MT Chapter 48


Chapter 48: Source Energy Hot Pot City

The next morning, before there was any light.

There was still no light.

Chu Tian was ruthlessly shaken awake.

A cute round oval face appeared in front of his eyes, white and tender, just like cream, almost as water was going to drip out.  Following the snow white jade neck down, were two furious white peaks, the waves ran high, the gully was deep, both eyes were flowing, slender delicate eyebrows, a pair of sparkling black eyes were staring at him.


Chu Tian turned around and went back to sleep, he muttered, “Where did this beautiful angel come from?  Looks like I’m still dreaming!”

Meng Yingying’s small face turned red, there were sweet feelings in her heart.  Where did this fellow learn to talk? He was obviously infuriating, but people could not get mad at him.

She rushed like a hungry tiger, grabbing and scratching, “Get up!  Get up!  Today is the big day!  You have to participate!”

Chu Tian was pulled and dragged out.

They rushed over to Yingying’s Hot Pot City.

Nangong Yun wore her rarely worn formal dress, her usually scattered hair, was carefully organized.  With her delicate facial features and tall figure, she looked like a model of a young miss from a respected family…. Of course, this was provided she did not talk!

Nangong Yun rushed in, burning with impatience, straining her voice she shouted, “Hey! How come you’re just coming in!  Today is the day of our grand opening!  Quickly come and help!”

They rushed to finish up the preparations.

From the east, the big red sun slowly rose.

Eighty staff members, all wearing the same uniform, neatly stood in front of the restaurant.

Meng Qingwu came wearing a beautiful solemn formal dress, tall peach like figure, a light body, a dignified and elegant presence.  Black hair like paint, skin like jade, beautiful eyes full of hope, a half frown and smile eluded a kind of unspeakable charm.  Just like a budding peony, beautiful, but not demonic, alluring, but not crass, ravishingly beautiful, without equal.

“Congratulations little miss!”

“Congratulations second miss!”

“Congratulations teacher!”

Zhang Liqing and Xiong Tianyan came early to congratulate them.

Because the Miracle Commerce restaurant’s grand opening was big news in South Sky City.  As the time passed, more and more people came, and not that long, it was so full that not even a drop of water could leak out.

Some second and third class families sent some people to bring gifts.

At this time a luxurious beast carriage slowly drove up.  Surrounded by ten or so of the Mayor’s palace guards, Nangong Yi came out causing the crowd to gather and cheer.

“Sir Mayor has arrived!”

“Unexpectedly sir Mayor has come too!”

The crowd was shocked, they had never heard of a restaurant opening that could catch the Mayor’s attention to come and support them.

The ribbon cutting ceremony could begin.

Meng Qingwu, as the vice president of Miracle Commerce, personally hosted the ceremony, then asked the two head of Miracle Commerce’s catering division to come onto the stage.  Finally she asked the honoured guests to come onto the stage.

Nangong Yi, Zhang Liqing, Xiong Tianyan, Chu Tian, Meng Qingwu, Meng Yingying, Nangong Yun.

A stir burst from the crowd.

They were all famous people!

At this time, a group of attractive ceremonial girls came out, in each of their hands was a scarlet clothed plate.  In each tray were a pair of scissors, the ceremonial girls would put on the red silk cloth and pull it far apart.

“The ribbon cutting ceremony will now start!”

Everyone picked up the scissors together and cut the red silk string.

Suddenly, bells and drums rang out, the crowd burst into joyous celebration, the excitement in the atmosphere was extreme.

Although the ceremony was very troublesome, it was still very necessary.  Having celebrities laugh joyously, then take the opportunity to create hype.  A small restaurant’s grand opening attracted the Mayor and Symbol Technique Guild Master to come participate, it was difficult for it to not become popular!

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun look at each other and nodded their heads together.

Meng Yingying loudly announced, “Friends, fellow residents, today is Yingying’s Hot Pot City’s grand opening day and to repay everyone’s support and affection, in the next ten days, every time you spend 5 gold coins, you get 1 coin back in rebate, which you can redeem whenever you shop at our main store!”

The crowd loudly cheered!

Chu Tian gawked and then asked Meng Qingwu, “Giving back rebates, did you teach them this?”

Meng Qingwu was bewildered, “No I didn’t, what is this giving back rebates?”

“Fuck, doesn’t South Sky City have this strategy of giving out rebates?” Chu Tian was frightened by this fact, “This idea, there was no way those two fellows could think of this!”

Meng Yingying continued to announce, “Beyond the preferential rebates, our Yingying’s Hot Pot City will also offer membership cards.  With membership cards you can enjoy a discount of up to 30% and have many privileges.

Nangong Yun stood up and added, “The Miracle Commerce dining membership card will not only be effective in Yingying’s Hot Pot City, but rather can be used in any of Miracle Commerce’s restaurants.  In celebration of the grand opening, for the next three days, every time you charge 100 gold coins to the card we’ll add 10 gold coins, if you charge 200 gold coins we’ll add 30 gold coins, if you charge 300 gold coins we’ll add 80 gold coins, if you charge 500 gold coins we’ll add 100 gold coins… This offer is for a limited time, so we hope everyone takes advantage of it.

Meng Qingwu was frightened.

These two really hid their plans well!

In this era, demon beasts ran rampant, there were scarcely populated areas, so there was not much transportation and information was hard to spread.  The business model was very simple, but things like giving rebates and membership card classes had not appeared in South Sky City yet.

They never would have thought that the first time it was implemented, would be done by these two who everyone thought were two good for nothings!

Nangong Yi almost broke into tears.

God bless the Nangong Family!

His daughter had the Fire Phoenix Source spirit and now that she was following these people, her brain had also improved. In the future, who could stop her!

[TL note : Lol this dad is so mean.]

The restaurant had officially begun business.

Countless people swarmed in, the Source Energy dining room’s main delicacy was Demon Beast meat, so their main market was cultivators, but South Sky City had around 200,000 cultivators, so their market potential was enormous.

The waiters handed out menus.

Black iron pork – 30 silver coins per serving.

Moonlight yak meat – 40 silver coins per serving.

Double horned antelope meat – 40 silver coins per serving.

Giant hoof deer beast meat – 50 silver coins per serving.


As the guests examined the menus, they were surprised to find that each meat dish generally cost between 20-50 silver coins and for a vegetarian diet, the price generally was not higher than 20 silver coins.

This was not expensive!

Some of the big hotels in South Sky City offered dishes with ordinary ingredients for around the same price, but Yingying’s Hot Pot City offered Demon Beast meat.  Moreover, it was the only restaurant that did, so everyone thought they would have an outrageous price, but they did not think that it would be so cheap.

When the dishes came, people were disappointed because they thought the portions were too small.  One plate of moonlight yak meat was around the same as one fourth of a single steak from Meng Yingying’s food stand.

After all, hot pot was not a popular dish in South Sky City, people were used to eating in restaurants, therefore they felt that the hot pot portions were too small.

But thinking about it carefully.

This place catered to cultivators and the price was in an acceptable range.

But this was a Source Energy restaurant that catered specifically to cultivators, so they could not compare it to an ordinary hotel could they?  Also there was a membership card system here, so with a membership card they could come over and over and receive a discount.

Naturally, for most people here, they had never eaten with Source Energy cooking so they did not know if it was good or not, the had to taste it to know.

A plate of beef and pork meat was poured into the special Source Energy pot.

Not long passed before a delicious fragrance filled the inside and outside of the restaurant.  The entire street could smell this weird fragrance which ordinary food could not compare to.

“This pork meat is too delicious!”

“Right, right, normally the black iron pig meat is hard and old, but if you boil it in the pot for 5 to 6 minutes, it unexpectedly becomes tender and delicious!”

“This is really too delicious!  You guys, quickly come try the beef!”

“I have never tasted such delicious Demon Beast meat!”

“This is definitely worth the money spent!”

“We’ll go register for a membership card, from now on we’ll eat here!”

“Boss, we have a few people that want to register for a membership card!”


When Meng Qingwu purchased the restaurant, she had set up a special area where people could bring in their own ingredients and they would charge a fix rate for the number of people.

After all, Demon Beasts were not farmed, so the daily flow of meat from the market was not enough to sustain their need.  Doing this slightly helped to relieve the problem.

The restaurant was packed full of people, outside the door were several hundred people lining up.

This was the one of a kind Source Energy cooking!

Who did not want to try a taste?

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun saw their business explode, their mouths turned into crooked smiles.  From each dish, they earned a 5 to 10 times profit and if their daily business was this popular, then the restaurant was truly a cash cow!

But this was merely the beginning!

This was merely the start of the Miracle Commerce dining department!

This was merely the start of Miracle Commerce!

Chu Tian, Xiong Bing, Nangong Yi, and Meng Qingwu sat in a private room and they ordered a whole table of garlic chives.

“Interesting, very interesting!”

“This is half eating and half cultivating, truly the best of both worlds, ha, ha!”

Xiong Bing used his spirit energy and saw that the pot was covered in an invisible ability and waves of heat burst out.  Taking several thin pieces lamb meat, he placed them in the pot and they turned tender.

Eating the meat, his body felt warm and comfortable, if only he had some good wine, this would be truly enjoyable!

Xiong Bing ate six to seven plates of meat, feeling unsatisfied, he ordered another dozen plates, then turned to Chu Tian to offer his opinion, “I find that in your restaurant, there is only level 1 Demon Beast meat, why don’t you offer level 2 Demon Beast meat?  For Awakened Soul cultivators like us, level 1 Demon Beast meat does not have much use.”

Chu Tian nodded his head and said, “Level 2 meat requires a level 2 cooking array, but also requires an Awakened Soul cultivator to start it, in South Sky City there aren’t that many Awakened Soul cultivators so I haven’t taken it out yet.  But, I could open up a luxurious area that specially caters to Awakened Soul cultivators, but it would require you to have a gold membership card.”

Xiong Bing laughed, “You little brat, you unexpectedly even had a solution for my idea!”

The membership cards of Miracle Commerce were divided into black iron, bronze, silver, and gold categories.  You needed to charge 50 gold coins to become a black iron member and would enjoy a 5% discount.  To become a gold member, you needed to charge 1000 gold coins and would enjoy a 30% discount.

1000 gold coins was not a small number!

In South Sky City, the people that had the ability to become a gold member were people that were a part of a first class company or a first class family.

Xiong Bing grandly said, “Father will just register as a gold member!”

“But talking about this,” Xiong Bing’s voice lowered, “Who in Miracle dining department doesn’t know that Nangong Family and Xiong Family both have shares in Southern Cloud Commerce? Now, even though that the Miracle restaurant is doing so well, Southern Cloud Commerce is still in a dangerous position, this isn’t right!”

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