MT Chapter 490


Chapter 490: Fierce fight in the garden

Meng Qingwu knit her brows.  Was Chu Tian about to use his main source spirit?  Although this source spirit could increase Chu Tian’s strength by a large amount, there were many risks in using this source spirit.  If he wasn’t forced to, Chu Tian would never reveal this power.

Kao’s hands pushed forward.

Several beams of energy hit Chu Tian like unavoidable beams of light.

This attack was strong enough to destroy the protective spirit energy of a Spirit Transformation Cultivator!


Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun stood outside the attack range, but they could still feel the powerful destructive might of this attack!

“Be careful!”

The two of them did not even have the chance to shout out in warning as the dozens of attacks hit Chu Tian.  Kaos didn’t want to kill Chu Tian, so he didn’t directly attack him. When the several dozen chains of energy were about to hit Chu Tian, they split into millions of fragments and each fragment aimed at Chu Tian’s meridian or acupuncture point.

He wanted to cripple his meridians?

Chu Tian gave a cold laugh as his eyes turned black.  It wasn’t a normal black colour, it was a peak black that was as dark as a black hole.  The fragments entered his body and just like a clay cow falling into the ocean, they all disappeared without a sound.

Kao slightly knit his brows as he sent out energy again, this time directly attacking Chu Tian.

Although a part of the energy was swallowed, Kao’s energy was too strong and a large part still fell onto Chu Tian.  In the end, the layer of starlight around Chu Tian was shattered.

Chu Tian did not stop as he charged forward.  The sword turned black as it sent out a shocking slash!

There were several hundred chains of energy that appeared around Kao that easily deflected that destructive slash before his palms pushed out at Chu Tian’s chest once again.  Chu Tian’s protective starlight energy was destroyed as he was instantly sent flying several feet. He was hit in midair by Kao’s energy and slammed into the ground, creating a large hole in the ground.

Chu Tian was only in the peak 2nd True Spirit Layer and Kao was an 8th True Spirit Layer Expert.  Taking three layers from both of them, it was an entire six layers of cultivation, this was not something cultivation techniques and skills could make up for.

What made people stunned was that.

Chu Tian had been repelled after colliding straight on with Kao for several moves!

Chu Tian jumped up and stood up.  At least seven-eight of his bones were broken and his internal injuries were not light.  His eyes turned green and an abundant vitality filled his body, quickly allowing his injuries to heal.

“Just what is this source spirit…..”

Kao was filled with a bit of disbelief.  Chu Tian had used many kinds of energy and each one wasn’t weak.  Right now, he was even using life energy.

Chu Tian’s power resonated with the ancient Tree of Life and the surrounding energy was all gathered together at an incredible rate.  Chu Tian recovered in the blink of an eye like a miracle, not leaving behind a single mark.

Chu Tian using the life energy of his main source spirit could draw the ancient Tree of Life’s life energy into his body.  As long as he had a single breath, he could quickly recover!

“You really have some unexpected skills.”  City Lord Kao was not a normal person and he suppressed the shock in his heart.  His power exploded once again and turned to over a hundred energy chains around him, “It’s a pity that I only want an obedient dog, not a dog that can turn into a wolf at any moment!”


Too fast!

City Lord Kao gathered his energy chains onto his right arm.  He broke through the sound barrier and turned into several faster than sound shadows as he charged forward.

The Mind’s Lamp Divine Sense was released!

Chu Tian’s eyes unknowingly turned gold.  He whose Divine Sense was not weak, after being strengthened by his main source spirit, it became several times stronger!  His Divine Sense turned into countless spiritual thorns!

The spiritual attack disregarded distance.

Therefore this kind of attack was instant!

When City Lord Kao was about to release his attack, he felt several dozen thorns enter his mind, creating an intense pain in his mind.  His speed slowed several times because of this.

At this time, Chu Tian’s golden eyes released a strong light, “Endless Purgatory!”

The heaven and earth crashed down as he fell into an endless abyss.  The spiritual energy covered all his sensation before he finally fell into a dark world of death under the water.

Kao felt like he had entered in an abyss that was tens of thousands of meters deep.

There was an unbelievable pressure coming from all around, he could not breathe or move.  City Lord Kao had a kind of choking feeling.

At this time, countless thumb sized little fishes appeared around him.  These fellows were like fierce piranhas that had smelt food as they all wildly charged at City Lord Kao.  They nibbled his blood, ate his meat, and drank his marrow!


City Lord Kao roared out.

There was an air bubble that blew up in the water.

This terrifying power turned all these bloodthirsty little fish into ashes.

But it was no use.  City Lord Kao felt the surrounding pressure becoming stronger as more bloodthirsty piranhas appeared from the darkness.  City Lord Kao blew them apart again and after three-four times, he began to feel very tired and finally couldn’t resist.

Countless bloodthirsty piranhas came forward again.

Kao’s flesh was torn apart and there were some fish that entered his abdomen, eating his internal organs, even biting his bones and sucking the marrow dry.  This pain exceeded any kind of punishment in this world.

Finally City Lord Kao’s body was completely eaten!

City Lord Kao’s consciousness did not disappear.  After suffering this great pain, he could feel his body again, but this time he had two bodies.  The pressure of the endless seabed made him unable to move and the sensation of choking had doubled.  His two bodies were once again surrounded by countless bloodthirsty little fish.

Spiritual attack!

It’s a spiritual attack!

City Lord Kao’s mind was very awake, he knew that he had fallen into a spiritual illusion.  This kind of attack wouldn’t harm his physical body, but it would directly attack his mind. This was so terrifying that people couldn’t defend against it.

Everything he saw and felt now was an illusion he couldn’t escape from.  This pain and suffering was fake, but it could destroy the will of a person.

When the countless little fish were about to charge forward again, the surrounding pressure disappeared and the two bodies became one.  The fierce looking fish around him disappeared without a trace.

Kao suddenly returned to the real world.

Chu Tian was forced back several meters by a bolt of lightning, falling into countless precious herbs.

After Kao came back to his senses, he sent out another attack and sent Chu Tian flying over a hundred meters away.  Over a hundred previous herbs were destroyed when he fell down.

That lightning attack had come from Keno.  When Kao fell into the spiritual attack, he decisively attacked Chu Tian.  Keno was also a Spirit Transformation Expert, being in the 7th True Spirit Layer, which was already enough to penetrate the Starlight Immortal Body defense Chu Tian had.

It’s too much of a pity!

Endless Purgatory was an incredibly strong spiritual attack because the flow of time was completely different in the spiritual world compared to the real world.  In the time it took for an expert to make a move, Chu Tian could kill them several thousand times in the illusion world, completely shattering their mind, turning them into a lunatic or a vegetable.

When he was chased on the prairies by the War Hounds Kingdom’s Malim, Chu Tian had used this move.  Although there was a large difference in power, it was almost enough to make Malim lose his battle strength.

The situation now was much more complicated!

The difference between Chu Tian and Kao far surpassed the difference he had with Malim and Kao’s spirit was not weak.  Chu Tian could barely force him to fall into this move, therefore it couldn’t last that long. The attack had broke as soon as it appeared.

While Chu Tian was flying away.

The life energy wildly gathered and quickly cured his injuries.  He flew with the power of the attack and when he firmly fell down, it was like he hadn’t been hurt at all.

“Truly incredible spiritual energy!”  City Lord Kao praised as his eyes filled with rage.  If there wasn’t an use in keeping Chu Tian alive, he would have already killed him, “Do you have any other moves?”

Chu Tian’s injuries were cured with the ancient Tree of Life, but his spiritual energy couldn’t be restored.

Chu Tian felt a wave of dizziness, it seems like he couldn’t keep going.  If it was Kao alone, Chu Tian could deal with him with his main source spirit, but the current problem was that Kao had several experts with him!

“Big brother Chu Tian, should we help?”

Lulu and the Flower Fairies released an essence energy and this essence energy had the same effect as a pill.  Chu Tian’s consumed spirit energy and Divine Sense quickly recovered.

The Flower Fairies truly were versatile helpers.

Kao had already lost his patience, “Capture him alive, kill the rest!”

The hearts of the Meng sisters and Nangong Yun turned cold.  Chu Tian and them had Transport Scrolls and they could retreat to the Great Summer Country of the Great Zhou Country if they couldn’t hold on.  But what about the Flower Fairies? The Flower Fairies did not have any battle strength, they would certainly be wiped out by Kao!


Kao’s aura once against exploded.

Meng Qingwu decisively said, “Yingying, bring Lulu and the others away.  Quickly leave this place.”

Meng Yingying did not even have time to move as Kao, Keno, and the others charged out.  Chu Tian quickly operated the recovered eighteen Divine Servants and quickly tried to stop them.

“Overestimating yourself!”

The eighteen Divine Servants were sent flying like broken puppets!

Chu Tian blocked Kao’s attack, but was hit by lightning from Keno.  He was hit with heavy attacks from four-five experts, instantly becoming heavily injured again.

“Don’t let him recover, waste him!”

Kao accumulated his power in his right hand and sent a palm at Chu Tian’s dantian.  When this attack hit Chu Tian, it would scatter most of Chu Tian’s cultivation.

This is bad!

It was the most critical moment.

A green vine drilled out of the ground just like a green python as thick as an arm.  It was very fast as it wound out, perfectly tying up Kao’s arm. Kao’s cultivation was high and not to mention a little vine, even ten finely refined iron chains wouldn’t be able to stop him!

But a single vine was enough to effortlessly stop Kao’s attack.

Chu Tian seized this chance to use spatial energy and he appeared a hundred meters away, returning to the young miss and Yingying’s side.  Nangong Yun quickly asked, “Boss, are you alright?”

“Relax, I’m fine!”  Chu Tian pulled life energy into his body and all his injuries were instantly cured.  He slowly called back his source spirit, “There’s no need to worry, Miracle City is already guarded.”

“What are you talking about?”

Kao broke the vine with one palm, but his face face turned serious, “Where did this expert come from?  You actually ruined this City Lord’s good matter!”

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