MT Chapter 68


Chapter 68: Ten thousand corpses ancient tomb

The bronze masked man’s cultivation was very deep, even if he was compared with Nangong Yi, it would not be that much different.

Chu Tian defeating Bai Zilong, he depended on quite a bit of luck, if he was to fight an Awakened Soul Cultivator of the bronze masked man’s rank, he would not have any hope.

The bronze masked man came visiting for no reason at all.

He really put people on their guards!


But thinking about it, the bronze masked man was strong, if he really wanted to get rid of Chu Tian, no one in the black market would stop him, was there a need to say this much?”

When the two of them opened the door, the bronze masked old man was standing in the courtyard, a crickety body, holding the iron walking stick, he seemed completely normal, but he still gave people a immeasurable deep feeling.

The bronze masked old man’s eyes flashed with a bright glow, “9th layer Body Refinement Cultivator killing an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator, even in the Great Zhou Country it is a rare case, this old man was neglectful last time, please don’t mind it.”

“Senior’s words are heavy, may I ask what kind of advice you have?”

“I don’t dare advise, I only thought, it was a shame for you to stay in the Southern Summer Country.  How about coming to the Great Zhou Country, I’ll give you a recommendation to enter, with your qualifications you could receive a thorough cultivation!”

“Senior’s good intention, junior will have to gracefully decline.” Chu Tian knit his brows, and tactfully declined as he said, “But, junior has many worries, if he leaves too early, it will affect his mindset and hinder his cultivation.”

The bronze masked old man was only a foreign affairs elder, only in charge of peddling, handling the businesses of the sect.

These kinds of words were just casually said.

There was no sincerity.

“Alright, people have their ambitions, I won’t compel you.”  The bronze masked old man’s voice sounded, after he finished the pleasantries, he began to talk about the real issue, “But this time, old man has come to invite you on an adventure, I don’t know if you would be interested?”

“What kind of adventure?”

“Ten thousand corpse ancient tomb!”

Chu Tian had heard rumours about this in the black market.

There was once an ancient sect here, they awakened Yin Corpses forming a Yin Corpse army, dominating this area.  Several thousand years ago, the sect experienced harsh troubles and suddenly disappeared, but the area where they raised Yin Corpses was still left behind, it was the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb.

This old man wouldn’t be thinking of harming me right?

This was an ancient tomb sealed for thousands of years!

Who knows what kind of terrifying existences slept within!

It wouldn’t be weird if there were even thousand year Yin Corpses!

The bronze masked old man could guess what Chu Tian was thinking, “The ten thousand corpse ancient tombs was the ancient sect’s restricted area, to prevent a Yin Corpse uprising, there is a suppressing formation.  No matter how old the Yin Corpse, as long as they are in the ancient tombs, their cultivation will be suppressed to below the Awakened Soul Realm, you don’t need to worry about meeting things you can’t handle.”

Chu Tian still had a little doubt in his heart.

He was a kind of person that didn’t easily trust other people.

Chu Tian was not an average youth, he knew about the evil in people’s hearts, he was always on his guard!

Cai Die silently said, “I’ve heard before, the suppression is quite strong, not only will Yin Corpses be suppressed, all cultivators in the ancient tomb, their strengths will be suppressed below the Awakened Soul Realm.  Therefor, in the ancient tomb, you can only display the powers of the Body Refinement Realm!”

Is that so?

This was a little interesting.

Chu Tian touched his chin as he made his decision.

Under the restraints of the ancient tomb’s suppression, it didn’t matter how strong someone was, once they entered the ancient tomb, they would be suppressed down to the Body Refinement Realm.

Chu Tian was a person that could skip ranks and fight people, he could definitely profit from this ancient tomb!  Even the normally fearsome Awakened Soul Cultivators, they could not display their source spirits in the ancient tomb, they wouldn’t be able to defeat Chu Tian.

Chu Tian asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Cooperation!”  The bronze masked man answered, “I want something from the ancient tomb, as long as you help me get this thing, I’ll accept any conditions.”

Chu Tian then asked, “What do you want?”

The bronze masked old man’s eyes flashed, “A Corpse King Level Corpse Core!”

Chu Tian held a cold breath!

Corpse Kings took at least several thousand years to form!

If Corpse Kings came out, they could easily sweep through Awakened Soul Realm Cultivators!

The bronze masked old man had such a big tone, unexpectedly he wanted to enter the ancient tomb and hunt a Corpse King!

The bronze masked man said, “Even though it is a Corpse King, inside the ancient tomb, its strength would still be suppressed to around the Awakened Soul Realm.  But the Corpse King’s foundation is deep, even if it is sealed, it is hard to deal with.  You have the strength to deal with Awakened Soul Realm Cultivators, the group of people who I’ll bring can all skip ranks and fight people, if we collaborate, we should be able to do it.”

Chu Tian weighed the risks.

Corpse Kings were not that easy to deal with!

Monsters of this rank had already formed spirit wisdom, they could practice evil arts, although it was under a suppressed condition, Chu Tian did not have the confidence to deal with it.

“How can I trust you?”

“I am a cultivator and a merchant, this is not my first time in the Southern Summer Country and it won’t be my last.” The bronze masked old man said seriously, “I’ve built my credibility over many years, I have no need to trick you.”



If you want father to believe in credibility this kind of thing, the you might was well tell him that a girl working in the brothel is a virgin!

The bronze masked man saw that Chu Tian was hesitating, he immediately increased his hand, “Regardless of what happens, I can give you an Infant Soul Fruit!”

Infant Soul Fruits were things he urgently needed.

This condition of the bronze masked old man let Chu Tian’s heart feel excited.

“One Infant Soul Fruit isn’t enough, I need three at least!”

“That’s fine!”

Chu Tian continued to say to the bronze masked old man, “The harvests from the ancient tomb, I want half of it!”

The bronze masked old man’s expression changed, “Don’t you think that’s too much?”

Chu Tian lightly said, “The strong have more, it is perfectly justified, I don’t think if you were below the Awakened Soul Realm, you would be able to defeat me.”

Good bold brat!

In all these years no one has dared to say this to me!

Although Chu Tian wanted more, but he decided to settle on this, the bronze masked old man could feel Chu Tian’s self confidence.  Right now the head urgently needed the Corpse King Corpse Core to breakthrough his bottleneck, if this move could obtain the Corpse King Corpse Core, then he would undoubtedly earn a great merit with the sect!

The other harvests.

Weren’t as important!

The bronze masked old man pondered for a few minutes before giving his answer, “Alright, the loot that come from our cooperation, we each get half!”

The bronze masked old man of unknown origin.

But Chu Tian would not give up a good opportunity

The bronze masked old man took out a token from his chest, “You already have Bai Zilong’s ancient grave token, I’ll give you another token.  With this, you can bring someone you want, I’ll let you choose.”

“I don’t know many people here, I’ll just give this token to you.”  Chu Tian gave the token to Cai Die, “This place is very dangerous, you should think about it carefully!”

“I’ll go!  Of course I’ll go!”

Cai Die didn’t think that she would have a chance to participate.

She was a person with a venturous spirit, she agreed without even thinking.

Chu Tian chose someone with an average strength, the bronze masked old man was somewhat disappointed, but then again, he did give the token to Chu Tian, he had the right to bring whoever he wanted.

“Yesterday’s phenomenon has shook the canyon seal, this caused the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb to open early.  We can’t be late, we’ll finish our preparations and immediately set out, we can’t let other people get ahead of us!”


No one knew how many years of history the ten thousand corpse tomb had, the ancient sect was destroyed several thousand years ago, the ancient tomb had at least several thousand years of history.

This was a sect’s restricted area.

There were probably many treasures buried.

Chu Tian was not a person who feared challenges, let alone a risk for high rewards!

Because the ancient tomb was opening ahead of time, they had no time to prepare.  Chu Tian and Cai Die helped Xiang Hu stabilize his heavy injures and then went to meet up with the bronze masked old man.

The bronze masked old man had brought two subordinates, the two of them had high stature, wearing tight gowns.  The were both wearing masks, one had a flame mask, the other was wearing an ice mask.

“I am called Flame Ghost!”

“I am called Ice Demon!”

“The two of them are twin brothers, they are disciples focused on by our sect, this time I’ve brought them out for experience.”

The bronze masked old man introduced them.

Chu Tian could feel it, the aura of the two were strong, they seemed to be at the 1st Awakened Soul Realm Layer, their battle strength was the same as Bai Zilong.

Although the masks covered their appearance, but their age did not seem high.  Really worthy of being a Great Zhou Country’s sect, even two juniors can be Awakened Soul Realm Cultivators.

The flame ghost brothers did not seem to like talking, they only lightly looked at Chu Tian.  Although Chu Tian’s cultivation was not high, but the matter of him killing Bai Zilong, the two of them had heard about, so they did not dare to disdain him.

“Let’s go!”

The five of them left the camp.

The met countless Yin Corpses on the way, several above hundred years old corpses, but with a super expert like the bronze masked old man present, and with Flame Ghost and Ice Demon bringing up the rear, these Yin Corpses did not pose a threat, the three of them quickly dealt with them.

The five of them arrived at the ruins of the ancient sect.

“This is the site of the sect in the past?”  Cai Die looked around with a very curious look, “Truly magnificent!  If that sect had not perished, it would be very strong!”

A deep basin, yin qi mist rose, incomparably depressing!

Remnants of building were scattered around, surrounding them were hundred of meters tall cliffs, stiffly cut giant caves, dense and numerous, thousands of them, distributed for several li.

Each rock cave had a grim demonic statue in front!

Several thousand of demonic statues, not a single one was the same!

Each statue was around a hundred meters high, looking evil and dignified, giving off an oppressive feeling!

A giant towering palace, silently standing deep within the ruins.  Half of the palace was outside, the other half was buried, the surroundings was filled with evil fog, filled with an aura of evil and death.




Countless cultivators came at high speeds, jumping up into the palace, this was obviously the entrance to the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb.

The bronze masked man brought the four of them to enter the palace, the main hall was broad, in the center was a hundred meter tall statue, the evil statue was fierce but not frightening, its body had eight arms.

About a hundred cultivators had arrived, they were distributed around the statue, sitting on the pillars, waiting silently for the opening of the ancient tomb.

The bronze masked old man brought Chu Tian and the others and jumped onto one of the jade pillars, he then sat down cross legged to rest.

A strong bald giant coldly laughed and said, “Isn’t that bronze masked old man?”

“The ruins of our Southern Summer Country, your Great Zhou Country also wants a share?”  A ugly middle aged man stood up, he was man from the black market, the one that had been shocked by Chu Tian’s phenomenon.

“Giant Spirit Scholar Yang Kun and Yin Wind Swordsman Wan Wuyi?”  The bronze masked old man’s eyes swept over the two of them, his face filled with dread, “Heaven and earth treasures, those who have the ability will take them, you can come, why can’t I?”

Cai Die’s expression fell, “Yang Kun, Wan Wuyi?”

Chu Tian curiously asked, “You recognize them?”

Cai Die nodded her head as she said, “Those two are the Central State’s most famous rogue cultivators, their strength is profound.  My father wanted them as his subordinates, but he didn’t succeed.”

Chu Tian knit his brows.

He wasn’t shocked by the strength of the two.

Giant Spirit Scholar, Yin Wind Swordsman, both of them were very famous, yet Cai Die’s father actually asked them to be his subordinates?  What kind of person was her father!

The bald giant Yang Kun laughed and said, “Good line!  I’ve heard that there is a good corpse soldier being refined in the ancient tomb, whoever can obtain this corpse soldier can run wild!  I, Yang Kun will take it!”

The middle aged man coldly said to him, “Corpse soldier?  Not interested!  I want the Netherworld Sword!  Whoever tries to steal from me, I want their life!”

“Ha, ha, ha!”

A clear laugh was heard from outside, the sound became closer and further, it was clear this was a person with a profound cultivation.

“The ancient tomb hasn’t opened yet and you’re already distributing the treasures, aren’t you afraid of being laughed at by others!”

This was obviously a woman, the voice was pleasant to hear, although it was sharp.  But it was filled with arrogance, unlike what a woman should sound like.

The Yin Wind Swordsman angrily said, “Who are you!”

Countless rays of thunder roared, like thousand of snakes, suddenly leaping into the hall, everyone could not help but make way.

Countless strands of lighting began to condense in the middle of the hall, gradually turning into a purple outline of a person.

It was a purple robed woman, around 20 years old, bringing a fine purple gauze, flesh like jade.  She was not like Cai Die who was hot and lively, not like the straightforward Nangong Yun, not like the solemn Meng Qingwu, and definitely not like the naive and cute Meng Yingying.

She was a stubborn rebel, like flowing thunder, unrestrained, unfathomable, doing what as they wish, powerful and overbearing.

“Isn’t this the Central State Four Young Master’s Purple Lightning Young Master Yun Yao?”

“Oh, damn, why did she come!”

“The competition is getting larger and larger!”


Cai Die explained in a low voice, “The Central State’s Four Young Masters are the generation’s top talents, Heavenly Sword Young Master Chu Xinghe is ranked first, Purple Lightning Young Master Yun Yao is ranked last, and is the only female of the Four Young Masters.  But Yun Yao is still very strong, has an extremely rare thunder source spirit, she can control lightning and thunder, a terrifying destructive power.”

Wan Wuyi knit his brows and said, “Aren’t you living well in the Central State, what have you come here for?”

Yun Yao did not spare him a glance, “Petty people can come, but I can’t?”

Wan Wuyi flew into a rage, “What did you say?”

Yun Yao’s body emerged with a ray of thunder, “What, not convinced, why don’t we fight a little?”

The Central State Four Young Masters was not a small deal!

Each one of them was a heaven defying talent!

From their youth to now they’ve been trained with the full strength of their families, jumping ranks to fight people was as simple as drinking water to them!

Wan Wuyi was very annoyed, but he did not plan to make a move, “Humph, I’ve come to the ancient tomb to find treasures, not to come argue with a junior!”

Yun Yao snorted in contempt, “Coward!”

Wan Wuyi had a calm face, he pretended not to hear.

At this time, Yun Yao walked over, looking at the Chu Tian and the others sitting on the pillar, “Give your place to me!  Now scram!”

Chu Tian clenched his fist.

This woman was going too far!

While Nangong Yun’s temper was just as bad, Nangong Yun was still reasonable, this woman only cared about herself, she did not pay attention to anyone else.

“Since Young Master Purple Lightning likes sitting here, we’ll give it to her!”

The bronze masked old man did not want to confront her.

But it wasn’t because he feared her, in this Southern Summer Country, the Yun Family did have a bit of power.

Flame Ghost, Ice Demon and the bronze masked man all withdrew.

Yun Yao saw Chu Tian did not move, her body filled with lightning, “You still don’t move, want me to send you on your way?”

Cai Die also feared Yun Yao, she pulled on Chu Tian and said in his ear, “A wise man knows when to retreat, let’s go!”

Yun Yao’s cultivation was at least in the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer.

Chu Tian had no way to defeat her.

Cai Die was right.

Know when to retreat!

There would always be a chance to pay her back!

Even the bronze masked old man had made way.

Yun Yao openly sat down on the pillar, still intentionally looking at Chu Tian in provocation, she arrogantly said, “This kind of men, all of you are spineless, with this kind of courage, you dare struggle against me in the ancient tomb?  This boy that hasn’t even had his hair grown in, why not go back to drink your mom’s milk!”

The bronze masked old man’s face became very solemn.

Originally he thought with Chu Tian’s talent, this treasure hunt would have a 90% chance of success.

Now he was afraid it wouldn’t be so simple!

Giant Spirit Scholar, Yin Wind Swordsman, bronze masked old man, Purple Lightning Young Master, these four were all extremely powerful people.  Who would know, whether there were still other experts hidden!

This treasure hunt wouldn’t be as easy as he thought!

Chu Tian’s depressed face turned to look at the Purple Lightning Young Master.

You arrogant little girl, daring to bully your Big Brother Tian, just you wait, don’t let me find you in the ancient tomb, otherwise I’ll make it very hard for you!

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