MT Chapter 457


Chapter 457: Let’s get married

Propping a puppet regime in the War Hounds Plains was not a decision made on a whim, but rather a strategic decision for Miracle City.  Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu both realized a problem. Miracle Commerce was a foreign power, so it wasn’t easy for them to expand in the Forest of Chaos.

On the surface, the Forest of Chaos seemed uncultured wasteland, but it was actually more complicated underneath.  The entire Forest of Chaos was actually filled many different powers. Miracle Commerce in name was attached to the Eternal Forest. But they didn’t receive any support from the Eternal Forest.  They couldn’t feel it now, but soon there will be forces coming at them from all directions.

It wasn’t hard to predict that Miracle City would be impeded everywhere.  Not to mention their large territory, building factories, creating large barracks, and opening resources will attract the jealousy of others.

Now they had a chance to take out a part of their strength and resources, establishing a power outside the forest.  With Miracle Commerce’s spatial transport superiority, even if they were limited by millions of miles, it wouldn’t matter.  This was a much better investment.


The puppet regime of the Northern Militant Country was very significant.

This was an independent country under Miracle Commerce’s control!

Meng Qingwu had studied the layout of the plains north of the Southern Summer Country.  This area was too big, including the Imperial Region plains, Cang State plains, the War Hounds Plains, and continuing all around.  The prairies took up tens of millions of kilometers and was the size of four-five kingdoms. Therefore, the background was not bad, but the spirit beasts were just too dumb.

The War Hounds Plains occupied 60% of the prairies.  It was very vast and smooth, not having any natural defenses, so it could be a central area in the future.  The War Hounds Plains were not a barren land, with millions of spirit beasts and tens of thousands of miles of prairie land, whether it was the population, land, or resources, they could all be developed.  It wasn’t done so because the dumb spirit beasts did not know how to do so.

Once there was a puppet regime made on the War Hounds Plains.

It would be a large support for the Southern Summer side because the north would become stable and prosperous, harvesting many different resources, this would serve to the interests of the Great Summer Country.  Linking the north and south like this, they might not even lose to a super leveled warring kingdom!

This matter was decided on just like this!

Chu Tian made the decision on the scene, “Dongfang Haoran, you’ll be stationed on the War Hounds Plains frontline and will stabilize the War Hounds Plains.  Luz will lead the Shaman priests to spread the Shaman Religion across the War Hounds Plains. Arnold and the others can think of methods to win over the powers on the War Hounds Plains.  This land is large and fertile, so how much territory and population you can steal will depend on your skills.”

Everyone was very excited.

Especially the orc Luz.  Luz was the Head Priest of the Miracle City Shamans and he knew that the War Hounds Plains situation was very suitable to spreading the Shaman Religion.  Most of the War Hounds tribes were poor and now were faced with tragic defeat, it was the best time to invade with religion. As long as Miracle Commerce provided material support, the Shaman Religion would surely spread through the land.

Only Luz was a bit worried.  He hesitantly said, “Sir City Lord, although the plains are good, it’s too far from the forest.  Although we can go directly to Central State through the Transport Tower, we still need several days, so I’m afraid we won’t have enough manpower.”

“Could it be this city lord wouldn’t think of this problem?  Just relax, I won’t be idle. From Central State to the War Hounds Country, the distance is a bit far, so for efficiency, I will build a Transport Tower in the Northern Militant Country as soon as possible.  In the future the Northern Militant Transport Tower will be linked to the Miracle City Transport Tower, so it’ll be easier to move between the two.

The various tribe chiefs were overjoyed.

This truly was a very good piece of news!

If the prairies had a Transport Tower, what difference was it from Miracle City’s back garden?  Miracle City’s people could come for a stroll when they wanted, it wouldn’t be a problem at all!  These chiefs could go all out in fighting to establish their influence in this region!

Everyone excitedly rushed off with their orders.

“Naturally it’ll be more convenient if the War Hounds Plains has a Transport Tower.”  Meng Qingwu asked with a frown, “But we really can’t take out the materials to build another Transport Tower.”

This was the problem causing Chu Tian headaches as well.

They had the core Eye of the Star.

But they didn’t have enough spatial crystals.

Most of the gnomes’ stock had been used by Chu Tian and how could he obtain this kind of rare material as he wished?  There was no choice, he could only go look for it with all his might!

Chu Tian said, “We’ll separate and look.  The young miss will try to buy them in the forest and I’ll go north to the various other countries and try to buy them from the large kingdom markets.  We’ll also take this chance to establish connections in the different markets, asking about the situation with the other kingdoms.”

The Northern Militant Country couldn’t be established in one day.

Miracle Commerce did not lack money or resources, this was just a problem of time.

Meng Qingwu led people back to Miracle City.  There were hundreds of things to do in Miracle City and it couldn’t lack a leader for long.  She was anxious to head back with Smart Brain, immediately using it to manage the key systems.

Chu Tian had been very bored being stuck in the forest for several months, so he wanted to use the excuse of establishing the Northern Militant Country and to buy resources to move around in the surrounding counties, so he wasn’t in a rush to return.  Nangong, Vivian, and the others all had jobs, so although they wanted to go with Chu Tian, they couldn’t leave for now and could only follow the young miss back.

After a week.

The Southern Summer King Dongfang Gan announced in the old Imperial City of the country’s name changing to the Great Summer Country!

The northern region was seriously damaged and in order to develop the country, the Great Summer Country took Central State City as its capital.  Furnace State and Cang State did not change, but the Imperial Region and their recovered ancestral land was split into seven new states. The Great Summer Country was not interested in expanding north, so they acquired some wasteland to the east, west, and south, creating three new states.  The Great Summer Country now had sixteen states and it had doubled in size. If it was just based on territory, the Great Summer Country could qualify as a large kingdom.

The Great Summer King also titled new marquises, three for the south and three for the north.  He picked important people from Miracle Commerce who also held high positions in the country, like Dongfang Haoran, Gu Qianqiu, and Yun Tianhe, as well as people from the Nangong and Shangguan Families.

These six areas were special development areas for the Great Summer Country.  They were areas developed by both the Great Summer Country and Miracle Commerce.  They supported Miracle Commerce’s factories, cities, and training camps, not taking taxes from them at all.

Other than that, the Country Guarding Ruler Chu Tian had been titles ‘Great Summer Country Scholar’ and the Cloud Dream Ruler Meng Qingwu was granted the title of Great Summer Foreign Minister.  Dongfang Gan’s heart was clear that the Great Summer Country’s rising honour couldn’t have happened without Miracle Commerce and Miracle Commerce still needed the Great Summer Country right now. The two sides would benefit from each other and both win.

What was the problem with adding a few titles?

Chu Tian had already said that even if the Southern Summer throne was given to him, he wouldn’t be interested at all.  Not to mention this empty title? When the Great Summer Country held the ceremony to change its name, he didn’t even appear!

At this time, Chu Tian was leading one big and one small beauty, riding into the depths of the prairies on horses.

He had come on official business this time, but Chu Tian was not in a rush to complete his task.  He immediately brought Yingying out to have fun in the prairies.

Meng Yingying was very happy playing like this.  The prairie’s scenery was different and in a week’s time, she had visited ancient ruins, met wandering tribes, and had even seen a magnificent scene of ten thousand horses running.  There were no enemies chasing them or and threats, she just stayed with Chu Tian all day, camping outside together and playing together. This was simply the happiest time in her entire life!

This day, when the sun set to the west, Chu Tian and Yingying were tired from playing, so they sat on a ball of grass watching the sun sight leaning against each other.

That fire red sunset turned the entire sky red and the prairies reflected a beautiful golden red colour.  The vast and endless prairies filled anyone who saw it with endless joy.

Meng Yingying’s hands held her knees and the sunset dyed her white as jade face with a slight blush.  She used a casual voice to say, “Hey, Chu Tian, we’ve known each other for a year now, haven’t you always forgotten to say something to me?”

“Say what?”

“You know in your heart!”  Meng Yingying glared at him, “Humph, I’m telling you, this matter can’t always be delayed.  I’m almost an adult and if don’t make your move, I won’t wait for you!”

Chu Tian feigned a confused expression, “Yingying, what do you want to say?  Why can’t I understand at all!”

The happy mood Meng Yingying built over the past few days was instantly shattered by this hateful fellow.  She said it this clearly, but this fellow was still acting silly. She gave an angry snort and stood up to leave, “Just wait to feel regret!  I’m ignoring you!”

Chu Tain laughed.  When she turned around, he immediately reached out to grab her slender arms.

“You….You hoodlum!”  Meng Yingying’s face became as red as an apple.  After struggling for a bit, she leaned against his chest, “You’re bullying me, I’ll tell elder sister when I get back!”

“Yingying, you’re right, there are some things that can’t wait.”  Chu Tian ignored Meng Yingying’s threat and closed his eyes to sniff the fragrance coming from the girl, “Let’s get married!”

Meng Yingying felt her mind become blank.

What was this bastard’s mind thinking?  They hadn’t properly associated with each other yet, but he wanted to jump to this step!  This fellow’s thinking was just too hard to accept! Meng Yingying found that she could never follow this bastard’s thoughts!

“You, you…..”

“You’re not willing?”  Chu Tian let go and said with a shrug, “Then forget it!”

“No, no……I didn’t say I wasn’t willing, don’t misunderstand…..”  Meng Yingying shouted in a panic, before thinking this was a bit improper, “Only….You’re rushing too much.  Also…..What about elder sister?”

It was a bit inappropriate to mention this at this time.

Chu Tian’s brows immediately knit.  Although there were many beauties by his side and each one was very outstanding, compared to them, he knew Yingying the longest and had the purest relationship with her.

The young miss was a beauty with peerless talent.

Any normal man would be moved by her.

Chu Tian’s time spent with the young miss, their relationship, and their feelings was not less than his with Yingying.  However, it was usually the relationship between friends, so it wasn’t as sincere and natural as his relationship with Yingying.  Chu Tian couldn’t say who was better, but he was more comfortable with Yingying.

“Humph, I am not blind.  This problem cannot be avoided, elder sister definitely likes you!”  Meng Yingying indignantly said, “There’s also Nangong, Vivian, and the others.  Even if they don’t have that kind of feeling towards you, they still worship you and do not have any resistance to you at all.  I really can’t understand what’s good about a fellow like you. Clearly you have all those problems, so how can you entice all those women.”

He really couldn’t tell.

This little girl actually had a very deep insight!

Chu Tian said with a helpless expression, “It’s my fault my charm is too strong, actually I’m already very low key.  I swear to the heavens and I have never taken the initiative to entice anyone.”

Meng Yingying let out a snort of displeasure.

The continent didn’t have a set system of monogamy.  As long as a man or woman was outstanding enough, it wasn’t strange for them to have multiple partners and it was even a common thing.

Yingying admitted that she was a bit jealous, but she wasn’t a stingy person.  The main reason she was worried was because of her inferiority.

That’s right.

Her inferiority.

This feeling of inferiority didn’t just come from Chu Tian’s splendor that made her feel normal, it also came from her low innate talent and the strong competitors that came.  Elder sister, Nangong, and Vivian, each person was so outstanding with strong power, strong innate talents, or high births…..She had a good relationship with them, so she didn’t reject them, but there was a sense of danger in her heart.  She felt that she was inferior to any one of them.

It was because of this that the lazy and playful Yingying had changed.  She did everything to study as much as she can, as well as working hard to invent the canned food, helping with the Space Warehouse and spiritual domain, and doing many other things.

Yingying was different from her elder sister Qingwu, she didn’t have dedication or great ambitions, she just wanted to catch up.

“Silly girl, there really is something wrong with your brain.  What are you thinking about all of this for?” Chu Tian felt the girl’s complicated and conflicted mood and he revealed a faint smile.  He used his hand to hold her beautiful cheek, “I like Yingying and that will always be the same, no one can compare to you.”

After saying this, he slightly lowered his head and kissed the girl’s slender lips.

On the beautiful prairies covered in the dusk sunlight, the two of them tightly held each other.

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