MT Chapter 65


Chapter 65: Black market

Under the blood coloured setting sun.

A large black camp stood there waiting, like a monster crawling in the canyon depths, it gave a dilapidated but wild look.

Rocks were piled around the black market as a fence, a deep ditch was dug around it with a variety of obstacles showing.  Several hundred black armoured guards with bows, meticulously stood in the sentry towers and along the walls, ready to repel Yin Corpses at any moment.

Inside the camp, the stone buildings were crude, the distribution was uneven, the ground was crushed stones and junk was spread everywhere, causing a weird smell to be in the air.  The streets were filled with cultivators, their clothings varied as if they were from different places, even possibly different countries.


There was no order in the black market, no laws, it was a place where laws were not allowed!

The law of the jungle, the strong was respected, whoever was the strongest was the ruler of the black market, because of this, there were daily fights between factions of the black market.

So those that dared enter the black market were those that had confidence in their strength, otherwise if they were robbed or killed on the streets, no one would sympathize with them, they can only blame their bad luck.

The Yin Corpse riot had some relations to this.

Today the black market’s atmosphere seemed intense.

Many people seemed to be discussing things, Chu Tian took a spin through 7-8 streets of the black market, half looking for news, half asking about the Great Zhou caravans.

“Come take a look!  Come take a look!”

“A fox slave snatched from a southern foreign country!”

“Quantities are limited, this is a rare opportunity, hurry and come take a look!”

A short, thin, red haired man with a few brawny men beside him was selling slaves by the road.

“How come these people look just like monsters!”  Cai Die was scared by the scene, the red haired man was short, only reaching one meter, the brawny man beside him were all two meters tall, their bodies covered in black fur, they looked a little like human bears.

The slaves they were selling were even stranger, all of them were female, their bodies were hot, although they looked mostly human, they had fox ears and a furry tail, looking strange and beautiful, full of a foreign elegance.

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“Are these authentic fox slaves?

Several curious merchants gathered round.

“You are lucky!  I’ve brought these fox slaves from tens of thousands of li, they are all pure blooded, look at this large chest and buttocks, with these kinds of waves they will make the best toys of ecstasy.”  The red haired old man grabbed one of the girls, tearing off her top, “Do you want to give it a feel?  This place is big, it is round, the fox’s family instinct is obscene.  After it is domesticated, guaranteed to bring you joy.”

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The fox slaves had a charming smile, it could simply melt a person’s soul.

They were not the least bit ashamed.

The red haired old man continued to give his sales promotion, “Think about it, in this kind of place, what kind of respected family, does not have any foreign slaves?  If you buy one now, no matter whether it’s to enjoy or serve guests, you would not be losing face!”

The merchants were somewhat excited, “How much?”

The red haired old man quickly gave a price, “High quality goods for 10 Source Stones, medium quality goods for 5 Source Stones, and low quality goods for 3 Source Stones!”

“This is my first time seeing another race!”

Cai Die did not come to the black market to shop, rather she came to have fun.

Several other slave merchants were calculating in their brains, buying ordinary human slaves and selling them in a foreign race country, then buying foreign slaves from there and selling them in human states.

The price could be raised several hundred times!

An ordinary human maidservant without any cultivation, sold for a few dozen gold coins on the Southern Summer Country market.

But if they delivered them to the faraway foreign race states, where they were rare, they could even be sold for 100000 gold coins!

The black market was as the rumours said.

Here there were things normal markets did not have, foreign race slaves, foreign weapons, foreign special products, etc.

“The continent was wide, hundreds of clans everywhere, there is nothing strange about this.”

“We should go look for the Great Zhou Country’s caravan!”

At this time, Chu Tian curiosity was peaked by some passerby’s conversation.

“Hey, did you know?  The ruins in the valley are open!”

“No wonder there are that many important people here in the black market!”

“Every time it opens, the yin qi in the valley is aggravated, just by looking at the Yin Corpses mass awakening you can tell, there is no doubt!  Recently many famous people have come to the camp, if not to hunt treasures why are they here?  I want to go try my luck too!”

“Don’t think about it, unless you get a ancient grave command, you won’t be able to enter the ten thousand ancient graves!”


From the discussions of the black market people, he could make out some secrets.

There was an ancient ruin was buried in the Yin Corpse Valley, today’s abnormal happenings were probably caused by a change in the ruin’s energy, this caused an influx of yin qi, which led to the mass awakening of Yin Corpses.

This was truly a new thing!

30000 years later, ancient ruins, mystical areas, buried treasure, trial by fire, and the similar with hidden treasures, had all long stopped existing.  Some were brutally excavated, others were not well protected, causing many treasures to be lost to the future generation.

Whenever Chu Tian was reading the records, he always felt his heart ache, wishing he could have lived in that era.

Now that the opportunity came, the buried treasures, the ancient ruins of gods, the famous mystical areas, the large trials by fire, many of them had not been discovered yet!

The early civilization had left behind many ancient legacies.

Their history was a hundred times longer than humans.

In tens of thousands of years, humans have been able to progress by leaps and bounds, this was also in part due being able to benefit from the wisdom of their predecessors.  There were several epic level treasure locations, some were even recorded in the country’s records.

Those unearthed hidden treasures, from now on sooner or later there would be an opportunity, now was still not the time.

The Yin Corpse Valley ruins, it wasn’t a mankind changing grand treasure, but as an ancient sect ruin, it still had things of value.

Chu Tian’s cultivation was still weak, he should be able to find some useful things.

Only how would he get there?

When Chu Tian was thinking, Xiang Hu ran over excitedly shouting, “Found it, found it, the Great Zhou Country’s caravan is over here!”

He finally found it!”

The black market’s design was too disgusting!

It was like a labyrinth, it could make a person dizzy!

The Great Zhou Country’s caravan was in a large building, outside there were many black flags, the gatekeepers wore black clothing and a ghost mask, giving off a haunted feeling, making people feel uncomfortable, 80% of them were practicing an evil cultivation technique.

Inside the black market people from all different countries were present.

So people wearing strange clothes would appear, the three of them were not surprised.

This time they had harvested more than 360 corpse cores.

60 low grade cores, 240 intermediate grade cores, 50-60 high grade cores, and 1 extreme grade core.  Since Chu Tian had made the most effort, he took 3 quarters, the rest were split evenly between the two others.

Although it was like this, the quantity was not small!

The two of them were still joyful.

Waiting for their turn, an old man wearing a grim bronze mask and holding an iron walking stick walked out, cracking his body and coughing twice, a hoarse voice sounded, “What do you want to trade?”

Xiang Hu excitedly said, “I want to trade for a weapon!”

The grim bronze masked man took a look in his bag, he nodded his head in satisfaction, “Left side first room, you can go pick an intermediate level spirit weapon for yourself.”

The continent’s equipments had a grading system.

Although spirit level was still a preliminary level, it was still refined from a level 1 material, is refined by a refining master, plus it had an array engraved, its might was astonishing, not matter how good normal equipment was, it could not even compare to a tenth of the might of a spirit grade equipment.

Not long passed.

Xiang Hu happily ran out, his hands held a small great axe, its body was black, but it had a shine to it, it exuded a great strength.

“Ha, ha, ha! Tens of corpse core for this spirit weapon that costs tens of thousands of gold coins, this is too satisfying, with this weapon in my hand, my strength has increased another step!”

The bronze masked old man looked at him in disdain.

Small country rogue cultivator, doesn’t know anything about the world.

A mediocre spirit weapon, there were streets full of them in the Great Zhou Country.

Chu Tian asked Cai Die, “What are you trading for?”

Cai Die revealed a confused face, her autumn water sword was a high grade spirit weapon, she was also not lacking a cultivation technique, she did not know what she wanted to trade for, finally she said, “I want to trade for pills!”

The bronze masked old man lightly said, “Right side second room, go pick something yourself.”

Cai Die came out before long, her hand holding onto a porcelain bottle, her face filled with joy, “They have the beautification pill here!  This is a treasure you can’t even buy in Central State City!”

The beautification pill had no effects on martial arts.

It was merely a cosmetology pill.

Xiang Hu was scared, “You risked your life killing Yin Corpses and in the end you trade for a beautification pill!”

Cai Die’s elegant face turned red as she said, “What’s wrong with it?  Women’s appearances are very important!”

Chu Tian was also a bit speechless.

But he did not feel any surprise.

Cai Die’s status was a mystery, not only was she wearing a disguise, she owned a superior spirit weapon, she didn’t seem to lack money or a cultivation technique, perhaps she was the daughter of a respected family, looking for some fun, so she snuck out to go on an adventure secretly?

Although it was hard to understand, but it wasn’t impossible.

This person’s thought process was not the same as normal people’s.

Chu Tian gave his corpse cores to the old man, “I want to trade for resources.”

The old man opened the bag to look, his eyes scanned through it carefully, taking one out from the bag, looking carefully at it, it was the hundred year old corpse’s core.

“The quality is not bad!”

“You come with me!”

The bronze masked man personally went with Chu Tian, bringing him to the first room on the right.

There were 500-600 crystal pots inside, placed neatly in order, each jar had an array engraved, this was to prevent the elixir aura from leaking out, inside each one was a portion of elixir was stored, slightly shining, absolutely attractive.

Chu Tian was immediately shocked, because inside this room, there were several hundred year old elixirs.

There were even some thousand year old one!

Ordinary medicine that could grow for one thousand years would turn into highest quality medicine!

In Chu Tian’s era, the continent’s population was larger by several hundred times, the continent had already developed, it was hard to find thousand year old medicines!

A Great Zhou Country’s caravan, going to a small country to do business, actually brought several hundred of them!

How could anyone not be excited?

It could only be said, in this era, Heaven and Earth treasures were not that valuable!

Chu Tian’s gaze was attracted by the several pot on the middle table!

This was obviously in the entire room, the highest valued elixirs, there were three fruits, the size of fist, in the shape of babies, letting out a faint crying sound, it was especially unusual!

Chu Tian’s body shook, “It’s the Infant Soul Fruit!”

“Huh?”  The bronze masked old man was somewhat surprise, “In your small country, there are people that recognize this material?”

Chu Tian was somewhat excited.

Even if he could not buy anything else!

If he could get a Infant Soul Fruit, this trip to the black market was not in vain!

This material was of great use to Chu Tian!

Although Chu Tian seemed to be very careful, but in fact Chu Tian was a bit fake.  Because in his practice these few days, Chu Tian had discovered that breaking into the Awakened Soul Real was not as easy as he thought, he was too lacking in resources.

Chu Tian was already short on time, if he couldn’t break into the Awakened Soul Realm, then the consequences would be dire!

The appearance of this thing, it had solved his most urgent problem!

Actually not only equipments had a grading system, materials also had similar grade and ranking system!

Grade was determined by its attributes, the grade of the material depended not just on quality, but also age, the grades from low to high were: herbal medicine, elixir, holy medicine, immortal medicine, and god medicine.

An ordinary herbal medicine would be a few hundred years old and once it was past a thousand years old, it was an elixir.  If it was grown for ten thousand years it would be a holy medicine, immortal medicines and god medicines depend on the overall quality of the material, a normal herb will not evolve to this stage no matter how long it is grown for.

No matter how much the herb changed or how old it was, it would not change its grade, only if it evolved would it be become a different herb.

The materials here were all level 1 elixirs!

Only the Infant Soul Fruit was a level 2 elixir!

Even if they were both grown for hundreds of years, the value of level 2 medicines were several folds higher compared to level 1 medicines!

The Level 1 medicines were for Body Refinement cultivators to use, level 2 medicines were for Awakened Soul cultivators to use.  These Infant Soul Fruits, with its value as a level 2 elixir, surpassed the value of anything else in this room!

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