MT Chapter 615


Chapter 615: Eye of Destiny

The silver giant held the giant sword high up and a dazzling light was released from it, instantly filling the entire space.  Chu Tian couldn’t dodge it even if he wanted to as the energy released from the large sword turned into a giant pressure falling onto him.

Peng, peng, peng!

It was like a hundred mountains falling down on him!

Chu Tian was pushed down on the spot and he couldn’t even move his little pinky.


The silver giant had waves of energy in its body and it was all gathered in its arms, flowing into the sword before turning into a silver stream.  When the blade of light slashed out, the entire space was torn by the silver stream and the sky was cut in half.

This was no longer a normal attack.

This was the silver giant and the consciousness’ full strength attack!

This consciousness was born from the Moon God’s Divine Sense and now it had evolved to completely control the Moon God’s Divine Sense.  It could full control the ancient god’s Divine Sense, so even if it couldn’t compare in other aspects, at least in terms of Divine Sense, this fellow was considered half a god.

A half god strike, how could one block it?

Although the ancient god had warned Chu Tian that the tenth eye couldn’t be casually opened, otherwise it would bring a consequence that was irreparable!

What other choice did Chu Tian have?

The consciousness formed from the Moon God’s Divine Sense already surpassed his expectations, even if he didn’t use all his Divine Sense, Chu Tian was only in the trivial Vision Domain Realm.  With this kind of attack, he only had a path of death without any suspense.

Although the risk was very big.

He had to take it.

“Since you want my life, I’ll go all out with you!”

Chu Tian’s consciousness slowly entered his source spirit.  The power of the tenth eye was sealed, so Chu Tian had to dive deep into his source spirit to open it.

The entire Divine Sense world disappeared.

A new space appeared around him.

This was an incomparably big group of temples and each temple stood alone.  Each temple had a different colour and style. The green temple was filled with vibrant life energy, the black temple was covered in a black hole sucking energy, the white temple had spatial fluctuations around it, the silver temple had slivers of time flowing around it, the purple temple was releasing the aura of souls, the red temple was filled with a wild power…..

Of course, this was not the real world and each temple was a manifestation of one of his source spirit’s powers.

Chu Tian’s source spirit’s world had ten different temples, each one representing the ten powers Chu Tian had.  The gates of nine temples were wide open, letting out a vigorous wave of energy.

There was one temple that was the exception.

The nine temples were different, but they were connected and only this temple existed independently.  It was smaller in comparison and its gates were tightly sealed by rusted chains.

The tenth eye’s power!

Break it and release it!

There was a jet black sword that was covered in blue white flames that appeared in Chu Tian’s hand that released a giant dazzling sword glow which slammed onto the chains.  There was a destructive power that came out which only formed a small crack on the chains. Instead, the sword’s blade was almost sent flying.


This chain that seemed so weak was actually this hard to deal with?

Chu Tian knew he was on the verge of death, he didn’t have time to consider it.

The jet black burning sword in Chu Tian’s hands was raised up and the nine temples behind him began to tremble.  Each temple released the Demon God’s power, causing nine Demon God’s power to intertwine above his head. They swirled like nine fierce flood dragons before finally pouring into the jet black sword.


Chu Tian combined the Nine Eyed Demon God’s powers and slashed down on the sealing chain.  Several sections of the chain broke and a powerful backlash force was sent out, forcing Chu Tian back several meters.   The nine temples shook and if Chu Tian’s source spirit was not powerful enough, a normal God Level Source Spirit would have already collapsed!

“Open for me!”

Since Chu Tian was already doing this, he had no reason to feel regret.

Chu Tian charged the temple and his hands grabbed the thick gates.  With a deep roar erupting from him, a sliver appeared in front of his eyes, but the power that came out was like thousands of needles that pierced into Chu Tian’s body.

Too terrifying!

Too strong!

Chu Tian was sent a hundred meters away.

The entire source spirit world trembled and thousands of fissures appeared in the ground, almost covering the entire source spirit world.  Chu Tian felt an intense shock to his soul. This sliver of power revealed was already enough to send his soul flying.

The nine temples bloomed with light at the same time.

Finally the fissures were barely contained and his source spirit’s collapse was stopped.

Chu Tian’s little life was barely kept, but his soul had been seriously injured and there was the possibility that there would be hidden dangers in his future cultivation.  This was the price of opening the tenth eye!

Even if he had to pay this terrible price.

Chu Tian had opened the door by a sliver!

Chu Tian exited the source spirit world and returned to the Divine Sense world.

This door opening process seemed long, but it was only a short period of time.  The silver giant’s sword had just appeared in front of him. What it was wielding was already not a sword, but rather an intense silver stream.

This Divine Sense could cut the heaven and earth.

Perhaps even an emperor would find it hard to resist!

When Chu Tian was about to turn to ashes, the eye of the Nine Eyed Demon God Source Spirit that had always been closed suddenly opened with a slit.  It was like Chu Tian’s pupils had disappeared and it was replaced with a transparent colour. This void was not empty, rather this void was filled with all things, the heaven and earth, a myriad of beings.

This giant sword blooming with silver light stopped in front of Chu Tian.

This overwhelming silver stream seemed like it had been frozen.

Although the silver stream had a powerful aura, it couldn’t move at all.

An invisible energy winded around it and it was like the silver light sword was ripped apart by countless hands, as well as being a river that was dried up by the sun.  This Divine Sense attack that could destroy the continent was completely turned into nothing on the spot by a hard to imagine method.

The silver giant’s body also rippled.

This consciousness revealed a frightened mood.  Although the consciousness hadn’t experienced this power before, with the fragmented memory of the Moon God, even the real Moon God would be fearful encountering this kind of power.  Not to mention an independent consciousness that came from the Moon God’s Divine Sense?

This power surpassed the elemental plane, the material plane, the spiritual plane, the soul plane, and the space plane, controlling all living beings.  It was outside of this world, but it controlled all beings and all things!

This was a power that was truly aloof!

Even the powerful Spiritual God couldn’t resist it!

There was no accurate description of this power.

Most people just called it: Destiny!

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