MT Chapter 633


Chapter 633: In chaos

In the battle of Miracle City, the Big Dry Empire and the Forest Alliance already had a grudge that couldn’t be broken.

As an empire and a ruler, the Big Dry Empire could not take this kind of shame.  Even bringing disgrace upon themselves was the same.

In the past ten years, even when meeting with the other empire level powers, the Big Dry Empire had never suffered a tragic loss like they had in Miracle City!

The Forest Alliance still hadn’t been publicly recognized as an empire level power, therefore this tragic loss made the Big Dry Empire lose all their face.


If it was a normal kingdom, it wasn’t that important if they lost face, at most it would be a bit embarrassing.  But for the Big Dry Empire, this loss of face was not just the emperor’s problem, it was related to their empire’s prestige and influence.  The empire’s prestige was linked to their benefits.

Any empire level power on the continent had over a hundred attached powers.  The Big Dry Empire had one hundred and thirty attacked powers, with several warring kingdoms and dozens of large and small kingdoms, as well as several dozen large families and sects.

How did they manage all these forces?

Even if the Big Dry Empire’s army was strong, they couldn’t manage all those places!

These attached forces obediently followed the Big Dry Empire mainly because they feared the empire’s prestige.  It was the empire’s influence that trapped them, making them not dare show any neglect to the Big Dry Empire! Therefore, the stronger an empire, the more loyal the attached forces were and the more tributes they offered.  An empire’s face was directly linked to these benefits.

With the battle of Miracle City.

The Big Dry Empire’s serious loss swept their face across the ground!

Not only were they laughed at by the other empires, their attached forces were also affected.  They thought the Big Dry Empire was weak and they wouldn’t use everything they had to flatter them, finally it would greatly reduce their tribute.  The Big Dry Empire’s competitors would seize this chance to sway certain people sitting on the fence.

This defeat in Miracle City would have long lasting effects on the Big Dry Empire, so they had to save face as soon as possible.

Miracle City was becoming a bigger threat with each passing day!

If one didn’t see it with their own eyes, it would be hard to imagine such a miraculous flower blooming on the continent!

Miracle Commerce had only been founded for three years, achieving a rise that others couldn’t reach even with three hundred years.  Miracle City’s path of development was very special. They didn’t recruit soldiers, buy horses, go on expeditions, or expand their boundaries, yet they achieved such a large result.

Although Miracle City had pushed aside the Big Dry Empire, the Big Dry Empire kept watching them, knowing every action that they made.  Since the summit, Miracle City was becoming closer and closer with the six empire level powers, which made the Big Dry Empire feel very unsettled.

It was only a matter of time before an empire level power appeared in the Forest of Chaos area.

The most terrifying thing was not an extra empire level power on the continent, but rather that the Forest of Chaos was a very special place.  It could link all the other powers and create a special alliance that surpassed any race or empire. If Miracle City accomplished this, the Big Dry Empire would find it hard to advance and they would even be in danger of being swallowed. 

It was time to vent their anger!

They had to heavily punish Miracle City in this battle!

The Big Dry Empire paid a sky high price, specially asking two large forces to send troops, creating this army of over one million.  There were around seven hundred thousand normal troops and around three hundred and fifty thousand peak soldiers, with the Big Dry Empire sending one hundred and fifty thousand of them.

This army was even strong enough to attack an empire!

The Big Dry Emperor personally commanding the army showed his dedication to victory!

The defenses of Miracle City was indeed pretty good, but the Big Dry Emperor did not believe West Sea City had the same defenses.  As long as they destroyed West Sea City of the Forest Alliance, this was equivalent to cutting off Forest Alliance’s influence in the Western Sea.  It would greatly drop the Forest Alliance’s power and it would let the Big Dry Empire reclaim several attached force in the Western Sea.

If the Big Dry Empire’s sphere of influence reached the Western Sea, they could turn it into a springboard.  They could keep corroding the Forest of Chaos, using this kind of gradual method to defeat Miracle City.

Other than this strategic value, Miracle City’s City Lord Chu Tian chose to hold his wedding in West Sea City and the Miracle Continent would also open on this day.  The Big Dry Empire chose the most important day to deal heavy losses to Miracle City, hoping to use this momentum to create a heavy loss for the Forest of Chaos!”

“Your majesty!”

“There are large amounts of flying objects in front of us!”

“They are moving very quickly!  It’s estimated they are Miracle City’s missile weapons!”

The Big Dry Emperor was sitting in the central command base, when a messenger sent a Divine Sense message, quickly reporting the situation of the frontline to the Big Dry Emperor.  This era’s communication system was not developed and in a large scale army, it was normal for the front and back to be separated by several miles. It would be too slow if they sent messages by mouth and using signal flags would cause chaos, therefore the most advanced method was using Divine Sense.

“How many are there?”

“Around a few hundred!”

“Only a few hundred?”  The Big Dry Emperor revealed a smile of disdain when he heard this.  Miracle City seemed to have completed their defensive line and they were trying to stop the Big Dry Empire’s army from entering the Forest of Chaos, to stop them from ruining Miracle City’s most important day.  The Big Dry Emperor was not worried about this behaviour, rather it was exactly what he wanted.

If Miracle City used the city to defend, it might be a bit difficult for their army to attack.  If they were to fight on open ground, no matter how strong Miracle City’s army was, they couldn’t defend against this kind of army.

This army from the Big Dry Empire was something that even a real empire couldn’t resist, not to mention Miracle City’s army that hadn’t reached the empire level.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t have made all those concessions for protection from the other six empires.

“Send the order down!”  The Big Dry Emperor said without even thinking, “The front lines will open the barrier.  The front lines will charge forward and meet the Forest Alliance’s troops!”

The Big Dry Empire had been collecting information on Miracle City’s research.  Although Miracle City had many things and the Big Dry Empire couldn’t understand most of it even now, at least they wouldn’t be in the dark like before.  As for the missiles, the Source Energy Cannons, and the laser cannons, the Big Dry Empire had studied them and researched how to defend against them.

For example, Miracle City had the Wall Buster missile.

According to the investigations of the Big Dry Empire, this kind of missile had appeared when the Forest Alliance fought with the Eagle Burial Warring Kingdom.  This kind of missile was specially used against barriers, it could destroy powerful large scale barriers, so it was very dangerous when two armies clashed.

The Big Dry Emperor avoided suffering losses by dividing the armies into front, center, back, left, and right legions.  Each legion had their own large scale barrier and each barrier were multi layered, so it was effective at resisting the Wall Breaker.

Other than that, the Big Dry Empire knew that Miracle City had things like airborne warships.

This time, the Big Dry Empire had specially sent elites for airborne defense, they were mainly responsible for staying at the same level as the airships.  They would immediately destroy the target as soon as they found them, they definitely would not give them a chance to drop bombs on their heads.

It was just the attack of several hundred missiles.

This was not considered anything to the Big Dry Empire’s army!

This weak attack showed that the Forest Alliance was not prepared, so their frontline wouldn’t be all that strong.  Miracle City depended on these high level technology as their main attack power, they themselves were quite lacking, without any powerful soldiers and experts.  Therefore, one cannot drag a battle out with Miracle City, one had to approach immediately. That was the only way to reduce casualties.

When the Big Dry Empire had this kind of idea.

There was suddenly a grating sound from above!

A large beam of light penetrated the clouds and fell down from the far off Outer Space.  It was like a sword of justice, piercing through their formation and accurately hitting where the Big Dry Emperor was currently standing.  The dozens of airborne cavalry it passed through and two special messengers were killed without being ablel to defend at all.

“What is going on?”

“Where did this attack come from!”

The Big Dry Emperor angrily questioned.  Their army had clearly prepared their airborne guards and then without any warning, they met an attack that fell out of the sky.  This filled him with shock and rage!

When he had just finished.

Another beam of light fell down.

This attack fell on the command center of the front and middle army, instantly creating quite of bit of casualties and chaos!

The third beam of light quickly followed.

This attack landed on the command center of the front and back army.  This attack’s position was very clear and very precise. It was clearly aimed at the command centers of the Big Dry Empire’s army.

The Big Dry Emperor couldn’t hold back his anger as he gave his order, “Open the barrier!”

Before this order was even sent down, a shocking scene stunned the Big Dry Empire’s army. There were tens of thousands of little dots in the sky and when one looked closely, how were those little dots?  Each of them were missiles flying at ten times the speed of light spraying out tails of flames!

“What is there so many of them!”

“Where did they fire them from?”

The Big Dry Empire’s army were all speechless.  This kind of large scale attack would definitely have a destructive effect on their army.  There was no need for orders, as the legions all opened their barriers. At this time, the rain of missiles fell down and they are all aimed at the center location where the Big Dry Emperor was.  It instantly created a great deal of damage, even causing quite a bit of damage to the trump card troops. The most important thing was that after this terrifying round of attacks, the central army was already in chaos and there was a problem with their command chain.

The beams of light fell down one after the other!

Each attack would seize a chance to hit a command center.

Although these attacks didn’t have any devastating effects on the Big Dry Empire’s army, it sent this army of over a million into chaos.  There was no way to send orders and all kinds of mistakes appeared in reports, causing the rigorously well trained army to fall into chaos!  The army of over a million was close to falling apart!

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