MT Chapter 632


Chapter 632: Battle begins

The six empires were the biggest winners from this.  Not to mention earning six-seven hundred million at once, they also took all kinds of benefits from Miracle City.  Since Miracle City was this sincere and their source stones were temporarily held by Miracle City, how could they not give their all?

The Dark Night Forest sent forty thousand One Horned Sacred Beasts.

The Burning Heaven Empire sent forty thousand Flame Hawk Knights.

The Wind Moon Empire sent forty thousand Divine Saint Sky Horse Cavalry.


The Wild Beast Empire sent forty thousand Dual Legged Golden Dragon Knights.

The Dragon Territory sent out twenty thousand dragons.  The Netherworld Sea sent out twenty thousand Soul Devouring Beasts.

These armies were the trump cards of the empires, with elites coming from the Wind Moon Empire, the Wild Beast Empire, and the Burning Heaven Empire.  The Dark Night Elves didn’t send an army, but the One Horned Sacred Beasts were flying spirit beasts with battle strength that was stronger than most level three demon beasts.  The Dragon Territory directly sent out twenty thousand dragons. The most normal dragon were stronger than most level three demon beasts, so was there a need to mention one at the peak?  The Netherworld Sea’s Soul Devouring Beasts were high level undead monsters refined by the Liches, which were enough to send fear into people who just heard their names.

Although there was a total of only two hundred thousand.

This was a very terrifying battle strength.

Even if the Big Dry Empire’s coalition had a larger army, if they met this kind of reinforcements, they would have to properly reconsider.  The only problem was that it was already too late for the armies of the six forces to rush to the Forest of Chaos and the Transport Towers couldn’t send all these people.  Therefore, the six armies gathered in the Wind Moon Empire in the center of the continent, but even this took several days to complete.

The West Sea City wedding was already in hand.

The continent was filled with preparations.  The helmet factories of the six empires kept producing helmets and finally sent the helmets to the owners in each corner of the world.  If nothing unexpected happened, before the wedding started, the three million owed helmets would all be sent out.

“The big Dry Empire’s army is beginning to move.”

Meng Qingwu sat in the command center in the City Lord’s Fort.  After she obtained information, Miracle City’s powerful information system was fully activated.  There were dozens of Heaven’s Eye ships that completely monitored the situation, they could clearly see every action the Big Dry Empire made.

Miracle City patiently waited without making a move.

They were mainly afraid of the tiny chance they could be injured.

There wasn’t even the slightest chance of a mistake.  They were aimed at West Sea City and had a clear purpose, so there definitely wouldn’t be any problems.

The Big Dry Empire pretty much knew they couldn’t escape Miracle City’s surveillance, therefore they didn’t try to hide anything.  The over a million troops moved together and poured towards West Sea City like a wave. With their speed, they could reach West Sea City in around two days.

“What’s the fastest the armies of the six countries can arrive?”

“Reporting to the vice City Lord, it would take three days at a minimum!”

Meng Qingwu tapped her fingers on the table as she watched the dense mass of life signatures on the three dimensional map the Smart Brain made.  She quickly began to formulate a plan.

Fifty thousand Mech Suits, fifty thousand robot soldiers, four warships, twenty airships, three hundred fighters, the two Deep Space Laser Cannons and the Deep Space Missile Launcher Core, and around a hundred thousand in reinforcements from the alliance.

This was almost their entire battle strength being invested.

This power was enough to resist one empire’s army, but if they wanted to hold the army of a million off for a day, it would be a lot of pressure.

Meng Qingwu thought for a bit before saying to the Smart Brain, “Zero, analyze the life signatures.”

Zero was Miracle City’s central Smart Brain, it had reached a processing speed of a hundred billion processes per second.  It had the strongest intelligence out of all the Smart Brains and Zero was running hundreds of secondary Smart Brains as the core.  These secondary Smart Brains were running other domains, such as the military, production, resources, the bank, the guards, the city, and everything else.

When Meng Qingwu gave the order to Zero, Zero sent this order to the Smart Brain in charge.  The Smart Brain connected to the Heaven’s Eye airships parked above the enemy and increased the intensity of the Undead Radar inside the Heaven’s Eye airships.  They deeply penetrated the formation of the Big Dry Empire and this data was sent back to the Smart Brain to form a three dimensional map.

The map in the command room changed.  The life signatures changed shading based on strength, giving a clear result.  It was like they had thought, even though the three empires had sent out a million elites, there was only a third of them that were trump card armies of these empires.

This was just around three hundred thousand.

This army’s distribution was a bit interesting.  There was a large faint colour and there were deeper colours passing through it, making it look like a long snake.  Although this was good for an ambush, it couldn’t hide from Miracle City’s investigations.

The Smart Brain made quite a few marks on the map, “Vice City Lord, based on the movements and the strength distribution of the enemy army, we have marked the locations of their headquarters.”

The army of a million was mainly made of airborne units.  If there was no uniform distribution, that means they send down orders and this army would fall into chaos not long after, being unable to fight at all.  So, for this kind of army, if they could destroy the command centers, it would create a large disruption to the entire army. In this kind of situation, their fighting power would greatly decrease.

Meng Qingwu quickly contacted the alliance headquarters.

Zero suddenly said, “Miss vice City Lord, our army still lacks a frontline commander.”

Meng Qingwu had already thought of this problem.  Although Miracle City could send orders from long distances or use the Smart Brain to command the army, it wasn’t just Miracle City’s army in this formation.  There was also the allied armies from the Forest Alliance and the armies of the six countries. The frontline commander would need to coordinate between all these different armies.

Who could be the frontline commander?

Chu Tian walked into the hall at this time, “Young miss, you don’t need to worry.  Just let me be the frontline commander!”

“Stop playing around!”  Meng Qingwu glared at him, “If you run off to fight, who will Yingying marry?”

“Isn’t there still time?”  Chu Tian heroically said, “I’ll destroy the army of the three empires and then go to West Sea City to get married, there is no conflict between them!”

Chu Tian’s words were very relaxed.

It gave people a misconception, like destroying the army of the three empires was as simple as swatting a group of flies.

Meng Qingwu felt a headache come on over this, “Are you really certain?”

Chu Tian nodded, “Young miss can be assured, nothing will happen!”

Meng Qingwu let out a sigh.  She really couldn’t find a suitable person right now and who other than Chu Tian had the qualifications to command all the armies on Miracle City’s behalf?  Although Meng Qingwu had a bit of fame, she herself was just too weak and couldn’t serve as the frontline commander.

“Prepare the deep space weapons!”

“We will disintegrate the enemy’s command system!”

When Meng Qingwu activated the weapons, Chu Tian had already left Miracle City.  He was leading the Miracle City army away from the Forest of Chaos as quickly as possible, rushing to where the Big Dry Empire’s army was to ambush them.  Chu Tian thought that his current army wasn’t enough, so he first set up a Space Warehouse near the battlefield. He used the Space Warehouse to bring large amounts of equipment form Miracle City, including the missile trucks, Source Energy Cannons, laser cannons, and all kinds of heavy weaponry.

At this time, Meng Qingwu’s voice sounded in the communication device in Chu Tian’s ear, “Pay attention, the enemy forces are less than three hundred miles away from you.  Miracle City’s deep space weapons had already been prepared and we will start with the deep space weapons!”

“Understood!  We’ll let them properly see it!”  Chu Tian had a faint smile as he slightly raised his hand, “Have the missile team prepare themselves.  Let us coordinate with the deep space weapons to give these fellow a large present!”

Thirty missile trucks on the peak slowly raised their launchers.  Several hundred missiles were activated at the same time, aiming right in front of them.


The thirty missile trucks filled with energy as hundreds of missiles created sparks in midair.  They leaped into the sky from the missile trunks and turned into sparks of light in the blink of an eye.

This moment marked the true beginning of the battle!

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