MT Chapter 656


Chapter 656: Great Abyss Demon

The Purgatory World was already dark and gloomy, but now that the Devil’s Gate had exploded, with large amounts of energy being gathered, it became even more strange and terrifying.  Flames spouting out of cracks in the ground were the main source of light in the Purgatory World. Now the flames were being corrupted by the energy that kept swelling up, so the flames that were originally red and yellow now had a strange green colour to them.

In the canyon the Devil’s Gate was in, there was now a large energy volcano that swelled out.  An endless supply of dark energy like a reverse waterfall were spouting out of the volcano’s opening.

Hong, hong,  hong!

This ear grating sound was like the stampede of ten thousand beasts.


“This is the energy volcano?”

Lancelot was very shocked by the scene he saw.  Even though it was him, he couldn’t control his heart palpitations.  Just how powerful was the energy being spewed out for it to have this kind of effect?  The energy spewed out of the energy volcano could destroy a city in a single second.

How powerful was the energy released over several days?  All this being released was enough to cause an earth shattering disaster, but now it was being used to open the Abyss Gate.  How terrifying the Abyss was could be seen from this.

“The array flag has been inserted!”

Lancelot looked around.  Although the energy volcano was very big and surrounded by dense energy, so it was impossible for them to see each other clearly and it was impossible for them to communicate, they could still use Divine Sense to do things.

Lancelot linked his Divine Sense with the other experts above the 6th Heaven Domain Layer.  Everyone was now distributed around the energy volcano and there was a giant array flag in front of each person.  These array flags was made from divine and demonic materials.

The essence of the energy volcano was a barrier.

As long as they used a method to suppress it.

Then it wouldn’t be of any threat any longer.

With Chu Tian controlling the array flags and all these other peak experts present, there shouldn’t be any major problems.  After all, they had made this discovery quite early and luckily there was Miracle City’s Transport Tower and communication system.  Otherwise, even if people found out about this crisis, they wouldn’t have made it in time to stop it and could only watch the continent fall to the catastrophe.

“Everyone, please be patient.”

“Remember that we need to prepare the other three seals before we can start.”

“President Chu Tian said that the four energy volcanoes are linked, therefore they must be sealed together.  Otherwise if we only seal one or two, the volcano will only become a bit weaker and the energy will explode from the other three volcanoes.  It will make the other three volcanoes stronger, so it is more effective to deal with them like this.”

Lancelot used his Divine Sense to transmit his thoughts to everyone, repeating to everyone what Chu Tian said before.

Everyone revealed serious expressions.  They were all peak experts of the continent, but they had to submit to Chu Tian now.  Chu Tian was indeed the most outstanding talent of the continent in the past ten thousand years and if Chu Tian hadn’t offered a solution to this crisis, they really wouldn’t have known what to do.

They waited around ten minutes.

Meng Qingwu used the communication device to contact Lancelot and the other three seal sites, “Attention, attention, everyone is ready, so we’ll begin the plan now.  Ten, nine, eight, seven……two, one! Begin the seal!”

Lancelot suddenly used his Divine Sense, “Activate the array!”

The other experts all gripped their array flags and kept sending in their spirit energy.  After these flags were inserted into the ground, a large amount of energy was released and powerful waves came out of the array flag.  They saw a spider like web appear on the ground and these lines came together, finally forming a giant array that actually covered the entire volcano.

The volcano energy spout instantly weakened by half.

Several dozen experts above the 6th Heaven Domain Layer were responsible for forming the array and over a hundred Heaven Domain Experts were nearby providing energy.  It was hard to imagine how powerful this super giant sealing array was. Countless lines and runes covered the volcano, finally forming a floating source energy array over the volcano mouth, sealing up the spout of the volcano.

They were about to succeed!

Chu Tian and the emperors were standing thirty-forty miles away from the Abyss Gate watching this.

The river of energy surging into the sky quickly weakened and the energy of the Abyss Planar Gate also weakened.  When the thick black smoke scattered, everyone could see the creatures near the Abyss Planar Gate.

These creatures were normal demons from the Abyss.  Some looked like octopi and some looked like insects, in short they all looked very strange.  These creatures clearly had technology and high intelligence because there were several small airships floating over their heads.

Of course.

These airships were different from the ones Miracle Commerce made.  Each one was spherical with lengths ranging from ten meters to a hundred meters.  The surface looked like it was made of bacteria epidermal and its entire body was slowly wiggling.  This did not seem like a man made product, rather it was like a natural creature, but it also released a large amount of Abyss creatures.

These strange things were demons from the Abyss Battlefield?

The Abyss demons had already found the problem and they all released wild roars of rage, all using the language of the Abyss.  Those hairy bulby airships began to move at the same time, preparing to attack in all directions. It was clear that they knew the Abyss Gate energy was weakening, so they wanted to think of a way to stop this.

Chu Tian quickly said, “Young miss, it’s about time.  Open the Space Gate!”

“Alright.  The spatial coordinates have been set and the surrounding energy flow has been scattered.  The spatial interference is at an acceptable level.” Meng Qingwu’s voice came from the communication device, “Currently opening the Space Gate.”

The Abyss demons were prepared to charge out when they suddenly felt a strong spatial fluctuation.  A glowing Space Gate suddenly appeared in their sights.

“Roar, roar!”

These Abyss creatures roared out in anger, as they charged out like a tidal wave.  Flames, lightning, balls of darkness, and all kinds of attacks came from this army, flying out like a wild storm.  It was clear they wanted to destroy the Space Gate before it could form.

“Protect the Space Gate!”

This matter didn’t need Chu Tian to do anything, as ten emperors charged into the air to protect the Space Gate.  They all released their source spirits and worked together to form a super giant barrier. Just with the power of these ten people, they blocked the storm of attacks.

The Space Gate gradually took form.

In just another minute or two, it would be fully formed.

The attacks of these Abyss creatures became stronger and those flying machines resembling hairy balls also began moving.  A light beam of destruction shot out and created a large fissure on the barrier.

Even with ten emperors, it was hard to block this.

At this time, several flying demons quickly approached.  Their mouths were filled with powerful energy and it was clear they wanted to destroy the Space Gate before it could form.


An emperor came out at this critical moment, releasing a source spirit that was millions of different swords.  The giant sword in his hand was hundreds of meters long and the millions of source spirit swords stuck to it, instantly turning that sword into a rainbow coloured sword.  With a single slash, the heaven and earth split, destroying a large group of those monsters.

Another emperor level character came out at this time.

His golden glowing aura was shocking, just like a golden armoured war god coming from the heavens.  He carried the might of countless warriors as he slammed into an Abyss airship, shattering it to pieces with his terrifying might.

The Abyss Gate opening was very limited, therefore the creatures that came out were of normal strength.  The ones riding the airships were also quite weak. Of course, weak and strong was relative here. They were considered weak in the Abyss, but most of these monsters were actually in the 1st-2nd Heaven Domain Layer.  Even those strange airships, they were not inferior to Miracle Commerce’s warships.

Finally the Space Gate was formed.

The instant the Miracle City Space Gate was formed, the vanguard that came out was a hundred Miracle City Black Thunder fighters.  Following them were two warships and thousands of experts charging out behind that, who were all experts summoned from the kingdoms.  Other than that, all kinds of undead, dragons, giant dragons, Titans, Behemoths, and other creatures came out, reaching over ten thousand in a short period of time.

The Abyss army was shocked seeing this.

How could this low level world have this kind of technology?

The armies of the two worlds clashed in the Purgatory World.  Although the Abyss army was very strong, they were lacking in terms of quantity and their reinforcements came slowly.  In comparison, Miracle City’s continuous stream of peak soldiers came out of the Space Gate. Therefore, the Abyss army was quickly suppressed.

Chu Tian used his Divine Sense to communicate to the emperors, “Everyone, let’s not waste time.  Quickly come with me to seal the Abyss Gate!”


The emperors flew into the sky and headed to the Abyss Gate.

The Abyss Gate was just a planar passage ripped in space, so it was very simple to close the Abyss Gate.  As long as the flow of energy of the Abyss Gate was cut off, it would lose balance and the planar laws would automatically restore the balance, resetting the space and time laws.

“Everyone, work together to attack the Abyss Gate!”

The nineteen emperors released their source spirits at the same time.

This was the strongest joint attack in the ten thousand years of history on the continent, with the attacks flying at the Abyss Gate at almost the same time.  If it could hit the Abyss Gate, it would certainly break it. Who would have thought that when everyone desperately attacked the Abyss Gate, there would be a roar of rage that came from it.

Something resembling the tentacle of an octopus quickly extended out of the spatial rip.  It was over six hundred meters long and was around forty-fifty meters wide, while being covered in tens of thousands of eyes.  It was clearly a part of a terrifying Great Abyss Demon.

Chu Tian’s expression changed, “This is bad, run!”

The giant tentacle stood up like a poisonous snake.  The dense amount of eyes on it began to light up, as tens of thousands of beams of death shot out in all directions, instantly creating a terrifying web of death in the Purgatory World.  A distant mountain was hit by a beam of light and the entire mountain was disintegrated. One could imagine just how powerful these beams of light were.

As long as a being was hit by this beam of light, it had no chance of escaping.

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