MT Chapter 614


Chapter 614: Showdown

The Moon God had already fallen.

But for a powerful life form like the Moon God, it had already separated its consciousness and soul.  Even if its soul had fallen, the consciousness left on its body would still remain. After evolving for tens of thousands of years, it had gradually become an independent consciousness.

Now it was the present Divine Sense Crystal.

It was this kind of thing!


Before Chu Tian had even approached, the Divine Sense Crystal had already felt Chu Tian’s ideas.  This mortal wanted to swallow it, this made the Spiritual God consciousness very angry.

Although the consciousness already had its own thoughts and was no longer related to the Moon God from before, its consciousness still inherited fragmented memories from the Moon God.  The high pride of a Spiritual God was still left, how could it withstand a mortal having thoughts about it?

Kill him!

Kill him!

When Chu Tian was three hundred meters away, he suddenly felt a surge of Divine Sense.  This energy was incomparably vast and instantly surrounded his body. A wave shattering the cliff, the anger soared into the sky, Chu Tian’s Vision Domain Realm Divine Sense in front of it was nothing more than a little boat!

“You are just a remnant consciousness of an ancient god, what do you have to be proud of!”

Chu Tian’s source spirit soared into the sky and his eyes had turned golden to represent his Divine Sense power.  In terms of total quantity of Divine Sense, Chu Tian was a little ship floating in a large wave.

The wave was giant.

The boat was small.

But no matter how strong the wave was, the little boat firmly moved forward, not being swallowed up by it.

Although there was a large disparity in quality, the difference in quality far made up for it.  Chu Tian was too sly for this consciousness to catch, so no matter how strong the energy the consciousness released, Chu Tian would always skillfully dodge it.

Three hundred meters, one hundred fifty meters, one hundred meters, fifty meters!

The wave in front of Chu Tian became stronger and stronger and he felt more and more resistance.  This battle could not be seen with the naked eye and there was no damage to the area around them, but this battle was even more dangerous than any bombing.

Once Chu Tian’s Divine Sense boat was submerged in the consciousness’ sea of Divine Sense, Chu Tian’s Divine Sense would be instantly destroyed.  Once one’s Divine Sense was destroyed, one could never use Divine Sense again. Moreover, having one’s soul damaged, it would create irreversible injuries.  If it was heavy, one could die on the spot, even being controlled by the consciousness and turning into a puppet.

Very dangerous!

Chu Tian was completely aware of what he was doing, but compared to the giant benefits he would obtain, he recognized this risk was worthy of being taken.

“You can’t stop me with this bit of ability!”

Chu Tian’s eyes released golden light and the entire Nine Eyed Demon God Source Spirit was covered in gold light, also causing the Divine Sense boat to release golden light.  Its strength suddenly increased by several times and it was like a sharp sword bravely cutting through the waves.

Finally he arrived in front of the Divine Sense Crystal.

Chu Tian could tell that his Divine Sense consumption was very serious, but Chu Tian was also aware that the true resistance would begin now.  His body suddenly ignited as he released blue white flames, instantly spreading in all directions as it covered up the Divine Sense Crystal to refine it!

Like this, Chu Tian and the consciousness came into direct contact!

Chu Tian felt like his brain was being pounded by a hammer and the world was breaking apart, as he fell into the Divine Sense sea.  Chu Tian stood on a little golden boat, being surrounded by a silver sea, as the silver sea water slammed into the little golden boat.  Although the little golden boat seemed normal, no matter how the sea waves slammed into the boat, it wasn’t being submerged in the endless silver sea.

The silver sea began to change at this time.

There was an incomparably large vortex that appeared in the center of the silver sea.  It formed from nothing and went from small to big. It covered most of the silver sea in a very short period of time and an intense force began trying to pull the little golden boat to pieces.

Chu Tian did not panic as he controlled the little boat to skim the edge of the vortex.  No matter how strong the vortex was, it couldn’t pull the little boat in at all.

But during this process.

The silver sea was quickly becoming smaller.

The silver sea water began to gather in a central spot and finally it was compressed together.  The entire sea dried up, but in the position where the sea had disappeared, a silver giant slowly began to stand up.

This giant was not very big.

It was around fifteen meters tall.

This giant was only fifteen meters tall, but it had absorbed all the energy in the sea of Divine Sense.  It released a silver metallic glow and each inch of its body was filled with an unparalleled power. Its entire body was covered in a dazzling light, looking like the legendary ancient Moon God had been revived.

“Oh, truly hateful!”

Chu Tian never thought the consciousness would use this move.  The reason it was unable to take care of Chu Tian’s Divine Sense was mainly because its  power was too scattered. It didn’t understand to gather its power together, so although it was powerful, it didn’t have any substance.

Now the situation was completely different.

The energy of the consciousness was gathered in an unbelievable manner.

The silver giant raised its hands high up and an incomparably giant silver sword formed bit by bit.  The sword was completely formed from light and there were Divine Sense Runes engraved all over it. The silver giant wielded the sword and wildly chopped down.

The silver light could light up the world.

It was like a giant wave was being released!

Chu Tian’s expression instantly became ugly as he couldn’t dodge this attack.  The little golden boat changed and it instantly formed a large golden shield. The silver sword covered in waves slammed into the golden shield and the golden shield began to collapse as fragments fell from it.

This is bad!

The two powers were not of the same level!

Chu Tian felt his Divine Sense being heavily injured and for the consciousness, that attack just now was just a casual attack.  This consciousness was much stronger than Chu Tian had imagined, so it was impossible for him to defeat the other side head on.

The silver giant raised the sword again.

A storm gathered around the blade.

Chu Tian knew that when the next slash came, it would have at least double the might of the previous slash.  Chu Tian’s Divine Sense shield would shatter and there was no chance of dodging. If he lost the protection of the Divine Sense shield, Chu Tian’s consciousness would be turned into ashes by the moonlight sword!

He could only go all out!

When the silver giant was generating the storm, Chu Tian made his move.

The golden Divine Sense shield dissolved as it formed a golden spear.

Chu Tian wielded the spear in one hand and a large amount of runes began to spread from where Chu Tian gripped it.  Chu Tian gathered all the destructive Divine Sense, Divine Sense destroying secret techniques, and his source spirit’s power into this one spear.


The golden spear was also covered in golden flames.

These flames were not normal flames, they were Divine Sense Flames.  Chu Tian used the source of his Divine Sense without holding anything back, meaning whether this strike succeeded or not, Chu Tian’s Divine Sense would be greatly reduced.

The silver giant’s storm had finished gathering.

It was about to lift the incomparably large sword.

Chu Tian knew that he didn’t have time.  He didn’t leave any Divine Sense to guard himself and poured all his energy into this one spear.

The moment the slash came!

The golden spear slammed into the silver giant’s chest and the golden light clashed with the silver light.  The silver giant was forced back and a pained and angry roar came from its body.


An explosion appeared!

The golden Divine Sense Spear penetrated through the silver giant’s chest and came out of the silver giant’s back.  It was like someone had taken the silver giant’s spine and it was crushed into the ground by a golden mountain.

Chu Tian revealed a look of joy.

Was it killed?

If this attack could take care of this fellow, he did not waste all his Divine Sense.  As long as the Moon God’s consciousness was taken care of, Chu Tian could restore his Divine Sense no matter how much he lost.

When this thought had just appeared.

Chu Tian was pulled back into reality.

The silver giant’s body twitched a few times before it slowly stood up.  Although there was a meter wide hole inside its chest with golden flames still burning, it looked like it wasn’t affected at all.  It was like it had accidentally fallen over and had stood up again.

The golden flames around the large hole slowly disappeared.

The silver light flowed to cover up the hole again.

The silver giant recovered at an incredible rate, meaning that Chu Tian’s full strength attack didn’t cause any damage to the silver giant at all.  The silver giant’s hands condensed the sword once again and the wild storm appeared around the blade.

This is bad!

When Chu Tian quickly dodged it, the silver wave passed by him and he almost lost his consciousness.  Dodging once did not mean he could dodge a second time and this attack was not worth mentioning to the silver giant at all.

What to do?

Chu Tian found that he was in a very bad situation.

Although he had nine kinds of power, he was in a Divine Space right now.  He could only use his consciousness to guard against the Divine Sense, the other kinds of energy were no use at all.  During that attack just now, Chu Tian had used all of his Divine Sense. Faced with the silver giant’s strong attacks, he didn’t have a chance to resist at all.


He would definitely die like this!

It was as if Chu Tian had thought of something.  Other than the nine powers of the Nine Eyed Demon God, there seems to be a power father hasn’t used before?  It was a power he received from an ancient god from the Central Tower Trial Tower and this power had given the Nine Eyed Demon God another eye.

The eyes of the Nine Eyed Demon God represented corresponding power.

The tenth eye meant a tenth power.

But it was regretful that although the eye appeared early on, it hadn’t opened even now.

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