MT Chapter 484


Chapter 484: Cutting off relations

This seemed to be the only way out.

Would the Eternal Forest send help?  Those old elves stayed out of all conflicts, not to mention that behind the ones attacking Miracle City were all giants of the forest.  The Eternal Forest and the elves didn’t stick their heads out, it was almost impossible for them to be involved in this fight.

Chu Tian helplessly waved his hand, “No matter what, we still have to give it a try.  Otherwise, we’re just waiting for death!”

Vivian nodded after hesitating for a few seconds, “Alright, let’s give it a try.”


Meng Qingwu was in a bit of disbelief, “Chu Tian, you’re really planning to ask those old fogeys in the Eternal Forest?”

“Was I joking?  Other than the Eternal Forest, there are no other forces that will save us.”

“Can you convince them?”

“It’s not important if I can convince the elves or not, they will definitely send their troops.”

Where did Chu Tian’s confidence come from.

He was this certain the elves would save Miracle City?

“Miracle City will be handed to all of you.”  Chu Tian patted Vivian’s shoulder, “It’s best we hurry, let’s go!”

Vivian cut through space without another word and the two of them were instantly transported several hundred meters away.

Although Miracle City was far from the Eternal Forest, with Vivian’s spatial ability, this distance didn’t count for anything.  When Vivian almost used all her strength, the two of them appeared outside the Eternal Valley. There was a small white stone path that was covered in fluorescent moss.

Vivian pointed at the path and said, “This is the only entrance into the Eternal Forest.”

The Eternal Forest’s environment was very special, it was similar to a kind of secret space.  Other than that white path, there was no other entrance into the Eternal Forest. Even if one deviated by half a foot and walked in the same direction, they would never reach the Eternal Forest.

Because the Eternal Forest’s space was special and there was a high level barrier, the little white road was the only entrance, which also made the Eternal Forest a secluded paradise.  The elves lived inside in the free and rich world, becoming aloof to the world.

Vivian was a bit lacking in confidence, “If I bring you in, it’ll already break the clan’s rules.  There will be elven experts on the Eternal Little Trail, so whether we can go in or not will depend on luck.”

“It’s fine, let’s give it a try and see.”

Vivian saw that Chu Tian was confident from beginning to end like he was grasping everything in the palm of his hands, causing her heart to feel confident.  There was nothing in this world big brother Chu Tian couldn’t do. Since big brother Chu Tiann was confident, then they would go all out. At worst, it was being caught and locked up for several decades, what did it count for if they could save Miracle City?


“Who are you !”

When Chu Tian had just moved several meters down the small trail, there were cold feelings all around him.  Several dozen elves appeared out of nowhere and each person had a drawn bow. The two people in front had swords pointed at Chu Tian.

The Eternal Forest guards!

Vivian quickly came forward and said, “Don’t misunderstand!  I brought him here!”

“Your highness, princess Vivian?”  One of the leading female elf who looked quite mature was a bit surprised, “Why did you bring a human to the Eternal Little Trail?  Don’t you know this is a serious violation of the clan’s rules? Although you are the Elven King’s daughter, the Elven Council still makes the rules in the Eternal Forest!”

Vivian quickly explained, “This is Miracle City’s City Lord Chu Tian and the City Lord appointed by royal father to manage and develop the city for our Eternal Forest, so he is a part of the Eternal Forest.  It’s not wrong for me to bring him here!”

This reason wasn’t enough to even convince herself!

Not to mention the Eternal Forest’s guards?

What Vivian never would have imagined was that when the elves heard Chu Tian’s name, their eyes lit up, “Ah, this is the famous mister Chu Tian?  Put down your weapons, put down your weapons! It’s a mistake!”

Vivian’s eyes popped open: It can’t be!

Chu Tian was also very surprised.  Didn’t these elves hate humans so much that they wanted to cut them up?  These elves were too courteous, was it because he was too handsome?

The leading female elf looked at Chu Tian with eyes filled with a bit of awe, “There are many Miracle Commerce things in our Eternal Forest, everyone especially likes the video disk player and the magnetic sound device.  It’s a pity that there isn’t a signal here, so we have to secretly go to places with signal just to receive Miracle Commerce’s broadcast!”

“That’s right!”  Another elf said, “When will you bring signal coverage to this place, it won’t be as troublesome for us then.”

“Ha, ha, ha, alright, alright.”  Chu Tian gave a few laughs, “But we’ve met a bit of trouble, can these big sisters let us in?”

“This…..”  The elves were a bit hesitant, “The Eternal Forest has never allowed humans in before, we have to report to his majesty, the Elven King first.  Please wait a bit.”

After saying this.

These elves flew off.

Vivian rarely came to the Eternal Forest, but she never would have thought that Miracle Commerce’s products would have this many customers among the elves.  It was because of these products that the elves had a greater image of Chu Tian and Miracle Commerce, perhaps they might really help!

In the end, the elves reporting Chu Tian in did not come back, but rather a hundred elven guards in dark gold armour and long swords charged out.  They immediately surrounded Chu Tian and Vivian.

Vivian’s face sunk, “What are you doing?  Do you not know who we are!”

The elven guards did not say anything as they sent the two of them into the Eternal Forest.  Although his position didn’t look good, Chu Tian was the only human who had entered the Eternal Forest in tens of thousands of years.

The Eternal Forest was filled with exuberant vitality, as the sun shined its warm rays over the entire forest.  A million elves lived in the trees, living in tree houses, caring about nothing. The beautiful elven song spread to every corner of the forest.

The Elven King’s palace look magnificent, hanging off a cliff covered in waterfalls.  It was chiseled out of pure, snow white jade and each detail was filled with unimaginable artistic and culture significance.

Chu Tian did not have time to properly appreciate it before he was sent in front of the Elven Council.

Several dozen elven elders were already present.

The youngest one was around forty years old, giving off a feeling as gentle as jade.  It was as if every inch of his body was a combination of heaven and earth coming together.

“Royal father!”  Vivian was being held by the guards by the arm as she loudly shouted, “Have these hateful fellows let go!”

The Elven King shook his head with a bitter smile, “Vivian, what did you come here for?  Could it be you don’t know the Eternal Forest isn’t a place you can casually come to?”

The speaker Augusta coldly stood up, “Vivian’s unauthorized entry into the Eternal Forest is already a serious violation of the clan’s rules and now she even brought an outsider in……You’re the manipulative human Chu Tian?  Could it be that young people are becoming more and more unruly, you’re simply a sinner who has broken the elves’ ten thousand year old rules! I have not investigated why you’ve come to the Eternal Forest, so what are you here for?  If you don’t give a reasonable explanation, you shouldn’t think of leaving!”

Although he already knew that the elves were stubborn, he never thought that they would be this stubborn.

It seems like Ulysses was considered not bad.

Chu Tian said in a calm voice, “I’m here to apologize!”

These words did not just stun Vivian, it also made the Elven King, Ulysses, and even the speaker slightly stunned.  Chu Tian had come to the Eternal Forest just to apologize?

Chu Tian continued by saying, “I have let down the Elven King’s great trust and couldn’t guard the city, so I’m here to apologize!”

Augusta looked at the Elven King beside him, “City?  What city?”

The Elven King helplessly replied, “He is referring to Green City.”

“Your majesty, you actually gave Green City to a human to manage?”  Augusta revealed a look of disbelief, “That city does not belong to the elves, what qualification do you have to process it?  Not to mention that even if it did belong to the elves, the city transfer should be decided after the council has deliberated and voted.  You secretly transferring this city does not follow our democratic system, this is blasphemy to our elven etiquette. Our great ancestor Fama said that democracy is higher than everything…..”

Chu Tian believed that this old elf would continue for three days if he let him keep going, so he quickly gave a cough, “The city is on the verge of death and this one is unable to protect it, so we were hoping to return the city to the Eternal Forest and hope the Elven Council lords can take back the city, as well as saving the millions of citizens in Miracle City!”

The Elven King asked with frown, “What happened?”

Chu Tian honestly told him what happened recently, “Right now, Battle Banner City, Cloud End City, Emerald City, and Crypt City have come together to attack Miracle City.  Only the strength of the Eternal Forest can turn the tide. I’m willing to give back the city, I just ask the Elven King and various Elven Council members to save the innocent citizens of Miracle City!”

The Elven King’s brows knit even deeper.

Augusta immediately jumped up and said, “This city was not approved by the Elven Council, so it doesn’t belong to the Eternal Forest, how could the elven race be involved in a war for an illegitimate city?  The elves haven’t fought in many years, we are a peace loving race!”

In order to make his words more convincing.

Augusta added, “The facts prove everything.  No matter what forces battle in the forest over the years, the elves have never been affected, so we don’t need to care about gaining more cities or land, especially cities that would cause chaos or fighting!  On account of you coming to save your citizens, we will exempt you from being charged of any crimes in the Eternal Forest, but please leave immediately, our Eternal Forest does not welcome humans!”

The other Elven Council members all nodded.

It was like they were afraid Miracle City would break the peace of the Eternal Forest.

Vivian gave a bitter smile, the Elven Council were all stubborn like this.  Who could convince them to send out their troops? Now it was time to see what Chu Tian had up his sleeves!

Chu Tian’s eyes opened wide, “The Eternal Forest really won’t save Miracle City?”

“We won’t!”

“The Eternal Forest will really let go of Miracle City?”

“This city is illegitimate!”

“Good!”  Chu Tian revealed a tragic expression, “The Eternal Forest does not accept Miracle City, so I invite the Elven Council members to sign a contract with me, allowing Miracle City and the Eternal Forest to cut off all ties.  From now on, Miracle City will belong to me along and no matter what, the elves cannot use any excuses or reasons to interfere with Miracle City.”

What was this human’s brain thinking?”

Chu Tian said with a renounced look, “Since the Eternal Forest is not willing to accept Miracle City, in this final moment, why should Miracle City fight with the Eternal Forest’s banner?  I want the citizens to fight for themselves in this final moment!”

Augusta did not even think about it, “It should be like this!”

“You can’t regret this!”

“The elves are a race that follows rules, we can’t possible…..”

“Good, good, sign then!”

Under Chu Tian’s supervision, the Elven Council signed the fastest contract in their history.  They signed a contract with the human stating that Miracle City was not recognized by the Eternal Forest and they recognize Miracle City’s autonomy, allowing Miracle City to be an independent city.

“Since it’s like this, this one will bid you farewell!”  Chu Tian looked at Vivian and said, “Since this will be dangerous, I ask the princess to stay in the Eternal Forest!”

After saying this.

Chu Tian disappeared after taking out a scroll, leaving behind a stunned Vivian.

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