MT Chapter 462


Chapter 462: Yingying’s strength

The Great Zhou Country was stronger than the Great Summer Country, that was an undeniable fact.  Just the two hundred thousand Awakened Soul Cultivators of the Black Moon Sect, if this strength was utilized properly, it would be able to destroy the Great Summer Country.

The Black Moon Sect was just one of the many sects of the Great Summer Country!

It could be imagined that if the Great Zhou Country gathered all of its armies, perhaps just a single wad of spit from each person would be able to drown Chu Tian to death.  Not to mention that the three of them had entered into the depths of the Black Moon Sect, this was one of the Great Zhou Country’s most ancient sects. There were various restrictions, barriers, and arrays, not only was it hard to enter, it would be harder than ascending to heaven to kill their way out.

Chu Tian’s strange provocation seemed like an insane matter.


What was the difference between this and seeking death?!

Actually it wasn’t like this, Chu Tian never feared them to begin with.  Even if they took ten thousand steps back, the three of them had brought city return scrolls.  If the situation became bad, they could just leave. This era did not have a method of stopping the spatial scrolls, so what could the Black Moon Sect’s people do to them?

Chu Tian didn’t have time to slowly bargain back and forth.

The Black Moon Sect was a sect filled with Demonic Cultivators, although they weren’t outright evil, as long as they were Demonic Cultivators, they would follow the law of the jungle.  Moreover, verbal promises had no meaning at all. Chu Tian did not want to waste his knowledge and saliva, it was better to subdue them with absolute strength.

So what if the Black Moon Sect was strong?

The Great Zhou Country’s combined strength represented its resources, armies, and economy.  Just based on number of experts, how could the Black Moon Sect compare to Miracle City.

Was it Chu Tian’s style to act hesitantly?

No matter what, Chu Tian had thoroughly enraged Yang Miao.  His hands came together as his body melted, turning into a large human shaped pile of jello.  Large amounts of water drops came from his body and each drop floated in the air.

Yang Miao suddenly pushed his hands outwards.

Several dozen drops of water shot out at Chu Tian.

“Dead Water Seal!”

This was one of the Black Moon Sect’s secret technique.  Yang Miao had a rare elemental source spirit, his source spirit was water itself.  Adding in the secret technique of the Yin Water Demonic Technique, each drops of water had a powerful penetrating might.  The most sinister part of it was its ability to corrode protective spirit energy, rendering most protective cultivation techniques useless.  Moreover, it was highly toxic, just being touched meant death!

“You’re attacking the wrong person, your opponent is me!”

Meng Yingying’s body was surrounded by starlight and with the strong electromagnetic repulsion, she appeared in front of Chu Tian like a bolt of lightning.  The several dozen drops of water all fell onto Meng Yingying’s petite little body. When these jet black water drops hit Meng Yingying, it was like they had hit a burning iron pan.  Steam began to appear as they were instantly evaporated.

No effect!

Yang Miao’s face fell.

A girl this young had a cultivation in the True Spirit Realm, this strength was truly shocking.  At least in the Black Moon Sect, there weren’t many sixteen year olds that could have a True Spirit cultivation, there weren’t even many of them in history.  Just a trivial little country’s girl, how could she have this kind of strength?

What was even more incredible was this unheard of defensive technique.  Not only did it have a strong defense, it had a strong resistance against dark and curse corrosion, allowing the Dead Water Seal not even have time to display its effects.

The Great Zhou Country was one with filled with sects.  There were countless inheritances and cultivation techniques, but they had never heard of this kind of cultivation technique before.

Yang Miao released all his strength and his body became fuzzy again.  Large amounts of black steam was released, instantly charginat Meng Yingying like a giant beast head.  So what if her defenses were strong? This move allowed him to turn into steam and this steam attacked from every angle.  From her pores to her nose to her ears, he could seep into her body from every part of her.

Just an accidental bit entering the body would be enough to poison a 1st True Spirit Layer cultivator to death!

Meng Yingying’s cultivation was high, but she clearly lacked battle experienced.  She was a bit stunned by this attack and in the moment of hesitation, she was surrounded by the black steam.  She accidentally took in a few breaths and logically speaking, she was already dead.

Yang Miao’s Yin Water Demonic Technique was not cultivated in vain.

If it was a normal True Spirit Cultivator, they would lose their battle strength even if they didn’t die.

But with the Starlight Immortal Body in the Sacred Light Body Realm, the energy released came from within, so it didn’t just protect the body.  Every muscle, meridian, and viscera was protected by the Sacred Light Body’s energy. Therefore, even if Meng Yingying made this mistake, her body was not injured at all, she just froze for a few seconds.

“Profound Yin Large Hand Seal!”

What Yang Miao demonstrated was a Black Moon Sect’s high grade secret technique.  Countless waves of wild energy surged out of his body to gather together as a giant palm that slammed into Yingying.  This attack used all of Yang Miao’s strength, there was no holding back at all. The Profound Yin Large Hand Seal was one of Yang Miao’s strongest killing move.

Meng Yingying felt a trace of danger.  She who had a slow reaction and moved slow finally released her Mirror Source Spirit.  Before she could even make a move, that incredibly strong large palm seal slammed into her.


Yang Miao did not show mercy to beauties, as he released all his strength with an angry roar, only wanting to completely destroy this young girl completely.  When the large palm seal slammed into the other side, Yang Miao felt like a giant wave slamming into metal, he actually couldn’t move it at all and the terrifying strength was reflected back.

The Starlight Immortal Body had the ability to reflect.

Meng Yingying’s Mirror Source Spirit also had the ability to reflect.

When Yingying caught this move, she immediately activated the Starlight Immortal Body with all her might and sent most of this power back at Yang Miao.  Yang Miao’s giant palm shattered to pieces and turned into countless beads of water, all slamming into himself. The ground, pillars, wall, and ceiling were all filled with countless holes by him.

This was Yingying’s first time fighting back.

A normal cultivator would have been killed by the reflective might.  Yang Miao suffered this powerful backlash, but his cultivation technique was special.  The Yin Water Demonic Technique allowed his body to turn into elemental energy, so when this reflected power hit him, they were absorbed by his half transformed body and didn’t harm him at all.

Even the strength of the current Yingying was enough to make people stunned.

Chu Tian said on the side, “First move.”

Meng Yingying’s brows knit.  Her body erupted with starlight as she shot out like a bolt of lightning.  She chopped out with her flawless jade arm and created an incomparably sharp blade of starlight.

Yang Miao had just stabilized himself.  For an attack that was this close, this fast, and this powerful, he could not dodge at all, he could only create a water shield in front of himself.

The starlight blade passed through the water shield and cut through Yang Miao’s body.

Was he dead?

When Meng Yingying thought this, Yang Miao quickly retreated.  There was a large gap in his chest, but the black water quickly surged forth and in the blink of an eye, it returned to normal, not leaving a single trace.

“A water source spirit and a strange cultivation technique negates all attacks?”  Even if Meng Yingying didn’t have much battle experience, she could see through this trick, “This is a bit hard to deal with.  His cultivation is higher than mine, it won’t be easy to break through!”

Chu Tian reminded, “Second move.”

Meng Yingying released all her spirit energy and the Mirror Source Spirit behind her suddenly reflected the figure of the fire phoenix.  The roaring flames came out of the mirror and instantly surrounded Meng Yingying.

“Fire Phoenix?!”

The Black Moon Sect people were shocked.

This was the legendary God Level Source Spirit!

Meng Yingying’s Fire Phoenix was a knock off.  Although its strength could not compare to Nangong Yun’s, this mirror reflected phoenix did have the phoenix’s power.  Meng Yingying mobilized the half source spirit within her and gathered powerful flames with all her strength. There were more and more flames surrounding her until a giant phoenix appeared around her body.

Chu Tian was a bit surprised, “The Great Nirvana Scripture?”

Meng Yingying did not just copy Nangong Yun’s source spirit, she could also copy Nangong Yun’s main cultivation technique?  Of course this couldn’t be done. At least with Meng Yingying’s current strength, she could only copy a bit of it, but still that was very powerful.

A girl in her teens was able to force one of the highest elders of the Black Moon Sect to this degree!

Yang Miao was angry and shocked.  His hands made several seals as large amounts of black water gushed out of his body.  His body quickly inflated into a three meter tall black water demon, doubling his aura.

“Profound Yin Large Hand Seal!”

Yang Miao released his Yin Water Demonic Technique to its max, allowing him to turn into this black water demon and he released his secret technique.  He wildly attacked Meng Yingying with what could be considered his strongest attack.

“Heaven Burning Fist!”

Meng Yingying used most of her energy.  The Mirror Source Spirit behind her kept releasing more energy as her body was covered in the phoenix’s figure.

The two of them violently clashed!

Fire met water, light met dark!

In that moment, steam filled the entire main hall.  This steam was from the evaporation of Yang Miao’s spirit energy and it was filled with the Yin Water Demonic Technique’s poison.  The elders and disciples all ran away out of fear of being caught up in the attack.

Yang Miao’s protective Yin Water Demonic Technique was evaporated by the Fire Phoenix’s energy and Meng Yingying slammed a fist into him.  Although it was very forward, it still shattered his protective spirit energy. Yang Miao was like a puppet with its strings cut as he smashed six-seven pillars, finally landing in a corner.


Yang Miao spat out a mouthful of blood before fainting on the spot.

Meng Yingying’s face was a bit pale, most likely because she consumed most of her strength.

It truly was dangerous.  Yang Miao’s strength was higher than hers, but the Starlight Immortal Body could restrain him, so Meng Yingying could attack without worry.  As for the energy Yang Miao used to protect himself, it was suppressed by the Fire Phoenix’s power, so Meng Yingying directly defeated him.

But Meng Yingying had did it!

She had defeated a cultivator a layer higher with three moves!

“Humph!”  The Black Moon Sect’s vice sect master Endless Yin’s face was as deep as water, “Actually daring to shame my Black Moon Sect.  Four protectors, take them away!”

The four protectors made their move.

Wind, fire, water, and earth, each four of them had a different source spirit.  Each one of them had strength similar to Yang Miao, but it was hard to imagine how strong they were when they attacked together.

Chu Tian shook his head with a look of despise, “You’re depending on quantity when you can’t win a duel?”

A bone chilling current filled the hall.

Before the four protectors could attack, there was a snowstorm that appeared out of nowhere.  Endless Yin was shocked to find that it was the black clothed girl beside Chu Tian who had made her move.

That girl had been silent the entire time, but once she made her move, it was actually this strong.  Perhaps she was more than several times stronger than that other girl!

This was strange.

When did all these experts appear in a small Southern Summer Country?

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