MT Chapter 61


Chapter 61: Lying low until the dust settles

After several days, Miracle Commerce had taken over the Du Family’s mold printing factory, it was focused on manufacturing lamps, if this factory operated full time, everyday Miracle commerce could produce over ten thousand lamps!

Miracle Commerce’s production strength had been increased ten fold!

Meng Qingwu started to buy small factories wantonly and mass buy materials.

Southern Cloud Medicine Shop and Southern Cloud Symbol Shop, were distributed with a large amount of funds and they both began to buy workshops.  From the Alchemy Masters Guild and the Symbol Technique Masters Guild, they started to directly recruit talents in preparation of their official opening.


Miracle Commerce had developed a great reputation!

Chu Tian had prestige in South Sky City, even higher than before the storm.

But, Chu Tian was not relaxed, because the real trouble, was just starting!

Nangong Yi personally came to visit, the first sentence he said was, “I got some news, the matter of you killing the Luo Family’s elder and the Chu Family’s talented offspring, has already been sent to Central State!”

This sentence.

Everyone was shocked!

Nangong Yi seemed extremely anxious, “You putting yourself in the limelight was good, but it caused two parties to bear anger towards you, so the situation has not improved at all, instead it’s deteriorating, you better prepare yourself for retaliation at any time!”

Meng Qingwu’s umber black eyebrow focused, “These two families are not inferior to the Ye Family, if they collaborate, it will be hard to resist them.”

“Elder sister, what are you worried about!”  Meng Yingying started to have blind confidence in Chu Tian, “Even if they’re stronger, aren’t the only Central State City  families, they can’t possibly have a way to deal with Chu Tian!”

“You can’t say for sure.”  Nangong Yi gently sighed, “Before Chu Tian only had the two families’ attention, but he wasn’t considered important, he was only a small matter.  Now the two families are furious, the situation will not be the same as before!”

What Nangong Yi said was right!

Chu Family, Luo Family, Ye Family.

Central State Four Great Families, which one wasn’t like poking a hornet’s nest?

If an ordinary person met any of them, they would not be able to bear the consequences!

Chu Tian was a little impolite, he hadn’t even gone to Central State yet and he had already stabbed all three!

These three families were not jokes, they had established statuses.  Many Awakened Soul Cultivators, it could be said they had experts like the rolling clouds.  Moreover, it was a spear to the back was hard to guard, if they sent assassins to kill him, it would be difficult for Chu Tian to escape.

The three Great Families could use the excuse of dealing with Chu Tian to suppress the business of Miracle Commerce.

To the newly established Miracle Commerce, this a large test.

“I’ll send a letter to the family and try to ask them to send people over.”  Nangong Yi said this and paused, “But the Imperial City is several thousand li away and Central State is only a thousand li away, in the end water far away can not put out nearby fires!”

Nangong Yun knit her brows and said, “Then what do we do!  We can’t just sit here waiting for death!”

Meng Qingwu gave a suggestion, “We can hide Chu Tian away, like this we can avoid most of the intense confrontation, even if they want to retaliate, they can’t find the person anyway.”

Nangong Yi was still the Mayor, his foundation was not unstable, under the pressure of Three Great Families, if they chose frontal confrontation, then he might be included in it.

If he could avoid direct confrontation with the Three Great Families.

Protecting Miracle Commerce.

Protecting Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying.

Nangong Yi was confident in achieving.

Everyone was thinking of a way to help Chu Tian solve his problem!

Chu Tian gave a long yawn from the side, like he was about to fall asleep from listening, “Little miss, didn’t you help me get a black market pass?  I want to go for a stroll in the black market, see if their are any useful resources, hide away for a while, what do you think?”

Nangong Yi was surprised, “You want to go to the black market?”

Meng Qingwu quickly said, “You can’t!”

Meng Qingwu explained, “If you stay in South Sky City, we can still protect you, but if you openly leave, wouldn’t that be playing into their hands?  Everything in South Sky City, there is nothing the Ye Family does not know, if you leave South Sky City, it’s impossible they won’t know!”

Chu Tian laughed, “How can this trouble me?  Wait a few minutes for me, I’ll go and be right back!”

What kind of medicine did Chu Tian eat?

After a few minutes.

A blue robed youth hurried in, “Little Lu Ren, greets you all.”

Who was this?

This person was less than 20 years old, big eyes bushy brows, a plain face, not a single special feature.  He was simply an extremely normal person, if lost in a crowd, no one would pay him any attention.

He really had a good name!

He completely fit the name “passerby”!

Meng Yingying walked in front of Lu Ren, staring at him for a while, pinching his cheeks, pulling his hair, finally showing a panicked expression, “You…..You are Chu Tian?”

Chu Tian laughed, “Looks like my disguise technique is not bad!”

Regardless of height, build, features, even his voice, everything had changed, he was a completely different person!

Did such an amazing disguise technique exist?

Nangong Yun thought this was unbelievable, “How did you do this?”

Chu Tian smiled and said, “Nothing but some medicine and adding in an exclusive disguise technique, next time I have a chance I’ll teach it to you!”

This time if they walked out, there would be no one that could recognize Chu Tian!

They let the Mayor arrange a suitable identity for him.

Turning him into a completely different person!

Chu Tian stared at everyone’s surprised expression, please with himself he said, “You have to remember, I am called Lu Ren, I am a rogue cultivator.  I’ve obtained the black market pass by accident, so I decided to participate and try my luck!  I don’t know you and have no relations with Miracle Commerce!

High levelled!

Truly high levelled!

Like this he could truly deceive everyone!

If Chu Tian remained in South Sky City, because he frequently contacts Meng Yingying and Meng Qingwu, he would be seen through.  But if Chu Tian left South Sky City, who would know the relation between him and Miracle Commerce?”

“The black market is in the Yin Corpse Valley.”  Nangong Yi was somewhat afraid of the Yin Corpse valley, “The Yin Corpse Valley is an unlucky place, how much do you know about it?”

What was the black market?

A special market that was outside a normal market!

If foreign merchants want to do business in a city, not only was the procedure very complex, but they also had to pay very high taxes!

The number of commodities was strictly limited to avoid disrupting the local market and harming the local commerces.  The number of caravans were also strictly limited to prevent spies, undercover agents, and other people with ill intentions from using the name of merchants to enter in.

Because of all these strict limitation, this gave birth to a black market, beyond the controls of the cities.  Each caravan could bring their goods, if you want to enter you enter, if you want to leave you leave, there were no limitations and no taxes.

The local treasures that were either stolen, robbed, or inconvenient to bring into the city, were all brought to the black market to sell.


The black market grew to the size it was now!

Because the kingdom would frequently try to suppress it, no one dared to construct a black market in an open place, so the majority of black markets were built in unvisited places, sometimes even in dangerous places.

The Yin Corpse Valley was one of those places.

Nangong Yi simply introduced, “The Yin Corpse Valley is one of the Central State well known dangers, it was said that 5000-6000 years ago, it was the headquarters of a formidable evil sect, no one knows how it suddenly vanished.  However, there are deadly traps all over the Yin Corpse Valley, it is a very dangerous place.”

The black market was unexpectedly established in the ruins of an ancient sect?

Chu Tian was very interested!

Nangong Yi continued saying, “What the Yin Corpse Valley is most well known for are its Yin Corpses, it is said that people that die in the Yin Corpse Valley, their bodies do not rot for 10 years, because they absorb the Yin energy, ultimately turning into Yin Corpses.”

“It sounds quite frightening!”  Meng Yingying showed an expression of fear, “Are Yin Corpses that strong?”

“Although the were once human, they have already turned into monsters, long have they lost their human instincts, their nature is savage!”  Nangong Yi continued, “The Yin Corpses cannot be considered living beings, their lifespan is infinite, the longer the live, they stronger they become!”

Nangong Yi explained, “Ten Year Old Yin Corpses have a cultivation 1st Body Refinement Layer, with its invulnerability, infinite strength, and poison, its strength is not inferior to a 2nd or 3rd layer Body Refinement Cultivator.  Then, after each 10 years is a single layer increase, Twenty Year Old Yin Corpses have a cultivation of 2nd Body Refinement Layer, Thirty Year Old Yin Corpses have a cultivation of 3rd Body Refinement Layer!”

“The Yin Corpse Valley has a history of thousands of years, there are many hundred year corpses, there are even some thousand year corpses!”

Meng Qingwu knit her umber brows.

People only knew the mysterious black market existed, they never knew the black market was so dangerous.

Chu Tian could not bring a guard, he could only go alone to this monstrous region where Yin Corpses run wild, how could anyone feel comforted by this?

Yin Corpses?

This was a little interesting!

Chu Tian was not even the least bit afraid, “These kinds of things, I already know, you guys just relax, I have my ways to deal with them!”

He originally wanted to go to the black market to test his luck.

This was not only a black market, at the same time it was also the ruin of an ancient sect.

This kind of opportunity containing place, if Chu Tian did not have a look, how could that be acceptable?

Nangong Yi saw that there was no way to convince Chu Tian, he could only give up.  Chu Tian was resourceful, although he was a little crazy, but he was not stupid, he should understand what discretion was.

The black market camp in the Yin Corpse Valley, there shouldn’t be any strong Yin Corpses that show up there/

Chu Tian prepared for two days in South Sky City, bringing along a bunch of talismans, a few bottles of medicine and pills, he looked exactly like a rogue cultivator.


He would first bring 500000 gold coins!

Turning them all into gold coin cards, each card had 10000 gold coins!

This money wouldn’t be used for sure, because Chu Tian had heard from Nangong Yi, foreign merchants would not necessarily accept the kingdom’s gold coins, but it was better to be prepared, he couldn’t bring too little.

The preparations were finished.

Chu Tian openly left South Sky City.

Travelling all the way north.

Chu Tian had been travelling a few days.

Finally arriving in a small town named “Black Stone Town”.

Black Stone Town was the closest small town to the Yin Corpse Valley, the town’s population was less than 100000, half of them were non-native populates, if they weren’t large family disciples coming to the Yin Corpse Valley for experience, then they were either merchants or rogue cultivators here to try their luck.

Chu Tian with his disguise, walking in the crowd not sticking out, strolled through Black Stone Town, while asking for news about the Yin Corpse Valley.

“Selling elixirs, herbal medicines that were just dug!’

“Selling beast cores, high quality best cores!”

“Just released black goods, you must come take a look!”


Black Stone Town was not a black market, it was just a small town with many small merchant.

A small faraway town, many foreign populace, so the management was not strict and business was free.  There were many goods that had been stolen, but if one was patient enough, perhaps they would find some kind of treasure.

“The latest news!”

“The latest news!”

“The caravans of the Great Zhou Black Moon Sect has just entered the black market, they’ve brought many herbs, equipment and cultivation techniques to sell on the black market!”

“They do not want the kingdom’s gold coins, they only want corpse cores!  As long as you have enough corpse cores, you can trade for anything you want!”

Once this news came.

Everyone was shocked!

This country was called the Southern Summer Country and was only a small country.  The Great Zhou Country was also a country, but it was a large country, its populace and influence was far from what the Southern Summer Country could compare with!

It a Great Zhou Country Sect brought goods over to Southern Summer Counter, even if they were common goods in the Great Zhou Country, they would still be rare goods that anyone from the Southern Summer Country would want!

Chu Tian was very excited.

He had to go to the black market as fast as possible.

But entering the black market was not as simple as it seemed!

The terrain of the Yin Corpse Valley was rough with many forbidden traps, it wasn’t guaranteed that you’d get out in 8-10 days and there were many dangers.  So it was necessary to find a guide, or perhaps someone that knew the terrain very well.

But where could he find one?

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