MT Chapter 452


Chapter 452: Casually destroying

A super Source Energy Matrix Computer, a human made intelligent spirit body.

These were two completely different things.  If they followed the normal flow of history, these two things would appear around four-five hundred years from now.  First would be the Source Energy Computer and then the artificial intelligence.

Therefore, the earliest Source Energy Computers in history were made by humans and used mainly for calculations and creating stats.  After all, the humans did not have a method of integrating it with a matrix and the matrix did not have any intelligence. When the artificial intelligence appeared, the situation changed.

Gu Qianqiu said with an emotional voice, “This thing will inevitably go down in history, the chairman should give it a new name!”


Chu Tian also thought computer didn’t sound good, so he said to the people beside him, “I’m not good at names, you guys should decide it.”

“I have it!”  Meng Yingying scratched her head before blurting out, “Its brain is that smart, why don’t we just call it Smart Brain?  What do you think?”

Meng Qingwu gave a satisfied nod, “I think it’s pretty good.”

Chu Tian made his decision without even considering it, “Alright, it’ll be called Smart Brain.”

Smart Brain, this was a supercomputer with learning capabilities and a super powerful computing power, later it would be embedded into various different domains.  This was a milestone in the history of the continent and a developmental step for Miracle Commerce.

Meng Qingwu was already a bit impatient, “First send this Smart Brain to Miracle City.  I want to understand how many uses the Smart Brain has.”

Chu Tian waved his hand at her, “What is the young miss in a rush for?  The Smart Brain won’t fly away if it’s left here. Now that there is a transport channel between Miracle City and Central State, we can go instantly between the two.  It’s much more convenient to go back and forth, so there is no need to rush.”

That’s right!

It really is more convenient with the Transport Tower!

“Speaking of the Transport Tower, it uses quite a bit of energy each time we use it, so we should limit the amount of people that can use it each day.  Also, while the Transport Tower makes things more convenient, it increases our danger and instability. For example, someone could use the Transport Tower to harm Miracle city.”  Meng Qingwu asked, “Is there is a way to limit this from happening?”

When the Transport Towers were built around the world.

It will be impossible for Miracle Commerce to tightly guard each Transport Tower, so this situation was a possible danger that would happen eventually.

“The Transport Towers will be connected to Smart Brain in the future, so we can control when it opens and see what is happening, meaning there’s no need to worry.”  Chu Tian paused for a second after saying this, “As for right now, we can only raise the threshold and limit the use of the Transport Towers!”

Meng Qingwu nodded.

The two of them drafted a «Miracle Commerce Transport Tower rules and guidelines»!

These rules clearly wrote: Before the Transport Tower can be used, one must first fill out a “Transport Tower Use Permit” and a “Transport Tower Permit” for the target location.  The first was to allow the use of the Transport Tower and the second was to open the Transport Tower at the target location.

Other than high level members of Miracle Commerce with special jurisdiction, each use of the Transport Tower must require an application to be submitted a day in advanced.  The time and place must be clearly marked and twenty source stones must be paid after the approval, for the transport service to be provided.

After going round and round.

They had to spend twenty low grade source stones in the end!

If these twenty low grade source stones were exchanged for Southern Summer gold coins, it would be twenty million gold coins!

This wealth was hard to imagine for normal people, but it was a good threshold to have.  There will be no overuse of the Transport Tower and it would prevent the occurrence of danger.

Meng Qingwu nodded in satisfaction.  This was much safer.

The Transport Tower was not just safer, it also created a foundation for a business!

That night, the Miracle Commerce higher ups were gathered in the Southern Summer royal palace.  The Southern Summer King was holding a large banquet to celebrate Miracle Commerce’s glory and to thank Miracle Commerce of their support and care for the Southern Summer Country.

Miracle Commerce’s smooth development cannot be separated from the Divine Wind Marquis, Yun Tianhe, and the Southern Summer King, Dongfang Gan.  The Southern Summer Country getting through several crises was also thanks to Miracle Commerce’s help. Especially after the Imperial Region was destroyed, the Southern Summer Country had to move their capital to Central State.

Chu Tian led his team away from Central State, but they kept sending back resources and selling the Southern Summer Country weapons, allowing the almost dead Southern Summer Country to quickly recover!

The entire Southern Summer Country was filled with gratitude for Chu Tian!

Although Miracle Commerce would slowly leave the kingdom, Miracle Commerce’s influence would never disappear.  Miracle Commerce left large amounts of factories and laboratories in the Southern Summer Country which would remain in operations.  Not only did it create many jobs for the Southern Summer Country, it would also make the Southern Summer Country more lively!

Meng Yingying, Nangong Yun, and Vivian were very happy.  The three girls were already red faced from emptying their cups.

“Drink another cup!”

“We’ll go to the theater after we finish eating.”

“Alright, I heard there are new works that came out recently!”

Nangong and Yingying were very emotional towards Central State.  After all, they had grown up here, having over ten years of memories!

Meng Yingying’s cheeks were completely red, “It wasn’t hard to come back, I thought I wouldn’t have a chance in this life.  Who would have thought that after these Transport Towers were made, we could come back to play whenever we want, this is truly great!”

“That’s right!”  Nangong Yun began to laugh, “Our boss truly has skills!”

Vivian also chirped along, “Distance isn’t a problem from now on.  We can come whenever we want, we can go window shopping, go eat a meal, or run to the theater to watch a movie, this kind of life is truly beautiful!  Big brother Chu Tian is too great.”

Delores had also been called over from Miracle City, this was her first time in a human place.  She was currently looking at everything with curiosity, “This is the place the vice City Lord is from?  It seems like the vice City Lord’s status isn’t low in this country.”

Meng Qingwu nodded with a faint smile.  She did not like drinking, so she always stopped after a few sips, keeping a sober mind for herself.  She shook her head with a bitter smile, “What status? If it was a year ago, I would have been a small merchant in a small town a few hundred miles from here.  I would be spending each day acting cautious, living on the edge of death.”

“How could that be?”  Delores called out in surprise, “Your company is this big, you are this country’s noble, and you’re that smart, how could you be a small merchant?  I don’t believe it!”

“Human society is more complicated than the forest.  At that time, I had no strength, background, and skills, how could I have any kind of accomplishments?”  Meng Qingwu said this and her eyes blurred a bit, “Everything changed in this year. Miracle Commerce was built from nothing, going from small to large, it truly is shocking!”

A year?

Miracle Commerce only used a year?

Delores felt like her mouth couldn’t close.

All of this was not Meng Qingwu’s masterpiece, it all belonged to the mysterious Miracle City Lord.  He really was a miraculous person!

“This king will announce several matters.”  The Southern Summer King slightly raised his hand and several royal proclamations came out, “Miracle Commerce has performed merits for the Southern Summer Country, so now the Cloud Dream Marquis will be the Cloud Dream Ruler, Nangong Yun will be the Phoenix Marquis, and Meng Yingying will be the Bright Marquis.  The Southern Summer Country is small and there is no land to grant, so although it is an empty title, it represents the Southern Summer Country’s friendship!”

Whether it was Nangong or Yingying, they really didn’t care about the marquis title.  The resources they now had, how could a title compare to it, not to mention an empty title?  However, to be conferred a title of nobility in their homeland, that was still something to celebrate.

While everyone was enjoying themselves.

Suddenly the Southern Summer King’s communication device sounded.

It was normal to have portable communication devices in Central State.  Almost anyone with a bit of status had a communication device now, so how could the Southern Summer King not have one?

The Southern Summer King had only said a few words before his brows knit together, “There is something happening on the northern defense line.  This king cannot stay with everyone, I’ll be leaving first!”

“What did you say?  Could it be the northern spirit beasts are back again!”  Nangong Yun almost flipped the table, “This is absurd, is there even an end!”

“This is not an all out attack.”  The Southern Summer King shook his head and said, “This is only harassment.”

“You all do not know this.”  Yun Tianhe on the side said, “During the time you left Southern Summer Country, the War Hounds Kingdom has already harassed the Southern Summer Country five-six times.  Although they return without any success, they still cause a bit of trouble. The Southern Summer Country can defend against the War Hounds’ attack, but we don’t have enough military strength to launch a counterattack.  Right now the north and south are completely separated.”

Chu Tian knit his brows, “How strong is the War Hounds Country?”

“After the battle of the Four States Lake, the Fang King and his army were completely destroyed.  The War Hounds have gathered another three hundred thousand elites on the War Hounds Plains and the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom have increased it by another three hundred thousand, placing around six hundred thousand in their forts.  Although their garrison has been increasing, they have only been harassing us the entire time, meaning that they are saving their strength. Once their army increases to a certain point, they will attack the Southern Summer Country again.”

“It’s too much trouble having such an unpredictable bomb next to us.”  Chu Tian looked at the young miss beside him, “How about we clean them out since it’s convenient for us?”

Casually exterminating them?

The eyes of the Southern Summer King and the others all popped out.

Chu Tian’s tone was incomparably casual, how was it like talking about eliminating a large kingdom?  It was like a decision that was as simple as drinking a cup of water.

Who would have thought that faced with Chu Tian’s proposition, Meng Qingwu would not be surprised at all.  She only considered it for a bit before nodding and saying, “This is good as well. Miracle Commerce’s industries in Central State are not small and revealing them to the enemy like this is like having a fish bone in our throat, we should eliminate them as soon as possible.  We can also take revenge for the heroic deeds of senior marshal Dongfang Zhan on the frontline battlefields.”

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