MT Chapter 55


Chapter 55: Competition of poisons

A teenage youth in the Body Refinement realm dare to gamble with his life!

A dignified Awakened Soul realm cultivator!

The Alchemy Guild’s Chairman!

A well renowned person!


Li Changyun couldn’t be so timid under the public’s gaze, so with a gloomy face he said, “I accept your conditions!”

Can this wet behind the ears little boy win against me?

This fellow that didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth!

This was simply a joke!

“Since you don’t fear any kind of challenge.”  Li Changyun thought of an evil and cruel plan, “Then this old man will have to ask for your advice in the field of refining poisons!”


Refining poison?!

Everyone’s face slightly paled.

Zhang Liqing’s face was dignified.

Li Changyun cared a lot about materialistic gains, he especially like be opportunistic, therefore he learned the unorthodox and built up his poison refining skill.  In the Central States, his name was well known, if he wanted to kill someone, no one had the luck to escape.

Chu Tian was not afraid and crisply laughed, “If this ignorant man does not fear death, then what do I have to fear!  Since you’ve decided on this, I’ll accompany you to the end!”

Complying so easily?

It was simply looking for death!

No wonder!

“Ha, ha, your ignorance and stupidity is truly rare in this world.” Li Changyun gave two gloomy laughs, “We’ll both refine a set of poison and antidote, then we exchange antidotes and ingest each other’s poison.  If you aren’t affected by the poison, then you win, if you’re affected by the poison you lose!”

[TL Note – Ya this was confusing in chinese as it is in English, but I think what they’re trying to say is they’ll make poisons for each other then create antidotes for the other person’s poison.]


The onlookers were terrified!

How was this a competition?

It was simply playing with one’s life!

Both sides would refine poisons for the other person, then they would both refine antidotes on the spot and ingest the antidote and poison together, if the poison exhibit effects, they would lose!

Refining poison was easy, but curing it was hard!

What was the danger?  If you were a little careless you would lose your life!

This not only tested your Alchemy knowledge, but also tested you wisdom and courage!

The worry in Ye Xiong’s heart vanished.

The poison Li Changyun used, no one could cure.  This was an execution, that brat was dead for sure!

Killing Chu Tian in a competition like this, they could avoid directly conflicting with Nangong Yi!

“That’s not good!  This isn’t fair!”  Meng Qingwu furrowed her black eyebrows and walked out, “Awakened Soul cultivators can refine level 2 medicines, but with his Body Refinement cultivation, Chu Tian can only refine level 1 medicines.  This kind of different level competition isn’t fair at all!”

Xiong Tianyan also declared, “This doesn’t conform with the spirit of the Alchemy profession!  You can’t compete like this!”

Li Changyun’s words were sharp, “He was the one who said all those arrogant things, who can you blame?  Right now there is no path of retreat, either admit your defeat or fight this old man!”

Meng Qingwu was angry, “Surnamed Li, you are also a renowned person, are you not afraid of being mocked for being so shameless?”

Li Changyun disdainfully said, “With this kind of villain, there is no need for morality!”

Xiong Tianyan started insulting, “Good old dog!  Who is the real shameless person?  It seems to me that you’re the one who’s truly shameless!”

Li Changyun was also angry, “Surnamed Xiong, there is nothing for you to say here!”

“Old Xiong, little miss, I have to trouble you to step back.”  Chu Tian was smiling without any irritation, “I remember once saying that this old fool was not even qualified to put on my shoes, this sentence still has not changed!  If he wants to compete, then I’ll just compete, am I, Chu Tian, scared to fight?

Rampant!  Arrogant!

Since Chu Tian even said it like this.

Meng Qingwu and Xiong Tianyan couldn’t do anything.

Li Changyun was so mad he almost suffered internal injuries, but he suppressed his anger.  If this little duckling wanted to be stubborn, let’s see how long he can keep it up for!

Li Changyun coldly listed his materials, “Ghost face spiders, six coloured centipedes, carrion scorpions, scarlet blood toad, twin headed viper, one of each kind!”

As soon as everyone heard.

They’re faces filled with terror.

Five different violent poisonous creatures, any one of them was enough to kill a 9th layer Body Refinement cultivator!

If the five different violent poisonous materials were refined into a single toxin, perhaps even if it was used on an Awakened Soul cultivator, it would be hard for them to live through it!

Nangong Yi and Zhang Liqing’s complexion changed.

This old fool wanted to refine the Five Poison Water!

Five Poison Water, as the name implies, uses five different violent poisons and mixes them together.  So the poison was very complex, not to mention after being refined with a Source Energy Array, it would become even more complex, it was extremely difficult to decipher this poison.

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun were full of confidence.

But at this time, they were both still extremely worried for Chu Tian.

Meng Qingwu pursed her lips and her body somewhat shivered.

If he did not not succeed…..she simply could not imagine!

This not so tall youth, at this moment was standing bravely, like a tenacious piece of coral resisting the turbulent rough sea waves, “Blood demon fruit, three leaves flower, and lamenting grass….”

The youth was calm, not irritated at all, like handling an unimportant matter.

Meng Qingwu stared at his handsome face, that pair of unconcerned dry eyes had a calming effect on her.  Meng Qingwu’s anxious heart was pacified.

The ingredients Li Changyun demanded were all violently poisonous things.

The ingredients Chu Tian requested were just average.

The difference between the two was so big, everyone felt nervous for Chu Tian.

Ye Xiong whispered to Li Changyun, “Master, are you confident?  This person does not follow common sense!”

“Relax, this brat truly does have some skills.  He wants to refine the blood spirit poison that is the strongest out of all level 1 poisons.”  Li Changyun could see through Chu Tian’s plans and he smiled confidently, “If it was any other South Sky City alchemist, it would be a formidable poison, but for this old man, there is no threat.”

Both sets of ingredients were quickly delivered.

Both of them pulled out their tools to begin refining.

Li Changyun prepared six different refining bottles, five to refine each of the toxins on their own and the final one to mix the toxins together and to do the final refining in.

Nangong Yun was amazed, “What is this technique, I’ve never seen anything like this before!”

“Chu Tian is in trouble!”  Xiong Tianyan wrinkled his brows, “This is a high level alchemy skill!”

“What’s wrong?”

“By first refining each of the toxins separately he’s completely changing their nature, then they are refined together.  The entire process refines the poison twice making it hard to guess the composition.  Like this, no one could guess what his Five Poison Water was made of!”

Nangong Yun stared with open eyes, “First refining each of the poison into completed poisons and then using those finished products to refine a new poison, unexpectedly you can do it like this….”

Despite Li Changyun’s morality being questionable.

His skills in alchemy, no one dared to question!

Chu Tian refines a single bottle, refining seriously without any change, just like an ordinary Alchemist refining an ordinary bottle of medicine.

The liquid gradually turned red and from the colour people could tell that it truly was the Blood Spirit Poison.

The Blood Spirit Poison was a violent poison, it clotted all the blood in a person’s body, eventually the heart stops beating.

The fact that Chu Tian could refine this Blood Spirit Poison already attested to his skills in alchemy, but with this level of poison, could he win against a person like Li Changyun?

Everyone sighed!

This brat was dead for sure!

He dared to challenge the Alchemy Guild Chairman with this kind of skill?

Both sides simultaneously finished refining!

Li Changyun handed his poison over.  Seeing the bright red coloured liquid in the bottle, he let out a disdainful laugh, “Blood Spirit Poison?  You’ve already lost!”

Chu Tian held the Five Poison Water, it continuously bubbled in the dark green solution.

Chu Tian was calm, “Is that so?”

Li Changyun coldly smiled and said, “After drinking the Five Poison Water, in ten rests your body will be covered in festering pus and you’ll die, then your body will release toxic gas in an area of ten zhang (3.33m per zhang)!”

Such a terrifying poison!

Everyone quickly withdrew, leaving a large empty space.

Chu Tian didn’t think so, “Is it this fierce?  Then I really have to give it a try!”  He took the Five Poison Water and swinged it a bit and his brows wrinkled and after a minute, his lips turned into a smile.

“Now I’ll start refining a cure!  I need figs, clear light bugs, and nine leaf ginseng….”

Li Changyun was confident, calmly listing the standard antidote formula!

This was a cure specially for the Blood Spirit Poison!

Li Changyun was truly rich in experience, immediately starting to refine the antidote!

The bad feeling in Nangong Yi’s heart kept growing, especially after seeing that Chu Tian was not moving at all, he hurried over and asked, “What ingredients do you need for the cure, I’ll help you find them!”

“No need!”

Chu Tian’s extraordinary words made everyone startled!

What Chu Tian did next, really surprised everyone!

He drew a Source Energy refining array and directly placed the Five Poison Water in the center, then activated the array with his spirit energy releasing a dazzling light that started to build up in the refining bottle filled with the dark green liquid which started boiling in excitement.

What was he doing?

Everyone was confused.

Li Changyun was also completely confused!

Chu Tian did not ask for any detoxing ingredients, but instead placed the Five Poison Water into a new refining array and started refining it again!

What this fellow insane?

What was the significance in doing this!

Actually this Source Energy Array was called “Purification”, it was actually a common technique used by the future generation that had the main effect of purifying harmful substances and dark attribute energy.  Under this purification effect, any poison would be dissolved and will turn into a harmless substance.

The Five Poison Water refined by Li Changyun was without a doubt a level 2 poison!

But it was made from five different level 1 ingredients!

Therefore, the toxins in the Five Poison Water, after final analysis, was still a level 1 ingredient, so Chu Tian used a level 1 purifying array which was more than enough to easily dissolve the toxins.

After several minutes.

Li Changyun poured his antidote into the poison Chu Tian refined and looked at Chu Tian tauntingly, “Can we start now?”

Chu Tian had already finished his extract, the poison inside the refining bottle had already turned light green and had stopped bubbling, “Do you want to drink first or should I?”

“Such insignificant abilities, is it even worth mentioning?  I’ll let you see the disparity between us!”  Li Changyun drank the bright red liquid in one single breath and broke the bottle, “You Blood Spirit Poison is only mediocre!”

Chu Tian raised his head and poured the Five Poison Water down.


He unexpectedly drank all of it!

Everyone hurriedly withdraw in fright!

Chu Tian was now like a bomb, in a minute his body would fester up and die and then his corpse would start releasing deadly gas endangering the people near him.

“Chu Tian!”

“How do you feel?”

Nangong Yun, Meng Qingwu, and Meng Yingying was extremely anxious.

Li Changyun showed an evil smile, this little brat did not know the immensity of heaven and earth, he thinks the Five Poison Water is so easy to cure?  Moreover, without and detoxing ingredients, he rashly refined the Five Poison Water again without knowing its composition, that would only make the poison even more complicated.

Even if a deity descended, it was still impossible to save him!

Nangong Yi, Zhang Liqing, and Xiong Tianyan were staring stubbornly at Chu Tian.

One rest!

Two rests!

Three rests!


The entire ten rests passed and forget about the poison having effects.

Chu Tian face seemed to have a gloss to it, nothing had happened at all!

Li Changyun revealed an unbelieveable face, “How is this possible!”

“This flavour……”  Chu Tian licked his lips and then smacked them a few times, “Not bad, a little like Suan Mei Tang!”

Everyone was so surprised their chins dropped!

Such a violent poison, in Chu Tian’s mouth actually turned into Suan Mei Tang!


Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun both applauded and loudly cheered.

Meng Qingwu’s clenched fist slowly loosened and the corners of her mouth turned into a bitter smile, “This fellow, really cannot make people not worry!”

“How can you possibly cure my Five Poison Water!”  Li Changyun old face filled with uncertainty, “Impossible, this is definitely impossible!”

Ye Xiong also knitted his brows.

Seems like Chu Tian really had some skills.

Luo Yuanshan stood and said, “Since both sides show no symptoms, then that means it is a tie!”

Chu Yi hurriedly said, “This fellow already promised, as long as he doesn’t win once he would commit suicide to apologize.  Now it ended with a draw therefore he didn’t win, so there’s nothing else to say!”

“That’s right!”

“He should kill himself in apology!”

Some voices immediately sounded out from the crowd.

“I think Chu Tian is better!”  Meng Qingwu’s voice sounded, “A teenager, in a different level situation was able to tie with Li Changyun, doesn’t this solve the problem?”

Meng Yingying hurriedly shouted, “What sister said is right!”

Ye Xiong insisted, “A tie is a tie!”

Du Zhentian said, “A tie doesn’t count as a victory!”

“That’s right!”

“Stop trying to argue!”

Both sides unceasingly debated.

The bystanders also flooded out in whispers.

This competition already solved the problem, Chu Tian absolutely was not waste, Ye Xiong’s group is definitely setting a death trap, but what is the motive?

“Ha, ha?  Tie?  Who said it was a tie!”

The person who spoke, it was Chu Tian!

Everyone was startled as they stared at him.

Chu Tian with a mysterious gaze, used a sarcastic tone and said, “This master here, you didn’t really think that what I refined was only a bottle of Blood Spirit Poison right?  If you really think that, then you’re too naive!”

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