MT Chapter 449


Chapter 449: Artificial intelligence

The valley where they fought the Lich Dragon was currently being sealed by the gnomes.

Although it had been a while since the earthshaking battle, the area was still covered in a rich death aura.  Several miles around it all had withered vegetation and there were undead wandering around the area. Whether it was Miracle City or any other tribes, they weren’t interested in this place.

The gnomes’ Great Elder Clark had led people down to explore and they found that the basin had a powerful death energy stored underground, meaning that this should be an ancient death energy ruins.  The Lich had constructed the altar and array above the ruins and drew out the tens of thousands of years old death energy, which in the end condensed into a terrifying energy that almost destroyed the city.

If Chu Tian hadn’t prevented this.


Miracle City would have already turned into a land of death!

Chu Tian led Yingying, the little fox, the eighteen Divine Servants, and ten fox clan priests into the ruins.

“Everyone be careful.”  Chu Tian turned to give a hand signal.  He looked into the deep underground and said, “This place is filled with dangerous undead.”

The fox clan priests were confused.

Why did Chu Tian come here for no reason?  Then again, he didn’t lack experts, so why did he choose the Demonic God Religion’s priests?  The Demonic God Religion priests were not strong, the value the fox clan had to the City Lord was doing business and taming beasts!

“Damn, why does it seem so sinister here!”  Meng Yingying followed behind Chu Tian into the underground world.  Her body was covered in a cold feeling, like there was ice cold water on every pore of her body, “The ground is covered in rotten bones, it’s just like a giant graveyard.  What did you come here for? Is there a hidden treasure!”

Chu Tian laughed, “Take a guess.”

Meng Yingying snorted.

Clark had already led people to explore the death ruins, but because it was very dangerous and the residue energy was too strong, they retreated after going in a bit and they didn’t obtain much information.  Chu Tian was leading the way holding his sword with the little fox taking one mouthful after the other on his shoulder. It made the powerful surrounding energy disperse, reducing the pressure these people felt.

The entire underground world was like a giant cemetery.  The bones of the ancient beings in the ruins actually went up to form bone pillars under the influence of a strong power, currently holding up the entire space.

Chu Tian could feel powerful energy fluctuations.

The entire ruins was not just held up by physical structures, but also a deep and strong energy that filled the entire space, so it didn’t corrode even after ten thousand years.  Even if there was an incredibly strong battle in the valley, this place would not be affected at all.

“Hey, tell me, what kind of things does this broken place have…..”  Before Meng Yingying finished, her eyes suddenly popped out and her snow white teeth began clacking, “Ghost, ghost…..So many ghosts have appeared!”

When their group entered a rather spacious place.

They were surrounded by bone spirals that went up like stalactites, but the pillars were filled with fierce and terrifying skulls.  At this time, the skulls released a fog like energy that quickly gathered in the sky, becoming a fierce looking spirit. There were many of them and instantly there were several hundred of them, surrounding their group.

That various ancient bones all around them began to stir.


A bone arm came out!

Meng Yingying’s slender leg was caught and she who was already afraid stomped down with a sharp cry.  Meng Yingying was not that strong, but she was still a True Spirit Cultivator. When the True Spirit spirit energy was released, the bone instantly shattered to pieces.

Meng Yingying was still shaken.  She found that where she had been grabbed by that damn skeleton was still smoking, but luckily she had the Starlight Immortal Body blocking the strong death energy from entering her body, otherwise she would have lost most of her leg.

Hua, la, la!

The entire world of bones began to stir.

There were countless grotesque skeletons slowly crawling out and it was hard to imagine their quantity.  There were even quite a few beast bones among them and they were given off the aura of level three demon beasts.

Meng Yingying lost herself in fear, “Run!”

“Run your head!”  Chu Tian knocked the back of her head, “Truly lacking prospects, don’t tell people you’re one of my people from now on.”

Meng Yingying was not convinced.

There were one-two thousand undead monsters that awakened.  It was unknown how long these undead monsters had been in these ruins, so they must be very hungry.  There were were even some who were not inferior to True Spirit Experts!

Meng Yingying’s cultivation was guided by Chu Tian and she had never seen this kind of fight before.  Although she had a high cultivation, she was actually very weak, how could she have seen this scene before?

Chu Tian patted the little fox, “Go.”

The little fox immediately moved out, teleporting several times.  Almost in an instant, it passed over the strongest few undead among them.  Although the little fox’s body was tiny compared to them, it passed through them like a bullet and the strong undead fell with a single touch.

They were monsters without any intelligence in the end.

The little fox could easily swallow their soul flames.

Chu Tian waved his hand the Demonic God priests released their summons.  Over ten summoned beasts appeared and the Divine Servants formed a barrier, keeping off the undead.

A skeletal bird quickly charged out.

A Divine Servant smashed it to pieces with a punch!

Meng Yingying was stunned, “Yi, when did this thing become so strong!”

“Nonsense, these are puppets refined by me, how can they be normal things?”  Chu Tian gave another order to the Demonic God priests, “Do you see the undead souls?  I need to collect large amount of spirits, so help me collect more of them. This City Lord will give a great reward!”

The fox clan priests finally understood.

No wonder Chu Tian found the Demonic God priests.  The main goal Chu Tian had here was to harvest the undead spirits.  There was no one more skilled in keeping spirits than the Demonic God Religion in Miracle City, this was the base they used for their summoning techniques.

The little fox completely suppressed the strongest undead and the summons, Chu Tian, and Meng Yingying blocked the other undead.  The Demonic God priests took out a small bottle covered in strange runes and used a strange spirit summoning spell to pull the undead souls over.

Meng Yingying slowly became less afraid.  Although there were many undead still, they couldn’t reach them and not to mention they all had City Returning Scrolls, so they didn’t need to worry about their safety.  She asked curiously, “What are you gathering all these spirits for?”

“Don’t ask so much, just work properly!”

There were no end to the undead monsters.  After an entire half hour, the surrounding undead did not decrease, but rather there were more of them.

“City Lord, the Soul Sealing Bottle is already full, we can’t collect anymore!”

The several Demonic God priests had a bottle filled with purple soul energy in their hands.  There were signs of collisions on the bottle and it seemed like it would explode at any moment.

“Enough, we’re retreating!”

Chu Tian led everyone in retreat, but before leaving this strange large tomb, he looked into the depths and a curious gaze appeared in his eyes.  This place clearly was not naturally made and it was a place filled with ancient power, so what was sealed inside?

The time was not right.

It wasn’t the time now and the ruins were very close to Miracle City, so he could explore them further in the future.

When Chu Tian returned to the city, it was already dark.  Their harvest was not bad, there were several hundred spirits who weren’t weak sealed inside the several Soul Sealing Bottles.  He directly brought these things into the laboratory and the gnomes were very surprised by Chu Tian’s sudden appearance.

Clark asked curiously, “City Lord, what are you…..”

Chu Tian threw a blueprint to him, “Don’t ask so much, quickly prepare this.”

The gnomes did not dare be careless, quickly running off to handle it.

Meng Yingying looked at Chu Tian, “What medicine is in your gourd?”

“Don’t ask, just watch.  How are there that many questions?”

“I just want to talk, I’ll tire you to death!”

“Looking to be hit!”

Yingying’s round and rich butt received a slap and Meng Yingying angrily chased after him, but she was taken away by three Divine Servants in the end.  How could she fight Chu Tian? She could only angrily storm off and look for her good sisters Nangong Yun and Vivian, so the three of them could beat him together.

Truly a fool.

Nangong Yun and Vivian were better at fighting, but they two of them worshipped Chu Tian like he was a Spiritual God.  They wouldn’t dare move against Chu Tian.

While the two of them were bickering, the gnomes had already prepared everything.

Clark looked at the source energy array on the ground.  It was currently emitting purple light and it seemed to be made of several different arrays.  If he hadn’t guessed wrong, this was a soul related array. When had the people of this era seen a soul attributed array?  The gnomes were all attracted over by their curiosity.

A Soul Sealing Bottle was placed in the center of the array.

With a pu sound.

The bottle cap flew off.

Several dozen angry evil spirit quickly charged out.

Chu Tian calmly said, “Start the array!”

The gnome priests quickly activated the array and the evil spirits were covered in the light of the array, letting out pitiful screams.  These spirits came from evil spirits, so they were filled with strong grudges, resentment, and bloodthirst. Chu Tian could use this array to purify them without killing them.

Clark was filled with shock.

Grudges and hatred was the base of spirit’s power, so they were very skilled in spiritual attacks.  If this energy was purified, it would be hard for them to form a solid body.

Chu Tian purifying these evil spirits and leaving the pure spirit bodies behind was inconceivable.

Of course, after they were purified, they did not have any kind of powers and only left behind an empty spirit body.

“These spirit bodies have already entered a stable and non-aggressive state.  The spirit bodies are formed from soul energy and spirit energy, these two things make up the base of basic thought.”  Chu Tian was speaking while making some marks, “Then there just needs to be a few adjustments to the spirit bodies and they will have simple cognitive function, which most simple form of artificial intelligence.”

Artificial intelligence!

[TL Note: Skynet?]

Everyone’s expression changed at this!

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