MT Chapter 635


Chapter 635: Going back to get married

When the tens of thousands of robots flew off.

Countless propellers created streams of energy in the air, causing the elements in the air to fall into chaos.  These robots all reached their top speed and they all released their defensive barriers, completely ignoring the normal army surrounding them and charging right at the Big Dry Empire’s formation.  They created a bloody path as they charged at the slowly gathering army at the core.

The face of a Big Dry Empire general fell, “Miracle City is attacking, everyone be careful!”

Those core armies were worthy of being empire trump cards, their quality was not something the normal armies could compare to.  Adding in the fact that they were in the core area of the army, the impact of the attack earlier was not as strong. Therefore, even without centralized orders, their formation didn’t fall into chaos.


Now that they had encountered a powerful enemy attack, they automatically entered a defense formation.

The countless Miracle City robots were like spiders flying through the sky, with energy sparkling around each one of them.  That was the effect produced by the energy shields and energy weapons.

An empire’s general raised his spear high up and shouted, “Meet the attack!  For the Big Dry Empire!”

The tens of thousands of robots shot out tens of thousands of beams of light, instantly scattering the normal armies of the Big Dry Empire.  When the core army of the Big Dry Empire met this attack, they all had serious expressions as they formed a defensive formation.

These armies were like firm fortresses.  The countless beams of light fell down on them, but they didn’t move at all, like they hadn’t received any damage.  The robot army approached at this time and there were no fancy moves on either side as they directly clashed with each other.

The Miracle City robot army instantly met a powerful resistance!

The Big Dry Empire’s core army were completely different from the normal army, each one of them had battle strength in the True Spirit Realm, with some of the officers even being terrifying existences in the Heaven Domain Realm.  When they were gathered together, their collective power was hard to imagine.

“These puppet soldiers want to threaten our Big Dry Empire’s soldiers?”

“Defeat the enemy and return to formation!”

The Big Dry Empire’s core army didn’t waste too much strength blocking Miracle City’s robot army.  They saw that Miracle City’s strength was only at this level, so they immediately changed from a defensive formation to an attack formation.  They wanted to quickly take care of this barrier here and then use their main force to take West Sea City in one fell swoop.

A Golden Dragon Hawk Cavalry went into the air as runes on their golden armour lit up.  They were like heavenly soldiers falling from the sky. He was just a normal dragon rider cavalry, but his cultivation technique and cultivation were not simple.  The spear in his hands came out and sent a flood dragon flying through the sky, slashing out a few times with its terrifying claws.

Dong, dong, dong, dong!

That fierce attacks landed landed on a robot at the same time, but it was blocked by the layer of energy around the robot.  This layer of energy blocked three-four attacks before it was covered in cracks and the energy slowly dimmed.


The fifth attack penetrated the body of the robot.

This process seemed drawn out, but it was actually very fast, only taking an instant.  But the robot didn’t stop as its body released destructive runes, activating its self destruction function as it charged at the soldier.

“This is bad!”

That soldier didn’t have time to put up his guard when the robot suddenly exploded.  The terrifying energy swept out and instantly swallowed him with the mount under him.

That energy inside the robot was very strong and if it was released at once, it would be a top grade source energy explosion.  A low level True Spirit Cultivator without any defenses prepared could only die when he met this kind of explosion!

The soldiers of the Big Dry Empire had underestimated Miracle City’s methods.

Although the robots weren’t that strong in their eyes, thousands of these robots initiating this kind of suicidal attack was just too terrifying.  This kind of mutual destruction kind of fighting was not seen in a normal battlefield, this kind of feat couldn’t even occur with the most heroic and brave warriors.  Only a robot army without any thought that was controlled by a Smart Brain could do something like this.

Too terrifying!

With a round of wild moths diving into the flame kind of attack.

The robot army suppressed the core trump card army of the empires with only tens of thousand of soldiers, as well as causing quite a bit of casualty to them.  Whether it was the Big Dry Empire’s soldiers or the Big Dry Empire itself, because they had to have a reliable vanguard, the entire army came from the Big Dry Empire.

If this army was suppressed by Miracle City, the Big Dry Empire’s power in this coalition army would be greatly reduced, which would greatly affect the confidence of the entire army and the confidence of their allies.  Not only will this be very troublesome for the entire formation, when it comes to their first fight, it might cause a friction between their alliance!

No matter how much the Big Dry Emperor wasn’t willing to admit it.

Whether it was the normal soldiers or the core soldiers in the vanguard, they had all been sent scattering.

Now it was impossible for them to gather with the main army, not to mention Miracle City’s other attacks were reaching their formation.  They were struggling to cope, so there was no way to retreat for now.

“Damn Miracle City!”

Everyone felt a terrifying attack fall from the sky as giant swords rained down, instantly becoming a dense rain.  It covered Miracle City’s soldiers and killed over a hundred people, also mixing in some Big Dry Empire army soldiers.

It was a high level Heaven Domain Expert!

When everyone looked up, they saw a swordsman standing in the air.  This was none other than the Big Dry Empire’s famous Martial King, Jing Wu Ying.  This was an expert in the 7th Heaven Domain Layer, a large character known across the continent.

The Big Dry Emperor had to sit in the middle of the formation and couldn’t personally make a move.  When he found the front army was in chaos, he could only send his aide, the Martial King Jing Wu Ying over.  Jin Wu Ying was one of the most powerful characters of the Big Dry Empire, therefore he became the center of the army as soon as he appeared.  He attracted the scattered forces around him just like a magnet.

“Everyone receive my orders!”  Jing Wu Ying emotionlessly said, “Retreat with me!”

“Want to retreat?  How could it be that easy!”  Before the Big Dry Army could react, there was a figure that suddenly appeared in the sky.  The Elven King Lancelot’s long robe fluttered in the wind and he held the ancient Forest Scepter in his hand.  He dropped down from the clouds to attack Jing Wu Ying, “First pass through me!”

The Eternal Forest’s Elven King!

Jing Wu Ying quickly raised his sword to send out a ten meter long sword light, but Lancelot casually swatted it down with the scepter in his hand like popping a balloon.  Many plants appeared around Jing Wu Ying that twisted around him like poisonous snakes, wrapping up Jing Wu Ying like a steamed rice dumpling.

Lancelot fell down beside Jing Wu Ying and slammed his long staff against him, instantly sending him flying.  This attack had caused serious damage to Jing Wu Ying’s dantian and all the spirit energy in his body became slower.  He saw that the Elven King came over again and he roared out, “Little Chu Tian! Come and fight me if you have the skills!  What skill is there in fighting like a turtle!?”

This kind of mindless inciting was completely useless against Chu Tian.

Jing Wu Ying shouted again, “What!  Are you afraid!”

Lancelot shook his head and raised his long scepter again.

“Elven King, please wait.”  Chu Tian was feeling bored enough and saw that Jing Wu Ying’s spirit energy was affected, causing his strength to greatly decrease.  He was confident in dealing him with his strength, so he revealed a faint smile, “Alright, as you wish, I’ll play with you!”

Lancelot was stunned, not having enough time to stop him.

Chu Tian flew into the sky, but he didn’t fly, rather he used short teleports into the air.  He teleported five-six times each second and the air was filled with images of Chu Tian. His right hand pulled a black sword out of space and gathered an intense destructive and spatial energy, slashing out at Jing Wu Ying.


Jing Wu Ying raised his sword to block it.

Jing Wu Ying was still a 7th Heaven Domain Layer Expert.  Although his cultivation dropped from being seriously injured by the Elven King, he shouldn’t lose to a brat like this no matter what.  Who would have thought that when their swords clashed, the surrounding air split apart and Jing Wu Ying’s sword was shattered to pieces.  Chu Tian only used a single slash to push back the respected Martial King.

“You actually……”

Jing Wu Ying never thought that Chu Tian had already reached the Heaven Domain Layer and he never thought that Chu Tian had such a high battle strength.  Although his spirit energy had been decreased, that only forced him down one-two layers, so he was skipping an entire five layers in this fight.

Chu Tian sent out a Phaseless Sword.

No matter what, Jing Wu Ying was still someone who had been an expert for a long time.  Although the Phaseless Sword had a powerful might, he could still dodge it with his reactions.  Jing Wu Ying’s current situation was very bad, since there was an expert like Lancelot present, so it would not be easy for him to fight back.  Properly speaking, retreat was the most correct choice.

But Jing Wu Ying couldn’t retreat!

If Jing Wu Ying retreated, the front army would be defeated and the main army would be greatly affected.  Not to mention that with Lancelot watching, would it be easy for Jing Wu Ying to retreat? So the best choice was to take Chu Tian captive during the fight.  Although this fellow had broken through to the Heaven Domain Realm, he would still lose control in critical moments, so Jing Wu Ying had confidence in this fight!

“Shadowless Sword Array!”

The sword in Jing Wu Ying’s hand disappeared into thin air and tens of thousands of invisible sword qi appeared all around him.  These sword qi hid in space and could raised wild winds at any moment. As long as the power was released, it would create a terrifying sword qi storm.

Although the surrounding soldiers didn’t directly participate in the battle, Jing Wu Ying’s sword qi storm swept over them and instantly turned them into pieces.  The blood and flesh mixed with the sword qi. Finally they all approached Chu Tian.

Jing Wu Ying was in the air and controlled his sword to fly out in all directions.  He wanted to use the Shadowless Sword Array to control Chu Tian and seize that chance to take Chu Tian hostage.  Who would have thought that Chu Tian would disregard the powerful sword qi around him. He slowly opened his eyes and revealed one silver pupil and one white pupil.

Chu Tian revealed two powers at once!

This was one of the main changes after he reached the Heaven Domain Realm.

Chu Tian could only use one kind of power during battle before, but now he could activate two kinds of power.  The white represented space and the silver represented time, which were two energies of the highest level. Normal people having one would be considered someone chosen by heaven, so was there a need to mention having two at once?

“Space Time Freeze!”

Chu Tian released his energy and wherever it went, the surrounding space and time all froze like it was covered in ice.  It made the tens of thousands of sword qi around him freeze.

Jing Wu Ying revealed a look of astonishment, “How is that possible!”

With Chu Tian’s current cultivation and strength, if he only released one kind of energy, whether it was space or time energy, he couldn’t block Jing Wu Ying’s power at all.  However, space and time came from the same origin and the two could combine to increase their power by several times.

Chu Tian released all his spirit energy, causing silver and white energy to surround his black sword, “Phaseless Void Slash!”

This sword glow flashed through the air, moving at a speed the naked eye couldn’t see.  It penetrated through the void with a destructive might. Jing Wu Ying was stuck in the air with a look of disbelief before his protective spirit energy shattered.  His body was split in half and he fell out of the sky.

“The Martial King is dead!”

“The Martial King is dead!”

The Big Dry Empire’s army was instantly filled with chaos.

The Martial King Jing Wu Ying was one of the strongest people in the Big Dry Empire, but this kind of powerful existence had actually died by Chu Tian’s blade, which had a destructive effect on their morale.  Therefore, the bit of morale Jing Wu Ying had created had now shattered and they collapsed even faster compared to before.

It would be very hard for the Big Dry Empire’s army to gather in the short run.

Chu Tian had accomplished his goal and his power had just been completely consumed, so he activated his spatial energy and returned from the frontline.

“My task has been accomplished.”

“The young miss urged me to go back.” Chu Tian nodded at Lancelot, Nidhogg, and the others, “I’ll leave the frontline to you all, I need to go back to get married!”

Everyone looked at each other with bitter smiles.

In this kind of important large battle, Chu Tian actually treated it like a game.  It really made people unsure whether they should laugh or cry!

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