MT Chapter 482


Chapter 482: Large crisis

The Battle Banner City’s great commander was wiped out in a single day without accomplishing anything, not a single one could escape!  If they said that the matter in Bramble Flower Town was because of Miracle Commerce’s underhanded methods and unknown weapons, what could they use to explain it this time?  The one launching the sneak attack was Battle Banner City!

Miracle City not only had a strong offensive power.

It also had a watertight defensive ability!

It was impossible for this matter not to spread across the forest.


The orc city did not have any production abilities, they relied mainly on protection fees, extortion, and robbing.  The hit to Battle Banner City from these two losses were just too great. Not only had they lost two Spirit Transformation Experts, they had thrown Battle Banner City’s face to the ground, causing them to lose prestige.  How could they obtain protection fees now?

City Lord Kao had disappeared after learning of this matter and no one in the city could find him for several days.  He did not come out to offer words of comfort and didn’t give any plans to counterattack.

The entirety of Battle Banner City was discussing this fervently for three days before Kao finally appeared.  He called the entire council and discussed how they should solve their current problem.

“What is there to say!”

“We’ll fight with them to the end!”

“Gather the army and slaughter Miracle City!”

The suppressed anger of the Battle Banner City’s management finally exploded.

This great shame needed to be washed away with blood, otherwise how could Battle Banner City remain standing in the forest.

Kao faced the weathered generals and his face was very calm, not showing any fluctuations.  He used his eyes to indicate an old troll holding a cane sitting on the first seat to his left.

“This kind of matter, I am also very angry, but this is a special matter, so everyone needs to remain calm.”  This was the troll tribe’s guest official Keno who was Kao’s head of staff. After the vice City Lord and the great commander were killed, Keno’s position among Kao’s group had risen and now he was the second ranked person in Battle Banner City, “We’ve failed because we’ve underestimated Miracle City.  We can’t judge how many trump cards Miracle City have in their hand, so we can’t act rashly.”

“Keno, are you too scared of Miracle City?”

“Battle Banner City has hundreds of thousands of warriors, do we still need to fear Miracle City?”

Even if Keno was the second ranked person in Battle Banner City, he was still an outsider and wasn’t easily accepted.  Especially in this situation when everyone had different opinions, naturally he would be refuted by these military officers.

“We didn’t saw we wouldn’t fight.”  Kao did not pay attention to these officers who kept screaming for war, “Let Keno give his opinion.”

“Reporting to the City Lord, with Miracle City’s momentum and their citizens’ morale at a peak, the surrounding tribes can’t be turned and will only help Miracle City.  Even if Battle Banner City has a well-trained army, even if we discount the accidents that may happen and directly attack Miracle City, there are still three large mistakes.”


“What mistakes are there in attacking Miracle City?”

“Are you even someone from Battle Banner City!”

Keno completely ignored these brainless fellows and slowly said, “First, from the two previous performances, Miracle City is not weak, which is an undeniable fact.  A forceful attack will result in losses which will offset the gains. Second, it is impossible for us to negotiate with Miracle City’s City Lord and there are many people that covet this fat piece of meat.  These fellows aren’t making a move because they are watching and waiting for us to fight Miracle City, waiting to reap the benefits. How could we follow their wills? Third, Miracle City’s City Lord was directly appointed by the Elven King and Miracle City’s vice City Lord is the Elven King’s daughter.  If we attack, it is inevitable that we’ll offend a peak Forest of Chaos expert! In summary, using all our strength to fight to the death with Miracle City is not sane, we must change our strategy!”

The orc generals were all filled with righteous indignation.

But thinking about it, Keno’s words were not without reason.

Kao softly asked, “Do you have a solution?”

Keno cupped his hands, “We used methods that didn’t start a war to compel Miracle City to come to Battle Banner’s side, but now this method can be considered a failure.  Now that methods that don’t start a war can’t solve the problem, we do need to fight, but we need to come up with a special war strategy.”

Since they had to fight.

How should they fight?

“This subordinate thinks that the current situation is that a single person can’t swallow all the food!”  Keno slowly explained, “There are many influences that covet Miracle City in the forest, they are just waiting to reap the benefits after we fight Miracle Commerce and weaken both sides.  How about we find some other powers to work together with and fight Miracle City together, sharing the benefits. Doing this will reduce failure and increase our chances of winning, as well as avoiding extra worries.”

Kao closed his eyes, “How will we divide the things?”

Cities working with cities, powers working with powers, this was not strange in Miracle City.

The problem was that everyone had their own worries and wanted a bit more profit for themselves, so it was hard to divide things evenly.

“The city, the treasures, the resources, and the source stones we don’t want at all, let them struggle for it.”  Keno slowly said, “We’ll use take people in the name of revenge, using this chance to take Miracle City’s City Lord Chu Tian and the key personnel for their production and research areas.  The forest large cities don’t know Miracle City’s true value and can only see the superficial benefits. We’ll let them struggle over the treasures and land, and we’ll be able to avoid quite a bit of trouble giving up those hot potatoes, as well as avoiding the greed of the other powers.  In the future, all of Miracle Commerce’s technology will be used by Battle Banner City and it will be too late when they discover it.”

The orcs looked at each other in blank dismay.

When was not stealing anything when attacking a city and only kidnapping people reasonable?

“Good!”  Kao’s opened eyes sparkled, “This matter will be left to you, I want to see results as soon as possible.”

“This subordinate will not let down the City Lord’s expectations!”

Keno left Battle Banner City to visit the other cities as a messenger.


An explosive piece of news passed through the Forest of Chaos.

The Winged Race’s Cloud End City would send out a hundred thousand Winged Race soldiers.  They were like a cloud that filled the sky as they headed towards Battle Banner City.

The Green Giant Race’s Emerald City had a hundred thousand Green Giants appear through the city’s mountain ranges.  They crushed through countless trees as they headed towards Battle Banner City like bulldozers.

Other than that, there was ever more news.  The underground world’s Spirit Insect’s city had sent out a hundred thousand spider clan soldiers, heading towards Battle Banner City.

With these unusual signs coming together, it indicated to one piece of news.  The forest was about to be filled with a large war!

Behind the Winged Race’s Cloud End City was the Dragon’s Ridge.

Behind the Green Giant’s Emerald City was the Giant’s Mountain Range.

The underground forces were the subordinates of the mysterious Spider Queen.

In other words, other than the west sea’s Sea Race and the Eternal Forest’s elven race, almost all of the super powers in the Forest of Chaos had come together, pointing their spears at Miracle City!

The four cities in this alliance, other than the mysterious Spirit Insects of the underground world which no one knew about, the other three cities were considered large cities in the Forest of Chaos.  Even if Miracle Commerce was facing any one of them alone, they wouldn’t have a high chance of winning, so there was no need to mention four of them!

After a few days, Battle Banner City.

The army of hundreds of thousands spread out over tens of miles!

The Winged Race was similar to the human race, but they had a pair of giant bird wings on their back.  They were a rare airborne intelligent race, naturally having the ability to fly. The hundred thousand Winged Race members could suppress Miracle City’s not to strong airborne army, destroying Miracle City’s defenses and facilities from the sky!

The Green Giants were a subspecies of the giant race.  They had strong muscles and dark green skin, generally reaching over three meters.  Their builds were not inferior to barbarians, ogres, or Minotaurs, having thick muscle that was hard for blades to enter.  They also had infinite strength which was comparable to the berserkers. If a hundred thousand Green Giants attacked at the same time, that terrifying picture was hard for a normal person to imagine.

The spider race warriors were not weak.  They were good with poison, making traps, and had a strong tracking ability, as well as being able to dig through the ground.  They could attack enemies from the ground with earth spikes or earthquakes, which were close to impossible to guard against.

Finally there was Battle Banner City’s orc army.  The orcs were fierce in battle, definitely the backbone fighting strength on the battlefield!

The alliance this time could cover the ground, the sky, and under the earth.  The gathered battle strength was absolutely overwhelming and it was impossible for Miracle City to fight back.

The Winged Race’s leader directly announced, “We want Miracle City’s ores and materials.”

The Green Giant Race’s leader said, “Miracle City will be turned over to our Emerald City!”

The spider race leader said, “The spider race is interested in the mines and Miracle City’s underground research facility.”

“Good, good, you’ve all come from far away, of course I can’t let you all suffer a loss!”  Kao raised his wine cup high up and loudly said, “Let us drink this wine and destroy Miracle City in one fell swoop, eliminating them forever from the Forest of Chaos’ map!”

“Good, eliminate Miracle City!”

“Chase those damn humans out of the forest!”

When the several leaders saw that Battle Banner City didn’t want any benefits, they felt it was strange and they were surprised.  It should be because that after suffering two losses, Battle Banner City didn’t care about any benefits at this point. The most important thing for them was to destroy Miracle City to restore their face!

The allied army of the four cities were officially formed.

This coalition hadn’t been heard of in over a hundred years.  The forest was filled with wandering tribes, but everyone was focused on this coalition army now.

There was no choice.

Battle Banner City was brutal and the allied army was just too strong.

These four cities could be considered first rate cities with experts like clouds and powerful armies.  Green City could only be considered a second or third rate city and now that it had been renamed Miracle City and was taken over by Chu Tian’s group, how much of a change could have happened in this short period of time?

Even if they used all their Source Energy Weapon and Miracle City deployed all their troops, it was impossible to stop the elite troops of the four cities!

Miracle City would surely be defeated this time!

This was because in front of this overwhelming strength, Miracle City did not have any allies and the Eternal Forest would not help.  Doing anything would be futile!

Countless forest robbers and locals were forced into joining, reaching several hundreds of thousands.  Almost all the large and small powers in the area were all aiming their swords at Miracle City.

This was an unprecedented large crisis!

Miracle City could be razed in just an instant!

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