MT Chapter 475


Chapter 475: Threat

As Meng Qingwu expected, the forest production park’s mines’ attacks were just beginning.  Although Miracle Commerce increased the defenses, because there weren’t enough people and the other side appeared like the wind, there were many other places that suffered attacks over the next two.  The total amount of casualties surpassed eight hundred people.

The direct loss was not serious.

But the negative impact was just too terrible.

It cast a shadow over the glorious Miracle City.  With several sneak attacks that couldn’t be reacted to, the inside and outside of Miracle City were all worried, which was a large blow to Miracle City’s development.


Chu Tian, Meng Qingwu, Meng Yingying, Vivian, and Nangong Yun.

These high level characters were gathered in the City Lord’s Fort.

“In the recent attack, there were some pictures caught by the city’s surveillance.”  Meng Qingwu said, “Zero, display the picture.”


Zero’s voice sounded and a large image transfer mirror came down.  There was a moving picture without sound in it and it was the picture of the sneak attack.

The entire attack was caused by several dozen elite soldiers, finishing the fight in just a few minutes and they caused heavy damage to the city.  Because the other side attacked too fast, the image transfer mirror’s image wasn’t that clear and they could only see a few green figures.

Vivian said, “Green skin, large heads, and that cultivation technique.  Although you can’t see too clearly, it’s most likely orcs. Am I wrong?”

“That’s right, they’re orcs.”  Meng Qingwu gave a serious nod, “This further confirms our guesses, Battle Banner City is a city ruled by orcs.  We can now confirm that this matter is Battle Banner City’s plot on Miracle City!”

“Several dozen people could cause this kind of destruction?”  Nangong Yun said, “From their techniques, the enemies must all be talented masters, most like most of these people are True Spirit Experts rich with battle experience.  For a attack squad to have this kind of power, only other forest cities and strong powers could send them.”

“I don’t understand, Miracle City is not disrupting Battle Banner City, we are just developing in our own territory.  Have we obstructed them or offended them, why are they going against us?” Meng Yingying delicate beautiful face was filled with indignance, while also being filled with confusion, “These people are all tortoises hiding in their shells!  We should directly attack Battle Banner City.”

Meng Qingwu shook her head.  After her little sister has been with Chu Tian this long, she began to handle things just like Chu Tian, “We cannot be swayed by our emotions, not to mention that Battle Banner City’s forces are stronger than ours.  The current Miracle City does not have the strength to fight them.”

“Why?!”  Nangong Yun stood up, “Although our armies are newly trained, we have the Source Energy Weapons.  Can’t we make up for the disparity in strength with those? The surrounding tribes’ interests lie with Miracle City, so if we fight Battle Banner City, they will certainly help us.  Boss, don’t you think so?”

Nangong Yun looked at Chu Tian.

Chu Tian shrugged, “It’s better for the young miss to say it.”

“Nangong, have you considered it?  Miracle City’s city defenses haven’t been constructed yet, we don’t even have a protective barrier.  Miracle City is surrounded by mountains, it’s enough to defend against local bandits. However, if it met an enemy at the size of the Battle Banner City army, these natural defenses have no use at all.  If we choose to fight them, Miracle City will be filled with the flames of war and the surrounding factories, fields, and farms would all be destroyed. At that time, not only would we waste all our efforts, Miracle Banking will go bankrupt, Miracle City will face a financial collapse, and the city will be filled with crisis.”

Nangong Yun had a headache hearing this.

This…..What should they do?

Meng Qingwu spoke very logically.  The enemy was attacking with a small squad, causing trouble for Miracle City.  If they began to fight, the other side would send even more of these small squads and Miracle City wouldn’t be able to develop or produce anything.

The money Miracle Banking invested wouldn’t be made back in the end.

Miracle Commerce would face the danger of going bankrupt!

“No matter what, we have to avoid a war.  Once a war begins, no matter the outcome, we will still be losers.  Not to mention that Battle Banner City is the gateway established by the Savage Highlands, so if we attack and occupy Battle Banner City, the Savage Highlands will not sit idle.  What I’m more worried about is that this sneak attack is incited by the Savage Highlands. It has to be known that the Savage Highlands are not weaker than the Eternal Forest, but the Eternal Forest will never send troops to help us.”

Vivian’s brows knit together, “The Elven Council is filled with old blockheads, damn!”

Was Miracle City at its wit’s ends?

Meng Qingwu continued to say, “These attacks by Battle Banner City have caused damages, but the losses can be ignored as a whole.  They are not just attacking the city, they are trying to create pressure for us. There are rumours in the city now that Miracle City is going to war with Battle Banner City, making the citizens worried.  From this aspect, Battle Banner City have achieved their goals.”

Meng Yingying asked, “What will they do next?”

“Battle Banner City is obviously aware of our situation, so they are clear that Miracle City cannot fight and Battle Banner City does not have any plans on large scale fights with us, otherwise they wouldn’t use this kind of method to make us vigilant ahead of time.”  Meng Qingwu said this and then paused for a second, “They will certainly find a chance to negotiate and give us conditions. We cannot be impulsive at this time. Whatever conditions they give, we’ll bargain back and forth to stall for time for Miracle City. Chu Tian, what do you think about this?”

At this time, there was a guard that rushed in, “Sir City Lord, there is a sealed letter sent for you.  It seems to be from Battle Banner City.”

“Bring it here.”  Chu Tian looked over the letter and then ripped it in half, “The young miss is truly insightful.  Battle Banner City’s City Lord Kao has invited us to Bramble Flower Town four hundred miles away three days from now for a meeting.”

“There must be an ambush!”  Meng Yingying anxiously stood up and said to Chu Tian, “Those green skinned bastards are ugly and sinister, you can’t fall for their tricks!”

“Don’t worry, we won’t be in danger, this negotiation has to proceed.  I will just watch for now and see what these fellows are planning!” Chu Tian said to Vivian and Nangong Yun, “Nangong, come with me for a walk.  Young miss, Yingying, and Vivian, keep the city stable.”

Meng Qingwu was a bit worried, “Battle Banner City can’t compare to the past Green City.  Battle Banner City hasn’t suffered any problems in the past hundred years, so they are quite strong, I’m afraid you’ll suffer a loss.”

“The Great Zhou Country’s situation is very tense, so Yoda can’t come back temporarily.  Miracle City really can’t take another fight, not to mention with just a single Spirit Transformation Expert, we won’t get off cheaply.  Since we’re troubled to get off not cheaply, why do we need to make it so troublesome?” Chu Tian said this and suddenly said with a smile, “Young miss, relax.  I have the spatial energy and the Town Return Scroll, nothing will go wrong even if we can’t reach an agreement.”

“That is also true.”

The young miss nodded.

Vivian slapped the table and stood up, “With big sister Qingwu here, I can’t help with the city anyway.  I’ll come with you.”

“I’ll also go!”  Meng Yingying also volunteered, “I want to see what these ugly monsters can do to us!”

Chu Tian shook his head, “Don’t be anxious, I have another important task!”

“The death energy ruins’ Undead Towers need to be fixed as soon as possible.  No matter how much effort is spent, they must be fixed quickly. This matter will be assigned to Yingying.”  Chu Tian thought for two seconds before adding, “Vivian, your job is to create an air extracted version of the spaces, it’s kind of like the Space Warehouse.  I will give you the designs and the young miss will provide resources and support staff. You have to finish this as soon as possible.”

A space with the air extracted?

Could it be Chu Tian was thinking of…..

Vivian’s eyes lit up, “Yes, I’ll definitely work hard to finish it!”

“Young miss, I’ll have to trouble you to send two Heaven’s Punishment airships to the space above Bramble Flower Town.”

Two Heaven’s Punishment airships?

That strength might be enough to even flatten a mountain.  When they dealt with the Marauders that attacked Oldman Small Town, Miracle Commerce had displayed this terrifying power.  Not to mention that it had a long time and Miracle Commerce’s technology was growing every day.

Miracle Commerce’s second generation energy and weapons were maturing, a portion of the Heaven’s Punishment airship’s high altitude bombs have been replaced and improved.  They were much stronger and more overbearing, this was not a joke. Chu Tian was deploying two Heaven’s Punishment airships over the discussion place, was he preparing for war?

Chu Tian saw the young miss’ expression and he laughed, “This is just in case anything happens.  If the City Lord and high level characters all come, I’ll directly blow them up. If Battle Banner City don’t have any leaders, I don’t believe they’ll be able to do anything to us!”

“Would the entire high level personnel appear?  Not to mention that if they are all blown up, how will the Savage Highlands react?  This would basically be giving them a reason to seize Miracle City!” Meng Qingwu had no way of rejecting Chu Tian’s orders, “I will deploy the airships, but I hope you can calm down.  This time isn’t a joke, if something happens, we’ll waste all our efforts and Miracle City will undergo a large crisis.”

Chu Tian said in a somewhat dissatisfied voice, “Young miss, we’ve worked together for this long, you should know that I’m a reasonable person.”

Reasonable would be strange!

Meng Qingwu rolled her eyes at him.

Chu Tian stood up and said, “Everyone make preparations.”

This incident had slowed the development of the city, so Meng Qingwu had dedicated all resources to constructing city defenses, especially focusing on Meng Yingying constructing the Undead Towers.  Nangong Yun had taken a Eye of the Star and closed up, and Vivian was busy constructing her new space.

Although they hoped there would be no war, they still had to prepare.

After three days.

Nangong Yun had absorbed the Eye of the Star and her cultivation which was already quite high reached the 3rd True Spirit Layer.  The two of them headed to Bramble Flower Town.

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