MT Chapter 649


Chapter 649: Peace conference

The main topic of this empire summit was to discuss the peace of the continent.

This conference was proposed by Miracle City, so the location was chosen for the Miracle Royal Palace.  Since the Miracle Royal Palace had been constructed, it was the top conference site for the continent.

There were a total of twenty two empire level powers on the continent, with three groups being completely isolated from the world.  Even if the something large happened, they would still maintain their indifferent stance. Therefore, excluding these three powers, the other nineteen powers all attended this conference.

There was no need to doubt it.


It was an unprecedented peak summit.

Every power in attendance was a peak existence on the continent.

The main topic this time was the establishment of the Miracle Federation and to discuss the future development of the continent.  Each emperor was sitting there with a serious look on their faces. Regardless of whether they had a good or bad relationship with Miracle City, almost not a single emperor was willing to see Miracle City swallowing the Big Dry Empire to become a super power.

“City Lord Chu Tian’s ideological changes are too advanced.  Your wedding has already caused stirs over the continent that hasn’t stopped yet and now you’ve set up the Miracle Federation, we old fellows really can’t keep up to your thoughts at all.”  The one who spoke first was the Dragon Territory’s Dragon Lord. As one of the six allied empires, the Dragon Territory’s relation with Miracle City has always been good, therefore the Dragon Lord was not going against Chu Tian.  He patiently said to him, “If you only want to set up the Miracle Federation, I think with Miracle City’s current fame, position, and power, it is all expected. The only problem now is that the scope of your territory is too big.”

“That’s right!”  The Wild Beast Empire’s Wild Beast Emperor couldn’t sit still, “The Miracle City’s alliance territory already surpasses the normal territory of an empire.  If the Big Dry Empire is also added in, that will bring in half the western continent and the Western Sea. At that time, perhaps even a few empires together wouldn’t be able to compare to the Miracle Federation.”

The Burning Heaven Emperor said, “We ask the City Lord to reconsider.  After all, your actions may damage your relations to the countries of the continent and destroy Miracle City’s image on the continent.”

“I say, why are you all so courteous with him for?”  An emperor stood up in front of everyone and exploded with rage, releasing a powerful aura, “Every empire level power on the continent has over ten thousand years of history and your Miracle City is directly annexing one.  I think that this will cause chaos in the territory which will spread all over, creating flames of turmoil all over the continent. I cannot agree to something like this happening!”

“That is right!”  Another emperor level character stood up and said, “The continent has reached a balance and this peace has lasted for over a thousand years.  Although there have been frictions between empires, there hasn’t been a country exterminating war in over a thousand years. Miracle City is trying to annex the Big Dry Empire in one fell swoop, wouldn’t this destroy the balance?”



“This kind of matter definitely can’t be allowed to happen!”

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu never said a world, but the entire conference hall was filled with sounds of opposition.  However, they had expected this scene, therefore the two of them didn’t show any surprise at all. They were just calmly waiting for them to finish talking.

“My position is very simple.”  Chu Tian calmly sat there. He was already no longer a nameless person, even when faced with these emperors, he wouldn’t show any submissiveness at all, “I’ll be frank with you all.  I’ve invited everyone here today to let everyone discuss a matter on how to solve this, not to let everyone stop us.”

“Chu Tian, what do you mean!”

“You still don’t understand?”  Chu Tian tapped his finger, “Miracle City’s decision is firm, whether you all agree or not, this matter will not change.  The Miracle Federation will surely be formed, this is already a fact and no one is able to stop it. Today we’re here to discuss peace based on this established fact and to explore the development of the continent over the next hundreds of years, letting us develop together.”

Everyone looked blankly at each other.

The emperors were already getting angry.

This wild brat was simply not putting them in his eyes at all.

These people were all people who had become famous hundreds of years ago and Chu Tian was a brat who had just appeared on the continent for less than two years.  He actually dared to not put them in his eyes, this was actually very rude behaviour.

Chu Tian indeed didn’t put them in his eyes as he continued to say, “The Miracle Federation being formed is the trend of the world, there is nothing that can stop it.  Miracle City has the continent’s strongest technology and the Big Dry Empire is the Western Sea’s strongest empire. Once our two powers form the Miracle Federation, we will immediately become the largest power on the western continent.  If I may say something offensive, even if everyone came together at that time, you wouldn’t be able to stop us.”

The expressions of everyone changed.

This fellow was just too arrogant.

Was he declaring war on all the powers of the continent?

“Good Chu Tian, we never thought you were so ambitious.  It seems like there is nothing to discuss today.”

“That’s right, let’s prepare to fight!”

“Our nineteen powers can’t compare to a single small Miracle Federation?  Even if you are confident, you shouldn’t go too far!”

The emperors wanted to storm out.

“All of you calm down, wait for him to finish.”  An ice cold voice without any anger sounded at this time.  The one who spoke was the Netherworld Sea’s Nether King. The Nether King was one of the strongest emperors and because he was an undead, no one knew just how long he had lived for.

Actually out of all the emperors, the Nether King was the one who wanted to break off from Miracle City the least.

The undead did not mean undying, everlasting, and never aging, those that actually understood the undead wouldn’t think this way.  The undead were not undying because once one became an undead, all their senses stopped existing. Their sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and their bodily functions all stopped.  They didn’t need to eat, didn’t need to reproduce, didn’t need to sleep. The undead were like flames in a cage, only sensing this world through special means.

If this state was maintained for long, their soul and spirit would degrade.  The aging of the body could be cured with herbs, but the degradation of the soul couldn’t be reversed.

Recently, the birth of the Miracle Continent made the undead of the Netherworld Sea surge into the Miracle Continent in great forces.  These undead could regain flesh bodies on the Miracle Continent, allowing them to experience the world as a mortal, which was a great help to their degradation problem.

The undead were a race that wanted nothing and the Netherworld Sea was one of the most mysterious powers of the continent, with a terrifying and powerful background hidden within.  The Netherworld Sea didn’t participate in the wars of the continent because riches had no meaning to them. Only letting them last forever would have value to them.

The several emperors that wanted to leave hesitated.

The biggest problem now were the positions of the six empires allied to Miracle City.

The Netherworld Sea had the deepest background and history of the six allied empires.  If the Netherworld Sea chose to be on the Miracle Federation’s side, they simply had no hope of overthrowing the Miracle Federation.

Everyone carefully thought about it.  Chu Tian’s words were a bit arrogant, but that didn’t mean they weren’t true.  Miracle City had already reached their current position, they were already an existence that couldn’t be casually destroyed.  The transportation and communication systems of the continent all belonged to Miracle City and they were all established by Miracle City.  This meant that if they were to antagonize Miracle City, Miracle City just needed to cut them off and they would return to their previous condition.

Not to mention fighting Miracle City at that time.

If the various empire armies were to cross the continent, they might not even reach their destination in two years.  Miracle City had powerful transport technology, especially a powerful weapon like the Space Gate and the Deep Space Weapons they made not that long ago.  They could completely destroy the armies of the empires before they could even gather.

Even if the continent’s armies could gather together.

Would they be able to defeat the Miracle Federation?

Too difficult!  Miracle City’s technology was far more advanced than that of the continent and they reached a new level each year, therefore there were too many uncertainties.  When the Big Dry Empire wanted to attack Miracle City, Miracle City was only a power that was a bit inferior to a normal warring kingdom. Who would have thought that the Big Dry Empire would have lost at that time?

There was order in history.

If the countries of the continent were to group together to fight the Miracle Federation, it looked like the Miracle Federation had no chance of winning, but who knew what the result would be if they actually fought?  Once this battle began, it would be hard for it to stop.

If the Miracle Federation were to fight twenty powers, even if Miracle City couldn’t hold, Miracle City could all back into the Western Sea, the underground, or into Outer Space.  In that case, none of them could chase after them since they didn’t have the necessary technology.

If they couldn’t eliminate Miracle City in one fell swoop.

This power would eventually come back and they would create a nightmare for the continent!

This conference today, they had to keep it going whether they wanted to or not.  If they could reach an ending that everyone was satisfied with, the continent would reach an unprecedented disaster.

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