MT Chapter 613


mtChapter 613: Divine Sense Crystal

The Moon God’s guards were incredibly strong, but it was a good thing that other than Chu Tian, the other people here were not weak, at least being able to compete with the Divine Guards.  The Dark Night Elven King Eunice was a peak 9th Heaven Domain Layer Expert, it was hard to imagine his strength. He could easily suppress the Moon God’s guards.

But that was only temporarily suppressing them.

The Moon God’s guards couldn’t be killed at all in the Moon God’s ruins.

Their self regeneration was over a hundred times faster than the normal moon monsters.  Fighting here would create large amounts of sound, so the Moon God’s guards from the other regions would be attracted over.  In just a while, there would be several times the number of Moon God’s guards.


This was equal to several dozen experts at the 7th Heaven Domain Layer!

Everyone felt the pressure increase.  Eunice never thought the defenses of the Moon God’s ruins would be this strong, so he could only helplessly suggest, “The Moon God’s ruins’ guards are too strong, we’ll face danger if we forcefully try to push in.  How about we head back first and gather more experts before exploring further in?”

The others all nodded.

Although the Moon God’s ruins were enticing, this situation made people have no choice but to retreat temporarily.

They met such a large resistance as soon as they entered the Moon God’s ruins, who knew what kind of danger they would experience if they went deeper?

The Moon God was an all powerful ancient god!

The defenses of the Moon God’s ruins would not be a simple group of guards.

If their guesses aren’t wrong, the deeper they went, there would be terrifying great ancient restrictions that would appear.  If they were being chased by the Moon God’s guards at that time and they needed to guard against the defense left by the ancient god, even with Eunice’s strength, they would be in a dangerous situation where there was only death!

Eunice and the others showed that they wanted to retreat.

Who would have thought that at this time, the weakest Chu Tian would disagree, “Don’t rush, I think I have a way!  The defenses of the Moon God’s ruins are entirely made of the Divine Sense left by the ancient god, therefore as long as we scatter the Divine Sense of the ancient god, the defenses of the entire Moon God’s ruins will collapse.”

“Although this isn’t wrong, how could it be as easily as said?”  Eunice didn’t agree to Chu Tian’s suggestion, “Not to mention the other defenses, just these Divine Guards are things that we can’t resist.”

The Divine Guards were infinite and undying.

They could resist it with several dozen, but if there were more of them, it will become a danger that can’t be resisted.

Chu Tian didn’t say anything as the little fox made a move.  Everyone didn’t see clearly what happened, but the little fox sent out runes which hit the Moon God’s guards like meteors.  Something surprising happened as each of the Moon God’s guards were unable to move.

After being frozen for four-five seconds.

They began to explode into pieces and countless pieces gathered near the little fox, as part of the energy contained within was swallowed by the little fox.  The other part gathered around the little fox and made the little fox a hundred times bigger, as it became an incomparably large five tailed demon fox.

The fox let out a low roar and its large claws slammed onto the ground.  There was a bright light that came from where its claw fell onto the ground and this light erupted in all directions, instantly forming an incomparably large array.  The Divine Guards that could rise again were affected by the array and their reforming speed greatly decreased.

Everyone was very shocked.

This fox could suppress a god’s power?

“This isn’t anything strange.”  Chu Tian correctly guessed the little fox could suppress the Divine Guards, but he never thought the little fox would perform this beautifully, “This fellow’s ancestor is the great ancient Nine Tailed Demonic Fox, it caught Heavenly Dragons and Undying Phoenixes as food, so its strength is not inferior to the Moon God at all.  Although it still hasn’t fully grown yet, to temporarily suppress some guards formed from the Moon God’s fragment Divine Sense is something it can still do.”

The Dark Night elves and the experts of the alliance never thought that.

The pet Chu Tian raised had such a large background!

With the fox’s help, perhaps they could succeed.

Chu Tian pointed at the light in the air that kept gathering around them, “The fox’s array can only slow and it can’t stop the Moon God’s guards’ regeneration.  We need to leave some people here that keeps scattering the gathered energy.”

Eunice said to two of the elven elders, “Please stay here.”

The two elven elders nodded, “Yes!”

Chu Tian casually looked at the fox and the little fox grabbed Chu Tian, putting him on his shoulder, not knowing if it was intentional or not.  Normally it was the little fox that laid on Chu Tian’s shoulder, but one never thought that there would be a day when Chu Tian would be standing on the fox’s shoulder.

“Everyone follow me!”  Chu Tian released his Divine Sense and not long after they moved forward, “There is an array in front, the method to break it is…..”

Chu Tian’s strength was the weakest among the people here, even the little fox was stronger than him.

But Chu Tian’s knowledge was not something people could compare to.  Working with the little fox and with the help of Eunice and the others, even the arrays of the Moon God’s ruins could not stop him.  This group passed through more and more arrays, also encountering attacks from quite a few Moon God’s guards along the way.

Whenever they were attacked by the Moon God’s guards.

The little fox would gather them together before suppressing them in one fell swoop.

At this time, they had to send out one or two people to stop the energy from gathering.  As they went deeper and deeper into the ruins, the people by Chu Tian’s side kept decreasing.

Finally there was only Chu Tian, Eunice, and Lancelot.

They arrived at the center of the Moon God’s ruins.  Chu Tian found at the center of the ruins was a rainbow coloured crystal, releasing powerful Divine Sense fluctuations along with a bright glow.

The Moon God’s Divine Sense!

Divine Sense was something without form, something that was illusory that still affected the real world.  What people never would have thought was that the Moon God’s Divine Sense would turn into crystal, taking real form.  The will inside this giant crystal was controlling the Moon God’s ruins and the spin of the moon itself.

Dong, dong, dong!

Over twenty Moon God’s guards appeared around them.

The fox directly swallowed them and slammed its claws into the ground, using the demonic beast clan’s array to suppress them.

“Let me take care of the Moon God’s will.”  Chu Tian said to the two Elven Kings, “I’ll leave these guards to you!”

Eunice was a bit surprised, “Although the great Moon God has already fallen, this ancient god’s will has not been destroyed.  It has evolved over tens of thousands of years to form an independent conscience and become a new existence, it’s strength is not something you can imagine, doing this is too dangerous.”

“Ha, ha, ha, how could there be gains without danger?”

Chu Tian walked towards the Moon God’s Divine Sense Crystal.  Chu Tian had been in the True Spirit Realm long enough, this was a very precious and suitable time to make a breakthrough!

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