MT Chapter 50


Chapter 50: Starlight Immortal Body

Meteor grass was actually what Chu Tian knew as meteorite grass.

When this herb was discovered, it was used to treat bone meridian injuries.  The effects were not bad, but there were other substitutes and since the effects of the meteor grass were only so so, not many people paid that much attention to it.

The true value of meteorite grass, was not for it to be used for therapy.

Meteorite grass was not simple, it contained the strength of the stars!


Therefore it could restore meridians, remould the bones, and refine the spirit’s efficacy. This was the low-leveled cultivator’s panacea.

Nangong Yun could in fact break through to the Awakened Soul realm, but she suppressed her cultivation to stay in the Body Refinement realm on purpose.

Why did she do this?

Was it not to help build her foundation?

The foundation built in the Body Refinement layer was the most important!

30,000 years later, the value of a single piece of meteorite grass was more than ten thousand times the current price.

But, because the energy in a single piece of grass was too weak, it could not exhibit the effects, so the current era’s people did not discover its foundation building effects.  Only if one spared no expense to acquire the one time use meteorite grass in large quantities and had the special technique could they use the power of the stars to refine their body.

Chu Tian was truly lucky!

This era’s meteorite grass was dirt cheap!

1,000 herbs, through refinement and purification processes, turned into a large pot of blue tear coloured solution.

Chu Tian then added several body strengthening supporting materials right into the giant crystal barrel.

The crystal barrel was just large enough to fit a single person. Along the crystal barrel, there were several runes carved.  They looked just like the stars in the sky, giving off a mysterious aura, this was the “Level 1 Star Body Tempering Array” from the future!”

The large crystal barrel was just like a large refining bottle!

Letting the human body be one of the materials in the refining!

Taking the power of the stars to refine the body and soul!

The human body was regarded as one of the refining materials, to be thrown in with the other materials into the array as part of the refining process!

Such creative ideas, such a fearless procedure, if it was spread to the outside, it would definitely cause a huge commotion!

Let’s start!

Chu Tian, naked body inside, gathered spirit energy and clapped his hands.

The rune array design on the barrel was completely activated by the spirit energy, suddenly a dazzling light shined out.

The solution began to boil, bubbles continued to rise out, patches of blue light seeped out.  The power of the stars struggled to escape as Chu Tian absorbed it into his pores to refine his body.


A pure, incomparable ancient energy penetrated every corner of his body, nourishing every drop of blood and refining his bone marrow.  Bits and pieces of star power gathered in his meridians forming a stream, cleansing out the impurities of his body and expanding his meridians.

Moreover the power of the stars directly seeped into his soul.

His soul obtained a warm energy and his Spiritual Sense naturally expanded!

From Chu Tian’s brain emerged an ancient cultivation technique – 《Starlight Immortal Body》!

This was a very strong defense type cultivation technique, but the difficulty was too high because in the process of practicing, one must absorb the power of the stars.  If they could not obtain it from external sources, then they could only practice on starry nights which made the progress extremely slow.  Even in 5-8 years they may not even cross the threshold.

Starlight tempering the body while practicing could speed up the cultivation technique!

Since Chu Tian came to this era, he had not practiced any cultivation techniques. 《Heaven Soaring Fist》 and 《Diamond Artery Cutting Finger》 were both first class and could be considered a good foundational martial art.  It would be fine for hitting a couple of cultivators, but difficult for formal occasions.

This 《Starlight Immortal Body》was a precious cultivation technique in the future!

Practiced to the peak, the starlight would protect the body, ten thousand evils could not invade, swallowing the power of the heavens and stars to quickly restore spirit energy and injuries.  If this cultivation technique was achieved, he would have the power to sweep away most cultivators of the same level and even have the qualification to challenge levels beyond him!

Most high level and special cultivation techniques required a lot of resources.

The《Starlight Immortal Body》was the same. On the mainland, where could one find a treasured material with the power of the stars, remould the body and cleanse the bone marrow?  Wouldn’t the price be expensive?

Under the current setting, it would definitely burn a lot of money!

That was why the《Starlight Immortal Body》was almost lost in the future!

Despite studying it, Chu Tian had never thought that there would be a day when he could practice it.

A quarter of the hour later, the blue tear coloured liquid gradually turned clear.  Chu Tian’s body was covered in a light blue starlight, like a piece of crystal emitting pure blue light!

Not bad, not bad!

He got his money’s worth from the 1,000 pieces meteorite grass!

Chu Tian had broken through to the 8th Body Refinement layer!

The first time refining with starlight, the effects were quite evident, but in the future the effects would gradually diminish.

But, the biggest advantage of starlight refining cultivation lay in improving the physique and enhancing the heritage.

If under the effects of refining for a long time, not only would the Starlight Immortal Body become stronger, it would also improve one’s physique.  In a same level circumstance, one’s spirit energy would be greater than the average person.


The waves turned over!

Chu Tian put on some clothes, went over to a mirror to see his reflection and he saw the jade like skin which would cause women to go crazy with envy.  Chu Tian clenched his fist, faint starlight shone out.  This was the power of the Starlight Immortal Body!

Naturally, it was impossible to master a cultivation technique in one sitting!

The cultivation techniques of the continent was divided into 4 stages, Small Success, Obscure, Large Success, and Perfection.  The deeper the practice, the stronger the effects were.

The《Starlight Immortal Body》had a clear division for each of the four stages.  The Glass Body, Diamond Body, Sacred Light Body, and Immortal Body.  With Chu Tian’s little insight he was still far from achieving the Small Success Glass Body!

But nonetheless.

Chu Tian’s various defensive capabilities had increased considerably!

It was not the more the better for cultivation techniques. If one wanted to practice a cultivation technique, there were two major prerequisites.  One, the cultivation technique was compatible to their source spirit.  Two, one’s own body must not reject the cultivation technique.

Nangong Yun had the Fire Phoenix Source Spirit and practiced the《Burning the Heavens Art》 fire cultivation technique passed down through her family, which happened to complement her source spirit.  Otherwise if she practiced an ice cultivation technique, even if the cultivation technique was stronger than her《Burning the Heavens Art》, she would have no way to show its true might.

Among cultivation techniques, rejection was normal, even for complementary cultivation techniques, it would still be possible.

It also wasn’t the more cultivation techniques you practiced, the more refined it would be.  Cultivators who practiced a single cultivation technique their whole life were not the minority.

Usually before a person determined the properties of their source spirits, they would not blindly practice a cultivation technique.

Chu Tian chose the 《Starlight Immortal Body》as his first cultivation technique not just because of its defensive capabilities and other abilities.

In fact, the greatest advantage of the 《Starlight Immortal Body》was its “nurturing” effects and not its fighting capabilities!

This was an outstanding body nurturing cultivation technique, not only did it not produce any side effects, instead it helped remould the body’s meridians, strengthen the physique, and enhanced talent.  Although the defensive capabilities and other abilities were very strong, its nature was very mild so there was no rejection!

In other words.

Regardless of what source spirit awakened.

Regardless of whether one practiced other cultivation techniques.

This《Starlight Immortal Body》would not exhibit any rejection.

It laid a powerful foundation for future cultivation without leaving any worries.  This bringing only benefits and having no harm cultivation technique was truly an outstanding foundation building technique!

Many years had passed since anyone could practice this Starlight Immortal Body to the large success stage!

It had almost disappeared from the continent!

Chu Tian had the luck to accidentally see it and it was because of his photographic memory that he could remember it.  He highly anticipated that through the present continent’s help, he could achieve the large success stage and achieve the Sacred Light Body, maybe even achieve the Immortal Body!

At the same time, Chu Tian recognized a problem.

This《Starlight Immortal Body》had almost disappeared, it was far from an outstanding technique, even with the cultivation resources of the future, it was hard to support this technique.

Throughout history, how many cultivation techniques like this《Starlight Immortal Body》almost disappeared this way?  In this time period, perhaps he could find even stronger ancient cultivation techniques!

[TL note – Ya I know these two sentences are confusing, but basically he’s saying how the future regarded this technique as trash, but in this time period it isn’t since he can find resources to practice it.]

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying came back.

Meng Qingwu had already soaked in the spirit cave spring and had taken the Qi Training pill to break through to the 7th Body Refinement layer.  It was time for Chu Tian to fulfill his promise.

Meng Yingying was pleasantly surprised and asked hopefully, “Chu Tian, can you really treat my sister’s chronic injury?”

Chu Tian showed a faint smile, “As long as she follows my prescription, there will not be any problems!”

Following prescription?

Why would she not follow it?

This deficiency that has she had since her birth had tortured her for 20 years now!

Meng Qingwu had tried eating different medicines and tried out different cures, but nothing had worked.  Being in pain was the only thing that Meng Qingwu knew!

Chu Tian told Meng Yingying, “Prepare a set of acupuncture needles!”


The little girl was diligent, she quickly turned her perfectly round bottom to go prepare the needles.

With a serious face, Chu Tian told Meng Qingwu, “Now, I’ll pass on a cultivation technique to you, be sure to remember it because it will be forever useful to you.”

It was not just another cultivation technique.

It was the《Starlight Immortal Body》!

When Meng Qingwu heard the entire chant, her face immediately revealed shock!

The profoundness of this cultivation technique exceeded any of the kingdom’s inherited techniques. With it, one could start their own sect!

Meng Qingwu originally thought that Chu Tian would casually teach her a cultivation technique, but she did not think that he would give her such an amazing technique!

“The acupuncture needles are here!”

Meng Yingying ran over with a fine small box.

Chu Tian had already used 1,000 pieces of meteorite grass to create a solution that filled the crystal barrel.  The blue tear coloured liquid emitted a delicate fragrance.  Now, he could start treating her.

Meng Yingying curiously looked at the solution, “This is the medicine for treating my sister?  Why is there so much?”

“Don’t ask so much for now, let’s begin, in a bit I’ll start inserting the flying needles.”

Meng Yingying quickly said, “Then I’ll leave first.”

“You can’t leave, first help me find a piece of black cloth.”

“Ah?  Why do you need black cloth?”

Chu Tian said seriously, “I need to cover my eyes!”

Meng Yingying’s stared at him with her eyes wide open, “While I, Meng Yingying, am not very smart, you shouldn’t try to trick me like this, blindfolding yourself while performing acupuncture?  Never mind inserting flying needles, is this curing someone or killing them?  I only have one sister and if you hurt her, I’ll make you pay!”

Seeing her sister like this, Meng Qingwu’s face turned into a warm smile, “Yingying, don’t get too excited.  Chu Tian, just directly insert the needles, there’s no need to be troublesome.”

“That’s won’t do, I’m very serious.  I have to use the flying needles, but I also need to blindfold my eyes.”

“Pissing me off!”  Meng Yingying said panting in indignation, “Why do you need to blindfold yourself when you insert the flying needles?  What do we do if you hurt my sister!  No way, I don’t agree to this!”

“Fuck, you don’t understand anything, little girl!”  Chu Tian hit Meng Yingying’s head.

Meng Yingying held her held and protested, “Hu, why did you hit me?”

Chu Tian stared and reproved her, “To pierce the pressure point, there must be skin contact, that is to say, you sister needs to be completely naked.  If I don’t use flying needles, wouldn’t she be touched all over by me?  If I don’t blindfold myself, wouldn’t her body be seen by me?”

Both of them were shocked.

Chu Tian continued to spit out in indignation, “What if you two sisters threaten me in the future and force me to marry her?  Want to harm me?  Bah!  I will not be tricked by you!”

Two beautiful faces immediately turned red.

This bastard was infuriating, he simply did not know how to choose his words!

Meng Qingwu bashfully blushed, hesitantly she said, “Do I really have to strip?”

Chu Tian nodded, “You have to strip!”

Meng Qingwu’s beautiful eyes discolored, “Can you really use the flying needles blindfolded?”

Chu Tian was a little unhappy, “You don’t believe me?”

“No, don’t be angry, I definitely believe in you, but…..” Meng Qingwu was so embarrassed she could not talk, she almost buried her face in her tall chest and shouted in a soft voice, “I really do….I…..”

Chu Tian snorted, “Then be quick about it and completely strip, I’m rushed for time!”

Meng Qingwu felt somewhat indignant!

She was a very traditional girl.

Letting her strip naked in front of a grown man, she would rather be sliced to death by a blade!

For a pure woman like her, this was a very difficult decision, but for this fellow, it was as simple as drinking water.

Could the flying needles pierce through clothes?

Who knows if he was intentionally tricking me!

Meng Qingwu’s heart was full of reluctance, but after a few seconds of hesitation, she steeled her heart, “Fine, I’ll just strip then.”

Meng Yingying was alarmed, “Sister, you really want to be taken advantage of by this bastard?”

“Nonsense, who wants to be taken advantage of by him!” Meng Qingwu stared at her sister, her shy eyes full of rebuke, “Quickly go and find a piece of black cloth, blindfold his eyes tightly for me.”

Meng Yingying went to find a piece of black cloth.


Meng Yingying was standing behind him, fiercely wrapped in layers upon layers, but because the distance was close, the aura this little girl exuded could be felt clearly.  Moreover, her movements were wide, her tall and straight twin peaks would occasionally rub against Chu Tian letting him experience what could be called soft.

Meng Yingying had this scale.

For Meng Qingwu, you did not even need to mention it.

It was a pity he could not see it!

“Tie it tightly!”  Chu Tian sat in a respectable gentlemanly manner, “If your sister forces me to marry her, you have to testify for me.  I didn’t see anything and I didn’t feel anything.”

Meng Qingwu almost fainted in anger.

Marrying you seemed like it was your loss?

You bold faced shameless person, even if you wanted to marry me I still wouldn’t!

Meng Yingying ground her teeth in anger.  Fiercely wrapping the cloth with both hand, wishing for his head to break and finally tying a dead knot!

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