MT Chapter 463


Chapter 463: Great Zhou Princess

When Chen Bingyu flew into the air, the spirit energy poured out of her body, turning into snowstorm that filled the entire hall.  It caused the temperature to fall several dozen degrees, making people feel like they had entered a polar region. The observers on the side could feel such a strong influence, then it could be imagined what kind of attack the four protectors were feeling.

Thousands of translucent snowflakes were sparkling, just like a rain of flower petals in a garden.  It was beautiful while also containing a strong sense of danger. Each snowflake was condensed from Chen Bingyu’s source spirit, with the power to freeze the enemy’s spirit energy, making them lose the ability to fight.

The four protectors facing this had to retreat from the snowstorm temporarily.  Chen Bingyu’s rich figure shot out snowflakes and these snowflakes seemed like they were attracted by a magnet as they gathered into two beautiful and refined snow floow dragons beside Chen Bingyu.  With her stretching her palms out, they attacked the four protectors.

This low key and silent woman who attracted no one’s attention actually made such a shocking move.


Chen Bingyu also had the Sacred Light Body, but her cultivation was deeper!

She was now in the 2nd True Spirit Layer and was different from a crude person like Meng Yingying, she was shocking genius in fighting.  Her source spirit and innate talent were not beneath the unparalleled Central State’s Chu Xinghe.

The four protectors were not easy to deal with.  They wanted to retreat and dodge this attack, but they never thought Chen Bingyu would be this strong.  The four of them immediately attacked together, causing the two snow flood dragons to explode, filling the sky with snowflakes.

The snowflake fell like a mountain of blades.

A figure flew out like a streak of lightning.

Chen Bingyu used five-six secret techniques in half a second, exchanging moves with each one of the four protectors.  The snowflake in the sky hit each one of them like a fist, forcing these four protectors each a step back.

“Good!”  Meng Yingying couldn’t help shouting, “Big sister Chen is so strong!”

Was there a need to say this?  Of the people Chu Tian trained, Nangong Yun had the highest talent for fighting.  A God Level Source Spirit and unparalleled cultivation techniques, it would be hard for Chu Tian to fight her at the same cultivation level if he didn’t use his main source spirit.

After her was Chen Bingyu and Dongfang Haoran.

Chen Bingyu and Nangong Yun were both skilled in fighting, but they were skilled in different aspects.  Nangong Yun used direct fighting methods, making her strong is close quarter combat and destructive power.  Chen Bingyu chased something higher than Nangong Yun, she chased the true meaning of martial arts. She treated the martial arts as an art, not obsessing herself with might and battle strength.

When Chen Bingyu was staying with Miracle Commerce, she listened to every single lesson from the Qilin Hall, as well as studying various cultivation techniques and secret techniques gathered through Miracle Commerce’s large channels.  She spent every day looking over these cultivation techniques and martial skills.

Chen Bingyu’s future battle strength couldn’t compare to Nangong Yun.

But her martial arts attainment was something Nangong Yun couldn’t compare to.

Just looking at Chen Bingyu’s move, her attacks was ever changing, using four-five different skills in a single instant.  This meant that she had taken in Chu Tian’s advanced theories and studied all her gathered cultivation techniques and skills to the Large Success Realm!

Such a high comprehension!

The four Black Moon Sect protectors’ combined attack was blocked by this normal woman, causing them to be angered out of shame, “What are the four of you doing?  Use the Connected Four Yin Array!”

The four protectors had clearly been incited.  Their individual strength wasn’t that different from Yang Miao’s, but the four protectors were inseparable.  Although their cultivation techniques were different, they worked perfectly together. This allowed them to double their power, which was something most 3rd True Spirit Layer experts couldn’t contend with.

In this situation of four versus one, how could they fear a trivial woman?

The other elders knew how strong the array of the four protectors was, so they stood on the side watching.  After all, all the people here were famous experts of the Great Zhou Country, it wasn’t good for their name to gang up on someone.

The four protectors completely ignored Chu Tian and Meng Yingying because they could already see that Chen Bingyu had the highest cultivation.  If they killed the person with the highest cultivation, why would they need to worry about the others.

One person was surrounded by dark blue wild winds.

One person was surrounded by purple red flames of rage.

One person was surrounded by ash black yin waters.

One person was surrounded by dark gold stones.

The four of them were quickly surrounded by ghosts and invisible figures.  The four different lights intertwined, creating an array with a strange aura in the air.  Chen Bingyu was surrounded by this aura and the four protectors each took a corner.

“My sect’s four protectors are identical quintuplets, born of one body with connected minds, their talents are different, but they can still aid each other.  So, even if they have different cultivation techniques, with their connected bodies, their battle strength can become even higher.” Endless Yin saw the array was finished and immediately relaxed, “A trivial nameless person, you want to break the array of the four protectors?”

The four protectors all had rare elemental source spirits.

This kind of source spirit was already hard to deal with, not to mention when it combined into an array of four different elements.  Chen Bingyu could feel the pressure of the energy and the snowstorm that ravaged the main hall actually couldn’t break out of the array’s suppression.

“The Black Moon Sect really do have some skills!”  Meng Yingying felt indignant, “They’re bullying people with numbers, perhaps big sister Bingyu will suffer a loss.”

“Don’t be anxious!”  Chu Tian had indeed underestimated the Black Moon Sect’s power.  Chen Bingyu could easily beat four people of the same level, but the four protectors were perfectly working together, it wasn’t as simple as just adding their powers together.  But even like this, he was not in a rush to make a move because Chu Tian could vaguely feel Chen Bingyu was still hiding some power, “Big sister Bing isn’t that easy to defeat!”

Chen Bingyu’s spirit energy turned into a bone chilling snow storm, but she was trapped in the center of the four protectors’ array without a way of breaking out.  The four protectors had begun to suppress and attack Chen Bingyu, but with the powerful Starlight Immortal Body, she was safe for the time being.

This situation was very bad.

The consumption fighting four people at the same time was much higher than that of the four protectors!

If this continued, her spirit energy couldn’t hold on!

At this time, the wind protector released a sharp wind blade.  When Chen Bingyu dodged it, the black gauze mask was cut off by the wind blade and the mature and cold beautiful face was revealed.

Chen Bingyu was over thirty, but she looked to be around twenty.  Having her cultivation at her age, she could be considered a genius even in the Great Zhou Country.

Endless Yin said from the high throne, “With your abilities, if you swear loyalty to the Black Moon Sect, this one can spare you all!”


Chen Bingyu’s eyes had a trace of anger.  Countless snowflakes turned at high speeds, forming an incomparably large ice lotus.  Countless fireballs, water bullets, wind blades, and earth balls attacked and they landed on Chen Bingyu’s caught off guard body.  However, they were immediately frozen and lost all of their power.

Chen Bingyu’s hands came together to form a seal.

There was a white blue mark that appeared between her brows.

At this time, a sealed energy immediately poured out from within Chen Bingyu’s energy, causing her spirit energy to be temporarily strengthened.  It actually surpassed the strength a 2nd True Spirit Layer Cultivator should have.

What was going on?

What was even more strange was that Chen Bingyu’s dark hair suddenly turned a silver white colour at a visible speed.

“Yi!”  Chu Tian was also shocked, “Bloodline power?  Big sister Bing has bloodline power within her.  Even with her following me for this long, I actually didn’t notice!  This is truly too much of a failure!”

The bloodline power came from one’s ancestors and one’s bloodline.

The Southern Summer Country’s Nangong Family believed in the phoenix and perhaps their ancestor was related to the phoenix, so it was passed down their family line.  Only for bloodline power to be passed down from ancient times, it would be buried from not being used. The longer the time, the deeper it was buried, so it was basically impossible to summon it.

Chen Bingyu not only had bloodline power, she could even activate this ancient inherited power at her own will.  When this power was used, Chen Bingyu’s strength would increase by several times.

“Glaciers Fall Down!”

The mark between Chen Bingyu’s brows released an even more intense light and her slender, white hands were covered in blue flames.  Her hands pushed into the air and large pieces of ice were released into the air around her. It gave people a feeling that the air was frozen and the entire area was sealed in ice.


Chu Tian pulled Meng Yingying several hundred meters away through teleportation, as the place he was in was sealed in ice.  This ice was condensed with spirit energy, so it was ice that didn’t require water. Most of the hall was sealed and the elders that couldn’t escape in time, including the Ghost Flame and Ice Demon brothers were all sealed inside this terrifying ice.

These people did not die.

They had just been sealed.

The four protectors wanted to escape, but there was no time!

The countless ice crystals and ice blocks did not give them any chance.  That look of panic and eyes opened wide in fear was perfectly frozen on their faces.

Meng Yingying looked at the hall and her mouth was wide enough that an apple could fit in it, “So strong, she froze half the hall with a single move!”

“You, you…..”  The Black Moon Sect’s vice sect leader Endless Yin’s expression was not filled with shock or anger, rather he looked at the silver haired Chen Bingyu in disbelief, “You are the Great Zhou royal family’s princess who went missing eighteen years ago!”

“You never would have thought it!”  Chen Bingyu’s silver hair was fluttering and she had a strange coldness in her eyes, “After the Great Zhou royal family was slaughtered, the last fish to escape the net could live to this day.”

“Good, good, you didn’t die eighteen years ago, but today you’ve walked into a trap!”  Endless Yin gave a roar of rage as he soared into the sky. His infinite demonic qi turned into a palm that flew out at Chen Bingyu, “I’ll kill you now!”


Endless Yin had a cultivation in the 3rd True Spirit Layer.

Chen Bingyu already didn’t have the ability to fight back, so she was sent flying with a single palm.  Luckily even though Chen Bingyu didn’t have a lot of spirit energy, she could still maintain the Starlight Immortal Body, so this attack only caused minor injuries to her.

“How stupid, truly stupid.  It was hard for you to escape Great Zhou, it could even be considered a miracle, but you’re this anxious to come back to your death!”  Endless Yin stepped through the air with ghostly qi around him, “Since it’s like this, you must stay!”

Endless Yin raised his hands high up and a blue executioner’s blade condensed.


A collision of swords occurred!

Chu Tian appeared in front of Chen Bingyu and held the Netherworld Sword as he blocked this attack.  When he was forced back by Endless Yin’s slash, he took this chance to hold the injured Chen Bingyu in one hand as he retreated back to Yingying, “Are you fine?”

There was a trail of blood coming from the corners of Chen Bingyu’s lips and her eyes were filled with slight ripples, “I’m alright, thanks!”

“You’re actually a princess, my eyes are truly blind!”

“Stop teasing me already.”

Chen Bingyu’s eyes revealed a trace of bitterness.  Chu Tian knew that Chen Bingyu’s background was not normal, but now was not the time to ask.

“Give me big sister Bingyu!”  Meng Yingying stepped off and came forward, “The cultivators outside are killing their way in, there are too many of them and we can’t defeat them.  We can only escape as soon as possible.”

“Escape?  You’re silly!”  Chu Tian laughed, “Haven’t you noticed?  The Black Moon Sect’s elders and protectors are hostages in our hands!  We have the advantage, why should we escape? Take care of big sister Bing, we’ll talk after I beat this fellow!”

Chu Tian gave Chen Bingyu to Meng Yingying.  He kicked off the ground and flew through the air with his blade.  When he was the same altitude as Endless Yin, he stopped his spirit energy.  With loud laughter, he said, “Ha, ha, ha, the Great Zhou Black Moon Sect is only this strong!  Your elders and protectors couldn’t take a single hit, I’ll ask to exchange notes with the vice sect master!”

After saying this.

Chu Tian instantly disappeared and a radiant sword glow flew out at Endless Yin.

This young Southern Summer cultivator, he actually dared attack the Black Moon Sect of the six famous Great Zhou sects!

“How bold!”  Endless Yin smiled with peak anger, “You are the first 1st True Spirit Layer cultivator who has dared challenge this one!”

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