MT Chapter 67


Chapter 67: Birth of dual source spirits

Dark clouds covered the Yin Corpse Valley, wild winds blew, thunder roared, a chill filled the world, as if an ancient deity had descended down to earth.

Hong, hong, hong!

The earth violently shook, the entire black market was covered with an intense oppressive aura!

The bronze masked man in the courtyard looked into the heavens, his face filled with panic, “What is going on…..In this trivial small Southern Summer Country, there can exist this kind of strength……”


In the center of the camp, a sword carrying gray haired middle aged man also had his eyes wide open in shock, “This ancient aura is……perhaps somewhere in the Yin Corpse ruins an old monster has awakened?  No….impossible!  Even if it’s an old monster, it still couldn’t release this kind of aura!”

Thunder filled the sky!!

The earth unceasing shook!

The mountain peaks on both sides of the canyon, were shattered, countless giant stones fell.  The numerous Yin Corpses wandering the wild, as if they had met their eternal predator, all suddenly lied prostrate on the ground, some were even trembling.

Everyone that saw this was shocked!

Yin Corpses did not have any intelligence, it was a monster that was driven by instincts, what kind of existence could turn the Yin Corpses into this?

This was only the beginning!

That vast invincible might, shot straight up into the sky, passing through the heavens and soaring out into the starry skies.

Imperial City.

A man in a yellow robe opened his eyes, looking far in the direction of the Central State region, “Natural phenomenon, an incredible thing has been born!”

Some unknown sect.

An old immortal man training behind closed doors shuddered, blood flowed down the corners of his mouth, “This ancient pressure…..what is it!”

An ancient temple.

A purpled robed demon god was was sitting in the open, nine golden dragons were entwined around his body, once he felt this pressure, his face distorted, as if he found it hard to resist, “No, this isn’t right……This kind of strength should not exist in this world!  What kind of monster is this!”

Southern continent, Elven Forest.

A beautiful and delicate elf king looked into the sky, his eyes shined with a bright light, “It’s in the human domain?  An aura can spread from the human domain, looks like there will be a terrifying person appearing soon!”

Above the Endless Void.

A great skeletal ship, slowly drifting by, the ship was gigantic, it was the size of an entire kingdom.

Countless strong life forms were all crawling on the ground, prostrating themselves before the king hidden in the shadow.


The shadow king opened his eyes, eyes that seemed as if they could see through time and space, gripping the heaven and earth in his hand, “This inheritance has appeared too early, destiny has been disrupted.”


The minute the source spirits were born!

The entire world shook!

However after a few minutes, the phenomenon disappeared without a trace.

Chu Tian did not know he had given the world such a big stir, but once it was all over, he lied down the floor, like a fish out of water, his body was covered in sweat.

“Unexpectedly…’s dual source spirits!

Chu Tian had awoken two source spirits at the same time!

The first source spirit was very weird, from its outline, it had the appearance of a jet black human, emitting an ancient and mysterious aura, this was his assigned source spirit!

Although he had transcended, he had still kept his source spirit.

Chu Tian still had the strength of his previous life’s source spirit!

This was truly too good!

What Chu Tian never expected, outside of his assigned source spirit, he would also awaken another source spirit.  He saw it looked like a fuzzy treasured sword!

All over the sword’s body, it was covered in profound runes, it was probably affected by the main source spirit’s power, this secondary spirit also had a trace of ancient aura, just like in the ancient era, when the world was still chaos, the sword of an ancient demon god!

[TL Note – For anyone confused, Chu Family’s inherited source spirit was a sword source spirit, so his demon god source spirit mutated the source spirit of the body he borrowed to create this demon sword.]

“Demon God’s sword!”

“This is what this source spirit will be named!”

It wasn’t as if there weren’t people on the continent with dual source spirits, but it was still very very unlikely!

With Chu Tian’s circumstances, he obtained this body by chance, a single consciousness was in control, but the body had two different souls, which gave birth to two different source spirits.

Central State Chu Family was known for their sword source spirit, so his second source spirit being a sword, it was not the slightest bit strange!

This sword’s soul was influenced by the main source spirit, causing its nature to greatly change, this source spirit had already surpassed any of the Chu Family’s source spirit, it was comparable with Nangong Yun’s God Level Phoenix Source Spirit!

A secondary source spirit was already this strong!

How strong would the main source spirit be?

Chu Tian had depended on this source spirit in the future, it allowed him to grow in a very short time, allowing him to become the continent’s youngest great sage.

But because the main source spirit was so shocking, to not cause trouble, it was still better to hide it for now.  Now that he had a secondary source spirit, as long as Chu Tian does not want to show anything, no one will be able to find out about his main source spirit!

With a sword source spirit he would eventually need to practice the sword!

Chu Tian needed to find a good sword and also needed to find a good sword technique!

The sword was easy to find!

The sword art was hard!

Before Chu Tian did not use a sword, so he was not interested in those kinds of cultivation techniques.  So he did not bring an appropriate cultivation technique with him when he came to this world, he could only try to find one in the present.

Chu Tian rested for a day, he recovered all his strength.

“Bad news!”  Cai Die ran in with an anxious face, “You have to quickly escape!”

“What happened?”

Cai Die explained, “Bai Zimo’s corpse was discovered by his older brother, Xiang Hu has already been seized!  If you don’t escape now it’ll be too late!”

Chu Tian stared at her, “What will you guys do?”

Cai Die shook her head as she said. “I’m not important, the camp has many people, if I tell them my family, they won’t dare do anything to me in a large crowd, you have to hurry and run!  I’ll think of a way to save Xiang Hu!”

“I’m the one who killed him, they’re also looking for revenge from me, there’s no need to implicate you and Xiang Hu!”

“You’re crazy!  Bai Zilong is at the 1st Awakened Soul Layer!”

1st Awakened Soul Layer?

This was a little difficult!

But with his current strength, there was no need to fear him.

“I’ll go take a look!”

Chu Tian did not give a thought about Cai Die as he walked to the center of the black market, a tall and strong man was hung there, his arms and legs were broken, his body covered in blood, his appearance was pitiful.

Xiang Hu screamed out in anger, “I was the one who killed him!  Bai Zimo that villain, so what if Father here killed him?”


A whip flew across his body.

A piece of flesh fell from Xiang Hu.

A 30 year old youth coldly said, “You think I’m an idiot?  With your waste strength!  You think you can kill Zimo?  What a joke!  Who was the real culprit!  Hurry and say it!  If you don’t we’ll cripple your cultivation!”

Cripple his cultivation?

Everyone’s expressions changed!

A cultivator’s cultivation, it was simply their life blood!

If they lost their cultivation, their lives would not have any meaning!

Xiang Hu’s expression changed, he knew he was doomed today, he clenched his teeth and said, “A man must bear the consequences of his actions, I was the one who did it!”

“Fine!  I’ll let you stay quiet!”

Bai Zilong wanted to wait for a while.


A youth with a very ordinary appearance walked out.

Xiang Hu’s expression experienced a great change, “You…..You…..Who are you!  Even if I die I am a man of indomitable spirit, stop coming here to laugh at me!  Quickly scram!  Scram!”

Bai Zilong was not stupid, he coldly stared at Chu Tian, “Who are you?”

Chu Tian did not waste a single word, “I was the one who killed Bai Zimo!”

Bai Zilong’s expression changed, “What?  You killed him!”

“That’s right!  It was me!”  Chu Tian laughed, “I killed him with one slash, just like slaughtering a dog!”

Killed him with one slash!

Just like slaughtering a dog!

Such evil insults?

Hearing him talk, Bai Zilong’s face turned red, a falcon cry sounded out, a white falcon source spirit appeared, sending out two white qi blades, “Seeking death!”

Chu Tian’s body was covered in starlight!

Peng, peng!

Chu Tian was knocked back a few steps, knitting his brow and rubbing his chest, looking at the blood on his palm, he shook his head as he said, “That really hurt!  My defense is still not strong enough!

Everyone had an expression as if they’ve seen a ghost!

Fuck, this still wasn’t considered strong?

Bai Zilong is an Awakened Soul Cultivator, you’re only at the 9th Body Refinement Layer, you weren’t heavily injured by two attacks from an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator, how can you still think like that?!

Bai Zilong had a fiendish smile, “Good, good, good!  You really are capable of killing my little brother!”

Xiang Hu and Cai Die was shocked.

How did Chu Tian’s strength become this strong?

Bai Zilong’s two attacks were much stronger than the Hundred Year Old Yin Corpse, he was a genuine Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator!

“I’ve been looking for you!”  Bai Zilong had a cold biting tone, “I never thought, you would bring yourself over, if I don’t cut you to a thousand pieces today, it will be hard to calm the anger in my heart!”

“Lately there have been many people saying the same thing!  I’m still living perfectly fine!”  Chu Tian said with a disdainful face, “I fear you won’t be able to accomplish it either!”


Bai Zilong leapt high into the air, just like a falcon, with the terrifying momentum he began to dive, his hands turned into giant falcon claws, plunging directly at Chu Tian in an imposing manner.

Mind’s Eye!

Glass Body!

Chu Tian instantly activated his strongest battle condition!

“I’ll break your arms first!”

Bai Zilong’s claw heavily tore at Chu Tian’s shoulder, the white glazed starlight armour, the frail glass instantly broke into pieces.

It had to be said!

Bai Zilong was truly strong!

Chu Tian’s strength had increased by a layer, his spirit energy had multiplied, the defensive abilities of the Starlight Immortal Body has also multiplied, normal Awakened Soul Cultivator attacks, could not break through Chu Tian’s defenses.  He never would have thought, Bai Zilong would be able to easily tear it to shreds.

Awakened Soul Cultivators were truly strong!


With the assistance of the Mind’s Eye, Chu Tian grabbed the weak point in Bai Zilong’s spirit energy armour.

His right fist shot out, Chu Tian released his spirit energy, a single jet black sword, flew out from his fist, viciously stabbing into Bai Zilong’s body, coming out of his back.


Blood rained down!

Bai Zilong had been pierced!

Chu Tian kicked Bai Zilong and sent him flying!

Bai Zilong showed an unbelieving expression, spitting out a mouthful of blood, spitting out pieces of his five internal organs, finally weakly lying on the ground and died!

One move!

One move killed an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator!

Chu Tian was not relaxed, his shoulders had deep wounds on them, he had only shown one move, but it was his strongest move, it only succeeded because Bai Zilong had underestimated his opponent.

If he couldn’t defeat Bai Zilong in a single strike.

Chu Tian would have been in danger.

Bai Zilong was also a talented person, he was probably stronger than the average 1st layer Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator.

Cai Die’s bright eyes popped out, she could not help covering her small mouth, she already knew Chu Tian was strong, but she never would have thought he would be strong enough to kill an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator!

Bai Zilong had really been killed like this?

The surrounding black market personnel made a stir!

Bai Zilong had been in the black market for a while, he could be considered a famous person, unexpectedly he had died just like that.

Chu Tian searched the corpse, he found 3 low grade Source Stones, nine gold coin cards, and a strange jade token.

This token was engraved with a source energy array, it was filled with a slight fluctuation.

What was this?

Chu Tian didn’t think too much about it, he put it away in his chest.

Xiang Hu’s injuries were heavy, he had already fainted.

Chu Tian quickly said to Cai Die, “Quick save him!”

The two of them brought Xiang Hu into a room.

Chu Tian carefully examined Xiang Hu’s body, Xiang Hu’s meridians had suffered heavy injury.  This was a very serious injury, if it was improperly treated, there would be serious repercussions.

Bai Zilong was truly ruthless!

Chu Tian spent several pieces of Source Stones to buy raw materials for to create a medicine for Xiang Hu.  This would only stabilize his injury for now, temporarily saving him from danger.

But because he was so heavily injured, he had to rest for 10 days.

At this time they felt a strong aura.

From the door a low and deep voice resounded.

“Little friend, can you come out to discuss for a bit!”

Cai Die thought this voice was familiar, she finally figured it out, “It’s the Great Zhou Country bronze masked old man, what does he want?”

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