MT Chapter 466


Chapter 466: Yin Spirit’s despair

The ten Corpse Monsters released their source spirits.  Each one of these source spirits were very special ghostly skeletons, with wind, fire, water, darkness, thunder, and all kinds of attributes.  Some excelled in long range attacks and some excelled in short range attacks.

Yin Spirit’s strength was released to its peak and her source spirit was also released.

Chu Tian had seen countless rare and strange source spirits in two lifetimes.  The young miss’ book source spirit, Meng Yingying’s mirror source spirit, and the Dongfang Gamily’s Weapon Transformation Source Spirit, these could all be considered rare source spirits.  Other than these, Chu Tian had seen mountain and rivers as source spirits, forests as source spirits, sun and moon as source spirits, and even demon gods just like his.

Properly speaking, Chu Tian had seen the most mysterious and strangest source spirits, but when he saw Yin Spirit’s source spirit, he still felt stunned.


The space around Yin Spirit turned dark as a rich death aura was released.  Tombstones appeared one after the other and a cemetery was created in just a short while.

It wasn’t a true cemetery.

It was an illusion formed from spirit energy.

In other words, this was Yin Spirit’s source spirit.

The figure of this fellow’s source spirit was actually a cemetery!

Chu Tian had never seen graves as source spirits, the world was truly filled with strange things.  There were ten empty graves in Yin Spirit’s graveyard, it was the ten source spirits sent into the Yin Corpses, giving them source spirit energy.

Each Yin Corpse had a relation with Yin Spirit.

They were transformed by Yin Spirit and could use source spirits and cultivation techniques.  Everything Yin Spirit learned had been sent into the Yin Corpses through her source spirit, allowing each Yin Corpse to have several Perfection Realm cultivation techniques.

“This is this one’s self made «Yin Spirit Scripture»!”  Yin Spirit was wildly laughing as the ten Corpse Monsters opened their mouths at the same time, speaking for Yin Spirit, “What can your Yin Corpses take out to compete with this one?”

“We haven’t even started fighting, not be in a rush to say big words.”

“Good, then I’ll let you understand after losing!”

The ten Corpse Monsters were covered in demonic qi as they flew into the sky, as countless ghosts kept coming out of them.  They put their hands together and condensed a giant black seal.

“Profound Yin Large Hand Seal!”

The eighteen Divine Servants didn’t even have a chance to make their move.

The ten incomparably fierce Profound Yin Large Hand Seals swept over them and they didn’t have any chance to resist, instantly falling down like kites with their strings cut.  Meng Yingying saw this shocking scene and her chin soon fell down, “God damn, these Corpse Monsters can also display this kind of high level secret technique?”

Chen Bingyu said with a serious expression, “They have Yin Spirit’s cultivation placed in them.  In terms of attack speed and intensity, the attacks of these Yin Corpses should reach the vice sect master Endless Yin’s level.  Although these Yin Corpses are only in the 2nd True Spirit Layer, their corpse poison and strength are not weak. Adding in everything Yin Spirit has learn, with several Perfection Realm cultivation techniques, they might not lose even when fighting 3rd True Spirit Layer Cultivators.”

Meng Yingying said with a voice of disbelief, “There’s such a powerful cultivation technique in the world?”

“Actually there is a flaw with this cultivation technique.  Because the Corpse Monsters do not have any spirit energy, their power comes from Yin Spirit.”  Chen Bingyu said with a sunken expression, “This also means that Yin Spirit has released ten source spirits from her main source spirit, completely disgarding her own source spirit.  Most of her spirit energy is inside the Corpse Monsters now, so that means Yin Spirit is very weak. Although she is in the 4th True Spirit Layer, losing the power of her source spirit means she can only be considered an ordinary 4th True Spirit Cultivator.”

Meng Yingying gave an emotional sigh, “Although she weakened herself, she can still protect herself.  She’s still very, very powerful no matter what!”

“Ha, ha, ha!”  Yin Spirit was happy like a child obtaining a lollipop, “They fell, they all fell.  Your Yin Corpses couldn’t even take a single hit!”

“An interesting source spirit and cultivation technique, truly a talent.”  Chu Tian rubbed his chin as he looked at Yin Spirit, “I’ve found that I like you a bit, you should just follow me.”

Yin Spirit was filled with disgust, “Scram!  You’ve already lost……”

She swallowed her words before she could even finish because the Divine Servants knocked down by the violent attack began to stand up one by one once again, moreover, they didn’t seem damaged at all.  Even though they were faced with the strong Profound Yin Large Hand Seal, they actually didn’t have a single scratch. Their dark bronze skin seemed like it was cast from bronze and it gave people a mysterious sense of invulnerability.

“Your Yin Corpses seem a bit strange.”

“What’s surprising come next!”

Yin Spirit snorted.  Isn’t it just a bit solid, she didn’t believe she couldn’t defeat the Yin Corpses.  Therefore, she stimulated the clone Corpse Monsters and they all displayed the Black Moon Sect’s mysterious technique.

Profound Yin Large Hand Seal!

Ten Word Destruction Swords!

Extreme Yin Demonic Shadow Slash!


The ten Corpse Monsters displayed their strength.  Basically anything Yin Spirit knew, the ten Corpse Monsters knew.  The cultivation techniques at the Perfection Realm and with several other powerful mysterious art and martial techniques, it was a violent storm of attack!

The Divine Servants were sent flying again and again, before standing up again and again.

It seemed like Chu Tian was deliberately not fighting back, crossing his hands in front of his chest like he was watching a play.

Five minutes, ten minutes.  With each passing second, each passing minute, Yin Spirit felt more and more surprised, finally turning into astonishment!

No matter how many strong attacks there were, it wasn’t any use even if the Divine Servants were crushed to shreds.  They could always recover in a short period of time.

There was more and more consumption.

Not a single Divine Servant had been destroyed!

Why was it like this?  Could it be these Yin Corpses had undying bodies?

Chu Tian smiled at Yin Spirit and said, “I was hoping sect master could use a new trick, but I never thought you were at the end of your ropes.  Your Yin Corpses aren’t all that great!”

Yin Spirit’s pale little face turned black.  These ten Corpse Monsters had always been Yin Spirit’s pride, but they were currently regarded as jokes by Chu Tian.  This trampled on her pride, how could she not be angry?

Chu Tian voice became sharper as he said, “This bet is unfair for you, after all, their strength aren’t at the same level.  If this was told to others, they would say that I was bullying a little girl! I suggest you try another method. Have your Yin Corpses stand together and if they can block a Divine Servant’s attack without falling, it will be my lost!”

“Going too far!  Going too far!”

Yin Spirit flew into a rage.

Chu Tian shrugged his shoulder, “This was just a small suggestion, if you don’t choose to accept it, I don’t have any choices.  Just continue fighting like this then.”

Yin Spirit’s teeth was about to crack from gritting them.

Ten Corpse Monsters couldn’t defeat the eighteen Divine Servants and now most of the Corpse Monsters strength had already been consumed.  If this continued, they wouldn’t be able to fight any longer, “Alright, since you dare be this arrogant, then I’ll just see what qualifications you have to be arrogant!”

The ten Corpse Monsters retreated to form a triangular formation.

Their strength conducted to each other and they formed a black barrier.  Each Yin Corpse was covered in a layer of black armour, forming a double layer defense.

Yin Spirit said in a cold voice, “This is a double layered defense formed by the Heavenly Demon Barrier and the Heavenly Barrier Armour, let’s see how you break it!”

A Divine Servant walked out and energy came out of him bit by bit.  There were runes appearing on that dark golden skin and a dim glow surrounded its body, going from weak to bright to weak again.  It covered the Divine Servant’s body like a snow white silkworm cocoon.

Yin Spirit could clearly feel the power being released from the Divine Servants.  Although it wasn’t strong, it gave people the feeling like that of a deity arriving.  The Divine Servant’s aura was gathered quickly and it collected like countless streams and lakes.

The Divine Servant swept out with its hand and dark gold blood began to flow from its skin.

Yin Spirit had attacked the Divine Servants for a long time, but the Divine Servant did not lose a single drop of blood, like this monster did not have any blood at all.  Currently the dark gold blood drop was following the movement of its arm, finally plating its arm like a layer of wax.

“The preparations are done.”

“My attack is coming!”

Chu Tian kindly reminded her.  The Divine Servant’s power was released and its aura was gathered, rushing out at the ten Yin Corpses like a bullet.  The light around it reached an extreme and it suddenly raised its covered right hand, slamming it against the black barrier.

The Divine Servant released white light from its right hand.  When its fist came out, the white light mixed with a dark gold colour.  This attack was not strong, only being around the 3rd True Spirit Layer.  If just based on its energy, it was not possible for it to destroy the barrier.

A drop of water fell onto a curtain of rain was completely different from a drop of magma falling onto rain, the effect would be completely different.  The Divine Servant had a divine energy in them and adding in the divine blood that could completely destroy curses and darkness, the black barrier could not resist at all as it was completely shattered.

The Corpse Monsters completely collapsed without their protective cultivation techniques.

It was like the ten Corpse Monsters were hit by magma, causing black smoke to appear from their seven orifices and they fell down to the ground one by one.  At this time, the Divine Servant who had used all of its strength also fell down onto the ground.

Everyone was stunned.

The ten Corpse Monsters were the pride of the Black Moon Sect.

But they had been knocked down by the Divine Servant in one punch!

Yin Spirit could not accept this reality.  After being stunned for a few minutes, she suddenly shouted, “No, my Corpse Monsters, my Corpse Monsters.  You bastard, do you know how long it to refine them? They’re destroyed, you’ve destroyed them! I’ll kill you, I’ll definitely kill you!”

Yin Spirit was like a desperate gambler.

Also like a child who had their final toy taken away.

In short, the gambler would throw everything away.  Even if she had to kill all the hostages, Yin Spirit would destroy this damn fellow.  This bastard had destroyed many years of hard work for her!

“Why is sect master angry?  Your Corpse Monsters are not destroyed, it can be used after just being fixed.”  Chu Tian disregarded Yin Spirit’s killing intent and anger, and said with a face like she deserved a beating, “But after seeing the might of the Divine Servants, you’re still interested in these normal things?”

Yin Spirit was suddenly quiet with a frustrated and depressed expression.

She looked at the Divine Servants with incredible envy.  She was clear that comparing her carefully refined Corpse Monsters to these Divine Servants, the difference was like stones and gems.

Chu Tian used a misleading tone to say, “These Divine Servants were made by me.  I still have a bit of material left, so I can also turn your Yin Corpses into Divine Servants as well.”

“Really?”  Yin Spirit revealed a happy expression, almost forgetting her resentment against Chu Tian, but she soon had her vigilance up again, “Don’t think that you can buy the Black Moon Sect.”

“Little sister, these words aren’t correct.  I, Chu Tian never like to take advantage of others, especially a minor like you.”  Chu Tian shook his head, “Cooperation, it’s a cooperation. The Black Moon Sect will cooperate with Miracle Commerce, we will definitely both win.”

“Don’t call me little sister!  This one is older than you!” Yin Spirit thought of something, “Wait, you said your name is Chu Tian?  Miracle Commerce’s Chu Tian?”

“Sect master knows this small one’s name, it truly is my honour.  Then can we properly discuss this?”

“Since you want to discuss a cooperation, at least give a bit of sincerity.”

Chu Tian let go of Endless Yin and waved his hand to Chen Bingyu.  She immediately understood and released the ice seal, releasing the Black Moon Sect elders and protectors from the ice.

Letting the hostages go like this?  He truly is bold!

The Black Moon Sect disciples reacted and immediately surrounded the three of them.

“All of you retreat!”  Yin Spirit shouted, stopping the disciples.  She looked at Chu Tian, “Good courage, you really are a special person.  We’ll go and talk!”

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