MT Chapter 611


Chapter 611: Planning a wedding

Now these people completely understood what Chu Tian was thinking.

The Miracle Spiritual Helmet itself was not important.  Chu Tian wanted to quickly spread the market, making the Miracle Spiritual Helmet a necessity to the lives of people in the various countries and places.

In the next ten to twenty years.

Even if a power could imitate the helmet and could make a similar product, it would be hard for them to reach the same market scale.  The market would already be used to using the Miracle Spiritual Helmets.


Chu Tian had already explained everything clearly, “I’ll be leaving first.”

Lancelot called out, “Please wait, there is still something else.”

Chu Tian looked at him and asked, “What is it?  Is it still confusion on the summit?”

“City Lord has already clearly explained this, of course it isn’t for this matter.”  Lancelot said with a faint smile, “It’s the Dark Night Elven King that wants me to convey a message, he wants to meet you alone.”

Dark Night Elven King?

The Dark Night Elven King had a different status.

This fellow was the ruler of the Dark Night Forest, he was without a doubt an emperor level character!

Although among the elven tribe, the Dark Night Elven King Eunice was on the same level as the Wood Elven King Lancelot, but in terms of ability, the Dark Night Elven King was several times stronger than the Wood Elven King.  Whether that was in personal strength or in influence.

The Dark Night Elven King wanted to see Chu Tian.

How could Chu Tian refuse him?

Several Dark Night elves were transported to Moonshine Town.  Their leader was an elf that looked to be around thirty-forty years old, but his aura was very old, just like an old man who was one-two thousand years old.  Actually the Dark Night Elven King Eunice’s real age wasn’t that off from that number.

Lancelot personally came forward to greet him, “Your majesty Eunice, City Lord Chu Tian is inside.  Please follow me.”

Eunice had a look of appreciation as he looked at Lancelot.  The wood elves used to be the strongest elves on the continent, only they had deteriorated over tens of thousands of years, only being a part of the Forest of Chaos now.  However, this generation’s Wood Elven King was unprecedentedly outstanding, it wasn’t simple for him to have this kind of strength being this young.

The most important thing was.

This young Elven King had grabbed an opportunity.

In the future, the wood elves would be Miracle City’s main partner in the Forest of Chaos.  If they followed Miracle City’s rise in the future, perhaps they could return to their peak and even surpass history!

Eunice came in front of Chu Tian, “Greetings to the City Lord!”

“Your majesty is too polite, how could this little one accept it!”  Chu Tian said this, but how did he look like he couldn’t accept it. He seemed like he was very straightforward, “For your majesty to look for this small one, is there something you wish to advise me on?”

“City Lord is a god given genius, this one does not dare give guidance.  I only have a request.” Eunice had a sincere look. The elves had a kind of gentle aura around them that was most likely related to the customs of their race.  This was why even though Eunice clearly had enough strength and influence to become an emperor, he still only called himself a king, “The Dark Night Elves believe in the Moon God.  It’s said that Miracle City has found ruins on the moon and according to the ancient records, the Moon ruins were formed from the Moon God. There is a Moon God Palace remaining there, waiting for the Moon God’s descendants to open it..”

Chu Tian was a bit surprised, “Are you saying…..”

Eunice took out a jade plate and there were large amounts of complex runes on them, “That’s right, the token for opening the Moon God’s Palace has been a sacred item passed down among us Dark Night Elves.”

Chu Tian understood Eunice’s meaning in coming here, “You want us to send you to the moon?”

“That is right!”  Eunice revealed a look of excitement, “The Moon God Palace is very important to my clan, we hope the City Lord will help us.”

Chu Tian rubbed his chin and thought it over.

Sending them to the moon wasn’t hard at all.

Chu Tian could do it in minutes just with any Transfer Tower.

The problem is that if the Dark Night Elves seized the moon, would they still allow Miracle City develop on it?  Moreover, Chu Tian was very interested in the ruins on the moon, he didn’t plan on giving it to anyone else to begin with.

Eunice saw Chu Tian’s hesitation and immediately added, “If the City Lord agrees to this, the Dark Night Elves will support Miracle City forever and become Miracle City’s closest ally.”

This was a pretty good condition.

Miracle City lacked an ally at the peak of the continent.

The Dark Night Forest’s influence could contend against an empire.  If they could obtain the support of the Dark Night Forest, Miracle City wouldn’t have to progress so carefully in the future.

Chu Tian said to Eunice, “I can send you all to the moon and I can give the Moon God’s Palace to you, but I have a condition.  When you explore the Moon God’s Palace, I want to bring my own people in with you all.”

Eunice understood what Chu Tian was thinking.

This was nothing more than gaining some benefits from within.

But Chu Tian agreed to give the Moon God’s Palace to the Dark Night Elves, so how could Eunice not be satisfied?  As for the advantages they could gain from inside, the Dark Night Forest was an empire level power with ten thousand years of background, how could they place it in their eyes.

Eunice was very excited, “I’ll thank the City Lord first!”

Chu Tian nodded, “Yingying, bring his majesty to the Transfer Tower and send him to the moon.  Let the Dark Night Elf friends look for the Moon God’s Palace’s entrance.”

Eunice never thought Chu Tian would be this straightforward, actually directly sending them up.  He couldn’t help feeling grateful towards Chu Tian. Chu Tian secretly rolled his eyes. Father has searched for this long and still haven’t found a way into the center of the moon, otherwise what do I need you all for!

After Eunice was sent off.

Chu Tian returned to Miracle City.

The rulers had attended the Miracle Summit and were now prepared to return to their territories.  Chu Tian learned some details from Meng Qingwu, these empire level powers were secretly trying to pull in the powers near Miracle City.  There was no need to mention the Dark Night Forest, they were connected to the Eternal Forest. The other powers also had their own relationships.

For example, the Dragon Territory and the Dragon’s Ridge were close.

The Wild Beast Empire and the Savage Highlands were very intimate.

The Netherworld Sea wanted to cooperate with the Giant Mountain Ranges.

Chen Bingyu reported that the Wind Moon Empire secretly looked for her.

The Heaven Burning Empire specially went to West Sea City to cooperate with Bo Sha.

These large characters used Chu Tian’s inattentiveness to pump money into the Forest of Chaos, using large amounts to buy the cities that hadn’t joined the Forest Alliance yet.  This was because they knew that any city that had joined the Forest Alliance already was monitored by Smart Brains, so they couldn’t do anything. So they thought of ways to take the cities that hadn’t joined yet, allowing them to increase their position in the alliance.

How could these painstaking actions be hidden from the young miss’ eyes?

But towards this kind of behaviour, Chu Tian could only close one eye.  The six giants were smart people, they knew their limits. As long as it didn’t hurt the alliance’s benefit, it didn’t matter for them to gain some more benefits.

Chu Tian didn’t care about these random matters.

This was because there was something more important that was waiting for Chu Tian to finish, which was arranging his wedding to Meng Yingying.  Chu Tian didn’t feel assured finding anyone to take care of this matter, so he had to personally take care of it and he made the young miss his helper.

According to his promise.

The wedding had to be conducted in West Sea City and Chu Tian wanted to give Meng Yingying the most luxurious wedding, so it couldn’t be simply taken care of.  Chu Tian decided that the release day of the Miracle Continent would be on the same day as his wedding to Meng Yingying. Chu Tian didn’t want to just use the Miracle Continent to commemorate his wedding, he wanted all the large characters from every corner of the continent come and bless Meng Yingying.

Chu Tian said to Meng Qingwu, “How long do we need to prepare?”

“According to your plan, it’ll take at least three to four months.”

“What?  Three to four months!”  Chu Tian shook his head and said, “At most one month, it can’t be any longer!  I don’t want Yingying to keep waiting!”

The young miss was helpless over this, “Alright!  One month it is!”

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