MT Chapter 478


Chapter 478: Completely falling out

Two hours after the large explosion, Battle Banner City was thrown into a stir.

The vice City Lord had led twenty thousand elites with an aura that soared into the sky, a sea like killing intent, and hostility flowing to all four sides, but they were instantly blown up without leaving a single speck.  A resounding slap landed on the faces of everyone from Battle Banner City, leaving all of them stunned!

Who would have thought that Miracle Commerce would have this kind of courage?

Who would have thought that Miracle Commerce would have this kind of strength?


Who would have thought that Miracle Commerce would do something like this?

This large scale destruction and this precise attack, if it landed on Battle Banner City, wouldn’t it be enough to wipe out these orcs?

This explosion did not just destroyed Battle Banner City’s elite troops, it also made Miracle City famous in the forest!

The various influences and large tribes all felt a sword appear above their heads.  As long as Miracle City wanted it, it could easily wipe out a large forest tribe!

This blast was like a warning to the forest that the weak Green City was already gone and Miracle City had the qualifications, the strength, and the courage to stand as a city in the forest.  They shouldn’t think that Miracle Commerce was a weak little rabbit, otherwise their fate would be the same as the twenty thousand soldiers from Battle Banner City!

Battle Banner City had not even declared war on Miracle City and they had already suffered such a huge loss.  The orcs were filled with shock and rage, as the entire city began to discuss this matter.

Kao was sitting on the dragon bone City Lord throne, currently listening to the scout’s reports with closed eyes.  The various generals and tribe leaders were all arguing with one another.

“All eliminated and not a single person left?  Miracle City truly is ruthless!”

“Have we investigated clearly what methods they used?”

“Where did Miracle City get such a strong power?”

The orcs were all breathless from their rage.  They all wanted to lead an army to attack Miracle City, but they were afraid of Miracle Commerce’s attack.

“Enough, be quiet!”  Kao slowly opened a pair of deep red eyes and there were no changes in his eyes at all, “This matter is not considered a bad matter for us.”

Twenty thousand elites being destroyed wasn’t bad?

Sir City Lord’s little brother had also perished in Bramble Flower Town!

Of course, no one dared to mention this matter and only silently waited for the City Lord to speak.

Kao revealed a faint cold smile, “Using twenty thousand people to exchange for a golden chance is worth it.  We can use this reason and officially move against Miracle City, forcing Miracle City to surrender. Even the Elven King will have nothing to say this time!”

“City Lord, you have seen Miracle City’s weapon.  This kind of bombing cannot be resisted by any army, so our army may be blown to ashes before they even reach Miracle City.”

The other orcs and tribe chiefs all nodded.

Miracle City had this kind of strength and weapon, they could even directly attack Battle Banner City.  The problem to consider now, wasn’t it to find out what kind of weapon it was and how to deal with it? Surround them, but how?  Once Battle Banner City’s armies gathered, they could be attacked immediately.

“If my guesses aren’t wrong, this attack consumes a lot of Miracle City’s resources and they can’t attack many times.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t have blown up the twenty thousand troops and directly attacked Battle Banner City.” Kao softly said, “We do not need to mobilize the army, we just need to bring some elites among elites and form some commando teams, attacking Miracle City from different directions, destroying their livelihood.  We’ll make Miracle City’s economy collapse and force them to surrender.”

This was the right method.

Battle Banner City did not need to clash with Miracle City.

First, Miracle City had a strong airborne weapon and second, Battle Banner City did not want to claim a ruined city.  It was unclear what explosive power Miracle City had, so it was too risky to send a large scale army to attack Miracle City.  The best method was to use elites among elites, sending out small units to sabotage the enemy.

Battle Banner City had a deep strength, with experts like clouds.  Miracle City did not have a method to resist at all.

Kaos did not wait for the others to give their opinion and immediately gave his order, “Have the air forces patrol Battle Banner City twenty four hours and have the city protection barrier prepared to deploy at any second.  Also, have a hundred elite soldiers from each army picked out to form a three thousand men commando team, and have them attack Miracle City quickly and ruthlessly. Don’t directly fight with Miracle City’s forces, retreat when they attack and attack when they retreat, hitting them when they’re tired.  We’ll attack all their production fields and create fear and chaos!”


Miracle City’s side, Meng Qingwu had always been paying close attention to Bramble Flower Town’s situation.  When she knew that Chu Tian gave the order for the bombing, Meng Qingwu felt her heart sink and knew that the negotiations were off.

“Zero, immediately pass down the orders.  Close all the production areas outside the city and immediately have the army prepare themselves to guard against Battle Banner City’s sneak attack!”

“Understood vice City Lord!”

Meng Qingwu prepared everything and she returned to the city’s Transfer Tower.

Chu Tian was already back with Nangong Yun.  Chu Tian immediately called out when he saw Meng Qingwu, “Young miss, how are the fireworks I set off?”

“What are you doing?”  Meng Qingwu had a serious face of complaint, “Why did you directly blow them up!  Didn’t we already say that even if the other side gave excessive conditions, we would pretend to agree first to buy time for Miracle City?  We can at least make a few more Source Energy Bombs in the factory if we had another week. Directly falling out with them, we’ll be in a large amount of trouble.”

“Big sister Qingwu, you don’t know how hateful those fellows were!”  Nangong Yung was already wearing a new set of clothes, “I felt boss did the right thing, we should blow up those bastards!”

Meng Qingwu rubbed her forehead, “This direct blast, there will be at least three consequences.  First, we will have revealed the Heaven’s Punishment power beforehand, which means we can’t directly attack Battle Banner City anymore.  Second, the Eternal Forest will have a strong resentment to us. Not only will they not send an army, they will also stop the Elven King from making a move.  Third, Battle Banner City has obtained a reason because of this and the war between the two cities can occur ahead of time! This will force us to move very passively.”

Battle Banner City had to fear the power behind Miracle City.  Although the Eternal Forest was just in name, the Elven King had given the city to Chu Tian and appointed his little daughter as the vice City Lord, meaning that the Elven King supported Chu Tian very much.

In other words, if the two sides start fighting and Battle Banner City took the initiative to attack Miracle City.

With his relation to Vivian, the Elven King could bypass the council and directly come to help.

Even if it was the Elven King alone, he would be able to create quite a strong deterrent to Battle Banner City.  After all, he was a peak expert from the Eternal Forest.

This all changed with this one explosion!

Although Battle Banner City had caused trouble first for Miracle City, Miracle City did not have any evidence.

This time Battle Banner City came to discuss with Miracle City in the name of cooperating, but Miracle City killed an entire army of twenty thousand.  This gave Battle Banner City a justification to invade Miracle City!

The Miracle City City Lord had set up a trap.

Killing twenty thousand elites and the vice City Lord!

This reason was more than enough!

With how stubborn the Elven Council was, to protect the Eternal Forest’s fame, not only will they not send an elven army, they would even stop the Elven King from making a move.  On the surface, it seemed like Miracle Commerce gained a lot, but it was actually pushing them off a cliff. They would meet a terrible death by being even slightly negligent.

“Blowing up the twenty thousand troops of Battle Banner City also brings quite a bit of benefits.  First, it will be a heavy loss to Battle Banner City, dropping their confidence and stopping them from sending large armies temporarily.  Second, it will increase Miracle City’s morale, restoring the local tribes’ faith in Miracle City. Third, Miracle City will truly become a forest city, deterring all the medium and small tribes around.  Battle Banner City can’t attempt to pull in the small forces around to surround Miracle City.”

Meng Qingwu found that discussing this with Chu Tian was useless.  Since they had been blown up already, there was no use mentioning it, “If I was Kao, after experiencing this destructive attack from Miracle City, there is no doubt I wouldn’t send a large scale army.  But he would definitely investigate while sending elites on sneak attacks, so how should we deal with this?”

The small harassment Battle Banner City had made against Miracle City had caused quite a bit of trouble.

With how big the matter is now, Battle Banner City will definitely increase their forces a hundred times.  Miracle City’s production cannot continue and there was the danger of it being completely destroyed.

The so called easy to dodge a bright spear, but hard to dodge a hidden arrow.

If the two armies directly fought each other, Meng Qingwu would not need to fear them.  The problem was that the forest geography was too complex and this kind of commando attack was not easy to defend against.

“Relax, I have a way.  How is Yingying’s work going?”

“The Undead Towers have already been made.”

“Good, let’s go and see.”

Meng Yingying over the past few days have been busy directing the construction of the Undead Towers.  The blueprints were made by Chu Tian and with the environment’s support, Meng Yingying can simulate a death attributed source spirit, so she could be personally involved.

Chu Tian had made major changes to the Lich’s Undead Tower.  A main Undead Tower was placed in the center of the undead ruins and other Undead Towers were scattered around Miracle City.  The main tower would would send energy through the underground spirit veins, forming a protective barrier around Miracle City.

Of course the protective value of these Undead Towers were not big.

This was because the Undead Towers were distributed too sparsely, not enough to create a defensive area around Miracle City.  Meng Qingwu was very confused by Chu Tian’s design, this design couldn’t even compare to the Lich’s design from before. It directly gathered large amounts of energy in the Undead Tower, sending it into the sky and directly attacking an area.

Meng Qingwu was confused, but she didn’t ask any questions.

These Undead Towers were arranged by Chu Tian and Chu Tian’s things wouldn’t be worse than the Lich’s, so he must have his own reason for arranging things like this.

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