MT Chapter 53


Chapter 53: Came looking for trouble

Chu Tian closed up for several days and used 5000 pieces of meteorite grass, the total value was around 60000 gold coins.

Finally breaking through thresholds for the Starlight Immortal Body.

However compared to the small success Glass Body, there was still a great difference.  The consumption of the cultivation technique also wasn’t constant, the deeper the insight, the more material it required as it slowly grew exponentially!

With Miracle Commerce restaurant’s current situation, it was hard to support even one person’s practice requirement, not to mention the money required for Miracle Commerce’s other projects, and not to mention training other people, and also they had to support Chu Tian as he practiced other cultivation techniques.


How was this cultivating?

It was simply burning money!

But from this cultivation, Chu Tian had obtained many benefits.

He had achieved the 8th Body Refinement layer, but it was not his cultivation where he benefited the most.  The power of the stars had completely cleansed the inside and outside of his body, his meridian strength and spirit energy quantity had both increased immensely.

Chu Tian’s body strength had increased several times!

This without a doubt had built a strong, stable foundation!

As long as he had enough materials, it was only a matter of time before Chu Tian could reach the Glass Body boundary!

Miracle Commerce was a collective group, so without enough strong people to take command, after it expanded, it would have many problems to face.  So to increase the strength of the others, Chu Tian generously passed on his knowledge and personally instructed the core members.

Today, Meng Qingwu, Meng Yingying, Xiong Tianyan, and Zhang Liqing were all present.

They asked all the doubts they had about how to continue their cultivation.

Chu Tian pertinently explained and guided them one by one.

The knowledge of 30000 years in the future was not something that could be joked about, just one drop of Chu Tian’s piss knew more than the average person.  It could not be said that it was invincible, but in terms of theoretical knowledge, it was absolutely powerful and far ahead.

[TL note – Why a drop of his urine?…. But ya the second part is talking about the knowledge of the 30000 years in the future not the urine.]

Every piece of information, was the accruement of several tens of thousands of years of information.

Every theory, was the research results of numerous well known people.

No matter how obscure or abstruse the question was, it could always be solved with the most straightforward method.

The proposals Chu Tian made were always powerful and unconstrained, they were always creative, giving people new inspirations.

Their Starlight Immortal Body progress could not compare to the speed Chu Tian progressed, but they had already reached the threshold.  To them this cultivation technique was truly too abstruse, too obscure.

What they heard made them lose their mind.

At this time.

Nangong Yun burst through the door with an anxious face.

“Chu Tian!”

“Something’s happened!”

She threw a pile of newspapers in front of the people gathered.

Letting everyone see each and every one of the shocking titles.

《People’s Time》headline – “Chu Tian: A rebel illegitimate child!”

《The Daily South Sky City》headline – Chu Family accuses of stealing Chu Family’s secret technology!”

《Golden Business Periodical》headline – Gaining fame by deceiving people!  Chu Tian is a large swindler!”

《Mercenary Times》headline – “Chu Tian is truly shameless!  Increasing his fortune with stolen technology!  South Sky City does not approve!”

Everyone was shocked!

How did this happen?

Several days ago the media was singing praises about Chu Tian, but today like they all ate several jin of ****, in a single night, they turned against him and starting crazily bad mouthing him.

The three main points were.

  1. Chu Tian rebelled against his clan.

  2. Chu Tian was an illegitimate child of the Central State Chu Family, a bastard that did not have any status.

  3. Chu Tian’s technology were all stolen from the Chu Family from the time he rebelled and fled.

Chu Tian was portrayed as mean, cunning scum that stole technology from his own family!


Those bastards could think of this kind of move!

There was no need to doubt that South Sky City would once again be in a stir!

Chu Tian was once again in the eye of the storm, and Miracle Commerce once again became the focal point of everyone’s discussions.

Miracle Commerce was like a meteor, shining for a few days and then falling from the clouds to earth.

This kind of dramatic change, many people did not expect!

Naturally, the success of the Source Energy restaurant caused many people to be envious!

These articles seemed more justified, Chu Tian’s life story was clearly stated for all to see!

A sixteen-seventeen year of youth, was it possible for him to come up with such state of the art technology?  It was impossible!  There was definitely something wrong!

Various doubts were continually expressed!

Zhang Liqing’s brow knit together as he said, “This is truly vicious, this was done to let Chu Tian bring ruin and shame upon himself!”

Xiong Tianyan irritably said, “What nonsense!  Do people believe this kind of stuff?  We have to hurry and explain it!”

Nangong Yun’s beautiful pupils flashed with angry flames, a palm slammed down on the table, her phoenix eyes opened wide as she exclaimed angrily, “Fuck!  Explaining won’t have any use!  These bunch of bastards want to scheme against us!  Old aunt here will just extinguish them and that’ll be that!”

“You guys calm down a bit.” Meng Qingwu felt a little suffocated, but since Southern Cloud Commerce was established, she had faced many ups and downs so she did not lose her senses, “This matter has nothing to do with the media!”

“Then it was done by the Chu Family!”  Nangong Yun, ablaze with anger, said, “The Chu Family is centralized in Central State city, what influence do the have in South Sky City!  What prestige and power do they have!  My Nangong Family is still an Imperial City large clan!”

Meng Qingwu quickly said, “Because it’s like this, the more fishy it is, this matter was obviously done by the Chu Family, but the Chu Family does not have much influence in South Sky City, so how could they have the ability to change the opinion of South Sky City’s media in a single night?

“You’re saying….”

Meng Qingwu solemnly nodded, “This matter on the surface seems like the Chu Family coming to cause trouble.  But the final analysis, they don’t have the local influence to cause this kind of trouble, so there must be someone secretly supporting them, or else this could not have happened so fast.”


Ye Family and Du Family are both ingrained in South Sky City.  It was them that threatened the media to orchestrate this treachery, so they could coordinate with the Chu Family to launch an attack!

From the beginning it was all a part of their plot!

First they clearly investigate Chu Tian’s identity.

Then they gave the news about Chu Tian to the Chu Family.

Then they provoked the enmity between Chu Tian and the Chu Family, using that to help increase their resource, weaving a large net!

Ye Xiong was wary of Nangong Yi and Zhang Liqing, he did not have a method to directly deal with Chu Tian, so he planned to murder him with a borrowed knife.

Meng Yingying worriedly asked, “What do we do now?”

“First we shouldn’t blindly make a move, this is merely drumming up the support of the public, the killing blow shouldn’t have been dealt yet.  We can’t stop them from talking, so just let them talk.”

“But we can’t just do nothing!  This concerns Chu Tian’s reputation!”

“Don’t worry, these facts may seem astonishing, but in reality they are full of flaws.  The more we try to explain, the more we arouse suspicion, so we might as well wait a few days and let it all blow over and everyone has cooled down.  Then I’ll try to mediate and bring back the public’s opinion.  Any rash moves could cause us to fall into another trap.”

Meng Qingwu’s brain was very calm, she was used to crisis management and was very experienced.

Chu Tian thought, “You’re too passive, we should use this as initiative to attack!”

Meng Qingwu forced a smile, “Attack?  They’ve clearly taken the initiative!”

Chu Tian narrowed his eyes as he swept over the paper, the corners of the his mouth turned into a smile that no one could see through, “Appearance only!  Those idiots think that they have the advantage, not knowing that they’re just digging a hole to bury themselves in.”

Digging a big hole.

Burying themselves in it?

What did this sentence mean?

Several guards ran over in distress.

“Young miss, this isn’t good!”

“There are many people outside!”

“They are rushing in, we can’t hold them!”

The sky was cloudy, dark clouds hung above, faint flashes of thunder could be seen, a depressing atmosphere of a storm brewing could be felt.

Several hundred militants came together and surrounded the gates, stones and burning bottles were thrown into the garden, a sharp cry pierced through the courtyard.

“That bastard Chu Tian!”

“Bring him out for me!”

Chu Tian had his Hyperfocus and Mind’s Eye so he was invincible against cultivators of the same level, plus he had started practicing the《Starlight Immortal Body》recently so unless he met an Awakened Soul Realm cultivator, he did not have to care.

Moreover he had Xiong Tianyan, Nangong Yun, and Zhang Liqing’s protection!

They want him to come out, then he’ll just come out!

Chu Tian openly walked out the gate, “Today’s weather is so dreary, but you are all so passionate, I am truly flattered!”

“Stop speaking rubbish!”

“You are a rebel of the Chu Family!”

“We were blind, we never thought that you would be such a shameless person!”

Several Chu Family guards had an indignant appearance while staring at him.  They looked just like they were facing the person who killed their father.

In the crowd, there was an around 30 year old youth, tall stature, sharp aura, and eyes like thunder.  His spirit energy was dense, it was obvious he was a top grade master!

If this was a person from South Sky City, he would not have been inferior in any bit to Xiong Tianyan!

The crowd outside the gate was abuzz with talk, it looked like this time Chu Tian was in serious trouble!

“Everyone, I am Chu Yi, Central State Chu Family, the son of the fourth elder!”

“Chu Tian is the shame of our Chu Family, he should not have been born into this world.  The Chu Family was benevolent and allowed him to live, but who would have thought that he would not be grateful at all and actually stole the family’s secret technology!”

“These so called new found technology, all came from the Chu Family’s research department!  That is the hard lifelong work of the elders of the Chu Family!

“Chu Tian not only stole the family’s secret and tarnished our reputation, he also injured the envoys we sent before resulting in one person dead and two crippled.”

“Such a heartless, cruel thing, is such a cruel, merciless person is allowed to keep living, he will bring who knows what kind of trouble in the future!”

Once the crowd heard these words.

They were filled with righteous indignation.

No wonder that youth Chu Tian could come up with so many miracles!

All this time, this kind of thing, rebelled against the family and stole the family’s secret!

“I never thought!  That he would be this kind of scum!”

“You don’t belong in South Sky City, quickly scram!”

“Everyone let’s all punish this degenerate together!”

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”


The crowd started reacting accordingly, but if you looked carefully, it wasn’t hard to see that there were members of the Ye Family’s guard hidden in the crowd, secretly guiding them.

The population was truly stirred up.

They were all filled with righteous indignation!

Chu Yi loudly shouted, “Grab this thief!  Execute him on the spot!”

Several dynamic Chu Family guards suddenly sprang out from the crowd, they were prepared to capture Chu Tian alive.

“Scram!”  Nangong Yun’s sweet, delicate voice exploded out, a palm shot out creating wind pressure.  The wind pressure hit the guards and knocked several guards away. “Who dare to move!  I’ll kill him!”

Chu Yi’s eyes had a trace of a sneer, “Under the gaze of the crowd, the Mayor’s daughter still dare to help this traitor?  Men, come, take him away!”

A dozen people rushed out of the crowd.

These were the Ye and Du family’s masters.

Suddenly a fierce pressure erupted from the distance, a strong, low roar was heard, “Who dares to cause difficulties for others in my presence!”

Nangong Yi leaped out from a beast carriage, like a goshawk flying gently and swiftly over the crowd, falling heavily between both sides!

The Mayor had arrived!

Chu Yi seeing Nangong Yi arrive, he was not surprised, “Mayor Nangong?  My Chu Family is apprehending a thief, what qualifications do you have to stop me!”

Chu Tian was from the Chu Family?

Chu Tian was an illegitimate child of the Chu Family?

These pieces of news startled Nangong Yi.

However, if they said that Chu Tian’s knowledge was stolen from the Chu Family, even if he was beaten to death, Nangong Yi wouldn’t believe it!

If the Chu Family had this kind of technology, why would they hole up in this tiny little county?  Wouldn’t that be a huge joke?


Could an unreliable illegitimate child be able to understand how to use the Mind’s Eye?

Could an unreliable illegitimate child be able to discover the crystal oil refining method?

If Chu Family had this kind of technology and discovered the Source Energy lamps and Source Energy pots, there would be no way that they wouldn’t publicize it!

“If you wish to incriminate, you can always come up with a charge!”  Nangong Yi stood in the middle, not angered by the threat, his strong aura oppressed all the people around, “A mere junior dares to put on air in front of this Mayor!  Let Chu Jiangshan come here personally, I’m interested in exchanging a few moves with him!”


Chu Yi face slightly change colours.

This Nangong Yi really has a big tone, he actually wants the head of household to come spar with him!

The Nangong Clan was one of the kingdom’s three big family, Nangong Yi was from a branch family!

Nangong Yi walks forward a step, the formidable pressure, able to move mountains forced everyone to move back a step, “You still haven’t left!  Are you compelling me to make a move?”

“Mayor Nangong Yi, really big prestigious official.”  At this time, a low deep sound came from the crowd, “But using your power and prestige to interfere in the Chu Family’s business, I’m afraid that’s a bit improper!”

Who was it?

The people were all shocked!

Who in South Sky City had the courage to talk like this to the Mayor?

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