chu Tian had not restrained them, perhaps they would have been the ones killed.

The Star Elemental King sent everyone flying at the same time.

The runes sealing its power exploded one after the other.

Everyone could clearly feel that with each rune that disappeared, the Star Elemental King’s power increased, as if it was releasing all its power.  If all of its power was released, even if Chu Tian overwhelmed it with numbers, half of them would be injured. These forest locals hesitated as they didn’t know if they should go all out.  It wouldn’t be worth it to do so for this kind of opponent!

“Don’t feel panic!!”

Chu Tian shouted out as he activated several talismans in his hand.

These were specially prepared for special situations, mainly to strengthen the power of the seals.  Several talismans were just activated as they poured their energy into the source energy array. There were beams of light that appeared on the edge of the source energy array that moved like silk threads towards the Star Elemental King in the center.

The sealing strength had doubled!

The Star Elemental King did not have the ability to fight back for now.

This suppression couldn’t last long, it could last at most two-three seconds.

The star barrier the Star Elemental just released had not been broken and it was it could protect it from any damage before it recovered its strength.  The might of its defense had been seen by everyone. Although several forest experts had attacked together, its defense had not weakened at all. It looked to be still very strong and it could not be easily broken.

Chu Tian activated his Starlight Immortal Body, he had no choice but to make a move at this time!

The Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit was released.

Chu Tian connected with the Netherworld Weapon Spirit and flames covered his body.  The sword art was released in full force and with a single step, eight clones appeared around him, all releasing sword glow onto the Star Elemental’s protection.

There was a thundering explosion that was deafening!

There was no doubt Chu Tian was not stronger than the forest experts, but Chu Tian’s Demon God’s Sword Source Spirit had a powerful destructive attribute to it.  The Netherworld Flame many times was the nemesis of defensive cultivation techniques, as the attack caused the Star Elemental King’s defenses to shatter.

The rebound force was like waves hitting the mountain.

The flames around Chu Tian began to tremble and there were fissures that appeared on the starlight around him.  He was thrown several meters away and slammed into the ground like a bomb, instantly forming a large hole.

“Good opportunity!”

The Demon God’s Sword was close to a God Level Source Spirit and its destructive might destroyed the Star Elemental’s protective energy, creating a chance for everyone else.  Everyone launched their attack and the Starlight Elemental King finally shattered to pieces under this violent attack.

“Chu Tian, are you alright!”

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun supported Chu Tian up.

“I’m fine.”  Chu Tian waved his hand.  Although his cultivation was not high, he had a high success with with his Starlight Immortal Body.  This reflective power was not enough to cause any fatal injuries to him, “Collect the spoils of war!”

The Star Elemental King was really the strongest Star Elemental.

There was four-five times more high purity Star Crystals and the Eye of the Star was much larger than before, equal to the ones obtained from killing several of them.

“The region is secure because this has always been the territory of the aggressive Star Elementals, so the underground monsters never moved in.  We can build a Devil’s Maw sentry outpost and explore the rest of the underground world from here.” Chu Tian said to Clark, “Other than that, the resources here are very important for Miracle City’s future development, so you should quickly prepare defenses around here.”

Chu Tian left after giving out duties.

Nangong Yun suddenly said, “There seems to be something else here.”

After the Star Elemental King was destroyed, there were other things left beside the large amounts of Star Crystals and the Eye of the Star.

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