MT Chapter 460


Chapter 460: Meeting old friends

Meng Yingying was so angry that she was shaking!

Chu Tian was not angry and not only could he endure it, he was actually quite curious.

What was in this fatty’s head?  It was most likely he was unparalleled in Yin Gathering City, he usually acted this tyrannical, and he had the Black Moon Sect behind him, so he didn’t fear these young people from a small kingdom.

But did he not notice that he could not see the cultivations of these three young people at all?


This fat pig was only in the fifth-sixth Awakened Soul Layer!

This level placed in Chu Tian’s eyes could not even count as trash.  In the past Southern Summer Imperial City, this was considered a third rate expert and they were still more powerful than him.  Even in Central State City, this would be considered a second rate expert.

This idiot was wildly screaming at True Spirit Experts, did he still feel good about himself?

“Someone from a weak small kingdom being able to cultivate in large kingdom is a blessing of several lifetimes.  I am the Black Moon Sect’s outer sect elder and I have many family members who are elders of the Black Moon Sect, I will soon enter the inner sect.  I’ll be someone who has status all over the Great Zhou Country at that time! I can give you whatever this brat can give you, so why follow a small kingdom’s young master?”  The fatty already regarded Meng Yingying as his, “I don’t like using force, so come on your own initiative if you’re tactful, otherwise….”

Chu Tian shook his head, “Yingying, don’t force it in if you can’t hold it in.  It’s not good if you harm your body and I’ll cover any accidents you cause.”

The Black Moon Sect’s outer sect elder was stunned by Chu Tian’s words.

Meng Yingying released dazzling spirit energy, causing a mirror to appear above her head.  A large phoenix came out of the mirror, spewing out incomparably hot spirit energy flames. Following it came a resplendent phoenix’s cry that seemed like it came from the nine heavens.

The surrounding people were stunned.

Even Chu Tian revealed a surprised expression.

Meng Yingying’s mirror source spirit’s main ability is to copy, but that had limitations.  Source spirits and cultivation techniques that were too high level couldn’t be copied. Other than that, all other source spirits could be copied, but they would disappear from being stored in the mirror after a few days.

Now not only had Meng Yingying copied a God Level Source Spirit, she had found a way to keep it in her mirror, this meant that this girl’s strength had increased by quite a bit and the strength of her source spirit had grown accordingly.  Therefore, she could keep copies forever. Although it was a bit weaker than the real fire phoenix, it was still a very powerful source spirit!


Countless flames became giant wings and countless flames became an aura of destruction around it.  It made her look like a goddess that controlled the flames of destruction.

Even someone who was blind could see.

That this girl who wasn’t that old had a terrifying cultivation beyond their imaginations!

The fatty quickly shouted, “I am the Black Moon Sect’s outer sect elder, this is the territory of the Heavenly Yin Mountains.  If you dare touch a single one of my hairs, do you think you can retreat in one piece?!”

Humph, after being with Chu Tian this long, you want to use this kind of threat to scare me?


Meng Yingying tender voice said, “Heaven Burning Fist!”

This move was clearly copied from Nangong Yun.  A giant flame fist slammed into the fatty and the fatty’s protective spirit energy evaporated like boiling water.  The wild flames surged forward like a broken dam, instantly hitting a house and turning it into a fiery pit.

Meng Yingying had scared herself.

I’m actually this powerful!

This fist had clearly only used 20% of her power!

The damn fatty didn’t die from just one punch, right?

The surrounding people cried out in panic.

“Ah, the elder is dead.”

“Such courage, they actually dared to kill a Black Moon Sect outer sect elder in the Heavenly Yin Mountains!”

Several dozen black armoured guards surrounded them in shock and anger.  Meng Yingying gave a casual flip of the hand and only used 10% of her power.  Her palm turned into flames that slammed into the guards, scattering onto the ground like burnt wood.  They gave pitiful wails as they slapped the fire on their body, not a single person stood up again.

Chu Tian walked in front of the stunned Meng Yingying and said with a smile, “How about it?  Does it feel good beating people!”

She had never beaten people who bullied her this badly before.

It was incredibly satisfying, but wasn’t it exaggerated?

“Sorry, I just used 10-20% of my power!”  Meng Yingying had an embarrassed expression.  She looked at the people on the ground before looking at Chu Tian, “I never thought they would be this easy to beat!”

This couldn’t be blamed on her.

Meng Yingying barely had any battle experience and her strength had been increased very quickly, so she didn’t have control when she made her move.

“Hai, what does this count for, it’s already quite light.”  Chu Tian shook his head, “If Nangong only used a tenth of her power, she would have burnt these fellows into ashes already.  Although you can copy the Fire Phoenix Source Spirit, it still doesn’t contain its essence. You have to work had still!”

Meng Yingying had received Chu Tian’s confirmation, so she immediately said with a smile, “Yes!”

“The influence of the Great Zhou Sects are very clear, outsiders causing trouble in their sphere of influence cannot escape death.”  Chen Bingyu black brow slightly knit as she reminded, “The Black Moon Sect is very strong, they have several dozen True Spirit Experts.  There’ll be trouble for us soon.”

Chu Tian sized up Chen Bingyu with a thought filled gaze, “Big sister Bing seems very familiar with the Great Zhou Country!”

But Chu Tian was never someone that was afraid of causing trouble.

Going step by step did not suit Chu Tian’s style, it was better to make a large hole to let the Great Zhou Country know of Chu Tian’s existence.  This would make doing things much easier!

With long whistles, two coffins came at high speeds from the west.  One coffin was flame red and it was covered in flame attributed runes.  The other coffin was blue white and covered in large amounts of ice attributed runes.

Although their energy was different, because they cultivated the same sect’s techniques, they were covered in a thick yin qi and poisonous mist.  They were currently charging over at incredible speeds.

“It’s the inner sect’s experts!”

“It’s the famous flame and ice pair!”

“They are the geniuses of the Black Moon Sect’s inner sect’s younger generation with the greatest innate talent!”

Two figures jumped out of the coffins, one was wearing a red robe that was like winding flames and the other was wearing a white robe that was like frost.  One flame and one ice, mutual repelling, but also mutual interaction. It formed a cycle of fire and ice, one that lived off each other.

“Who dares cause trouble at the Black Moon Sect!”

The two inner sect elites were wearing masks, but they were the same height, even speaking at the same time.  They were simply a pair of twins.

“I did it!”  Meng Yingying could sense that the other side wasn’t as strong as she imagined, they were in the Awakened Soul Realm.  She instantly was filled with confidence, the Great Zhou Country is only this strong, “Your Black Moon Sect’s junior bullies the weak and had a bad character, so I had to teach them a lesson!”

“Shameless boasting!”  The two of them were instantly angered, “On the Black Moon Sect’s land, how could others act unruly?  We’ll let you see the might of the Black Moon Sect!”

Meng Yingying looked at Chu Tian and when she obtained his affirmation, she said without any fear, “Don’t try to scare me, I’m not afraid of you!”

Both sides instantly collided.

The two Black Moon Sect inner sect elites attacked Meng Yingying with secret techniques several times, but what was strange to them was that no matter how they attacked, it would be bounced away by a layer of light.

“You are only this strong!”

Meng Yingying was filled with confidence, feeling like she was a war god.  It was most likely because she wanted to show off in front of Chu Tian, so she showed off her new starlight movement technique.  She took several steps in the void and flew out like lightning.

Two palms came out!

It was a very clean attack!

The momentum wasn’t as vast as the attack that hit the fatty, but it used 40-50% of her strength.  The spirit energy condensed around her arms and turned into thick True Spirit Energy, which could even break iron in half.

“True Spirit Energy!”  The two brothers were instantly shocked, “It’s a True Spirit Cultivator!”

The two of them already didn’t have time to escape.

Meng Yingying slapped them away with one palm each, it was simply like slapping away paper.

The Yin Gathering City pedestrians were incredibly shocked.  This girl that defeat a Black Moon Sect’s outer sect elder was already not simple, but no one would have thought that she could also defeat the inner sect elite brothers!

The twin brothers’ strength wasn’t bad, they could skip a level or half a level to fight, but it was impossible for them to fight True Spirit Realm Cultivators.  Not to mention them not being able to break Meng Yingying’s defenses, even if they were at the same level, most likely they wouldn’t be able to defeat Meng Yingying!

“Who are you people!”

Because she increased her strength so quickly, the abundant spirit energy slowed down her aging process, so Yingying’s appearance had not changed at all.  Although she had known Chu Tian for over a year, she looked to be fifteen-sixteen years old, looking like an immature young girl.

A young girl that was fifteen-sixteen years old had a shocking True Spirit cultivation!

This matter was something unimaginable in the Great Zhou Country.

“Yingying, stop!”  Chu Tian walked in front of the two Black Moon Sect brothers, “In the end it’s our own people, we wouldn’t have beaten you if we knew.  After not seeing you for a year, your strength has increased quite a bit. It seems like you exchanged the ten Corpse Monster cores in the past for quite a few pills!”

Flame Ghost and Ice Demon were both a bit stunned, “You, you are…..Lu Ren?”

Although it had been a year and the youth’s appearance had changed too much, there was no way to change his aura.  Flame Ghost and Ice Demon looked at him and almost recognized him as the mysterious youth Lu Ren from the Southern Summer Country Black Market immediately.  The sword on his back and the fox resting on his shoulder proved this point.

It seemed like Lu Ren was a fake name and the appearance back then was also fake.

Chu Tian never thought he would meet these two brothers, “That’s right, it’s me, however my real name is Chu Tian!”

Flame Ghost and Ice Demon looked at each other, they could see shock in each other’s eyes.

It really was this fellow!

No wonder it was like this!

Although they had been with Chu Tian for a short time, they knew that this youth was a monstrous talent.  When the Black Moon Sect’s outer sect elder and caravan manager, the ghost masked old man led the brothers to the ten thousand corpses ancient ruins for an adventure, if it wasn’t for this fellow, they two of them would have died with the outer sect elder.

“So it’s brother Chu!”  Flame Ghost quickly stood up, “This is all a mistake!”

Ice Demon also said, “Brother Chu has favour with the Black Moon Sect, I think the sect leader and the protector elders will want to see you!”

Chu Tian laughed, “Then I’ll ask the two of you to recommend me to them!”

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