MT Chapter 651


Chapter 651: Federation

After a few days.

The closed conference finally announced the results to the entire continent.

The nineteen empires would centralize all the normal countries on the continent and create a United Nations, which would be led by a joint council.

The council would have a total of nineteen seats.


Each emperor would sent a trusted confidant to become a council member.

This council will protect the continent and the peace.  When an irreconcilable argument appeared between countries of the continent, the council can choose to interfere, whether passively or directly and they could hold a fair trial.  If the countries didn’t accept the results of the trial, the council would have the rights to authorize a punitive army to take care of that country, with the member states being obliged to help the peacekeeping troops.

This joint council seemed like it was made to protect the peace and fairness of the continent, but its main starting point and goal was because of the newly founded Miracle Federation.  This was because once the Miracle Federation showed any threat, the council could summon the continent to resist the Miracle Federation.

Miracle City not only did not reject this, on the day the council was announced, they gave five warships, a hundred fighter planes, a thousand cannons, and tens of thousands of Source Energy Weapons to the council.  Other than that, they were also making a Space Gate, four Transport Towers, and giving five hundred Transport Scrolls to the council, which would be kept in the hands of the alliance heads. As well, they were building a large palace in a golden spot in Miracle City as the main headquarters for the joint council, allowing them to react instantly to anything that happens on the continent.

No matter how civilized the world was, what ruled in the end was still power.  Without enough power, the joint council only exist in name, becoming a puppet or useless organization.

The support of large amounts of weapons were necessary.

They had Transport Towers, Space Gates, Transport Scrolls, communication equipment, and virtual headquarters, they were fully equipped.

Miracle City smashing the Big Dry Empire with the help of the six empires had already spread over the continent.  Everyone knew that Miracle City had created a mysterious item called the “Space Gate” that could quickly send an army to any corner of the continent.

If this terrifying equipment was in anyone’s hands, it meant they could attack any place on the continent.  This was a very terrifying and threatening weapon. The joint council had not even been officially founded and Miracle City had given them large amounts of precious weapons, as well as constructing a Space Gate for them.  This was already enough to give the joint council a large amount of power and jurisdiction.

Miracle Commerce’s constructions couldn’t be missing, but they couldn’t establish a completely independent council with just Miracle Commerce’s support.  To be a member of the joint council, the first condition was being a peak empire on the continent. Each member of the joint council would deploy one hundred thousand elite troops from their country, establishing a super army of almost two million for the joint council.

Other than that, each empire would need to pay a participation fee each year.  Miracle Commerce would support the joint alliance in building factories for various industries, but before the United Nations was completely self sustaining, the deficit in the fund would be provided evenly by each empire.

A major part of the joint council was its neutrality.

This was a power that had to be absolutely neutral.

In order to ensure the council would be neutral, in the beginning phases of the council, there would be an Undead Sage of over thirty thousand years as the speaker.  This Undead Sage was filled with knowledge and experience, but it didn’t have any free will at all. It could only do a few things that it wanted to do after it was induced with a spiritual energy technique, so it would guarantee fairness in the council.

In the future, the various empires could ask for Miracle Commerce’s help to build a special Smart Brain for the joint council.  With an emotionless super Smart Brain acting as the council speaker, the members of the council might be affected by emotions, but the Smart Brain wouldn’t.  The Smart Brain would use its super analysis and processing power which made it better than the normal members.

The establishment of this joint council would have an incomparably large effect on the continent.  This was a gathered army commanded by the joint council that came from all the empires and they were armed with powerful equipment.  They would be in charge of protecting the peace of the continent in the future.

This was the biggest gain from this conference.

All aspects of preparation were in full swing.

The Miracle Federation matter already couldn’t be dragged on any longer.

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu came to the Big Dry Empire to clean up.  The Big Dry Empire had already been adjusted by Meng Qingwu and now over 90% of the people had already accepted being a part of the Miracle Federation.  However, no matter how good Meng Qingwu was, there would always be someone who opposed this.

Their opponents were people who lost benefits being led by the noble families.  These nobles didn’t agree to the establishment of the Miracle Federation and instigated the citizens and armies they controlled, finally forming a resistance force.  For this resistance, Chu Tian’s methods were very simple. He bought out those that he could, scared those that he couldn’t, beat the ones that he couldn’t scare, and killed those one he couldn’t beat into submission.

Miracle City’s fighter planes were all deployed to the Big Dry Empire and the Deep Space Weapons were aimed at the Big Dry Empire.  If there was a rebel army that appeared, it would be impossible to hide from Miracle City’s eyes. Miracle City’s Deep Space Weapons and fast armies could eliminate them with lightning fast offense.

In around half a month.

The Big Dry Empire rebel forces all stopped their actions.

Miracle City had not just eliminated the rebel forces in just half a month, they also connected the two sides of the Big Dry Empire.  In just half a month, they built a Transport Tower in the thirty six states of the Big Dry Empire, as well as covering the entire empire with Miracle City’s newly developed Heaven’s Net warship with a stronger signal.  In just a few days, this sealed off Big Dry Empire that had never touched advanced technology before suddenly experience the convenience brought by technology.

This was just the beginning.  In the future with the sprouting up of Transport Towers, Space Warehouses will also create a powerful transport system and Miracle Commerce’s technology would arrive in waves.  The citizens of the empire would soon learn how beneficial it was to join the Miracle Federation.

The trend was set.

The opposition had to submit.

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu had smoothly subdued the Big Dry Empire.

Almost at the same time, the central joint council of the continent was formed.  In order to show the Miracle Federation legitimacy and to support the newly formed joint council, Chu Tian used his identity as the Miracle City’s City Lord to submit an application for the formation of the federation. 

The Miracle Federation’s formation was an internal decision, so Chu Tian did this to give the Miracle Federation legal justification.  This was because the joint council was made from the empires, so if the federation was formed through the joint council, the Miracle Federation would officially accepted and no one would dare say anything in the future.

The joint council needed a heavy item like the Miracle Federation to build their credibility.  If even something as powerful as Miracle City needing an application to the joint council to form a federation, then would there be any power that would dare go against the joint council?

Both sides had their needs.

Chu Tian submitted the application and the joint council accepted it.  Finally, after a discussion with the council and with through a vote, it was accepted.  The joint council planned out the Miracle Federation’s territory, which included the Forest Alliance, the kingdom alliance, the underground alliance, the Western Sea alliance, and the Big Dry Empire, these five large areas.  Each area would have a local power that would have administrative rights and military power, but most of the military power would be controlled by Miracle City.

The joint council and the Miracle Federation signed a contract.

This contract stated that after the Miracle Federation was established, they would never expand, invade, or isolate themselves.  Other than that, they couldn’t move a large army to attack another country. This was all announced to the world through the joint alliance, having the entire world notarize and supervise this contract.

Meng Qingwu’s mediation ended in a complete victory.

The empires had no way of dealing with the establishment of the Miracle Federation.  Now that the Miracle Federation had spread its wings, the other powers couldn’t compare to its power at all.  From now one, it would be the number one power on the continent!

But the Miracle Federation couldn’t be established just because they said it was being established.

This was because even though Miracle Commerce had been developing in the Forest of Chaos for many years, they hadn’t completely spread through the entire Forest of Chaos.  Before the announcement of the establishment of the Miracle Federation, there were many neutral forces in the Forest of Chaos.

They hadn’t even taken care of a trivial Forest of Chaos and now they had to connect five large areas, this was not something that could be done in a single day.  But that was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that the Miracle Federation was about to be established, but they still didn’t have an official leader.

This was because the Miracle Federation was different from the countries of the continent.  This was not an empire, so the title of emperor was not suitable. This was because the leader needed to manage many areas and countless states, therefore it was only appropriate to call the highest position “president”.

The president position was not inherited or appointed.  In order to have the best beginning, although they knew there was no suspense with the results, Miracle City still started a presidential election throughout the entire Miracle Federation. 

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