MT Chapter 58


Chapter 58: Competing in martial arts

Chu Tian beating Li Changyun was only enough to shock everyone.  Using the level 1 talisman to kill an Awakened Soul cultivator was enough to terrify everyone.

Was he even human?

He was simply a terrifying monster!

A trivial Body Refinement cultivator, a trivial level 1 Talisman could actually capture thunder and use it create such a resounding effect!


Under the cover of heavenly prestige, everyone present was terrified from the bottom of their heart.

Even Nangong Yi with the highest cultivation, could not help but shiver slightly, from his soul, gushed a chill.  If the heavenly thunder was aimed at him, he was afraid even he couldn’t escape being killed on the spot!

Luo Yuanshan had died!

A Central State Judicial Elder had died like that!

The minute before the god of death had arrived, Luo Yuanshan had felt regret.  For an ordinary family junior, for a little greed, he had lost his life for it!

Ye Xiong expression was complex, a little panic-stricken and a little angry.

Although he made the highest estimates, although he feared Chu Tian as much as possible, even with the joint power of four families, using the the greatest strength and resources to deal with him.

The results were not what they expected.

He had still underestimate Chu Tian!

Du Zhentian was pale with a look of despair, every side was met with defeat, he finally realized he had made a huge mistake!

The family’s factory worth 1 million gold coins, was unexpectedly lost!

Chu Tian calmly said, “Shouldn’t Sir Mayor say a few sentences?”

Nangong Yi seemed to be awakening from a dream and smiled bitterly, “There’s nothing to say about this outcome, in the contest of Symbol Technique, Chu Tian wins without a doubt!”


The crowd burst with intense emotions!

Everyone finally recovered from the panic and shock.

“I wasn’t dreaming just now right!”

“Why did the heavenly thunder strike the square?”

“Right, that Awakened Soul master from Central State was unexpectedly split apart!”

“He got what he deserved!  That is called heavenly retribution!  Who told him to come to South Sky City and slander South Sky City’s talents!”

“That’s right!  Chu Tian is a once in a thousand year genius, soon our South Sky City will become famous!”


When Chu Tian defeated Li Changyun, the level of technique was too complicated, the crowd couldn’t understand.

This time’s Symbol Technique competition was an open display, even idiots could understand it.  Chu Tian Guiding Thunder Symbol’s might was 10 times stronger than Luo Yuanshan’s Exploding Flame Symbol!

A single glance was enough to make it clear.

Was there a need to compete?

Those that claimed Chu Tian stole their technology, were nothing but blind dogs.  In the whole kingdom, who could display this kind of might with just a level 1 Talisman, so decisively win a contest?

Only Chu Tian could do it!

With this kind of talent, even though he wasn’t famous now, soon there would be a day where he would go to the Main City, even go to the Imperial City and become one of the top characters of the kingdom!

Would he steal technology?

It was simply shameless slander!

The people who once envied Chu Tian, their hearts had completely changed.  They no longer envied him, but rather what remained was respect and worship!

Because a poor beggar will only envy a rich beggar, they would not envy a billionaire, the two were not in the same world!

Meng Yingying and Meng Qingwu also had mixed feelings, they felt a little lost.

It wasn’t that Chu Tian wasn’t strong, he was too strong, too outstanding!

Zhang Liqing’s old face was flushed, his eyes full of reverence, like a pilgrim seeing an object of god, “What is this wonderful technology ah!  If this old man can learn even 1% of Chu Tian’s knowledge, I would have no regrets in life!”

Chu Tian slowly let out two breathes, “Two chances have finished, you only have one chance left.  Arrays, refining, or any other methods, as long as you beat me once, my commitment is still valid!”

Ye Xiong’s face darkened, he couldn’t think of any methods to deal with Chu Tian.

Chu Yi face was full of astonishment and panic, how did Chu Tian change this much?  He looked the same, but was basically a completely different person!

It was simply a monster in Chu Tian’s skin!

This person was too terrifying!

If he lived, once he returned to the Chu Family, he might even get an important position.  At that time Chu Yi would be in trouble and even his branch would be implicated.

Chu Tian had to die!

This person can’t live to see Central State!

Despite Chu Tian’s achievements in the field of productions, his cultivation is still very weak.  He had already been injured by Luo Yuanshan’s Exploding Flame Talisman and he had used more that half his spirit energy in activating the Guiding Thunder Talisman, right now he was very weak.

“The third game!”

“Let me compete!”

“I want to compare martial arts with you!”

The person talking was Chu Yi!

Li Changyun representing the Ye Family, disastrous defeat!

Luo Yuanshan representing the Luo Family, disastrous defeat!

Two Awakened Soul grand masters had both been defeated, why did Chu Yi still dare to challenge Chu Tian?

Who would know that Chu Yi’s right hand pulled out a three foot long sword, grasping the Cyan Tipped Sword in his hand, he pointed it at Chu Tian and exclaimed with an angry glare, “Chu Tian if you are a man, then accept my challenge!”

“These kinds of words you’ve just said!”  Nangong Yun said with a face of disgust, “I’ve never seen such a shameless person before!”

Meng Qingwu also walked out, “You claimed that Chu Tian stole your technology, so Chu Tian gave you three chances to prove it.  You first lost in Alchemy, then in Symbol Arrangement, and now you want to propose a martial arts contest?  Let me ask you, what relations do martial arts have with the Source Energy pot technology, doing this kind of thing, aren’t you pushing it?”

Meng Yingying fiercely denounced, “Bastard!  You just want to bully Chu Tian because his cultivation is lower!  Moreover Chu Tian has already exhausted his spirit energy and is injured, this is clearly taking advantage of someone, what kind of challenge is this!”

“That’s right!”

“I never thought that the dignified Chu Family junior, would be so shameless!”


The crowd started to voice their opposition, they had turned their backs against them.

Chu Yi’s underhanded methods, made people feel disgust.

He was clearly using the rebelling against the Chu Family reason as an excuse to steal the technology!

The situation now, the rebelling against the clan situation was fuzzy, they couldn’t win against their opponents, so they were relying on force now?  Isn’t this one huge joke!”

This contest was already completely meaningless!

Ye Xiong walked out and said, “Chu Tian already proclaimed he would accept any kind of challenge, Alchemy and Symbol Arrangements are methods of competition, but isn’t martial arts one too?  The Chu Family’s Young Master wants to ask Chu Tian to compare notes, no tricks, is this not allowed?

Letting Chu Tian bring shame and ruin upon himself was no longer possible!

This matter had already gone out of their control!


The only wanted him dead!

Nothing else was important!

If such a monstrous talent was allowed to grow, then the consequences would be dire!

Ye Xiong wanted to personally make a move, but with his position, if he made a move, Nangong Yi would not sit there and let him.

The only person who had the opportunity to kill Chu Tian was Chu Yi!

Chu Yi was not Central State Chu Family’s most outstanding talent, but he could still be considered in the top ten.  He had already awakened his source spirit and practiced the Chu Family’s inherited cultivation technique《Soul Sword Secret Art》!

This《Soul Sword Secret Art》was said to be a remnant of an ancient cultivation technique, it was considered a priceless treasure Central State City and it was the lifeblood of the Chu Family.

Chu Yi’s《Soul Sword Secret Art》was already at the small success stage, so its might was not small!

Chu Yi continued pointing the sword in provocation, “What’s wrong, with things like this, are you scared?”

Chu Tian disdainfully smiled, “You and I are peers, if you challenge me, what do I have to fear?  Come at me and let me see the Chu Family’s martial art, let’s see what’s so special about it!”

He actually accepted!

“As you wish!”  Chu Yi fiendishly grinned, his body emitted a strong killing intent, holding the sword to the sky and shouted upwards, “Sword!”

At that moment.

Chu Yi started to burst out with incomparable strength.

This strength was sharp as a knife and wide as an ocean, white spirit energy shot up into the sky and formed the shape of a green treasured sword.

A spirit energy sword!

The Chu Family was a famous sword cultivation family, in the family most people had a sword based source spirit.  The sword source spirit had a strong strength and compared with the Chu Family’s《Soul Sword Secret Art》, they could easily sweep through cultivators of the same level!

Of course, even though the sword source spirit were similar, not everyone was alike.

Chu Yi had not officially entered the Awakened Soul Realm so his source spirit had not completely awaked, only a green sword outline could be faintly seen.

Green colour represented wind!

It was a wind attributed source spirit!

The characteristics of the wind attribute was quick and sharp!

“Soul Sword Secret Art – Whirlwind Slash!”

The corners of Chu Yi’s mouth turned into a sneer, the sword source spirit had fused with the sword in his hand and began to emit numerous green sword qi, which turned into a whirlwind of green sword qi.

“How powerful!”

“So this is the Chu Family’s sword technique!”

With Chu Yi’s single move, everyone could not help but stare in amazement, the sword source spirit and sword had fused, creating a whirlwind of sword qi, moving to kill the enemy and perfectly protects oneself, simply impregnable!

The Chu Family sword techniques, truly lived up to its name!

Could Chu Tian block this kind of attack?

Several days ago, at the summit, Chu Tian was only at the peak of the 6th Body Refinement Layer, although he showed great battle strength, but facing a master like Chu Yi, he would definitely fall in one move!

Chu Tian narrowed his eyes and without moving he started to emit spirit energy which covered his entire body.

Everyone was surprised to discover, Chu Tian’s body began to glow.

It was not bright like the sun, or mellow like the moon.  Twinkling star, just like the starry night, gentle and intense, deep and mysterious, it soon covered his entire body.  Like a protective film, it looked like a layer of stars were woven into his clothes.

“It’s the Starlight Immortal Body!”

Meng Qingwu, Nangong Yun, and everyone else immediately recognized it.

Did Chu Tian want to use the Starlight Immortal Body to resist the Chu Family’s sword techniques?

The Starlight Immortal body had only been practiced for a few days, it hadn’t even reached the small success boundary yet!

Chu Yi’s Soul Sword Secret Art had been practiced torturously for several years, and with his peak 9th Body Refinement cultivation, and his inherited family source spirit, all combined into a single technique.

Could he block it?

Remember, the essence of the immortal body, is not to fight.”  Chu Tian shrouded in starlight, looked just like a deity, “Endlessly, endlessly, the starlight is inexhaustible, even if the opponent’s strength is strong.  As you will it, your heart directs it, regardless of the attack, it will instantly form the strongest defense.”

He was actually still teaching them!

He didn’t even put Chu Yi into his sight!

While Chu Tian was talking, the injury from Luo Yuanshan’s sneak attack, was slowly starting to heal.

The Starlight Immortal Body was curing the injury!

Chu Yi was extremely angry, “Trying to embarrass me? Go and die!”

The arc like whirlwind of sword qi, suddenly the dust around was raised by an invisible force and the sword qi transformed into a large arc.  With the full strength of the whirlwind, it sliced towards Chu Tian.

This sword’s might!

Even Awakened Soul cultivators would find it hard to use their spirit energy to defend!

Moreover, Chu Tian was only in the Body Refinement realm!

Facing this formidable attack, Chu Tian did not dodge or fall back, with both his arms shooting forth, he unexpectedly wanted to catch the sword qi with his hands.


Everyone was scared!

Using bare hands to catch sword qi?

Wasn’t this seeking death!

The minute Chu Tian’s hands grabbed the sword qi, the star energy covering his body began to converge in his hands, his hands became bright and translucent like the surface was covered with a coloured glaze.

The blue star light power, began to seep into the white sword qi, turning the white sword qi into a blue colour.


Just like a piece of glass!

The sword qi shattered apart, turning into twinkling starlight, floating off into the wind.

“Don’t move the body, only use your intent, the intent will guard the body becoming a godly defense!”  Chu Tian’s body was still covered in the glow as he calmly explained, “The main strength of the Starlight Immortal Body is decomposition, but it doesn’t forcefully resist, it melts opposing force invisibly!”

Meng Qingwu, Meng Yingying, Nangong Yun and everyone else all seemed to be lost in thought.

This was the might of the Starlight Immortal Body?

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