MT Chapter 450


Chapter 450: The world is a small place

Artificial intelligence was a very advanced concept.

It would be strange if primitives like Clark and Meng Yingying could understand it!

Chu Tian explained it simply.  Artificial intelligence was manmade intelligence, but it wasn’t a real life form and it wasn’t an undead, it was just a tool for thinking.

“These spirit bodies are not high levelled, but they contain basic knowledge.” Chu Tian referred to the several artificial intelligence made as he said, “These spirit body have intelligence, but they can’t form a consciousness, therefore they are an excellent tool for wisdom.  They will never tire, never cause trouble, and never fear fear. If we can make large amounts of these, we can use them in many sectors in the future.”


The gnomes were shocked.

Artificial intelligence could master most fields of study through autonomous learning, so its potential was hard to imagine.  Whether it was managing a city or being used in a laboratory, artificial intelligence would play an important role. This was because artificial intelligence was an intelligent being without any emotions, they only understood how to think without having any consciousness.  They would be fair, calm, and consider everything!

They never would have thought that.

Chu Tian could make something this incredible this easily!

Clark quickly said, “Can you prepare a bunch of these artificial intelligences for the laboratory?”

“These low grade artificial intelligence are very easy to make.  There are millions of undead spirits in the death ruins, we can produce as many as we want without any problems!”  Chu Tian said this before shaking his head, “The biggest problem is how to train them. Although these artificial intelligences will never tire, the wisdom of these low level artificial intelligences are limited, so they learn very slowly.  If you want to teach them how to speak and various other skills, even five-eight years wouldn’t be enough. If you want to have them master enough knowledge to be useful, it will take several decades and perhaps even a century.”

The gnomes didn’t mind.

The gnomes could live for hundreds of years and the spirit bodies had limitless life.  If they trained a few spirit bodies from nothing and continued for several thousand years, these fellows would eventually become top class masters!

Chu Tian of course knew what they were thinking, “Although artificial intelligence can remain forever, it has limited memory space.  This kind of preliminary artificial intelligence can learn some words and daily skills, but at most it can only master elementary knowledge.  When its memory space is filled up, it will not be able to make any progress.”

Clark knit his brows, “Then what should we do?”

If it could only do ordinary tasks, there was no real use for the invention of artificial intelligence.

“There are two methods, one is to create a high level artificial intelligence.”  Chu Tian gave something to Clark, “Go and purify this first.”

“This is the Lich’s soul flame!”

Clark recognized it with a single glance.

This was the Lich’s soul flame obtained from the Lich Dragon’s remain’s after Chu Tian fought the Lich Dragon, which contained all the intelligence and memories of the Lich.  Clark was curious why Chu Tian kept it back then, but now Clark finally understood that this soul flame could be used to make an artificial intelligence.

The soul flame needed a vessel.

Chu Tian used ten undead souls to refine one and then he purified the lich’s soul flame.  Although the Lich had lived for over two thousand years, already losing the ability to feel emotions, his consciousness did not completely disappeared.  Chu Tian did not need an artificial intelligence that had self consciousness.


The Lich’s soul flame entered the new body.

The spiritual body began to change and took the Lich’s previous form, wearing the same large robe as before and a pair of red eyes were revealed from the hood.  Only it wasn’t the same as the previous Lich, this was a spirit in a spiritual body, so the Lich’s power had already disappeared, only leaving behind its memories and wisdom.

“From this day forth, your name is Zero!”

“Understood, sir City Lord!”

There were fluctuations around Zero that caused sounds to be formed in the air, finally reaching everyone’s ears.  This voice was very machine like, not containing any emotions and consciousness.

This was different from the spiritual bodies formed before.

This was an advanced artificial intelligence with high intellect.  Whether it was its current intellect or its future studying abilities, the low level artificial intelligence couldn’t compare to it at all.

Chu Tian asked, “Clark, what do you think?”

“This is truly an incredible technology!”  Clark said no false words. He never would have dreamed that Chu Tian would turn the Lich into his puppet with intelligence.  The knowledge and memories the Lich collected over two thousand years could all be used by Chu Tian now, “Only sir City Lord…..This kind of artificial intelligence is hard to make, so what is the City Lord’s second method?”

“The second method…..”  Chu Tian deliberately dragged out his voice, “That is to use the artificial intelligence as computer cores and let them make up the super Source Energy Computer.  Even if the most simple artificial intelligence combines with the Source Energy Computer’s super calculation skills, memory, and analysis skills, they will become a hard to imagine existence!”

The gnomes were stunned.

What was sir City Lord talking about?  Why couldn’t they understand it at all!

Vivian called Chu Tian at this time and she told him that she had already arrived in the Southern Summer country, where she was currently constructing the Transport Tower.  She estimated that it would take around half a day before it was finished.

Chu Tian’s eyes instantly lit up, “I’m too lazy to explain because seeing it is better than hearing about it.  Clark, you’re coming with me to the Southern Summer Country!”

Clark had lived for more than three hundred and eighty years in the forest.

He had never gone out of the forest and he never thought he would one day because the forest was just too big.  There was enough resources and space here, it was enough for the gnomes to live their lives and multiply.

Clark never would have dreamed that he would one day leave the Forest of Chaos and he would go to a human nation!

Vivian finished constructing the Transport Tower in Central State City.

Chu Tian led a large group of people to Miracle City’s Transport Tower, first checking the spatial coordinates and finally determining that the transport could be done.  Chu Tian did not waste words and immediately said, “Everyone prepare yourselves, the spatial transport is about to begin!”

As soon as his voice fell.

Chu Tian activated the transport array!

Slight vibrations appeared in space and invisible energy quickly gathered, condensing into a spatial field the naked eye couldn’t see.  When the space structure formed, it filled the air with a void elemental energy before releasing a dazzling white light.

It was unknown how long he hadn’t felt this sensation for!

When Chu Tian was living thirty thousand years in the future, the world was filled with Transport Towers and Space Gates, he could find one wherever he wanted.  Since he transmigrated to this era, these things became especially precious.

When the light disappeared.

The area around Chu Tian had completely disappeared.

There were no more mountains and streams, no more waterfalls, no more woodland grass, rather he had appeared in a large palace that was built with a human style.  Yun Tianhe, Gu Qianqiu, thousands of Yun Sect scholars, as well as the Southern Summer King, the Divine Wind Marquis, the Golden Arrow Marquis, and many other people were gathered all around them.  They had all witnessed this miracle moment together!


Gu Qianqiu and Yun Tianhe both roared out.

The scholars began to cheer and the Southern Summer King, the Divine Wind Marquis, and the Golden Arrow Marquis were incredibly excited.

The moment Chu Tian was transported through, they didn’t dare believe this was real.  Was there really such a magical form of technology in this world? If they were told that nothing was impossible in this world, they would at least think this was the case for Chu Tian!

“Greetings to the Country Guarding Ruler!”

“Greetings to the Country Guarding Ruler!”

“Greetings to the Country Guarding Ruler!”


White light kept shining beside Chu Tian.  Meng Qingwu, Meng Yingying, and Nangong Yun, these people who had been separated for a long time had finally returned to the Southern Summer Country.

These people were simply legends in the Southern Summer Country!

Especially Chu Tian, he was simply like a god.  The entire Southern Summer Country worshipped him and his status was not inferior to the Southern Summer King.

Chu Tian laughed as he walked over, “Everyone, long time no see.  Greetings to the Southern Summer King!”

The Southern Summer King gave a bitter laugh, not knowing what to say.

The white light shined again.

Clark was transported through and everyone was shocked when they saw him.  Humans rarely had contact with the gnomes and this was a race they had only seen in books, they never thought they would meet a real life member.

But compared to the human’s shock.

Clark’s brain had been completely fried.

When he appeared in the Southern Summer Country’s royal palace, when he saw all the humans, and when he saw the different environment, he almost suspected that he was in a dream!

“This is the gnome Great Elder Clark.  Although he hasn’t received a formal scholar title, he has a very profound knowledge and can even be titled as a Country Scholar or a Great Country Scholar.”  Chu Tian gave a simple introduction, “Elder Clark, this is the Southern Summer Country, a small human kingdom to the north of the Forest of Chaos.”

Everyone was in deep awe.

“So it’s a Forest of Chaos expert!”  The Southern Summer King nodded, “Since it’s an honored guest, the Southern Summer Country cannot be negligent.  Immediately prepare a welcome banquet for the guests and to welcome the Country Guarding Ruler and the Cloud Dream Marquis back!”

“Let’s forget the banquet for now!”  Chu Tian didn’t come back to eat, “I want to see the Source Energy Computer!”

Yun Tianhe and Gu Qianqiu were interested by this, “Yes, we ask the chairman to come with us!”

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