MT Chapter 488


Chapter 488: Large matter of the Eternal Forest

The thousands of year peace of the Eternal Forest had been completely broken!

The elves that had sung for thousands of years finally stopped and the millions of elves stopped their artistic projects.  They left their little tree houses and gathered under the Elven King’s palace. They were densely gathered like a wave, each waiting in hope for news to be announced.

The Elven King urgently gathered the Elven Council.  Whether it was the elegant and gentle Elven King or the stern and stubborn Augusta, they all had serious expressions on their faces.

“There’s no need to doubt it, this is the power of the ancient Tree of Life!”


There was no difference between the ancient Tree of Life and the Ancient Gods!

After the great ancient era ended, it was impossible for these divine things to exist in the world.  Although the elves, the Treants, and the Flower Fairies of tens of thousands of years did everything they could to make the Tree of Life Seed germinate, there was never any hope.

Who would have thought that when the ancient Tree of Life appeared, it would have a very high significance to the elves!

Legends said that the wood elves had been born with wisdom in the shelter of the ancient Tree of Life, existing to even now from the great ancient era.  The ancient Tree of Life was not just the elves’ ancestor, it was the source of the elven civilization, as well as being the source of the elf race’s power.  The ancient Tree of Life had a very large meaning for the elves!

“When the Treants and Flower Fairies chose to believe Chu Tian, it seems like that decision was correct.”  The Elven Council vice speaker Ulysses had a look of joy and excitement, “This is definitely Chu Tian’s masterpiece.  It’s truly unbelievable, he actually did it.”

Augusta’s long, white hair trembled a few times.

It was done by that brat?

What kind of divine object was the ancient Tree of Life?  A lowly and despicable human with his little bit of knowledge, how could he awaken this kind of divine object!

The Elven King Lancelot spoke up, “No matter why the ancient Tree of Life has appeared, I believe it was arranged by destiny.  This is a good omen as large as the heavens, my clan will certainly rise again! Only with the birth of the ancient Tree of Life, the entire forest should have been shaken.  Those fellows must have felt it, so we must personally head over to guard the ancient Tree of Life.”

“Your majesty is right!”  Ulysses said in a voice of approval, “The ancient Tree of Life has appeared in Miracle City and Miracle City is one the brink of destruction, we can’t just sit here and ignore it!”

“This, this…..”  Augusta was still stubborn as a stone, “The Eternal Forest cannot participate in any conflict, this is the teaching passed down through the elven race for tens of thousands of years.  Could it be we are abandoning the wood elf race’s statues?”

This time it was clear the Elven King Lancelot was not going to make any concessions with Augusta, “The elven statutes were set by the ancestors and they made it to regulate the elves’ lives.  The current era is different, desperately clinging on to the old ways will become a shackle for the elves. The ancient Tree of Life is the belief of the wood elves, we can’t break our faith!”

“That’s right!”

The Elven King’s faction all stood up.

These people saw a thousand year good chance.

The elven statute and rules have bound the elves for tens of thousands of years.  If they took this chance to break them, the elves would still have a chance to rise!

“No, no, this goes against the elven spirit of law.”  Augusta fell into a dilemma, “This matter is too important, we need to properly discuss this.  After all, to revise the book of statues, it needs to pass through parliament.”

“There is no time, sir speaker!”  Ulysses stood up with a serious expression, “A minute we waste now is a minute Miracle City is closer to destruction.  Perhaps because we were late by a minute, the ancient Tree of Life will be destroyed. Perhaps because we were late by one steps, the elven race will be filled with regret and we will be condemned through the ages!  Sir speaker, do you wish to be cast aside by the generations of future elves?”

“That’s right!”

“Sir speaker!”

“We should make our move!”

The ancient Tree of Life is different.  We’ll just break the book of statues, I think our ancestors will understand!”

This time it was not just the elven reformists that spoke up, even the traditional elven council members supported taking action.  The Elven Council had a rare moment of unity, but Augusta was still the speaker. If he didn’t nod in agreement, the Elven Council wouldn’t be able to make a decision.

“Sir speaker has always said that the elves were democratic race and ever elf has the right to decide, so let’s see the wish of the people!”

The Elven King did not give Augusta time to hesitate.

There were millions of elves in the forest looking up in hope.

At this time, the Elven King appeared on the balcony and his voice spread all over the Eternal Forest.  Although it wasn’t loud, there seemed to be something invisible in his voice that clearly spread his words to the ears of every elf.

“I want to let everyone know of some good news, the ancient Tree of Life has been born!”

When he said this.

The elves all broke out in cheers.

“The ancient Tree of Life is the wood elves’ source and origin, it has even more power than the Eternal Well.  The elves under the ancient Tree of Life will become even stronger and greater!”

The elves were completely riled up, excitedly hugging each other and cheering.

This was a historical moment for the elves!

“However, currently the ancient Tree of Life is in danger and can be destroyed at any moment.”  The Elven King paused and the entire forest filled with chaos. The elves were filled with worry for the ancient Tree of Life, “We have two choices we can make!”

“The first is to stay in the forest according to the ancient rules.  We can avoid conflict and we will maintain our peaceful lives, but the ancient Tree of Life will be destroyed and stolen.”

“The second is to change the statutes and leave the forest to guard the ancient Tree of Life, guarding the faith of the elves.  We’ll go and create a better era and future for the elves. However, we will be involved in the flames of war, there will be bloodshed, sacrifice, death, and even more risks.”

“Now as the Eternal Forest subjects, as one who has grown up bathed in the sun, please make your decision!”

When the Elven King’s voice fell.

“Save the ancient tree!”

“Save the ancient tree!”

“Save the ancient tree!”

The entire Eternal Forest reverberated with a wave of voices.  Each elf strongly expressed their wishes, each elf was filled with passion.

The Elven King turned around, “Speaker, I think as the head of the Elven Council and a firm defender of elven democracy, you should make your decision!”

“Ai, this kind of decision, I don’t know if it’s right or wrong.”  Augusta’s face twitched a few times before helplessly making his decision.  He understood that the ancient Tree of Life could give the elves a stronger power, but it could also create powerful enemies for the elves, bringing unprecedented dispute to the Eternal Forest.  The elves by nature disliked conflict. Would this decision be right or wrong? Would it be a blessing or a calamity, “First we’ll preserve the ancient Tree of Life, we’ll discuss everything else afterwards!”


“Then it’s decided!”

After the speaker agreed, this matter was decided.

The Elven Council announced the news and the Eternal Forest shook once again.  Each elf returned to their home and brought out their dusty bows and swords they hadn’t used in many years.  They all surged out of the forest to save Miracle City.

“Why are you all getting riled up for?”  Augusta saw the elves recklessly shouting and it simply destroyed their graceful and civilized appearance, “Although the Eternal Forest elves are strong, we are too far away from Miracle City.  We won’t be able to reach it in time.”

The Elven King thought about this, “Go, bring Vivian over.”

Vivian had been under house arrest for many days, but her anger was swept away and she was filled with spirit.  Her face was filled with joy and she almost jumped up, “Royal father, did you see it? Big brother Chu Tian did it, he really did it!  He is the benefactor of the elves, I said that he could certainly do it!”

“Let’s not talk about this now.”  The Elven King shook his head, “Miracle City is on the brink of destruction, we have to go and save them.  How many Miracle City Scrolls do you have?”

Vivian knit her brows, “That scroll is made from the fragments of the Eye of the Star, Miracle City didn’t have many of them.  I only brought one with me.”

“Only one?”

“I have a method!”  Vivian took out an Eye of the Star from her Storage Pocket, “Although I don’t know how to make the Transport Scrolls, I can make a Transport Tower.  Big brother Chu Tian gave me this Eye of the Star to cultivate with and now I can simply use it to make a Transport Tower in the Eternal Forest, so everyone can go to Miracle City!”

“How long will it take?”

“At least three days!”

“No, three days is too long.”  The Elven King took Vivian’s Transport Scroll, “Since it’s like this, I’ll head over first.”

Vivian’s eyes instantly lit up, “Royal father is personally going to Miracle City?  That’s great. If royal father personally makes a move, there’s no need to fear those idiot troops!”

Augusta was a bit worried, “Your majesty is the supreme leader of the elven race, the leader of the Eternal Forest.  If you personally get involved, perhaps it will alert Dragon City, Titan City, and Beast King City. The elves are not prepared to enter into direct conflict with them!”

The Eternal Forest haven’t participated in any battles in thousands of years.

There had to be a gradual progression to this!

“We have to fight eventually, why is there a need to hesitate.  Sir speaker doesn’t need to worry.” The Elven King flicked a finger and the scroll began to release spatial energy, “Vivian, the matter of constructing a Transport Tower in the Eternal Forest will be up to you.”

“Royal father, rest assured!”

It was unknown how happy Vivian was.

The matters that happened to the elves today was a milestone and what Vivian even happier was that she was justified construct a Transport Tower in the Eternal Forest.  She didn’t need permission from big sister Qingwu or big brother Chu Tian.

After all, this matter had happened to suddenly!

Vivian was also a bit selfish, she hoped the Eternal Forest could become better and better.  After this Transport Tower was constructed, it was hard to estimate what kind of effect it would have on the Eternal Forest.

The Eternal Forest was destined to be tightly knit with Miracle City!

The lives of the elves would become better and better!

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