MT Chapter 54


Chapter 54: Interrogation

A slightly fat, balding middle aged man calmly walked over.

This person had a hooked nose, eyes sharp like a falcon, his body exuded a formidable aura.  While it wasn’t enough to contend with Nangong Yi, it was enough to resist Nangong Yi’s power.

An Awakened Soul Realm cultivator!

Nangong Yi’s complexion slightly changed!


Where did this fellow come from?

Luo Yuan Shan smiled a taunting smiled and pulled a white jade token from his chest, lifting it high in the air, he loudly announced, “Main City’s supervisor palace, Judicial Ministry law enforcement elder Luo Yuanshan is here!”

The supervisor palace held the authority in the Main City.

It was directly under the Central State Main City’s Mayor and had the authority to give general and chief officials their positions, it was a large department.

Luo Yuanshan continued to loudly announce, “Nangong Yi has overstepped his bounds, interfering with the Chu Family’s private matters goes against the laws of the kingdom.  This elder cannot sit by and do nothing, therefore I ask the Mayor to stop interfering until the matter is properly investigated!”

Nangong Yi’s face clouded with doubt.

Luo Yuanshan confidently said, “Mayor, my words are very clear!  I ask sir Mayor to step out of the way and to stop wasting everyone’s time!”

The supervising palace held the authority in the Main City and Nangong Yi’s status was not steady, if the supervising palace took this opportunity to create trouble, Nangong Yi might not be able to keep his Mayor position.

Did Nangong Yi still dare to make a move?

Nangong Yi suddenly realized, this was all a plot, “What are you guys planning to do?”

“The question sir Mayor asked isn’t right.”  Luo Yuanshan had a righteous look, “The matters of the Chu Family, you don’t have the right to manage, I don’t have the right to manage, how it should be handled, we have to ask a member of the Chu Family.”

Chu Yi gravely said, “The crime of rebelling against the family, death is the only option.  Not only did he rebel against the family, he also stole the family’s secrets, he must be cut to ten thousand pieces and fed to the worms, by the prestige of the Chu Family!”

“Can’t you hear?”  Luo Yuanshan snorted and gently beckoned with his hand,” What are you gawking at?  Drag that thief in front of me!  Cut him to ten thousand pieces and feed him to the worms!”

Meng Yingying indignantly clenched her small fist!

Not only did they falsely accuse Chu Tian, they also wanted to use such a cruel and evil method to kill him?

Meng Yingying did not have the time to open her mouth before everyone felt a tremble from under their feet.

Nangong Yi’s cloak started moving even though there was no wind, a strong flame power surged from his body.  Dense spirit energy starting releasing intense flames, a suffocating wave of heat covered an area of several hundred meters.


The Volcano Source Spirit slowly appeared!

A terrifying aura erupted.

A destructive power began brewing, like a volcano suppressed for tens of millions of years was suddenly released, bring an end to the world!

Luo Yuanshan was shocked and stepped back several steps, his forehead broke out in a sweat, “Nangong Yi, you actually want to make a move against a member of the supervising palace?  Are you tired of your position?!”

Nangong Yi coldly laughed, “It’s fine if I’m not the Mayor!  As long as I, Nangong Yi am here, I won’t tolerate your kind of villains!”

Chu Tian’s value was beyond the position of Mayor!

Even if he had to utilize the power of his cultivation technique, he had to protect Chu Tian!

Luo Yuanshan imposing manner fell, he intensely exclaimed, “Nangong Yi! You’re a Mayor yet you break the kingdom’s laws, what should be your punishment!”

“If you wish to incriminate, you won’t lack a reason?”  Nangong Yi’s imposing manner was slowly becoming more formidable, there was even a ice cold murderous intent, “Trivial Luo Family elder, do you really I think I care about you?  Even if I killed you, can the laws judge me?”

In this world, strength was revered!

Nangong Yi did not have the means to protect legitimately.

Then he just had to use force!

By all means, he had to protect Chu Tian!

Luo Yuanshan didn’t think it would become like this, the whole plan was built on Nangong Yi giving in under difficult circumstances.

Who would have guessed that for a wasted brat, Nangong Yi would even give up the position of Mayor?

As Chu Tian was watching all of this, the corners of his mouth turned into an indifferent smile.  In fact, Ye Xiong’s reaction and even what’s happening now, Chu Tian had already predicted it all.

After the summit ended, Chu Tian had long prepared for this.

Does this group of brats want to fight me?

The difference is too far!

Nangong Yun laughed excitedly, “Very good!  That is more like my dad!”

Luo Yuanshan was unable to back down, so he crossed his heart, “Since the Mayor insists on breaking the kingdom’s laws by harboring this thief, then I, as a judicial elder, shall put my life on the line to protect the kingdom’s laws!”


“Elder Luo is truly righteous!”

“We offer our help!”

Several figures fell down from the surroundings, Ye Xiong, Du Zhentian, Li Changyun, and several other top experts instantly formed an encirclement around Nangong Yi!

Awakened Soul cultivators were joining hands to go against Mayor?

The onlookers were all shocked!

Facing all of these Awakened Soul cultivators, instead of getting angry, Nangong Yi face broke into a smile, “Good!  Since you’re resolved to fight, don’t say that this Mayor did not give you a chance!  Come at me together!”

“Mayor’s righteous cause, this old man will help you!”  Zhang Liqing gently stepped, like a breeze, he instantly moved tens of meters, landing beside Nangong Yi with a huge pair of green hawk appearing on his back.


An ear grating hawk cry, pierced through the air!

Green spirit energy condensed into the shape of giant hawk, soaring above the nine heavens, disdainfully looking down on all living beings.  A dense, formidable pressure covered all the people present, sharp murderous intent could be felt inducing fear in everyone.

Nangong Yi was brewing with extreme anger, “You want to fight!  Then I’ll fight!  In this small South Sky City, there is no one that I fear!”

A little Chu Tian could cause all these Awakened Soul cultivators to fight like this?

The destructive power of Awakened Soul cultivators was devastating, it was simply a catastrophe!

Nangong Yi and Zhang Liqing, these two people both had frightening strength, especially Nangong Yi.  His cultivation was immeasurably deep, his Volcano Source Spirit’s destructive power was astonishing, and had overwhelming strength.

The surroundings were all densely populated areas!

The destructive power of Nangong Yi’s volcanic powers was simply too formidable, even if it was slightly displayed, it would result in innocent casualties.  Considering this point, it was impossible for Nangong Yi to fight at his full strength.

Zhang Liqing’s cultivation was very high, but it was still difficult for two people to fight four people!

Once the fighting began, the two would inevitably be restrained.

The Meng sisters were feeling a bit helpless.

They had lost control of this sudden development!

The consequences of the fight between South Sky City’s top contenders, people could not even begin to imagine the consequences!

Once this became a big matter, for Miracle Commerce and Chu Tian, it would not be good!

What should that do?

When the atmosphere had become this extreme!

A lazy voice, very ill timed, suddenly sounded out, “Sir Mayor, why are you so angry?  This is just a small matter!  First step back and let this little person say a few sentences.”

Chu Tian was full of contradictions.

A litigant, but he didn’t have a bit of consciousness!

Nangong Yi was so mad he almost went crazy.  They want to cut you into tens of thousands of pieces and you still act like you don’t care, do you have multiple lives?

All eyes gazed upon him.

Chu Tian walked out to the centre of the courtyard like talking a leisurely walk and faced Chu Yi’s group, “You keep proclaiming that I am a member of the Chu Family and that I rebelled against the family and stole the family’s secrets, but while we’re on this topic….”

Chu Tian showed a cheap smile, “Am I, really a member of the Chu Family?”

Everyone was shocked!

What did this sentence mean?

Could it be that Chu Yi had recognized the wrong person?

Chu Yi angrily said, “If you aren’t a member of the Chu Family, then perhaps you were born out of a rock!”

“You must have evidence to say such things!”  Chu Tian deceitfully smiled, “Where is the evidence?  Why don’t you take out the genealogy for everyone to see!  If the genealogy has my, Chu Tian’s name on it then I’ll cleanly bare my head for the execution?”

“Scoundrel thing!  How could a bastard like you tarnish our genealogy!”

“Now doesn’t that feel strange, if I am not in the genealogy, can I be considered a member of the Chu Family?  If I am not in the genealogy, how could I have committed the crime of rebelling against the family?  If I am not in the genealogy, how can the Chu Family try to punish me with their regulations!”

These kinds of remarks.

Everyone could only gawk.

The family system of the continent was very strict, every male offspring, regardless of what branch line, had to be registered in the genealogy.

The kingdom’s laws allowed family regulations to exist, but its reaches were not infinite, otherwise what use were the kingdom’s laws?  The family regulations had an applicable range, the range was only within the family and the genealogy was representation of who was in the family!

A person who cannot enter the genealogy, will lose all his resource distribution and privileges, cannot hold any official positions in the family, cannot practice the family’s special cultivation technique, and was no different from than average bystander.

Since they could not enjoy the family’s privileges.

They obviously could not be restrained by the family regulations.

If he did not enter the genealogy, that meant the family did not acknowledge him, so could he be considered a member of the Chu Family?  If Chu Tian was not a member of the Chu Family, then the nature of the matter would be completely different!

Ye Xiong never thought Chu Tian would be so sly, “You are misleading the crowd!”

Chu Yi was seething with rage, “You little thing, turning your back on family, the blood of the Chu Family flows in your body, we’ve worked hard raised you for ten years, such ungrateful words you can actually say?  You really are a heartless, cruel bastard!

Raised for ten years?

More like kept captive for ten years!

Even though he had lost his memories, Chu Tian could still feel that during those ten years he was treated like a dog!

His father suffered extreme humiliation, so he brought Chu Tian to flee, but ended up being killed and Chu Tian was reduced to being a slave.

Chu Yi started attacking from another angle, “Stealing the Chu Family’s secrets, just this fact is enough for you to be chopped to ten thousand pieces!”

“You accuse me of stealing your technology, but where is your evidence?”  Chu Tian sees Chu Yi’s contracted expression and smiled while shaking his head, “I ask you not to pretend that everyone here is an idiot, anyone with a little bit of brain would be able to see through your nonsense!”

Chu Yi bit down hard, “Give up any ideas of trying to quibble!”

Chu Tian faced the sky and laughed, his voice became stronger and he loudly began to interrogate.

“Then, I’ll just ask you a few questions!”

“If the Chu Family invented the Source Energy lamp and pot, then why would then not make a single move for half a year.  Why would they allow me to establish my own company in South Sky City and to earn my first pot of gold?  Perhaps the Chu Family is full of good-for-nothings?”

“If the Chu Family really had this kind of treasured technology, why would they not send cultivators to steal it back from this trivial person who can’t even be a part of the genealogy?  Moreover it has been half a year since you’ve been robbed, but there has been no response at all?  Perhaps the Chu Family is full of idiots?”

“If I really stole the Chu Family’s technology and it was discovered by the Chu Family, this kind of important matter, why does the Chu Family hierarchy not have any kind of response and instead sends a little junior here instead?  Perhaps the Chu Family have all died?

“You answer me these questions!”


A series of questions.

All cunning and precise!

Each one addressing a key point!

Everyone that heard this was suddenly enlightened, this matter was truly fishy, but the matter had developed too quickly and no one had time to think it through.  They only felt angry because they were caught up by the mood!

Ye Xiong, Luo Yuanshan, and Du Zhentian complexion paled.

He really could eloquently argue!

The reason why they took action so quickly was to not give Chu Tian any time to think.  They would first stall them with a show of strength, then with lightning like momentum, dispose of him and worry about the consequences after!

Ye Xiong underestimated the importance Nangong Yi attached to Chu Tian.

Even more he underestimate Chu Tian’s arguing abilities!

This was a joke, father here came from 30000 years in the future and was the Continent’s youngest Wiseman, usually no problems eating until I’m full.  I love to argue with old immortals, these fellows think that they can win against me?  Too immature!

Towards these questions, Chu Yi was speechless.

Ye Xiong saw that the situation was bad, “You little evildoer truly has a good glib tongue, you think that by distorting the facts you can trick these people?  You keep going on about how we have no evidence that you stole the Chu Family’s technology, but what evidence do you have to prove yourself!  You spent ten years in the Chu Family and it hasn’t even been six months since you ran away and was even reduced to being a slave, where could you have gotten this technology from!”

Luo Yuanshan nodded his head, “Brother Ye’s argument is very rational, first we’ll detain him and then interrogate him, we’ll properly investigate and figure out the truth!

Once Chu Tian was detained.

Would he still have his life?

Chu Tian showed a faint smile, “Good, I’ll just prove myself to you then!”

Everyone stared at him.

Can this brat really prove himself?

“Let’s do it like this, Ye, Du, Luo, and Chu Family…..”  Chu Tian one by one called their names, his smiling face gradually receded and was gradually replaced with a severe expression, an expression that was strong as thunder, “To be honest, you four waste families, this father had not even placed you in my eyes!  So let’s just do whatever, weapon refining, pill refining, symbol arrays, whichever field you choose it’s all fine!  I’ll give you three chances and if I win all of them, you guys don’t need to do anything, just commit suicide to apologize!”

This kind of remark!

Everyone was shocked!

This kind of courage at this kind of time!

A single person was challenging four families!

Perhaps even if it was a profound master, they still wouldn’t dare to be this arrogant!

Zhang Liqing quickly came over and said, “Don’t be over emotional, this is an impossible task to achieve!”

Everyone had their shortcomings and merits, no matter how profound your knowledge was, it was impossible to know every detail!

Zhang Liqing’s knowledge was profound, but did he dare to say he was invincible? The strongest here was the one with the deepest comprehensive knowledge, there were some people who focused on crafting first talismans and some who focused on earth talismans.  In the field, there were also many small branches.

Chu Tian disdainfully curled his lips, “Old Zhang don’t worry!  This master here has given them three chances to prove that I am an incompetent person!  If they can’t do it, then these fellows would be a group of good-for-nothings!  Why would I, Chu Tian, steal from a group of good-for-nothings?!”

Everyone already knew that Chu Tian was crazy, but they never thought he would be crazy enough to think of this kind of situation, he was simply insane!

A single person challenging four families!

This was an almost impossible to achieve task!

Ye Xiong gave Li Changyun a meaningful glance, Li Changyun understood, “Arrogant little child, if you want to bring shame upon yourself, this old man will help you!”

The chairman of the South Sky City Alchemy Guild was challenging a little brat that was still wet behind the ears?

This was too unfair!

Not to say South Sky City, even in Central State city, Li Changyun could still be considered an important person!

Chu Tian showed a faint smile, “Alright!”

Everyone’s face turned to panic!

“But I am using my life and reputation as a stake, you can’t just not present a stake yourself can you?” Chu Tian said this and suddenly stopped for a second, “If you lose, you’ll withdraw from your position of chairman and scram from South Sky City!  Old ignorant man, do you dare to bet?

Li Changyun’s complexion paled.

This little brat had his eyes on the chairman position!

This chairman position was far from an empty duty, the Alchemy Guild’s chairman had control over all of the city’s Alchemy matters!

Once Li Changyun stepped down, they would have control of the Alchemy Guild, then Southern Cloud Commerce will be able to enter the medicine business.  Coordinating with Zhang Liqing’s talisman division, they would be able to sweep through South Sky City!

Ye Xiong’s face also darkened.

For the Ye Family to have such status in South Sky City, it was dependent on Li Changyun cooperation.  If Li Changyun lost his chairman position and was forced to leave South Sky City, it was equal to cutting off an arm from the Ye Family!

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