MT Chapter 483


Chapter 483: Seed of hope

Vivian reported the situation with her project, “Big brother Chu Tian, I have already finished my task.”

“Is that so!”  Chu Tian was busy strengthening the Divine Servants, but he stopped when he received the call from Vivian, “Your speed isn’t bad, this merit will be recorded.  Go and take a rest first.”

In a valley in Miracle City, Chu Tian had created a Spiritual Energy Gathering Array, concentrating most of Miracle City’s spiritual energy here, it was not worse than the six spiritual mountains of Great Zhou.  It was not even inferior to any treasured training grounds on the continent, after all they were all manufactured locations.

The spiritual energy in the Miracle Mountain Range dissipated as it all gathered inside this valley.  Therefore it made it even more pure and it was even possible to grow Immortal Herbs.


Chu Tian felt like he was in a paradise when he arrived in the valley.

The valley was filled with blooming flowers and the Flower Fairy tribe had moved half of the Flower Fairy Gardens over.  The tens of thousands of herbs in Miracle City was now basically being planted by the Flower Fairy tribe. This place was Miracle City’s hidden garden.

The Miracle Gardens had several hundred Flower Fairies.  Flower Fairies were aloof from the world and liked this kind of environment.  This Miracle Garden was transformed by Chu Tian, so this garden filled with spiritual energy was now regarded as a home for the Flower Fairies.

The little fox’s eyes fell onto the medicine field, but it was blocked by a group of Flower Fairies.  Lulu had two hands on her waist as she stood in front of the little fox, “Little fox, you’re here to steal food again?  You’re not worried about being slapped!”

Chu Tian bent over to pick the little fox up by the neck and revealed a faint smile to Lulu, “After not seeing each other for a few days, have you adapted to living here?”

“Ai, ya, ya, why are you here again?”  Lulu and the other Flower Fairies all called out.  They all flew over and surrounded him as they kept talking, “This place is very good, it’s not worse than the Flower Fairy Gardens at all.  Moreover, we frequently make films and spiritual spaces, so life here is more interesting than before. Only big brother Chu Tian is really something, not coming to see us at all!  Could it be you’ve already forgotten us?”

“Sorry, sorry, I’ll come more in the future.”

Chu Tian casually said before walking to the center of the garden.

This was an empty area that was specially cleaned out.  It was around a hundred meters and there was a hexagram shaped array on it.

If one looked closely, they could see that this hexagram array was a space catching array and one of the basic technology for the Space Warehouse.  The haxagram array was a six sided array, that was very complex, allowing it to catch six different spaces and put them together.

The hexagram array was surrounded by grass and there were several silver energy tubes around it.  Each one was around ten meters tall, looking like a tall tower. These were being used to provide energy for the source energy array.

Chu Tian confirmed that there were no problems.

Vivian had worked quite carefully!

“Have your sisters come over.”  Chu Tian said to Lulu on the side, “We’re about to start working.”

Lulu and the Flower Fairies revealed serious expressions.  They knew that what Chu Tian wanted to do was something the Flower Fairies had wanted to accomplish for thousands of years.  If Chu Tian could really do it, he would be a great person that had created a miracle!

“First bring the seed over.”


Lulu took out a normal looking seed.  There was nothing special about this seed at all, it looked like a little stone one could pick up beside any road.

“Please place the seed in the center.   This entire process will require the Flower Fairies’ energy to proceed.”

The Flower Fairies carefully placed it in the center of the hexagram formation.  Several hundred Flower Fairies surrounding the seed raised their hands and a faint light was released, surrounding the seed, slowly entering it.

There was no effect at all.

The essence inside the Flower Fairies could nourish Immortal Herbs, but there was no effect at all.  It was like this was just a normal stone.

At this time, Chu Tian activated the source energy array.

Six different spaces were caught by the array and the primitive space aura was extracted continuously from within, finally being guided to the center.  Like a sponge absorbing water, the seed instantly swallowed all the space aura.

After several minutes.

A soft cracking sound that was hard to catch rang out as the surface of the stone cracked, creating a small fissure.  There was an incomparably vigorous energy that was released from within.

Chu Tian felt this strength charging forward and he felt all his pores and meridians opening.

How ancient and pure was this life energy?


“There’s a reaction!”

“There’s a reaction!”

The Flower Fairies all shouted in joy, but there was only a small change now.  To let this stone completely bloom, it was not something that could be done in a single day.

Chu Tian felt the traces of energy flowing through his meridians, it was unknown what effect it would have if there was a bit more.


This was the legendary Tree of Life?

Chu Tian said to Lulu, “There is only one chance, it’ll be much harder to awaken the seed if we fail now.  You have to gather all your essence and not stop even if the sky falls, understood?”


“We will definitely succeed!”

The voices of the Flower Fairies were shaking a bit.  To awaken the Tree of Life Seed, this was their dream over thousands of years!

When Chu Tian found Vivian, she was eating fruits with Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun was chatting with them.

“Big brother Chu Tian, how is it?”

“You did pretty good.”

This period of time was exhausting for her, but there was no other choice.  Who told Miracle Commerce to only have three people with spatial energy? Chu Tian definitely wouldn’t personally do this thing and Meng Yingying’s mirror would only have half the strength, so who else could do it if not her?

It was very tiring, but doing something that only she could do, Vivian felt very proud.  At least it was better than working in the City Lord’s Fort the entire day, after all in terms of managing the city, she couldn’t even compare to a single one of Meng Qingwu’s fingers.

What did big brother Chu Tian want to do?

Did he really think he could stimulate the Tree of Life Seed!

Whether it was the Flower Fairies, the elves, or the Treants, this was an impossible matter for them for tens of thousands of years!

“There have been this many things that happened over the past few days?  Those green frogs deserve this bad luck!” Vivian viciously swallowed a fruit.  She was probably treating this fruit as City Lord Kao and was using her teeth to bite it apart, “Annoying our Miracle City, he’s tired of living!”

“Right, right!”

The two girls nodded along.

Miracle City was becoming more and more prosperous every day.  Miracle City was not just a city managed by Miracle Commerce, it was the perfect home created by everyone working together, so everyone was filled with sentiment for the city.

“Misses and sir, sorry for disturbing you.”  Zero’s voice came from the speaker in the room, “The vice City Lord has an urgent matter and has asked you to the meeting hall to see her.”

Meng Qingwu had an urgent matter?

These people did not dare stall.  Vivian used a teleport and they arrived in the meeting hall.

Chu Tian saw a figure he hadn’t seen in quite a few days.  With a rich figure, white hair, and the characteristics of a spirit beast, it was the fox beauty Delores.  Delores was Miracle City’s finance officer and in charge of the caravans. She should be outside right now, so why did she suddenly come back?

She probably used a precious Town Return Scroll to instantly return to the city.  Looking at her tired and nervous appearance, as well as Meng Qingwu’s serious expression, perhaps something incredible has happened.

“Young miss, did something happen?”

“This matter isn’t small.”  Meng Qingwu said, “First listen to the report Delores brought back.”

“The fox caravan worked hard to create several deals, but they all decided to cut ties with Miracle City in one night and even chased our fox merchants!”  Delores reported what happened recently, “I’ve asked around for the reason and they said they’ve all decided to hire themselves to the four cities army to attack Miracle City!”

“Four cities army?”  Meng Yingying felt this was a bit strange, “Where did this four cities army come from!”

“You don’t know this, but Miracle City’s recent performance have made the surrounding powers envious.  Because of Miracle Commerce’s quick development and rapidly increasing power, there are some large powers that have felt pressured, therefore we’ve become an area of public criticism!”  Delores said with a serious face, “Battle Banner City, Emerald City, Cloud End City, as well as Crypt City, these four cities have entered into an alliance, gathering at least five hundred thousand people who are all their elites!  The most terrifying thing is that their momentum is too strong and there are many large tribes and locals that have all gathered. Their army is still expanding and I think it’ll surpass one million!”

Everyone was stunned.

One million?  An army of one million!

It was the combined forces of four cities?

Miracle City didn’t have any chance of winning like this!

“What is the current gathering situation?”  Meng Qingwu quickly asked, “How much time do we have to prepare?”

“There is no time.  When I came back, the armies of the four cities had gathered and the local tribes should be reacting.”  Delores said with a pessimistic look, “Miracle City was reformed from the gnomes’ Green City, it’s weak whether in terms of city defenses or alliances, and we can’t find any new alliances now, so we can’t fight resist them.  Our current situation is very bad, Miracle Commerce is in for a large amount of trouble this time!”

Meng Qingwu had guessed that Battle Banner City would seek outside help, but she never would have thought that they would gather such a large force.  Did Miracle City just come across trouble? This was simple annihilation!

What to do?

What should they do?

Everyone looked at Chu Tian.

Who would have thought that Chu Tian would stretch out his hands, “Don’t look at me, I’m not a god.  With four large cities coming together, even if I have a heaven changing method, I don’t have enough time to change anything.”

Chu Tian didn’t have a way?

Was there truly no hope for Miracle City?

Delores’ face instantly turned pale.  Would all their work burst like a bubble?

“Don’t worry so much, there is still a way in the end.”  Chu Tian suddenly said with a deep meaning, “Vivian, can you bring me to the Eternal Forest?”

“You want to go to the Eternal Forest?  Humans can’t enter that place! What are you going there for?”

“I feel it’s time for me to have a serious talk with the elves.”

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