MT Chapter 49


Chapter 49: Popular Business

Xiong Bing and Nangong Yi both thought about seizing every opportunity. Miracle Commerce was just starting out, they were definitely lacking funds so would this not be the best opportunity to invest?

Who would have thought that the restaurant’s popularity would go beyond what people could imagine?

Miracle Commerce dining planned to open two more restaurants, in the future it would definitely become a national chain.  Would they be lacking money then?  Only fools would accept buying stocks!

Luckily, Xiong Tianyan and Nangong Yi were a part of the company’s management, so they were able to grab a piece of this cake!


Meng Qingwu quickly said, “General Xiong Bing, please rest assured, Southern Cloud Commerce is one of our Miracle groups’ important sub divisions, from now on it’ll definitely not disappoint you.”

“That’s good then!”

At this time, Nangong Yun fierily burst in and before anyone could say anything, shouted right at her father, “Your precious daughter’s business is having its grand opening and you’re not embarrassed to just sit here and eat?  The least you should be doing is supporting me with practical action, for example you could register 350 gold membership cards!”

Nangong Yun almost spat out blood, “Why would I register that many membership cards?  Nonsense!”

Nangong Yun delightedly said, “Miracle Commerce will become a national chain, so your South Sky City membership card can be used in Central State City, even if you went to the Imperial Capital you can still use it!  You must know, the membership card will be distributed in limited quantities, so if you can’t use them, you can give it to your friends.  It’s better than giving them gold, silver, or jewelry, don’t you think?”

Nangong Yi indignantly said, “Never mind friends, being shaken down by you like this, I’ll be too poor to even have friends!”

“Really long winded!  Then just register a diamond membership, they’re not expensive, only 10,000 gold coins.  They get to enjoy a 40% discount.  Besides we’re holding an event, the more you charge, they more you save, so next time you could get a 60-70% discount, you definitely won’t suffer a loss!  I only said all this because you’re my dad, you take of it yourself then!”

How did this girl’s mouth become so slick!

Was it because she had been with Chu Tian for a while that she became like this?

A normal meal at the Source Energy restaurant would cost around a few gold coins and this was just level 1 dishes.  In the future there will be a special place just for Soul Awakened cultivators, he was afraid then price would be terrifying, it would be better to register a membership now.

Anyhow he had to eat it anyway.

So why not take advantage of the grand opening promotion and register for one of these diamond membership cards?

Nangong Yun saw her father about to cave, quickly said, “Actually we still have a supreme membership card, it only cost 100,000 gold coins and you can enjoy a 50% discount….”

“Stop, don’t say anymore!”  Nangong Yi wiped his sweat away and took out a gold card from his chest, “This is 10,000 gold coins, hurry and take it.”

Chu Tian gave her a big thumbs up.

Nangong Yun was satisfied and then she turned her gaze onto Xiong Bing, “General Xiong Bing, your General household has built up status in South Sky City and wouldn’t lose in financial power to the Mayor’s palace, surely you’ll register for a supreme membership card.  It only costs 100,000 gold coins and it’ll immediately highlight your distinguished status!

Xiong Bing broke out in a sweat, “I am already prepared to register for a gold membership card.”

Gold membership card?  How can you be satisfied with only a gold membership card?”  Nangong Yun stared and exaggeratedly shouted, “It really is an insult.  You may be able to tolerate, but I definitely can’t!  Which idiot taught you to do this?  I have to beat him up to teach him how to be human!”

Chu Tian trembled in fright.

This fellow wasn’t for real right?

Does this crazy girl know how to talk!

Letting Xiong Bing register a gold membership, how did that become an insult?

Seeing only Nangong Yun’s calm voice and face, “What kind of person are you?  The dignified general of South Sky City!  What status does Xiong Family have?  The famous general’s family, with famous generals emerging one after the other!  With this kind of status, only managing to get a gold membership card?  To be honest with you, the surnamed Zhang old man and your little brother Xiong Tianyan have both registered for diamond membership cards!”


That scoundrel Xiong Tianyan!

The black sheep of the family!

Nangong Yun’s expression was very exaggerated, “Let me tell you, some of the small mercenary groups in the big hall have registered for gold membership cards!  Right, some of your vice generals and garrison commanders have also registered for gold membership card.  Could it be that a dignified general like you would be reduced to being on the same footing as a mercenary captain?  Could it be that a dignified general like you can be compared to the men under your command?  If this was spread tomorrow, everyone would think that General Xiong Bing is nothing more than a pauper!  Would you still have your prestige, your pride as the general of the South Sky City army!  Don’t you think so?”

“Nangong young miss, don’t say anymore!” Xiong Bing did not know whether to laugh or cry, “I’ll register, ok?  This is a gold card with 10,000 gold coins, you take it!”

Nangong Yun was pleased with herself as she took the gold card.

Seeing her catch another person, Chu Tian was very satisfied in his heart.

Nangong Yun’s forceful personality showed that while military strength was valuable, eloquence was not the slightest bit less valuable.  Not bad, not bad, persistence yielded results!

Who would know that Nangong Yun’s gaze would also fall on Chu Tian, “Chu Tian, you are our president, you should at least act like it.  South Sky City should issue at least one supreme membership card, don’t you think so….”


This witch’s scam doesn’t even let family escape!

Nangong Yi glanced at Chu Tian with pity, “You little brat, you really don’t understand my daughter!”

Xiong Bing snickered, secretly criticizing.  This brat was just enjoying our pain, now he’ll understand her might right?  The witch had had her nickname for many years now, it was not for no reason!

Chu Tian shook his head like a rattle drum, “You know I don’t have any money, recently I’ve been supported by the young miss.  I’m so poor that I have to get approval even before buying underwear!”

Nangong Yun fiercely said, “Stop pretending to be poor!  Just you alone account for 80% of the shares in our Miracle group.  We work our bones off and all we get are your leftovers, you still dare pretend you have no money?  The supreme membership card is yours, end of discussion, you have no choice!”

This fellow really was too unreasonable!

Clearly selling using force!

Nangong Yun, the little devil, lifted up a sleeve and showed a bare white arm, “What?  You dare not give me any face?!  Even if you don’t have money you can still owe money!  You just won’t get paid for 2 months!”


It was all over.

Hunting goose daily, but in the end getting an eye pecked out by a goose!

[TL note : Ya this is an idiom so I did a direct translation, but it basically means irony.]

Chu Tian held his nose and gave in, “You win!  I’ll just register then!”

Nangong Yun changed faces faster than a book could be flipped and showed a bright faced smile, in a sweet, delicate voice she said, “The president sympathizes with his subordinates, fully supporting us, therefore I’ll represent the whole staff to say thank you!”

Finished talking!

She directly gave Chu Tian a big hug!

This girl’s temper was very fierce, but her body was not bad, letting Chu Tian experience what was called soft!

But, what was with this weird strength?

Chu Tian felt he was being hugged by a bear!

Nangong Yun just finished taking care of Chu Tian, her phoenix eyes turned and her gaze fell on Meng Qingwu, “Since the president is supporting us, then the vice president…..”

Absolutely crazy!

Even Meng Qingwu was not let off!

The word greedy was already not enough to describe her anymore!

Meng Qingwu complexion changed, she did not wait for Nangong Yun to begin talking, she directly surrendered a gold card.

Nangong Yun had a crooked smile, randomly saying a few words earned her three diamond members and a supreme member, this feeling was too satisfying!

“You guys eat slowly, I’ll go next door!”

Nangong Yun quickly left the room and ran next door.  There was no need to guess to know what the fellow next door would be bleeding a lot of money.

For the whole day, the restaurant’s several tables were packed full.  The crowd waiting outside did not reduce, but rather kept on growing.

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun thought of an idea together.  To protect the rights of membership holders, in the future members will have the reserve seats.

This way, there would be more people registering as members.

A countless amount of gold cards, cash and the likes crashed into the vaults of Miracle Commerce.


The detailed account statement was calculated.

Meng Yingying jumped three feet in excitement, she pulled Chu Tian in and shouted, “Do you know just how much we earned in a single day?!”

“How much?”

“280,000 gold coins!”

Meng Yingying was so excited she could not speak, when her elder sister was in charge of Southern Cloud Commerce, a whole year’s revenue could not compare to this.  In a single day, a small hot pot restaurant earned this much money!

Chu Tian was also surprised, “How could there be this much, that’s not possible!”

Meng Qingwu smiled and said, “Did you add the membership card revenue into the calculations?”

Meng Yingying scratched her head and laughed, then she counted with her fingers, “We sold a supreme membership, 8 diamond memberships, 35 gold memberships, and countless silver and black iron memberships.  If you don’t count the revenue from that, the money earned is still tens of thousands of gold coins.”

That was more like it!

The membership cards were money deposited by customers.

However once they charged money it couldn’t be returned.  Out of Yingying’s Hot Pot City’s dishes, the lowest profit was still over 500%, the highest was over ten times, even if they take out several tens of thousands of gold coins, it would be alright to take out 180,000 gold coins without any problems!

Gigantic profits!

Absolutely gigantic profits!

Earned so easily that they almost spit in disgust!

Today’s grand opening already earned them several tens of thousands of gold coins, moreover it was estimated they would still be popular for a long period of time.

Chu Tian began to say, “After being poor for so long, we can finally see the dawn of being rich!”

A single Source Energy restaurant had no way to satisfy the market, South Sky City had a gigantic cultivator population of around 200,000, not accounting for the normal residents, nobles and merchants.  If they could break ground, just a South Sky City was already amazing!

People once thought that talismans and pharmaceutics made the most money and that catering services was the bottom of the barrel, but now it seemed that from the speed Miracle dining made its money, it was not the least bit inferior to talisman crafting, maybe even better.

Miracle Commerce could not find a single rival in South Sky City!

But was it just fighting over gold?  Actually, using kilograms to calculate would not be exaggerated!

[TL note : This is a joke, but it only makes sense in chinese since 金(jin) gold rhymes with 斤(jin) gram.]

Miracle dining had finished a day of business, although it was very successful, it also exposed some of their shortcomings.  Meng Qingwu transferred 100 people from Southern Cloud Commerce over to be waiters.

Nangong Yun was afraid that the dining room operation would have problems, so she went to her dad and persistently bothered him.  In the end he gave her 200 guards from the Mayor’s palace to secure the restaurant.

The second day.

The restaurant was popular with the entire city, from aristocrats to lower class citizens, there was nobody who did not know about it.  People considered it an honor to have a membership at the restaurant, it became a symbol of strength and power!



“Have you seen the newspaper!”

“They are all talking about us!”

Meng Yingying’s small face was completely red while holding a stack of newspapers as she ran in.  She handed them to Chu Tian like they were treasures, then she collected herself and read them together with Chu Tian.

A delicate face was but a few centimeters away.

Chu Tian felt the urge to give it a kiss.

But, considering this violent little girl, she would possibly walk away so he decided against it.

《The Daily South Sky City》headline – “Yingying’s Hot Pot City creates a business miracle, revenue earned in a day exceeds 280,000 gold coins shocks the city!”

《People Weekly》headline – “From wealthy family good for nothings to super rich powerful people, enters the two beautiful female presidents of Miracle Commerce.”

《Mercenary Times》headline – “The best and hottest mercenary restaurant available!  Triggers fiery praise from the entire city’s mercenary community!

《Symbol Array Monthly》headline – “Epoch-making invention – Source Energy cooking array!”


This era did not have new media forms, but the paper had been invented for a long time, so paper was the medium for media. Newspapers and weeklies were the most popular forms of media.

Today, all the popular newspapers were all captured by the Miracle Commerce restaurant!

All of these reported that Miracle Commerce was not the slightest bit overrated!

Chu Tian and Meng Yingying just finished reading the newspapers.

At this time, Xiong Tianyan brought several people carrying boxes in, “President, here is the meteor grass you wanted!”


This really could be described as double happiness!

Miracle Commerce’s restaurant had won its first battle and the medicinal herbs Chu Tian wanted had arrived.

Xiong Tianyan said with a weird look, “This batch of meteor grass cost 140,000 gold coins and the stock of meteor grass in South Sky City is about to run out.  The retail price on one unit of meteor grass has risen to 20 gold coins.”

Chu Tian did not care about this, “Go talk to the supplier, from now on Miracle Commerce will go on a large scale acquisition of meteor grass.  I want 10,000 every week, the price we can discuss.”

Xiong Tianyan was frightened, “That many?”

“That’s right, only more not less!” now that Miracle Commerce was starting to make money, Chu Tian was full of energy.

Meng Yingying was confused, “What are you buying all this meteor grass for?

Chu Tian mystically said, “I’m about to close up for 1-2 days, when I come out I’ll tell you.”

Meng Yingying discontentedly said, “Keeping people guessing again!”

[TL note : Like I do with each release with all them sweet cliffhangers!]

“First go tell young miss to go to spirit cave spring to bathe, then give her this Qi Training pill.  The precious medicine that I give you, don’t leave any and eat all of it, then try to break through to the 7th Body Refinement layer.”

Chu Tian waved and said, “Carry the medicinal herbs down, I’ll be using them immediately!”

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