MT Chapter 652


Chapter 652: Presidential selection

The Miracle Federation’s first presidential election was about to begin.

The first presidential election took candidates from the Forest Alliance like Miracle City’s City Lord Chu Tian, the vice City Lord Meng Qingwu, Vivian, the production minister and the City Lord’s wife, Meng Yingying.  It also included the Eternal Forest’s Lancelot, the Dragon Lord Nidhogg, the leader of the kingdom alliance, Chen Bingyu, and others.

The Big Dry Empire was a defeated country that had just joined, so there was no one allowed to participate in this presidential election.  The Miracle Federation’s president could only be picked from these candidates. Actually for an election like this, there was no suspense at all, but in order to set a good tradition, they still had to follow the rules.

Although the Miracle Federation members didn’t think so.


This matter still stirred large amounts of discussion and controversy in the Miracle Federation.

Luo You Lian was the crown princess of the number one attached kingdom of the Big Dry Empire, the Heavenly Dragon Warring Kingdom.  Actually when the Big Dry Empire began fighting Miracle City, she had paid attention to Miracle City like everyone else. With the Big Dry Empire losing again and again, it filled Luo You Lian with an indescribable fear towards Miracle City.  She did not understand why the large Big Dry Empire was beaten so badly when fighting such a small power.

Especially after she learned that the Big Dry Emperor had been captured alive, Luo You Lian had lost confidence in the Big Dry Empire.  The Big Dry Emperor’s might couldn’t be contested in the Big Dry Empire, so after being caught like this, what face did the Big Dry Empire have to stay on the continent?

Luo You Lian began to learn more about Miracle City.  She used all kinds of channels to obtain all kinds of products from Miracle City and from using Miracle City’s products, Luo You Lian learned more about Miracle City.  She began to understand why Miracle City had won this war.

This kind of power filled with creativity, it would become the new future of the continent.

Luo You Lian in the future witnessed the chaos of the Big Dry Empire.  The news of the Big Dry Emperor being kidnapped had been sealed by the upper level of the Big Dry Empire, but without knowing why, the paper couldn’t contain the fire and the news was spread all over the empire.  Some people said that the Big Dry Emperor had already lost his cultivation and was being tortured all day in Miracle City. Some people said that the Big Dry Empire had lost an army of over two million and had to submit over a hundred cities.  There were also rumours that the loyal attached countries had broken their ties with the Big Dry Empire and there were empires planning to attack them while they were down.

All kinds of rumours flew all over and it was hard to tell what was real or not, it short is made everyone panic.  Merchants stopped doing business, people stopped growing herbs, there were many families that were prepared to relocate, and even the administrative system completely froze.

The Heavenly Dragon Warring Kingdom also had some people who suggested separating from the Big Dry Empire and Luo You Lian was a firm supporter of this proposition.  The reason was very simple, the Big Dry Empire had no time to care about an attached country at all. The Heavenly Dragon Warring Kingdom would take this chance and separate themselves from the Big Dry Empire’s control, turning to Miracle City’s backing instead.

But something Luo You Lian never would have imagined happened.

The Heavenly Dragon Warring Kingdom escaped the Big Dry Empire’s control and were prepared to rely on another force when a very important piece of news came.  The Big Dry Empire announced that they would merge with Miracle City, henceforth becoming a country under Miracle City’s control.

This change was too quick and too shocking.

Luo You Lian was very grateful that the Big Dry Empire’s Big Dry Emperor didn’t participate in the presidential election.  Otherwise if the Big Dry Empire went all out in the presidential election, the Heavenly Dragon Warring Kingdom that had betrayed the Big Dry Empire would not have a good time.

The Miracle Federation’s election was separated into local and central elections.  There were local presidents and a centralized president. Of course, the local president was only the leader of the local area and the main power laid in the hands of the central area, meaning the Big Dry Empire would no longer be a completely independent country from now on.

To make an empire submit to this degree.

Just what did Miracle City do?

Luo You Lian was shocked, but she also felt this result was very good.  Miracle City and the Big Dry Empire could turn a war into an alliance, this would inevitably create a giant on the western continent.  For a warring kingdom like the Heavenly Dragon Warring Kingdom, they could remain an independent country or they could become a part of the federation, no longer caring about the Big Dry Empire.

The federation’s presidential election was about to begin.

Miracle City gave a list on the presidential candidates and information on them to each area, advertising Miracle Commerce’s high level members while doing this.  This gave the local areas a deep understanding towards Miracle City and Miracle Commerce.

When Luo You Lian saw Chu Tian’s history before he came to dominate the continent, she simply could not believe her eyes.  How could there be such a legendary person in this world? She thought that Miracle Commerce’s technology and background had been accumulated over thousands of years, but now it seemed like she was completely mistaken.  Everything came from nothing and they took less than five years.

Less than five years!

What could they do in five years?

A cultivator could close up without knowing a thing for five years.  An expert or a powerful clan could see five years pass by their eyes without caring at all.  Chu Tian had built Miracle Commerce from nothing in less than five years, turning this small company from a small country to a large group that could spread all over the continent.

Luo You Lian was extremely interested in Miracle Commerce’s chairman Chu Tian, but as she learned more about him, she found that everything about this man who had blazed all over the continent was incredible.  No one knew where his wisdom came from, no one knew why his brain contained all of this, even the history of a birth was like a mystery.

After ten days.

The presidential election was finally held.

Luo You Lian came to the Heavenly Dragon Warring Kingdom voting area with her family.  It was only a Heavenly Dragon Imperial City, but one and a half million people came to participate.  When Luo You Lian saw the voting area, she was stunned by the sea of people in front of her.

“Royal father, what is going on?  There are this many people, how can we vote?”

The Heavenly Dragon King looked like a middle aged man who was around fifty.  He never thought that so many people would participate in the election. When faced with the crown princess’ question, he pointed at the sky.  Luo You Lian looked up at the sky and saw a giant airship flying over the skies of Heavenly Dragon Imperial City. This giant ship that was over five hundred meters had Miracle Commerce and  Miracle Federation’s symbol on it. It was currently slowly falling over the Imperial City.

Too big!

Too shocking!

How could this kind of giant metal ship made of iron fly in the sky?

This was their country’s first time experiencing Miracle Commerce’s products and each citizen was stunned.  This was hard to avoid, after all, Miracle Commerce’s products in normal people’s eyes had already surpassed their imaginations.  It could subvert a person’s view of the world.

“Many thanks to everyone’s support to the Miracle Federation’s first election.”

“This giant ship is a Heaven’s Net super spirit and information ship.  The first Miracle Federation election will be using a spiritual energy voting method.  Each voter can use their spiritual energy to directly deposit their vote. The fairness of each vote will be guaranteed, in order to lay the democratic and honorable cornerstone for the Miracle Federation in the future……”

Everyone heard the voice coming from the Miracle City warship and everyone had stunned expressions of disbelief.

Voting with spiritual energy?  This really had never been heard of before.

Every person’s spiritual energy was unique, the chance of spiritual energy being the same would not surpass a one in twenty million chance.  Therefore it was impossible to cheat, it was impossible for the unique spiritual energy vote to be false. This time the Miracle Federation held an open election and it was clear who gave each spiritual energy vote.  Other than that, during the spiritual energy election, Miracle City could use the spiritual energy to tell if the votes were fair because spiritual energy was directly connected to the mind. If someone was forced or bought out, the spiritual energy vote would be excluded.

This meant that one could not depend on strength to win the Miracle Federation presidential election.

This was true democracy, this was truly advanced.

The Miracle Federation’s presidential election would be held every ten years and of course a president could be re-elected many times, but that meant each president would be defined by their actions.  A cruel ruler who slaughtered his citizens would never win the heart off his people, so he would be cast of the throne by his citizens.

Similarly, as long as an outstanding person acted morally, they could climb step by step from the foundations and finally participate in the local presidential elections.  In the future, they could even participate in the central presidential elections. Every person had an endless possibility, it just depended on how outstanding they were.

From a local president to the central president.

This kind of transparent and open political system was unique on the continent.

But it gave people endless yearning and motivation.  From now on, the officials wouldn’t be nobles and if they weren’t good enough, they could also be pulled down from their positions.  This kind of competition and supervision would help maintain the stability of the Miracle Federation, as well as giving those integrated countries hope.

There were many people dissatisfied with Miracle City in the Big Dry Empire, but with this kind of political system, it gave many of them hope and opportunities.  The Big Dry Emperor could also participate in the presidential election in another ten years. With the Big Dry Empire’s powerful advantage in terms of population, the Big Dry Emperor would certainly be a powerful candidate.  Wouldn’t the Big Dry Empire be able to control the Miracle Federation at that time?

This sounded like a fantasy, but it was actually possible for this to happen.  This showed how the Miracle Federation was fair and lawful.

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