MT Chapter 489


Chapter 489: Showdown

The ancient Tree of Life’s earth and heaven phenomenon made the coalition army stop, but under Kao’s strong command, the army quickly recovered and began attacking again.  Miracle City’s situation suddenly became very dangerous.

“The spider soldiers have already dug under Miracle City’s channels and have begun to attack Miracle City from within.”

“The Wings Race soldiers have already flown over the defense lines and are suppressing Miracle City from above.”

“The Green Giants and the orc cavalry are quickly entering the city!”


“Miracle City’s defense have already crumbled!”

These pieces of news filled Kao with excitement.  Even if Miracle City has become stronger over the past month or two, their background was still lacking.  No matter how they struggled, it was impossible for them to block the elites of the four cities combined.

There was no possibility of failure since the beginning, it was only a problem of time.

Now the surrounding mountain range had been lost and most of the Source Energy Weapons had been depleted, losing their ability to fight back.  The spider race had already dug under Miracle City in many places, catching their soldiers off guard with internal attacks.

The Wings Race was like the wind, having a strong airborne superiority and flexibility.  They were currently harassing the Miracle City troops, making them lose track of things, causing more and more holes to appear in the defensive line.


The Green Giant soldiers and the orc cavalry killed their way in.

The powerful bodies of the Green Giants could ignore the attacks of the Source Energy Weapons.  The fast and destructive orc cavalry cut through the defensive line like a knife.

The defensive superiority of the Miracle City heavy weapons had been lost and they could only fight in close range.  The berserkers led the new recruits in blocking the Green Giants and the orc cavalry, while the gnomes used arrows and various techniques to block the Wings Race’s airborne attacks.

The warriors of the large tribes couldn’t fight with the armies of the cities, so they were mainly responsible for plugging up holes and blocking the tribe soldiers in Kao’s army.  Although while the two sides were entangled, the Source Energy Cannons didn’t have much use, Miracle City still had over a hundred thousand Source Energy Guns. These could make up for the lack in battle strength and could temporarily stop the four cities army’s fierce attack.

Kao looked over Miracle City, “Begin!”

When Kao, Keno, and several Battle Banner City True Spirit Experts killed their way into Miracle City, a berserker troop found them, immediately sweeping over them with Storm Rifles.  The energy intensity of the dense amount of bullets was quite high. If a True Spirit Expert was swept over by several Storm Rifles while being caught off guard, they might be injured by them.

“Seeking death!”

Kao waved his hand and the berserkers were heavily injured, flying away through the air.  Every person had several flood dragons coiled around them, pulling their head and four limbs in five different directions, receiving a grisly death.

Although the Storm Rifles weren’t weak, it wasn’t easy to kill Spirit Transformation Experts.

Kao seized a berserker warriors neck and pulled him in front of his face, “Where is your City Lord?”

The berserker went berserk, not knowing fear at all, therefore he had no hesitation at all.  The Source Energy Cannon in his left hand was shot at Kao.


When the Source Energy Shell hit Kao’s protective spirit energy, he was actually pushed back slightly.  Kao angrily sent out a fist that blasted the berserker into pieces.

“Search!”  Keno said to the people behind, “Find them even if you turn Miracle City upside down!”

These people had shocking strength and they swept through everything wherever they went.  Those resisting were all sent packing like a group of rats.

“There’s information.”

“They are in the garden at the center of Miracle City!”

“Ha, ha, ha, the heavens are helping me!”  Kao’s eyes were red as he broke out in laughter.  He led several dozen people as they immediately moved out, “Go!”

Kao went on a slaughter on the way over.

Miracle City was filled with chaos, with spider soldiers attacking inside the city, Wings Race soldiers suppressing the air, and large amounts of Green Giants, orcs, and forest tribe soldiers pouring in from all directions attacking Miracle City.

Kao’s forces were too small to be surrounded by large amount of people and small groups of soldiers couldn’t stop them.  These people easily killed their way to the Miracle Gardens.

The Miracle Gardens were filled with the Sacred Herbs Miracle Commerce gathered, it was simply a large treasure house.  Even if it was these experts seeing it, they couldn’t help being shocked.

They never thought.

Miracle City would be this rich!

Although there were many resources in the Forest of Chaos, who didn’t want to transport these treasure so it was easier for them to obtain fresh harvest?  Although these heaven and earth treasure were not easily weakened like normal treasure, once they were harvested, their efficacy would quickly degrade. Finally there would be a large decrease in their value.

How was transplanting things that easy?

Such precious materials had a strict environment requirement!

Each of these Sacred Herbs did not just need high level planting techniques, they also required fertile soil and special environments.  At least in Battle Banner City, one couldn’t find such a large medicine field!

These heaven and earth treasures were very attractive, but what shocked Kao was not these.  When Kao’s group looked at the center, they saw a small seedling that was around three feet tall.  This seedling looked very ordinary, but the seedling was surrounded by a pure green light.

The entire garden was covered by its aura and energy.

It was only three feet tall, but it gave a premature feeling like it had just been born.  Each of its leaf was pure green, just like a top grade emerald. If the stripes on it were enlarged several thousand times, one could see that it was densely written innate runes which contained vitality that could form the heaven and earth.

Divine object!

It’s a divine object!

Although Kao’s group didn’t know this item’s background, they didn’t need to use their brains to feel that this little seedling had already surpassed the Immortal Grade.  It must be a legendary divine object that one couldn’t find many of on the continent and it wasn’t a normal divine object.

Their eyes were so red that they couldn’t turn any more red.

The earth and heaven phenomenon in Miracle City was brought by this divine object?

With the divine tree there, although the garden was filled with all kinds of treasures, they were inferior and unattractive.  What was the origin of this divine tree? It wasn’t important what kind of origin it had, perhaps even if all the things in the garden were added together, its value could not complete to the divine tree.  If they could take it, they wouldn’t personally use it and if they gave it to the Beast King, what kind of benefits would they receive!

“Aiya, this is bad!”

“There are bad people here!”

The Flower Fairies had just finished germinating the ancient Tree of Life, but they didn’t even have time to be happy as they felt killing intent and greed.  Although they were exhausted, they still quickly moved to protect the Tree of Life.

Perhaps this world wouldn’t have a second Tree of Life.

They had to guard the Tree of Life’s safety no matter what!

Chu Tian, Meng Qingwu, Meng Yingying, and Nangong Yun, although they were a bit exhausted, their conditions were better than before because they had absorbed the Tree of Life’s aura.  The cultivation of these four people had clearly increased. Chu Tian had reached the peak 2nd True Spirit Layer, the Meng sisters reached the 2nd True Spirit Layer, and Nangong Yun directly reached the peak 3rd True Spirit Layer.  This was with them closing off their meridians to not absorb the Tree of Life’s energy!

City Lord Kao looked at Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu in the distance and saw the City Lord robes they were wearing.  His face revealed an even more enthusiastic expression, “This truly is an unexpected harvest!”

Meng Yingying tightly clenched her fist and shouted, “Humph, don’t think that we’re afraid of you.  Do you see this tree, it is the Tree of Life, it can even compare to Ancient Gods. Once it is activated, it can turn you small fries into nothing in a matter of minutes!”

Although she tried bluffing and making herself look fierce, Meng Yingying looked like a little white rabbit in the wolf’s claws.

“So it’s the ancient Tree of Life?  The ancient Tree of Life is not something for killing.”  Kao revealed a sinister smile, “Not to mention, what kind of power can a newly born ancient Tree of Life have?”

When he said this.

Kao released a fire red spirit energy around him, that wrapped around his body like a flood dragon.  His 8th True Spirit Layer cultivation was completely released and when the strong pressure hit them, it almost made them stop breathing.

Too strong!

Even if they worked together, it would be hard to block a single hit.

When Miracle City was still Green City, there were several Spirit Transformation Experts.  For example, the already dead Green Religion Bishop, the Lich from the Undead Religion, or the Prophet Yoda from the Druids.

Yoda wasn’t back from Great Zhou yet.

Miracle City did not have anyone the could defeat him!

Chu Tian quickly raised his hand and said, “Slow down, perhaps we can still discuss this!”

“Stalling for time?”  City Lord Kao said with a cold smile, “This is meaningless, Miracle City is doomed to fall.  Even if the Eternal Forest wants to send reinforcements, they won’t make it in time! If you cripple your cultivations now and follow this City Lord, I can promise you a life of riches!”

Chu Tian shrugged his shoulder, “You really don’t know how to negotiate.”

“This isn’t a negotiation!”

With a roar from Kao, he released all his strength.  He didn’t like wastings words, first he would cripple these people first.

But at this time.

With a thought from Chu Tian, the eighteen Divine Servants waiting in ambush nearby jumped out at Kao at the same time.  Kao was a bit stunned, but this ambush was worthless.

Keno and the other experts weren’t useless.

Almost in an instant.

The Divine Servants were sent flying like broken puppets.

Kao was surrounded in powerful energy as he instantly broke the sound barrier, charging forward faster than the speed of light.  The faces of the Meng sisters and Nangong Yun fell.

This is bad!

At this critical moment.

Chu Tian’s eyes narrowed, “You really think you can eat me up?”

Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared from the void as large amounts of lightning flashed.  An ancient and profound aura came into the world. Chu Tian did not make any concessions when facing this strong opponent, rather he took the initiative to attack.

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