MT Chapter 486


Chapter 486: City attack

“This isn’t good!”  A Miracle City bear race warrior ran in front of Nangong Yun in a scared manner, “Big sister Nangong Yun!  The enemies have completely surrounded us!”

“I can see it, this old lady isn’t blind!”  Nangong Yun stood on the high mountain and she could see the enemy’s main camp in the distance.  It was like an endless sea of enemies, “Damn, they really did take out quite a bit to attack Miracle City!”

Miracle City surrounding mountains was completely occupied by the four cities army.  Miracle City was now being defended with the inner ring of mountains. They had no choice but to give up the outer ring because Miracle City could only condense their power if they had a smaller ring to defend.

Everyone was filled with fear, “What should we do now?”


Nangong Yun raised a brow, “What do you think we can do, we can only fight!”

It wasn’t a lie that they couldn’t resist the army of the four large cities, but Miracle City was not a pushover.  Although Miracle City did not have a protective city barrier, there were still several hundred Green Protectors who could form small barriers.

Meng Qingwu had gathered all of Miracle Commerce’s Source Energy Weapons, even taking out the weapons sold to the Southern Summer army, gathering them all in Miracle City.  There were over five hundred cannons, over thirty heavy cannons, and tens of thousands of heavy firearms.

Miracle Commerce’s complete stockpile had been taken out!

The loyal tribes surrounding Miracle City all chose not to revolt, with the hundred-two hundred thousand locals bringing their families into Miracle City.  Most of their battle strength were quite strong youths that had volunteered, making up quite a bit of Miracle City’s defenses.

Dongfang Haoran was quickly called back and Arnold and the others were also called back.  Even Meng Yingying and Delores were participating in this fight. Most of the Southern Summer experts had teleported over to fight as well.

Miracle City had gathered all the forces they could gather!

This was a battle that would decide Miracle City’s life and death.



Two large sounds came from the western mountain ranges.

Zero’s voice came from Nangong Yun’s cell phone, “Careful, there are enemies trying to attack Miracle City from underground.  Because they have entered our mine fields, they have been stopped.”

Nangong Yun took out a map of the enemy’s situation.

This map was a piece of leather with image transport material on it.  The Second Miracle Smart Brain was controlling the Undead Radar to scan the Miracle Mountain Range at a frequency of once per second.  After the information was processed by the central Smart Brain Zero, Zero sent it to the maps in the hands of the frontline commanders.

There were two main frontline commanders, Nangong Yun to the south and Dongfang Haoran to the north.  Each frontline was divided into several areas and troops were sent to every one of those areas. Delores controlled the quick relief troops while Meng Yingying controlled the airships.  Meng Qingwu was at the center controlling the overall situation.

“Humph, idiots, simply seeking death!”

Nangong Yun could clearly see the underground sneak attack on the map.  Miracle City had already expected the spider soldiers to use this method, so they placed Source Energy Mines in the ground, distributed all over Miracle City.  When these spider soldiers approached the minefield, it would be strange if they didn’t blow up!

Zero’s voice sounded again, “Attention, the enemy army is approaching in masses, they are mainly attacking from the southwest.  I have already fired the obstructing missiles and I ask the commanders to prepare for battle.”

They’re finally coming?

Because the battlefield was too big, the naked eye couldn’t see the entire situation.

Nangong Yun tapped the map a few times and the map suddenly changed.  It went from a life signature map to a high altitude map sent from the Heaven’s Eye airship.  Nangong Yun could clearly see a large group of Wings Race soldiers moving towards her position.

These fellows were truly sly, they moved against the mountain ranges so they couldn’t be distinguished with the naked eye.  There was no doubt that they were trying to catch Miracle City off guard.

Nangong Yun gave a cold laugh, “Nine o’clock, Source Energy Cannons, fire!”

Eighty large Source Energy Cannon muzzles were pointed at a slit between two mountain peaks.  Although nothing had appeared, they didn’t care about this. As long as they received their orders, the large cannons would ring out!

When the Source Energy Cannons fired, there was a large cloud that came from behind the mountain.  The Source Energy Cannon shots landed right on it and the Wings Race was caught off guard. A large part of them was instantly killed, resulting in several hundred casualties.

Nangong Yun broke out in laughter, “Those damn bird men don’t know to stay in their bird nests, they actually came to seek death with those green frogs.  We’ll let you see the might of Miracle City!”

The cannons, the Storm Rifles, the crossbows, and the guns.

Miracle Commerce’s advanced Source Energy Weapons began to display their effects with the locals’ crossbows and guns.  Various kinds of light were released and this gorgeous light was dazzling, releasing all kind of terrifying and deafening explosions.  The Wings Race agilely moved through the sky, after all, they were a forest city’s elite troops. Each of the Wings Race soldier was a soldier picked out a hundred, they moved just too fast.  Miracle City’s attacks hit thin air and various wind blades and flames hit Miracle City’s defenses.

The Green Protectors opened their arms and created protective barriers, preventing the Wings Race from harming the defensive line.

At this time, a large group of Green Giants charged over the hills like giant orangutans.  They seemed like humans made of metal and their bodies could clash with the Storm Rifle bullets.  The orc knights formed countless streams as they charged into the valley on the ground. Both sides instantly entered into a fierce battle.

Kao watched from afar and couldn’t help being shocked.

He was filled with joy that they didn’t attack Miracle City alone, otherwise with Battle Banner City’s strength, even if they brought out their entire army, they wouldn’t have been able to take Miracle City.  Even if they did take Miracle City, Battle Banner City’s army would be completely destroyed. The gains did not outweigh the losses

It was just like Keno said.

They would have just prepared everything for the other forces!

Miracle City’s performance was just too unexpected!

Miracle City did not have a large scale city protection barrier.  The mountain ranges around Miracle City did not form a natural defense, but rather it even hindered their counterattack.  Miracle City was a normal forest city, its area was just too big, so this battle was not just a normal defensive battle.

The defender needed to guard a large area that was filled with holes.

The attackers could seize every opportunity, breaking through wherever the defense was weak.

Miracle City was not just at a disadvantage at the beginning of the fight.  In terms of army strength, Miracle City only had a group of self trained berserkers, several tens of thousands of newly recruited soldiers, Green City’s gnome army, and finally the local volunteers.  This group of mixed troops was very uncoordinated, so they wouldn’t be strong.

The army of the four cities were different.

The main forces of this army were all elites from the various cities, they weren’t troops Miracle City could compare to.  With this kind of comparison in terms of terrain and troops, it would be hard for Miracle City to defend against the wild attacks of the coalition army.

The Source Energy Weapons made up for the large gap in battle strength!

The city’s dynamic intelligence system made up for the holes in the city’s defenses!

It was because of this that Miracle City blocked the four cities army’s attack, or at least the first wave of attacks.  Kao had been attacking for an hour and still couldn’t break Miracle City’s defenses. The four cities army’s command was already in chaos and fighting like this would cause more losses than gains, so they all pulled back.

This was truly a bloody battle!

The Wings Race had lost twenty thousand people, the Green Giants had lost fifteen thousand people, the spider people had lost thirty thousand people, and the orc cavalry had lost twenty five thousand people!

They had suffered a total casualty of ninety thousand!

Kao’s face turned pale.  Although Miracle City’s losses weren’t small, this degree of casualties had already surpassed their estimates.

A Wings Race leader complained to Kao, “City Lord Kao, Miracle City is much stronger than we expected.  Our Wings Race has already suffered twenty thousand casualties, but we haven’t broken the enemy’s defenses yet.  I bet Miracle City’s casualties aren’t more than ours!”

“Are you doubting this City Lord’s abilities?”  Kao coldly snorted, “Miracle City clearly has an unknown detection ability.  While we were fighting, I sent over ten ambush squads, but no matter where they tried sneaking in, they were stopped by Miracle City.  As for the strength of their weapons, you should already know how strong they are!”


“Just tell us what we should do!”  The Green Giant leader cut them off, “Our losses are serious, we can’t let our clansmen bleed for nothing!  Miracle City must fall down!”

“Don’t be anxious.”  City Lord Kao sat down and said with a decisive look, “The battle today wasn’t smooth, but Miracle City’s losses can only be more than us!  They used quite a bit of their weapons and they are extremely reliant on their weapons. We just need to recruit large amounts of forest tribe warriors and gather millions of masters, attacking from all directions.  They will attract some of the firepower and reduce the pressure on us, so we can break through Miracle City in one fell swoop!”

Everyone nodded!

This was reasonable, they would use this method!

When they fought to the end, although the four cities army fell into chaos, Miracle City’s firepower was clearly weaker.  There was no doubt that for Miracle City, this kind of intense fighting was very strenuous and it consumed a large amount of their battle strength.


When Nangong Yun returned to the City Lord’s Fort, she was completely burnt black, with her clothes looking completely tattered.  On the battlefield today, the region she had been in charge of had been fiercely attacked. Nangong Yun was still a maniac. Although the other side had experts like clouds, she charged into the frontline without any regards for her own safety.  If it wasn’t for her Starlight Immortal Body and her Great Nirvana Scripture keeping her life save, she would have died ten times over.

When Dongfang Haoran and the others came back, they were all covered in wounds.  The situation was very bad.

Everyone began to report their situation one by one.

Although they had held the defensive lines, they had paid a large price!

Delores said with knit brows, “There are several minefields that are almost out of Source Energy Mines.  If we begin to fight again, perhaps the defensive lines can’t stop the enemy’s spider army.”

If they couldn’t stop the spider people army, the consequences would be serious.

Those fellows might attack Miracle City’s center from underground!

“At the crucial moment in today’s battle, I had several Heaven’s Punishers head out to reverse the battle.  In the end, as soon as half the bombs had been dropped, five-six of those bird men found our position in the air!”  Meng Yingying indignantly said, “Those bird men are all at least in the Heaven Spirit Realm, they are just too fast.  The airships couldn’t escape and the Heaven’s Punishment were all destroyed!”

“There’s also me!”  Nangong Yun slammed a fist on the table, “They destroyed over 60% of the cannons!  Perhaps we won’t have enough firepower in the next battle! Big sister Qingwu, do we still have any more cannons?  Give me another hundred of them!”

“There’s none left!”  Meng Qingwu was also out of solutions.  She shook her head with a sigh, “Even the Great Summer Country’s Four States Lake’s supply of cannons have been sent over.  We’ve used all our strength in this battle, there’s no other way!”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

What should they do now!

The Miracle City’s defense line had not been penetrated, but their defensive power had been greatly reduced.

The second attack of the four cities army would definitely be more intense.  The current Miracle City couldn’t stop this attack.

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