MT Chapter 445


Chapter 445: Subduing the Druids

Since the Druids had admitted defeat, Chu Tian would not make it hard for them.  He immediately gave the pill to Vivian and had Prophet Yoda take the pill.

The Druids were all disturbed.

Although they suffered a large loss, as long as Prophet Yoda could be cured, the Druids were still willing to pay this price.  Isn’t it just owing Miracle City a hundred thousand source stones? This amount was not a small amount, but if the several hundred Druid priests of the temple work together, returning ten-twenty thousand per year, they could return it all in four-five years.

Vivian was a bit nervous in her heart.


The Druids were not easy to deal with.  If Chu Tian butchered them, but didn’t deliver the expected results, the Druids would explode and it would greatly decrease Chu Tian’s prestige as the City Lord.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes passed.

After Yoda swallowed the Star Marrow Pill, his skinny, colourless body began to recover its vitality.  There was a faint starlight that surrounded his body, which was like rain falling on dry land, allowing that dry and wrinkled skin to recover its vitality.

“It seems like it’s working!”

The Druids revealed looks of joy.

This pill seemed very ordinary, but actually it had effect this quickly.  It seemed like the City Lord did not lie to them and this must be an incredible Immortal Pill.  Whether it was the materials or the refining method, they must be all incredibly detailed.

“The Prophet is awake.”

“The Prophet is awake!”

The Druids called out in joy.

Yoda had already slowly recovered his consciousness.

Vivian saw the happy Druids and she praised in her heart that big brother Chu Tian really was powerful.  This kind of dying person was brought back to life by him with a single pill.

Chu Tian nodded with satisfaction, “Prophet Yoda, how do you feel?”

Yoda was the spiritual prop of the Druids.  Although the Druid Religion had several High Priests, it was not enough to stabilize the Druid Religion with just the High Priests.  Once something happened to Yoda, the Druids would split apart. This was not just a problem for the Druid Religion, but for the entirety of Miracle City.

Chu Tian did not hope for anything to go wrong with Miracle City’s conscription.

Yoda woke up and after being stunned for half a second, he was surprised to find the changes with his body, “My injuries from the fight with the Lich Dragon has been completely cured and my previous injury is improving.  This is…..”

The Druids were overjoyed.

This meant that the Prophet would soon be able to recover all his strength.

Then Yoda would become a peak True Spirit Expert of the Spirit Transformation Realm!

Chu Tian already expected this, “You have taken the pill I have refined, so naturally these small injuries will be cured.  However, you don’t need to thank me too much because this pill was considered a sold product to your Druid temple, this was just a fair trade.”

When Yoda learned of what happened, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Actually with Yoda’s intelligence, how could he not guess everyone that Miracle City would do to the Druids?  No matter how magnanimous a ruler was, they would not allow a group of troublemakers that didn’t follow the rules in their territory.  However, Yoda never would have thought that Chu Tian would actually use this method.

“A hundred thousand source stones is not considered much.”  Chu Tian gave a proposal, “I’m prepared to recruit staff for Miracle Commerce and I’m willing to have Prophet Yoda be the staff manager of Miracle City.  The yearly salary will be ten thousand source stones, are you interested?”

The Druids were filled with rage again.

Chu Tian had actually tried to recruit the Druid Religion’s great Prophet as his underling, this was simply an insult to the Druid Religion and the Druid God!

Yoda was a bit hesitant, neither agreeing or rejecting him.

“I want to remind everyone here that the current Miracle City is no longer Green City from before.”  Chu Tian’s voice was calm and not strong at all, “When people change, the customs also change! I respect the Druid Religion and I can give you an area in the city, but within my city range, people must follow Miracle City’s customs.  There are no exceptions and cannot be an exception.”

When the words were said like this.

Could the Druids still reject?

Chu Tian was quite generous.  He gave the Druids their freedom and Miracle City wouldn’t interfere with the Druids, but the Druids had to follow Miracle City’s customs.

“With a City Lord like you in Miracle City, the Forest of Chaos will see a new world.”  Yoda said with emotion, “I agree to the City Lord’s proposal. I’m willing to offer my meager wisdom to contribute to Miracle City.”

The Druids were stunned.

The venerable and mysterious Prophet actually agreed to this kind of proposal!

“I believe Prophet Yoda’s promise.  Prophet Yoda will now be Miracle City’s staff manager and high level scholar, I believe you will not regret your choice today.”  Chu Tian took a step back and cupped his hands, “Since it’s like this, this City Lord will not say anything else. Prophet Yoda should first rest up, I’ll be awaiting the Prophet’s arrival in the City Lord’s Castle!”

Vivian reached a hand out.

The two of them disappeared with a space fluctuation.

“Lord Prophet!”  The Druids had complicated expressions as they said, “Are you really submitting to the rule of this human?”

“That’s right!”

“We don’t need to make compromises with this human!”

“The Druids are all free, how can we be managed by a single human?”

“Submit, what submitting?”  Yoda sat cross legged on the platform, “I can’t see Miracle City’s future, but I can tell that this city will make earth shattering changes.  The Druids are spread all over the forest and have never had a place to call home, I think we should find a safe place to stay for a long time.  From now on, the Druids will not just follow Miracle City’s rules, we will also enter the world.”

The several Druid High Priests were very shocked.

The Druids had always been neutral and never participated in any kind of conflict unless their survival was threatened.  Yoda was now telling everyone to enter the world, this would definitely change the Druid Religion.

But the Druids never doubted the words of the Prophet.

If Prophet Yoda said this, there must be a reason that would bring benefits to the Druids.

These Druid High Priests never questioned the Prophet, not to mention the other Druids.  Although they were confused, everyone still accepted it.

Several streaks of light flashed in Yoda’s clear eyes which he slowly closed.

Vivian led Chu Tian to a grassy plain.  There was a rapid stream and the flowers were blooming, with butterflies fluttering around, and wild deers and rabbits running all over.  With the mountains surrounding all four sides, how was this like a city, it was like a quiet forest park.

If one moved another ten miles or so forward, it was the arena where the conscription was being held.

This city was just too big, it was almost like a small country.  The space was enough for humans to build several dozen cities.

“Big brother, that shorty is very powerful?”  Vivian thought about it, “When he woke up, I felt that I wouldn’t be able to beat him.”

“If he can recover his strength, perhaps he’ll be a Spirit Transformation Expert.”  Vivian was Miracle City’s second strongest expert. At least with the spatial dagger and the Void Escaping Cultivation Technique, there were no Heaven Spirit Experts that could fight her, but she had no way of facing Spirit Transformation Experts, “Miracle City needs someone with enough strength to sit at the helm, not to mention that Yoda also has his wisdom.  Whether it is managing the city or asking him to help with the research lab, he would become a very important person.”

“You accomplishing this matter of subduing the Druids, after elder sister Meng Qingwu learns of this, she will definitely be happy!”

The final barrier for Miracle City had already been cleared.

Now it was the true beginning for the city’s development.

Chu Tian’s communication device sounded at this time, it was actually Delores calling him.  Chu Tian had already not seen this flirty fox girl for several days and even now he didn’t know where she ran off to.  She had been sent out by Meng Qingwu to take care of something and had just come back to Miracle City.

“Let’s go, to the City Lord’s Castle.”

Vivian used her spatial energy without saying anything else.

Delores was standing the City Lord’s Castle’s main hall, currently playing with a communication device in her hand.  Although she didn’t understand the basic knowledge behind it, the thing that Chu Tian made was just too easy to use. One could contact someone else instantly no matter where they were without the slightest bit of interference.

There was a spatial fluctuation.

Vivian brought Chu Tian back.

Chu Tian looked over the travel worn Delores, “I haven’t seen you in a few days, where did you go?”

“You’re still talking!  A great City Lord actually doesn’t even know what his subordinates are doing!”  Delores helplessly rolled her eyes at him, “I have gathered five hundred clansmen and have formed a fox clan caravan.  We’ve been heading in different directions to create trade route for Miracle City.”

In the gnomes era.

This place was basically an empty city.

The gnomes were good at scholarly stuff like research, but they were bad at business and making money.  The income of the city depended purely on the taxes of the foreign merchants. Now that the head had changed, Miracle Commerce would be the main company.  Adding in the fact a merchant like Meng Qingwu was now the vice City Lord, naturally she would use Miracle City’s superior geographic position to do big business!

It was expected that Meng Qingwu would use the fox clan.  Chu Tian in the past had also considered that the fox clan were natural merchants in the past.

“I used the Transport Scroll to come back and report the progress.”  Delores patted her waist where there were still two scrolls hanging there, “But speaking of this, this thing is really too easy to use!”

“Nonsense!  Do you know how precious one scroll is right now!”

Miracle Commerce only had a few Transport Scrolls.  Although Chu Tian had harvested a large pile of Eyes of the Star, he still didn’t hadn’t had the time to make them yet.  It seems like Meng Qingwu had given the remaining scrolls to Delores to make it easier for her to come back and report at any time.

Delores did not waste words and directly said, “We have contacted the nearby tribes and towns, as well as connected with different cities.  Almost all of them were very interested in our products!”

“This is a good thing!”

“But we met a problem.”  Delores gave a soft sigh, “I came here to discuss this matter, but unfortunately the vice City Lord is in closed doors training.  Although I’m very reluctant, I can only talk to you.”


You’re saying it like I’m very willing.

Chu Tian did find that something was a bit off.  He had fought off the Shamans and the Undead Religion, establishing his credibility and fame.  The young miss had only arrived for a few days, but she was the center of attention for everyone.  The respected City Lord had become a decoration instead.

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