MT Chapter 469


Chapter 469: Zero’s strength

The doubt in the Black Moon Sect’s people’s heart were solved.

Causing such a large mess in the Black Moon Sect without fear, so these people had these Town Return Scrolls that would instantly teleport them back.  They could sneak off if they met anything bad and the various restrictions and arrays on the Heavenly Yin Mountain had no use. There had never been a restriction on the continent that could seal space!

Unless the three of them were taken out before the scrolls could be activated.

The three of them were not weak, there was no problem for them to return in one piece.  It was because they had this assurance that they could act without any fear!


“Does little sister sect master know the value of this Transport Tower?”  Chu Tian calmly said, “With Miracle Commerce’s expansion process, this Transport Tower will soon be found in every corner of every country.  It is hard to imagine the benefits and advantages owning a Transport Tower at this stage can bring. Even if we don’t talk about the benefits the Transport Tower brings, if your sect had Transport Scrolls set for your sect’s Transport Tower, this is equivalent to an extra life.  No matter what risky adventure is taken, there would be a safeguard.”

The Black Moon Sect’s people were stunned into speechlessness.

How was this heaven defying thing even made?

Yin Spirit weighed this matter in her heart, was it worth it to trade a portion of the Black Moon Sect for this Transport Tower?  She couldn’t answer this question for now, she would have to see Miracle Commerce’s headquarters first!

“This is all said by you, who knows if the Transport Tower is as easy to use as you say it is.”

“Facts speak louder than words.  Little sister sect master, please.”

“This one is warning you for the last time, you’re not allowed to call me little sister!”

“Alright, little sister!”

Yin Spirit angrily flipped her sleeve as she walked to the Transport Tower.

Chu Tian called Yingying and Chen Bingyu over.

The Transport Tower lit up and spatial energy appeared around them.  The spatial energy began to create fluctuations in the air.

This thing is this fantastic?

This place was tens of thousands of miles from the Forest of Chaos.

Miracle Commerce’s headquarters was in the center of the Forest of Chaos, that was five-six times the distance.  Even with Ying Spirit’s cultivation riding a high level demon beast mount, it would take five-eight days of nonstop travelling to reach there!

This long distance could be traveled at once?

Would there be any dangers in the teleportation process?

When ideas were still popping into Yin Spirit’s mind, there was someone who tapped her shoulder, “Little sister sect master!”

Little sister, little sister, little your head!

Yin Spirit was about to explode.

“We’re here!”


Yin Spirit was stunned.

The spatial warps returned to normal and the light disappeared.

This was an unfamiliar environment.  She was surrounded grasslands and there were mountains all around her.  There were countless beautifully built castles on the peaks and ridges of the mountain ranges, just like a place described in fairy tales.

“This place is…..”

Meng Yingying saw the amazement on the face of the little sect master and she immediately giggled as she said, “Don’t ask something you already know.  This is Miracle Commerce’s headquarters, Miracle City!”

This was Miracle City?

Miracle City’s Transport Tower wasn’t far from the City Lord’s Palace.  Before Meng Yingying was transported over, she already called her elder sister with the communication device.  Meng Qingwu brought Vivian and Nangong Yun to welcome them.

“Welcome back boss, I’ve missed you to death!”  Nangong Yun was still very open, immediately giving this warm welcome, “Oh, that’s right, welcome little sect master to Miracle City.  I am Nangong Yun, I’m boss’ trusted confidant!”

This fellow knew how to use her connections.  When did she become father’s confidant?

“Yingying, big brother!”  This Vivian teleported over, immediately grabbing Chu Tian and Yingying’s hands, “Was it fun outside?”


Innate spatial energy!

Yin Spirit looked at Vivian and knit her brows together.  This elf girl’s cultivation was not weaker than hers and was a bit stronger than hers.  Miracle Commerce had this kind of expert?

Meng Yingying excitedly said, “Of course.  Chu Tian brought me around the prairies, that place is endless and the sunset’s are truly beautiful.  When we played enough, we went to the Great Zhou Country.”

“So envious!”  Vivian revealed a pitiful appearance.  She was one of Miracle City’s vice City Lord, having the same rank as Meng Qingwu.  When Chu Tian wasn’t here and Meng Qingwu was busy, Miracle City had many places where she had to show herself, but how could Vivian want to do these kinds of things, “You have to take me next time, I’m tired of the Forest of Chaos!”

“Aunt Bing, your hair!”  Nangong Yun shouted in a shocked voice, “Why did it become white!”

Chen Bingyu looked at her, “Didn’t I tell you over the communication device?”

Nangong Yun gave a lazy smile, “I’m still surprised, but you seem more beautiful and younger.  It seems like I can’t call you aunt Bing anymore, I should call you big sister like boss and the others!”

The others didn’t treat Chen Bingyu as an elder, but it was different for Nangong Yun.  Chen Bingyu arrived in Imperial City over a decade ago and Nangong Yun met the over twenty years old Chen Bingyu when she was five.  Naturally she was used to calling her this, so she wasn’t used to switching.

“As you wish!”

“Alright, alright, the guest is here, we can talk about this when we go back.”  Meng Qingwu had already walked over. She walked in front of Yin Spirit who hadn’t come back to her senses and cupped her hands with a slight bow, “Hello sect master Yin, I am Miracle Commerce’s vice chairman and Miracle City’s vice City Lord, Meng Qingwu.  Chu Tian has offended you at the Heavenly Yin Mountains, so I represent him to apologize. We have prepared a reception in the City Lord’s Fort, so we ask the sect master to come with us.”

Yin Spirit seemed like she was scared out of her wits, only after a long while did she say, “Does it only require an instant to return to the Black Moon Sect from here?”

“Is little sister sect master afraid you can’t go back?”  Chu Tian casually looked over at Yingying with a smile, “Since it’s like this, why don’t you take her back and forth first?”

“Understood!  Elder sister, give me half a minute!  I’ll be back immediately!” Meng Yingying grabbed Yin Spirit’s hand and patted the Transport Tower to activate it, “Sect master, let’s go!”

Yin Spirit had not reacted yet.

The teleportation light appeared once again.  When it became quiet, she found that she was standing in a luxurious palace and there were barbarians guarding all around them,

“Ah, isn’t this miss Meng Yingying?”  A barbarian berserker squad leader quickly bowed, “Do you have business in the Great Summer Country?”

“No, no, no, just a casual trip.  You don’t need to be this respectful!”  Meng Yingying said to Yin Spirit, “This is the Great Summer Country.  Now let’s head back to the Black Moon Sect.”

Great Summer Country…..Yin Spirit’s head did not even have time to process this.

Another flash of light.

“Sect master, why are you back?”

“Sect master, your face isn’t normal!”

“Did something happen?  What did you all do to our sect master!”

Meng Yingying revealed two adorable dimples, “Sect master, do you want to try again?”

Yin Spirit was completely convinced, “No need, let’s head back to Miracle City!”

The Black Moon Sect people couldn’t understand what was happening before the two of them disappeared again.  In the time of a breath, the journey of tens of thousands of miles was over and they arrived in Miracle City again.

When everyone saw Yin Spirit’s expression, they knew that this fellow was convinced.

Meng Qingwu said, “Sect master Yin must have already experienced Miracle Commerce’s spatial teleportation technique, but this is only one of the many miracles in Miracle Commerce.  If you have time, you should explore Miracle City.”

“That’s right, little sister sect master!”  Nangong Yun said while laughing, “Your world’s outlook will change by staying here a few days, you will find that your previous life will be boring!”

Everyone returned to the City Lord Fort.

Chu Tian had left Miracle City for around a month and there had been major changes, but at at least it looked like it was in proper order.  Meng Qingwu had assigned an area around the City Lord’s Fort which was the central control area.

The place visited first was this place.

This was because Miracle Commerce’s first artificial intelligence Source Energy Computer was placed here.

Yin Spirit was surprised to find that there weren’t any pillars at all in this room.  There was only several large black boxes that were one hundred meters long and fifty meters wide.  There was a spiritual body floating in the middle of these boxes and there were over a hundred three meter tall mirrors around it.  Each mirror was showing a different image, some showing forest and some showing buildings, but they were all part of Miracle City.

Zero saw everyone and immediately asked in a respectful voice, “Miracle City manager Zero greets the City Lord and vice City Lord.  Is there anything you need me to do?”

Zero had intelligence and no emotions, so everything was set by Meng Qingwu.

Yin Spirit was very curious, “This is a spiritual body with intelligence?  How did you make it!”

Zero replied in a cold voice, “This question involves Miracle Commerce’s top secret information.  Your excellency does not have enough clearance, so I cannot answer this question!”

Yin Spirit revealed a strange expression, “Why does this intelligent spiritual body look so strange?”

Chu Tian saw the mirrors at the center of the lab, but he wasn’t sure about them, so he asked, “What is going on here?”

“Miss vice City Lord has placed two hundred set cameras and one hundred patrolling cameras in Miracle City and the surrounding area, and the major areas are being watched by Heaven’s Eye.  The images are transferred here twenty four hours and I analyze them to change how I manage the city.”

“This…..How is this possible?”  Yin Spirit was very curious about the image transfer technology, but after experiencing the Transport Towers, it couldn’t scare her.  Only to what Zero said, she was filled with a strong doubt, “This spiritual body has intelligence, but how can it observe all these places at once?”

Meng Yingying said, “Don’t you know?  Zero is not just an intelligent spiritual body, it is also a super powerful Smart Brain.  It has a strong calculative power, being able to process a hundred million processes per second.  Its image processing abilities are something we living beings cannot compare to!”

“A hundred million processes?”

Yin Spirit couldn’t grasp this concept at all.

Chu Tian asked Zero, “Are there any other functions?”

“Other than surveillance, I also have a city management function.”  Zero said in a monotone voice, “I am linked to the broadcast and communication system, so the citizens can directly contact me.  Whether it is for consultations, help, or conflict resolution, I can handle them all because I can directly mobilize the defense army and the guards.  I can also patrol the entire area and direct people, allowing me to respond to sudden situations. Other than that, other than city level decisions and strategic decisions, all the documents are sent to me to be processed and reviewed…..”

Meng Yingying was stunned.

This was too shocking.

A single Zero can outperform the entire skilled management team of Miracle City!

Chu Tian rubbed his chin, “I think your abilities aren’t just this.”

“That’s right, City Lord.  However, my processing capabilities are limited now and can only temporarily do this.”

“How much stronger does it need to be for you to do everything else?”

“If the Source Energy Calculation Matrix is increased by five times, I can connect to the Miracle Mall’s network, the spiritual network, the Transport Tower network, Miracle Banking’s network, and the Space Warehouse network to control the mall, the bank, the Transport Tower, the Space Warehouse, the spiritual network, and etc. to ensure that everything runs normally.  If my processing power is increased by twenty times, I can connect to the Yun Sect laboratory to conduct complex calculations and also create a stable virtual spiritual world…..”

Chu Tian nodded, “Without caring about the size and just adding a few Source Energy Matrices, it isn’t hard to increase the processing power by five to twenty times.  Young miss, have the Central State side hurry up.”

“Is there a need to say this?”  Meng Qingwu rolled her eyes, “I’ve already given the order.”

This…..was simply a god!

This was everyone’s only evaluation of Zero!

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